20 Locations To Snap The Perfect Cliff-Edge Photo

Some people bring a whole definition to the expression “living at the edge” and are fascinated by edge-cliff places. High places have the power to make adrenaline run through anyone’s veins and give the feeling that the whole world is under your feet. This feeling makes the hours - and sometimes days - it takes to get there be worthy, and the view from a cliff is the best reward for the efforts to get there. It can be a privileged view to the Mediterranean sea, to a Valley or even a city. Of course, there is also the guarantee of breathtaking photos.

People looking for an unusual and unforgettable experience should consider visiting some edge-cliff spots around the world. Some places can be physically demanding, like the four days trekking to climb the Mount Roraima, in Brazil. But it’s also possible to have a more comfortable walk up to the White Cliffs, in the UK or drive in Malaga, Spain, where you can make it by car and drink a glass of wine while appreciating the view in an edge-cliff hotel. It’s also possible to have a whole new perspective from Machu Picchu, in Peru, for tourists willing to walk some more kilometers.

No matter how much effort it takes to get there, being at the top of a cliff and admiring the jaw-dropping view is one of the most awe-inspiring moments anyone can experience. More than just the final spot, these places often offer people the chance to overcome their limits.

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20 Trolltunga, Norway - the photo alone makes our stomachs drop

Norway is one of the best destinations for those who love nature and adventure. Of course, it doesn’t let down those who love high places! One of the most famous postcards in the country is Trolltunga (that means troll’s tongue), a scenic cliff that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The classic trek is 11 km, but tourists also have the option to do a part by car. If you want to avoid the crowd, especially during spring and summer time, you are strongly advised to start the hiking at 5 am. It’s also possible to bring a tent and sleep there.

19 Mirante do Cachoeirao, Brazil - The 4 day trek is worth it

Brazil is much more than Carnival and fantastic beaches. If you travel a little bit to the North, in Bahia, you will find the Chapada Diamantina National Park. One of the most famous scenes there is the Cachoeirao Mirante, an cliff-edge site with a privileged view of the National Park.

However, It is not easy to get there, and you have to do a 4 - 5 day trek, but the breathtaking view is well worth it. Before arriving at Mirante do Cachoeirao, the tourists can enjoy several waterfalls, caves, rivers and other cliffs along the way. Since the path is very tricky, it’s highly recommended to hire a guide.

18 Kukenan Tepui, Venezuela - views above the clouds

This place has inspired Sir Conan Doyle’s to create “The Lost World,” and we can understand why. Up to today, the area seems to be untouched by humans and nature is omnipresent. Kukekan at the border of three countries: Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil.

Climbing this mount takes 2 and a half days and other two days to return. The only time that is possible to explore Kukenan is during the dry season, between December and March. For those who decide to do the trekking, the view will pay it off. You can have the perfect picture of Mount Roraima and Angel’s fall or just be surrounded by clouds.

17 Mount Roraima, Brazil - inspired a movie

Facing the Kukenan Tepui, the Mount Roraima is one of the highest places of Brazil - and has one of the best views as well. The location was an inspiration to the scenes we see in the movie “Up.”

The landscape is similar to Kukenan, but it has a better structure for trekking, and there are more options to do it. You will need at least four days to do it. People who did it use to say that it’s the wildest place in Brazil.

Since it’s a remote place, you need to be prepared to be completely disconnected, since it has no internet or phone signals. But this view is worth it.

16 Grand Canyon, United States - It's popular for a reason

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You don’t need to spend days trekking to have a fantastic edge-cliff view. The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular places in the U.S., and it doesn’t demand that much physical preparation.

You can take the traditional Grand Canyon picture, but if you need a little more adrenaline than that, it’s also possible to go to Havasupai, in Arizona, an Indian Reservation, where you will find a waterfall with blue water after four hours trekking. The view itself is outstanding, but you can also jump from some cliffs into waters below.

