20 Less-Than-Flattering Photos Of Celebs At The Airport

Flying can be a stressful experience, but since it is necessary at times, that means celebrities are sometimes spotted at the airport. They may be surrounded by an entourage and in full glam… or they may have not-so-great looks going on instead.

Down below, there are 20 photos of celebs getting on and off their flights, and there is a definite common theme with these paparazzi pics: All of them feature well-known stars like Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian looking tired, run down and overwhelmed.

The truth is, it's not just average folks who don't necessarily enjoy flying. Our favorite celebs sometimes look travel-weary too.

So whenever it is time to hop on a plane, just think about how even famous people can come out appearing less than flattering during travel time! And, enjoy these 20 pics that prove they're not always red carpet ready.

20 Selena Gomez Looking A Bit Sleepy

Via Vogue

This pop singer is carrying a huge and fuzzy blanket with her as she steps off of a jet, making it seem like she is a bit tired. Plus, those sunglasses could be hiding bags under her eyes that are as big as the one she is holding!

19 Miley Cyrus' Super Casual Ensemble Can't Be Tamed

Via Just Jared

This singer and actress is known for her wild side, which often comes out in her fashion choices. Here, however, she is almost unrecognizable, as she walks through the airport in a super casual ensemble and a coat that is much too big for her.

18 Ben Affleck Getting The Pat Down

Via YouTube

At times, a not-so-flattering look comes about for a celeb not due to clothes or tiredness but due to a common problem: a good ol' TSA pat-down. This is a normal thing to have to face before a flight, and even Ben Affleck was subjected to one.

17 Is Bella Thorne On Her Way To Alaska?

Via Daily Mail

Whenever famous people go out, they may opt for incognito looks, so that paparazzi photographers and fans don’t recognize them. Is that what Bella Thorne was going for here, with this huge and furry coat she was caught wearing during travel time?

16 Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Needs To Get A Clue

Via Zimbio

Another singer and actress in another very casual outfit is up next; when Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the airport, she donned sunglasses, a hooded jacket and a black tee. This is not her best fashion choice ever, but at least she was comfy while flying through the air!

15 At Least Matt Damon Made Time For Autographs

Via YouTube

Matt Damon is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, and one time, when he flew, he wore a beanie and glasses. Despite how tired and/or stressed he may have been, he found the time to stop and sign autographs. How sweet!

14 Try To Keep Up With Kim Kardashian's Unimpressed Expression

Via Page Six

Even mega stars like Kim Kardashian sometimes have to go through the normal steps at the airport before arriving at some fabulous destination. It is never fun or fast, which is quite obvious, judging by the reality star's unimpressed face in this photo.

13 Kylie, Rob & Kim Must Have Received Some Awesome Text

Via Style Bistro

Back in the day, Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian were spotted at the airport. They were all infatuated with their phones (typical kids, right?), and they were wearing things that they would probably never be seen in today (at least the ladies were).

12 Shia LaBeouf Seems To Be In A Daze

Via Bluewin

As mentioned, the process that has to happen before and after a flight is known for being a long and tiring one. Average Joes and Janes should feel better about it all, though, because even famous actors like Shia LaBeouf have to endure it!

11 Shannon Beador...Is This Real?

Via Reality Tea

Shannon Beador is on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and her unflattering look involved waiting at the airport… while she was wearing a sombrero… and while she was holding more hats and a tray of drinks... in front of everyone... and on TV.

10 Johnny Depp's Outfit Could Turn Us Into A Cry Baby

Via WordPress

Another very famous actor in the industry is Johnny Depp, and many times, he is recognized for his great style. This is not one of those times. The hat, the jacket over the shoulder, the cut-off shirt… Altogether, it is a bit much.

9 What Is Going On Here, Kesha?

Via Daily Mail

This singer is known for her out-there style. However, a flight involves going through security, walking down a tiny aisle, sitting in one seat for hours, grabbing a bag off a conveyor belt and so on. Was this outfit practical for all of that?

8 Lady Gaga, With Another Interesting Fashion Choice

Via Racked

On a similar note, there is Lady Gaga looking not so good. She maybe could have picked out something a bit more sensible for her travel time... especially if she was just going to end up falling over in those over-the-top heels!

7 Demi Lovato: This Is Her, & She's Sorry, Not Sorry

Via Hawt Celebs

A comfortable and cozy outfit is a good option for a flight. It can be strange to see famous people in such normal and even unflattering clothing items, though, as seen here, with singer and actress Demi Lovato.

6 Beyonce's Face Says It All


It happens: Security digs through a bag, a line feels like it’s never moving, TSA performs a pat-down, a seatmate is coughing the whole time… Flights can be annoying! Even the Queen B herself has to put up with it all before landing in a glam place.

5 As Does Britney Spears'

Via Hawt Celebs

Over the years, Britney Spears has given the world some amazing fashion choices, performances and moments. Since this list is all about not-so-flattering looks, though, then this image of her certainly belongs here!

4 Amanda Bynes' Look Is Not What A Girl Wants

Via Just Jared

Another example of a loose and relaxed outfit at the airport is seen here on Amanda Bynes. When observing the overall vibe, though, it is just not the cutest thing she has ever been seen in, that's all.

3 Salma Hayek In An Interesting Predicament

Via OK Magazine

Actress Salma Hayek also had to get patted down and checked out one time at the airport! She does appear to be sort of smiling, though, so maybe she made the best of the situation, which is all one can do.

2 Jessica Alba Seems To Need Some Good Luck

Via Zimbio

On the other hand, there is this pic of actress Jessica Alba, and she does not seem happy about her time traveling, to say the least. Whatever was going on, it resulted in this picture of this star, making this face.

1 Mila Kunis Just Wanted To Get On A Plane In Peace

Via GotCeleb

Mila Kunis is known for keeping private in Hollywood, but of course, people jumped at the chance to snap this photo of her at the airport. Poor girl… She just wanted to board, fly and get somewhere besides there!

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