Travelling isn't always the glossy, beach/pool/cliff side picturesque reality we proudly display on our Insta accounts. There is a lot of planning, replanning and then just plain old hoping for the best when you're in a foreign place and things go south.

Of course, when traveling with your partner, it can be great to have someone you can depend on while you enjoy the ride together during those sleepless nights (this mattress smells funny...), peculiar train trips (never again night train, never again), and/or strange events that seem to take place when you least expect it.

Your ability to cope with these seemingly random situations can make or break your trip (or relationship) altogether! A key way to smooth out those tense moments and keep your trip on that 'good vibes only' path is to tell a white lie.

I know you're thinking, aren't relationships meant to be built on trust?! Well, Miriam Webster defines a little white lie as a lie about a small or unimportant matter that someone tells to avoid hurting another person. So, like, even the dictionary says it's okay once in a while if it means you prevent another person from getting hurt.

So to show you what we mean, here are 20 little white lies that pretty much every travelling couple tells each other at least once on the trip:

20 1. I Totally Know Where We're Going

Before Google maps, there were just maps.

Even today, if you're visiting new lands you will often be thwarted with these relics of times gone by which provide directional aid via *gasp* paper. Sure it may be a call back to your high school geography class, but once you establish which way is north you would think it's a slice of pie. Sometimes, though (especially in places with all kinds of topsy-turvy streets like Europe) it can be a bit of a challenge.

Not a lot of people like to admit when they're struggling (especially if you're an A-type personality or dating an A-type personality) so floundering your way forward may seem like the move to preserve your pride. After about 3o minutes though, it might be best to admit defeat and ask a local for directions.

19 2. You Look Like You've Lost Weight From All That Walking!

This is what we call an awesome white lie because it keeps morale high!

For us guys and gals who have surpassed the glory days of our 20s, (while constantly surrounded by travellers who are in said glory period and still enjoying the delights (read: sugary carbs) of the road without a second thought) it can be a nice thing to hear.

If you fall into this category of travellers whose metabolisms have gone more tortoise than hare lately, it can put a little extra pep in the step to know that the effort you're putting in by carrying your rucksacks along the steep cliffs of Cinque Terra is paying off a little. Even if it's just a wee confidence boost for your partner, this is a white lie worth telling.

18 3. You're Not THAT Burnt

When visiting new terrain, the climates can vary - as can the strength of the sun. While learning to adjust you may pick up a little extra colour without meaning to, and let's be clear we are talking about the colour red.

While it's important to let someone know right away if it's time to cover up to prevent sun damage, after the fact, not much can be done. Downplaying their apparent pink hue versus comparing them to the lobster on your plate, is a gentle touch that will surely be appreciated. Even if they are redder than the bullseye on the hostel pub's dartboard, it can be super comforting to hear 'babe, it's not that bad.'

17 4. Nah, I'm Not Tired

After 2 flights and 3 hours of train later eating out of cans of tuna and rationing vending machine sandwiches (if you're lucky) you may feel totally wiped but when you first arrive at your new destination you want to EXPLORE! Of course, you don't want to be the wet blanket on your romantic holiday so you muster up an extra bit of energy (and some eye drops / red bull) and forge forward. Even if you would love nothing more than to plonk yourself face down onto the mattress / floor / any flat space - your white lie often results in super fun times. No regrets.

16 5. I'm / It's Fine

This is classic passive-aggressive 'we've been travelling for a while' couple behaviour. It can be said in that I'm-really-not-fine-at-all-but-I-know-that-if-I-say-something-a-whole-waterfall-of-complaints-will-emit-from-my-mouth-area OR that sort of desperate trying-to-convince-yourself-that-everything-is-okay sort of way. Either way, it's pretty typical.

The challenge with this white lie is even if you are saying that things are fine (when they're clearly not) to keep the party moving, the real issues will come out eventually. Depending on the circumstances you find yourself in, it may be better to simply be direct about how you're feeling so that it doesn't come (read: erupt) out later. If it's simply a minor disappointment, then the white lie can hold up.

15 6. That's Okay, It's An Adventure!

This will be the white lie you repeat back and forth like verbal ping-pong between yourself and your partner.

