If you were to sit and debate that people outside of Europe struggle from a travelling perspective because of the prices involved with flying, then you'd be right. It's often an arduous process that involves hundreds upon hundreds of dollars being spent, whereas the majority of Europeans can simply put their finger on a map of the continent at random and they'll likely pick out somewhere affordable.

However, while trains are usually favoured heavily in place of flying all over the place, it isn't always the most efficient way of doing things from a financial perspective. Sure, you'll find a lot of train routes that are much cheaper than the airline equivalent, but in equal measure, you'll find a bucket-load of bargains in the form of cheap flights. That's just a fact.

We aren't here to tell you exactly how to plan your ideal getaway around Europe because you can pave your own path - but we're just here to provide you with some examples as food for thought. In terms of the process, every single journey is done as a return on the same dates in order to get the most accurate possible results.

Some of these prices will almost certainly fluctuate as time goes on, but for the most part, what you see is what you get. These cities serve as the best that Europe has to offer with things to do from the minute you arrive until the very last second that you leave.

No matter the price you'll have an awesome time, but this just makes things a little bit easier.

20 London to Paris - PLANE: $75, TRAIN: $76

One of the most common journeys taken in Europe is that of London to Paris, and I should know, as I did it recently. The commonly held belief is that because the Eurostar is available and is such a useful tool, everyone should use it as their primary form of transportation between these two landmark cities.

It turns out that it's not quite the cheapest way of doing things, though, even if it's extremely close. On certain dates, you'd probably even be able to find cheaper flights but that won't be the case with the train journey, and that's a common theme throughout all of these entries.

19 Amsterdam to Milan - PLANE: $88, TRAIN: $138

Two iconic cities, both extremely different from one another: and that's the beauty of travelling. Given the trajectories and locations of Amsterdam and Milan the train journey would obviously take around three times as long, but on top of that, you wouldn't be saving any money either.

So as you plan to go from the calm serenity of The Netherlands to the hustle and bustle of Milan, consider a flight that would make things a lot more viable for you. Instead of spending the extra wonga on the train, you could save it for a delightful Italian meal near the cathedral.

18 St Petersburg to Moscow - PLANE: $74, TRAIN: $115

Some folks tend not to consider Russia as a legitimate member of Europe, courtesy of its overwhelming size and presence across Asia. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to other people, though, and unsurprisingly, train travel through the country doesn't make very much sense either.

Despite these two places not actually being that far away from each other if you were to look on a map, it'll still take you a good eight hours before you're able to arrive in the capital from St Petersburg. Both are beautiful in their own right, but still, make sure you don't fall into the trap.

17 London to Amsterdam - PLANE: $49, TRAIN: $115

We arrive at two cities that we've already spoken about, but in fairness, there has been something of a game-changer in recent months. We're referring to the unveiling of the London-Amsterdam direct Eurostar route, which means that everyone will now be able to make their way to The Netherlands from the UK in an easy and effective way.

Even though there's been a much cheaper version there all along.

Flying between London and Amsterdam is unbelievably easy, it's extremely quick, and it's one of the cheapest country to country journeys you're probably ever likely to discover. It's one of the reasons why the Brits love the place so much - one of the many reasons, that is.

16 Frankfurt to Rome - PLANE: $65, TRAIN: $187

Despite what this image of Frankfurt may suggest, it's difficult to really think of any German city as being incredibly 'built up'. They've all, if not most, got a charming aura about them that often intrigues non-Europeans even more so than those who live on the continent.

Still, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a holiday or two every now and again, and a place like Rome serves as the perfect opposite in terms of a change of scenery. Just don't make the mistake of travelling all the way through Europe though, because as you can see, it'll cost you almost triple the amount in the long run.

15 Prague to Budapest - PLANE: $50, TRAIN: $52

When you ask many 'trendy' travellers what the best city in Europe is, the chances are that Prague and Budapest are towards the top of the list. Both are cheap, both are beautiful, and both seem to sum up the European culture perfectly. In short: you need to go here ASAP.