15 Beachy Head,  England - Now that's a steep drop!

The chalk headland is one of the most photogenic places in the United Kingdom and is just two hours from London. Besides the remarkable view of the sea and the lighthouse, people who reach its top have a perfect place to walk and cycle. It’s easy to get there and is common to see families with children flying a kite or older people enjoying the frsh air of the location. The best time of the year to go is during spring and summer, and you can do it on a day trip.

Despite its beauty, the place also holds a rather unfortunate reputation. We'll let you connect the dots to figure it out.

14 Hum Hod Cliff, Thailand - No tourists means more time for perfect photos

Although Thailand has become a popular destination in the last decade, there are still places that are just known by natives. Inside the Sai-Thong National Park, you can find the Hum Hod Cliff, a small rock above an abyss. From there, it’s possible to see a tulip field in June and August.

The best time to go is early in the morning and avoid the rainy season, which starts in April. There is camping available inside the park. Since the place is not favorite abroad, the bright side is that it won’t be overcrowded and you can take your time to make the perfect pictures.

13 Preikestolen, Norway - even kids do it

Another popular destination for those seeking adventure in Norway is Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock. The trek can last up to four hours. Although the path is not that easy, you often see children and older people doing it.

Many people choose Preikestolen to see the sunrise, that means the trekking starts in the middle of the night. It’s a popular destination, especially between April and October. You will need to share the moment with dozens of other tourists, and you might need to be patient to get a good picture. During the winter, the park remains open, but guides recommend to avoid the trek.

12 Casa del Arbol, Ecuador - a swing like no other

There is nothing more harmless than playing on a swing, right? Well, not this one at Casa del Arbol, Ecuador, which is placed 2600 meters above an abyss. There is no extra security on it and is hanging on an ordinary cord.

The swing faces the Mount Tungurahua, an active volcano, but it has become a tourist attraction itself, and now there is a US$2.50 fee to use it. When you get to the Casa del Arbol, it’s the first thing you will see.

Although people from the park do not supervise it, there are tourist guides that bring tourists there and help them out.

11 Hua Chang, China - hold on!

Hua Chang, in China, attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its historical and religious background. For centuries, Taoists crossed the narrow path among the mountains and built temples in the area. Before them, the city was a place used to grow rice, tea, and some fruits.

The path consists of climbing mountains, going up down unreliable stairs and crossing a bridge over a cliff, where people stop to take pictures. Although it is very popular and you can find non-professional climbers doing it, guides advise that the place is dangerous and people should have experience before the endeavour.

10 The Aiguille du Midi, France - step into the void

If you ever go to the French Alps, there is an exciting thing you should try besides skiing. Since 2013, tourists who visit Aiguille du Midi can experience the “Step Into The Void.” It's a glass box hanging over a 3842 meter cliff and claims to be the highest attraction in Europe. The unique experience gives visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of the Alps, including the famous Mont Blanc, in three countries: French, Switzerland, and Italy.

Although is safe and there are no record of accidents, it is hard to look at the picture and not feel the cold shivers down the spine!

9 Kjeragbolten, Norway - let's hope that rock's secure

You probably have seen pictures of a person standing on a round rock placed in a mountain crevice. If you ever wondered where it is, the photo was taken in Kjeragbolten, Norway, a destination that is becoming each day more popular, especially among mountain climbers and base jumpers.

The 5 meter round rock remains stable while brave tourists take pictures there. The best time of the year to do it is during spring and summer, but even then is important to check the weather. If it rains, it becomes too dangerous and guides advise people to come back another time. The road is closed during winter.

8 Zakynthos, Greece - that blue is perfection

Zakynthos, in Greece, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to TripAdvisor - The Shipwreck beach, also known as Navagio. That is already a great reason to visit the island. But it gets better. It’s possible to go up on a cliff that surrounds the beach and appreciate the combination of blue sea and white sand. The best way to do that is by renting a scooter. The earlier you go, the fewer people you will find there.