Travelling, while most certainly does have it's amazing, breathtaking, envy-inducing moments will inevitably have those panicking silently, wanting to tuck and roll, just plain embarrassing moments too. Like realizing you may have food poisoning while mid- journey aback a camel, missing your train OR your bathing suit bottoms after a particularly impressive dive off the side of a guided catamaran boat tour. What goes up, must come down, am I right?

So this white lie can help you through it because it reinforces out loud (even if you are ugly crying internally) that it's just par for the course and you will get through it- no matter what it is. To be honest, it's not even a lie because you absolutely will.

14 7. I'm Doing A Digital Detox

Everyone likes to claim they're taking a break from social media when they've deleted the 3 apps from their phone for a few hours. In fact, it can be a really healthy way to remember what it's like to experience life versus trying to filter it 'just so' for your followers.

If you are one of those people who sees travel as a refuge from your busy lives, this can be the ultimate compliment to your trip. The trouble is when you meet people and they start asking you for your Insta, Snap handle, FB friendship - hey, you're only human right!

Switching your data on in the lobby bathroom while telling your partner you're off to "get ice" is a white lie if it's in the name of supporting their mutual digital detox. If you're simply trying to get away with it, it's just a lie.

13 8. I'd Love to See The (insert lame museum here) With You!

Relationships are about compromise and that doesn't stop when you leave home for a holiday. It can be tempting to cry out like a tyrant that you just don't CARE to see the Beijing Tap Water Museum or the Pencil Museum in Keswick - sometimes you've got to take one for the team and feign interest. Asking a lot of questions helps.

If you can't tolerate the squeaky false octave your voice hits when your beloved hands you the headset he/she paid extra for, a simple smile or high five can do wonders. An important part of this white lie can be the enjoyment you will gain from seeing the person you care about excited and having fun.

12 9. You're Right, It was My Fault

This white lie can be the hardest of all to muster but sometimes kids, you've got to pick your battles. That means a grin and bear it attitude when you see that your partner isn't backing down. Rather than going round and round in circles (like you did earlier when you pretended to know how to read a map) just admit they were right.

Sometimes you can volunteer this before an argument even emerges and save yourself valuable fun-robbing time. Show me one person who doesn't like to hear that they were right once in a while. It's truly kind to admit that you were wrong (even if it isn't entirely/technically true) for the sake of getting on with the trip.

11 10. Your (French/Italian/German) Sounds Just Like The Locals

As travellers of the world, we should step outside our comfort zone and learn a few key phrases to get by in the native language of the places we are visiting. It's not just polite, it's actually pretty fun and most locals tend to appreciate the effort. The absolute best way to create a safe space for this language practice is to be highly encouraging of your partner when they try to order something off the menu, read a street sign, or even just greet you.

Is it easy to do the opposite and make a joke when they butcher a pronunciation and say something completely off-base? Sure, but the more 'light teasing' you do, the more you chip away at their confidence and when you're in a partnership, that's pretty much the opposite of your job.

10 11. I don't mind packing less if it means you can bring More (unnecessary pairs of) Shoes!

Are you dating an over-packer? You may not know it until it's too late.

Over-packers walk the earth just like you and I, seemingly in a capable and controlled manner. There can be warning signs that you're dating an over-packer like their brand-specific requirements (I only drink this kind of chocolate milk!), the trunk of their car is so stuffed that they have to tie it down with twine each they open it, or their claim to fame is being 'prepared for anything'.

Dating an over-packer is not usually a deal breaker but you should be prepared to make some sacrifices beforehand, especially if you're sharing a suitcase. Even if you are carrying separate luggage a true over-packer won't be shy to ask you if there is space in your bag for their items. Is it annoying? Sure. Is it white lie worthy? Also yes.

If you have some extra space to make your loved one feel more comfortable on your travels, it can absolutely be worth it.

9 12. I Have Every Intention of Getting My Own Coffee Tomorrow

This one resonates with me in particular because I am not much of a functioning human when I first open my eyes in the morning but I think I speak for all coffee mongers that we do try!

If your partner knows you well enough, they will accept that this is total malarky. While you utter it before falling asleep mouth ajar, in a pool of your own drool- they are setting the alarm 20 minutes earlier. If you are on the receiving end of this bold-faced white lie, just know that it is not meant to be dishonest or deceiving but rather an attempt to prevent you from feeling like a used coffee donkey in the morning - even if that's sort of the reality of the situation.