If you wanted to do both in one trip, it wouldn't be all that difficult to do via air travel either. While the difference is admittedly small, every penny counts when you're trying to navigate a journey around one of the busiest places for transportation in the world.

14 Barcelona to Madrid - PLANE: $95, TRAIN: $149

People will likely never stop debating whether or not Barcelona or Madrid is the better city, and we sort of hope that proves to be the case. Both cities are unique and wonderful in their own right, and you should be able to explore them both without fear of someone constantly telling you why one is better than the other.

Of course, because they're extremely popular, it also costs quite a bit to get between the two of them - but don't be fooled into taking the train. Not only is it more expensive but it can prove to be incredibly uncomfortable too, with many people reporting that had indeed proved to be the case with their trip.

13 Newcastle to London - PLANE: $118, TRAIN: $179

Over in the UK, there's a show called Geordie Shore which is pretty much our equivalent of Jersey Shore - and it focuses on people based in Newcastle. Unfortunately, it doesn't paint them in the best of lights, which is a shame, because the city itself is absolutely tremendous.

Alas, foreigners tend to forget that it's actually quite far away from London and it's much easier to fly down there as opposed to getting the train. Many commuters do this on a week to week basis courtesy of their travel schedules, and it doesn't take anywhere near as much time out of your day.

12 Porto to Lisbon - PLANE: $25, TRAIN: $49

Portugal is a beautiful country and there's no real disputing of that fact. It doubles up as one of those rare countries that serve as a wonderful holiday destination, whilst also possessing a string of cities that anyone would be lucky to visit. Porto and Lisbon, unsurprisingly, are two such examples.

Now before you write in complaining that we've made a mistake in the title, we must ensure you that isn't the case. It really does cost just $25 to travel from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to another, and it's all in the same country. We really are just that lucky.

11 Kiev to Moscow - PLANE: $174, TRAIN: $241

Very few international relationships have been as complicated as Ukraine & Russia's in the last few years. Both nations have endured some very tough times, with Kiev and Moscow suffering the brunt of that. Still, their tourism numbers haven't dropped too much, and locals from both still visit the other for work and leisure.

Alas, in case you've forgotten, it's still tricky to get around Russia purely because of how large it is. Going via air travel is still your best bet regardless of how worrisome the prospect may seem, and it'll save you an absolutely unthinkable amount of time and stress in the process.

10 Edinburgh to London - PLANE: $31, TRAIN: $142

We've arrived at yet another inter-Britain entry on this list, and for good reason too. Edinburgh is perhaps one of the most painfully underrated places, let alone cities, in the world. It highlights everything that's great about Scotland as a nation, and it's the perfect getaway destination.

But if you live there and you're ever interested in seeing what things are like down south, a flight to London is unbelievably cheap in comparison to a train ticket. On top of that, the rail system in this country is an absolute nightmare at the best of times, meaning your main option should probably be heading to the capital.

9 Paris to Monaco - PLANE: $84, TRAIN: $131

Paris and Monaco may technically reside in the same nation, but they're very different. While they both may have a lot of class and style, Paris is a little bit more 'hip' than Monaco which tends to be designed more towards those with a little bit more cash in their pockets.

Travelling between the two isn't that easy, either, and it isn't even Monaco that you fly directly into. You need to go via Nice before travelling via car or some other form of transport, and while it may sound a little bit more complicated, the length of the train journey will exhaust you before you even get on.

8 Vilnius to Tallinn - PLANE: $102, TRAIN: $106

Lithuania and Estonia are two countries that some people reading this either never would've heard of before, or never would've been able to guess the capital city of before. Both nations have a great deal of charm and while they can sometimes attract the wrong crowds through stag and hen dos, that doesn't erase their beauty.