If you want to see the shipwreck, you can book a boat trip. By the end of the morning, the beach will get more crowded.

7 Devil’s Pool, Zambia - unmatched waterfall views


What about a natural swimming pool on a cliff-edge? One of the main attractions in Zimbabwe and Zambia is the Devil’s Pool, which is only available during the dry months. From August to January, the river’s water level drops, forming a pool where people can jump and remain safe since the rocks in the river will protect them.

The guides help people by telling where are the safe spots. However, the tourists must avoid the place from September to December, when the water level is too high.

The view from the edge is unbelievable and, you are brave enough, it is possible to swim up to the edge and look at the Victoria Falls.

6 Parador Ronda, Spain - hotel with a view

If you are a fan of cliff-edge places, but you prefer to avoid trekking, Ronda, a small city in Malaga, Spain, has a hotel that is on the edge of a cliff. The rooms have a balcony with an extraordinary view, where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset. The city was built above the El Tajo river, one of the most important of the region.

It’s possible to reach the city by car, and the path isn't too difficult. The town is full of history and held some significant battles in the past.

5 Tiger Nest, Buthan - Monastery and marvellous

The Tiger Nest Monastery is one of the highlights for those who visit Buthan. The Monastery is not just more one religious place: it was built perched on a cliff, 900 meters away from the ground. The prince's choice was not aleatory - Buddhists believe that it was the place where the Guru Rinpoche has first meditated and introduced Buddhism into the country in the 17th Century.

The place receives a significant number of tourists every day, but it still functions as a monastery. As everything in Buthan, visiting the Tiger Nest involves a lot of walking, and the tour takes up to 7 hours.

4 Ta'Cenc Cliffs, Malta - stare off into the horizon

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean sea that receives much fewer tourists if compared to other islands nearby. It makes the country the perfect destination to enjoy the Mediterranean in a quiet place. One of the most beautiful places you can find there is the Ta’Cenc Cliff, the highest cliff in Gozo, Malta, which offers a magnificent view of the ocean and also the valley.

The place that is also famous among bird watchers is easily reached after 25 minutes walk, and the trekking is considered accessible. For those who love history, there are some monuments that date back to 4100 BC.

3 Lion’s Head, South Africa - Hello Cape Town!

Lion’s Head is one of the highlights at Cape Town, in South Africa. It is placed between Table Mountain and Signal Hill and gives a panoramic view of the city and the sea. The path to the cliff starts easy but demands some climbing, and there are some rocks. The trek is also full of beautiful pictures with different angles of the city.

Some tourists visit the cliff at night when they can watch the city lights, but the busiest moments are during the sunrise and the sunset. The hike takes approximately 1 hour and hiring a guide is not mandatory.

2 El Camino Del Rey, Spain - The world's most hazardous

This hotspot in Malaga, Spain, offers more than just a view and is considered amongst the most dangerous hikes in the country. It's up there as the world’s most hazardous walkway.

The Caminito Del Rey (King’s Pathway), or just Caminito, consists in a narrow bridge, with some missing parts, glued on a cliff. People who adventure to do this have to walk 3 km in this challenging route.

Caminito was partially closed for a few years, due to the lack of structure. In 2015, after extensive repairs and renovations, it was open to the public again. But it doesn’t mean it is safe now.

1 Huayana Picchu, Peru - The world wonder from a different angle

We are all familiar with the overwhelmingly beautiful Machu Picchu in Peru. However, just next to it there is another breathtaking view: Huayana Picchu. It is possible to visit both places in only one day. However, the tour will take at least three hours, and it is very demanding.

It’s important to highlight that tourists should avoid doing it on their first day at the city. Due to the altitude, it’s common that people feel what Peruvian people call “Soroche” (sickness due to the altitude effects). So it is essential that you give your body at least 48 hours to get in use to it.

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