8 13. Everything is Going to Be Okay

This is a great white lie, the more dire the situation seems the more crucial it is to bring it out. Perhaps the best part of traveling with someone you love (or even like a lot)  is that they generally know how to comfort you and vice versa. If you are faced with a crummy situation like getting your laptop stolen, missing a flight, or even just a general lack of sleep/food for hours on end, hearing these 6 words from someone you trust can make a big difference!

Even if you're not sure how things will work out, it's never a bad idea to pack a positive attitude.

7 14. I LOVE Trying Strange Foods!

Food compatibility isn't ranked highly enough when it comes to matchmaking for a love relationship. How you eat is truly going to be a factor in your day to day lives from the times at which you eat, to the types of food you can/won't eat at shared mealtimes.

But travelling is about adventure! So unless you have allergies, it can be part of the experience to try new foods. Exclaiming that you LOVE to try strange foods may fall under white-lie reasoning if you're a square white ham and cheese toasty kinda gal/guy and your partner is a full-on foodie. That being said, it's a white lie that can work for you and get you to broaden your horizons beyond what you thought was possible.

So if you're offered a juicy pair of tuna eyes (pictured above) just try and pretend it's chicken, you never know, you might even enjoy it.

6 15. You're a GREAT Dancer, Babe

There are no bad dancer police, people!

It's definitely way more important that your partner has a healthy mode of self-expression than looking super cool on the dance floor. Are they getting eye rolls while they robot? Summoning groans with a sloppy salsa? Who cares. Tell them it rules! Cheer for them. Better yet! Get involved and let loose a little too. You're in a foreign place after all, so even if they remember you as the two worst dancers to hit the floor in the years to come, they'll have no idea who you are.

5 16. Money Is No Object

This is a little white lie sometimes we tell ourselves when we travel because we want to experience the fullest of what the experience has to offer us. This can be okay if it's to treat yourself to a spa day or a meal at a restaurant that's been on your bucket list since birth. Where it can get a little hairy is if you're so busy yes-ing everything on your path that your bank is no-ing your credit card use.

It can feel like you're disappointing your partner to bring up your budget constraints (especially in a newer relationship) but guess what! If they're worth holding onto, they won't mind as long as you discuss it during the planning phase. In this case, managing expectations and communicating can be better than white lie wishing you had an unlimited pool of cash to draw from. Honesty is the best policy here.

4 17. I'm Not Worried

"I'm not worried! No bigs!," they said while trembling uncontrollably to fasten their harness to the zip-line just before dangling over the Amazon Rainforest.

Maybe you want to appear brave instead of a wet blanket for your thrill-seeking better half. While it can be worth it to push yourself outside of your comfort zone a bit, this can also mean showing a vulnerable side and admitting when you are scared. In fact, admitting vulnerability is the best way to increase affection between two people! It gives your partner the chance to support you. You'll both have a better time if you forego the white lie for a bit of truth serum here.

3 18. I'm Listening

Spending 24/7 with someone is an unusual experience for most. It doesn't matter if it's your best friend, your partner or even a sibling - everyone needs a bit of time to decompress in order to be more present. If you find yourself getting a little zoney, rather than 'putting on' the act of presence - why not just ask for some 'me time.' As long as it's not you know, in the middle of an important moment, it's a totally normal and healthy request.

If you're not used to asking for what you need out of your relationship, travelling side by side will definitely help put into perspective the benefits of doing so.

2 19. I Don't Miss Home

Just because you miss home doesn't mean you're having a bad time.

It's okay to be homesick and miss your bed/dog/friends/favourite mug. It can be easier to throw this little white lie out there to avoid the potential disappointment your partner may feel, especially if they're having the time of their life. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to think and feel about things the same way, in fact it's more interesting when there's contrast that you can talk about. I don't think anyone wants to date a 'yes man' so feel free to ditch the white lie and answer honestly if you are looking forward to your flight home.

1 20. We Should Do This Again

Ah yes, the epiphanic trip where you realize that you are not really right for each other after all. Maybe that contrast we discussed is more like a clash and it made travelling together a bummer. Rather than breaking up in the taxi ride to the airport, it's probably more helpful to let it breathe a bit. There are so many factors of travel that could bring up some unusual feelings but clarity may come once you're back at home.

It's totally okay to white lie reminisce on the plane ride home with your partner and save the post-mortem analysis for your pals before going in for the (maybe) breakup.