Going to one at a time isn't too difficult, and neither is travelling between them - although we can guarantee you'll spend a hell of a lot less on food & drink that you will do on the flights. At just over $100 you'll be able to secure a relaxing plane ride, and despite there not being too much of a difference in price you'll almost certainly be more comfortable in the air.

7 London to Brussels - PLANE: $64, TRAIN: $68

We're back in London, but not for long as our imaginary journey around Europe takes us to Brussels. It's the hub of politics of and it's also the hub of great beer and chocolate, but beyond that, it's another entry that can be visited via a ride on the trusty Eurostar.

We definitely think it's a viable option and it showcases that we are, indeed, living in the future. Despite that, we're obviously going to recommend the airfare because it just makes more sense all around. Plus, Brussels has a great airport which can often be an underrated part of travelling.

6 Glasgow to Newcastle - PLANE: $86, TRAIN: $90

Funnily enough, Glasgow and Newcastle are interlinked by more than just how cheap it is to fly between the two. A lot of people travel between them for work, mainly because it serves as one of the easiest routes between England and Scotland.

The train fare isn't too extravagant but it's still a little bit cheeky, especially considering how many people use the service. In general, it seems as if the UK could learn from nations like France and Spain with how they seem to format their transport systems.

Speak of the devil, we're heading back off to Espana for the next entry.

5 Seville to Bilbao - PLANE: $51, TRAIN: $66

Spain joins Portugal in the 'holiday destination with a series of great cities' category, and you really need to experience it in order to fully appreciate that fact. Two great examples are Seville and Bilbao, both of which are as breathtaking as the other.

The difference isn't astronomical but you simply can't say no to prices like that, regardless of the situation. You're always going to find interesting and unique ways to get around any given country, but trust us when we say that you can get some phenomenal views when flying into a variety of destinations around wonderful Spain.

4 Bologna to Naples - PLANE: $36, TRAIN: $56

Italy hasn't had enough of a positive representation, but all of that is about to change.

If you want history, culture and a little bit of drama, then heading to Naples would be a good move. Prior to that, however, indulging in the splendour of Bologna and all that it has to offer sounds like a day or two well spent.

The plane fare is so cheap that you'll likely be wondering whether or not there's a 'catch' or a complication that you aren't aware of, but there's no loophole and there's no reason to second guess yourself. This is Europe, and this is easy travel personified.

3 Porto to Barcelona - PLANE: $44, TRAIN $187

From one dream location to another.

You really shouldn't need too much convincing with this specific entry, as one glance at the two figures tells you all that you need to know. Porto and Barcelona are often played off as being very common places to visit when in reality, there are architectural gems to be found from top to bottom.

There's often a 'rivalry' of sorts that is spoken of between Spain and Portugal, but all you should be focusing on is the practicality involved with the air travel. There's obviously much more to a holiday than that, but checking out both of these places in one trip is more than doable.

2 Riga to Moscow - PLANE: $124, TRAIN: $139

Riga is another hotbed for stag & hen dos, aka bachelor & bachelorette parties, but that isn't all it should be known for. From the medieval old town to the many concert halls there's a lot to love about Latvia's capital, and it serves as a polar opposite to the often controversial Moscow.

Still, it's funny to consider that you can fly between two polar opposites for just $124 - and it's also quite intriguing, too. We'd pay good money just to see a travel show whereby someone heads between the two and compares them. If there any TV producers out there, let's get to work

1 Toulouse to Milan - PLANE: $52, TRAIN: $114

Toulouse is hardly a city that jumps off the page when you're researching places to visit in France, and that's not because it isn't lovely - it's just because there's such a high volume of stunning locations to be found. It's small, it's quirky, and it's fantastic to travel out of.

Equally, Milan is one of the cheapest airports in the world to travel into, as evidenced by the figures on display here. Going from France to Italy would certainly be an interesting train adventure, but it all depends on what your priorities are. If you're on a budget, which most people are, this fun little trip would go much more smoothly in the air.

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