Selfies: We've all done them. It's one thing when you're at home and sifting through one of 50 that you've taken when your hair was looking on-point, it's another to be away on vacation and in need of that perfect spotlight. Many of us are daredevils by nature while some of us are just naturally lucky in getting that perfect shot. Selfie sticks and action cams have made accomplishing that much easier but all in all, a picture isn't interesting unless you put work into it, am I right?

Chances are, you've probably heard about people putting their lives on the line or doing outrageous maneuvers in order to get that "once in a lifetime" photo. Either that or you've viewed pictures of others in dream destinations that have instantly sparked your own wanderlust, giving you that perfect-selfie fever. We can't deny that human nature and the actions of others is sometimes mindblowing which is why we decided to find the best examples of these photos. We didn't let limits hold us back when searching for photos that encapsulated the adventure-spirit of traveling and truly living; you'll find this list to be surprising, intriguing, awe-inspiring, and occasionally jaw-dropping. We certainly don't encourage anyone to take it upon themselves to risk their own lives for a photo op such as these, but there's no reason you can't enjoy someone else taking the risk.

20 Pride In Amsterdam

Amsterdam may seem like an anything-goes type of country but it's just very lax, open, and accepting. One time of year we can see that is during their Pride festival, where hundreds of people flock to the streets to celebrate love regardless of gender. During their human rights celebration, a popular thing to do is jump on a flyboard, which is conveniently located over one of their main canals. This guy just happened to get the most perfect shot as he hovers above Amsterdam during their festival, truly capturing the extraordinary support of the movement.

19 The Feeling Of Accomplishment

Climbing a mountain is no easy feat and it's even more challenging when you have ice and snow to worry about. Ropes help, but it's still a daring and risky adventure to take on... It's also completely mindblowing and awe-inspiring once you've made it to the summit.

This man signed on for the venture of a lifetime and is clearly reaping the reward of having made it to an altitude worthy of a selfie.

We're not sure what's more impressive -- His sheer joy or the breathtaking drop that falls in elevation right behind him.

18 One Heck Of A Plane Ride

When you're flying at an altitude that most can only learn about in aerospace science class and a speed that many can barely comprehend, you tend to see some spectacular sights. Cruising at an elevation that trumps mountaintops is something that a fighter pilot is used to and this one happened to catch a moment that's truly too incredible for words. It's a glimpse into another world and a tremendous career field, and also a glimpse into what life is like at cloud-level.

17 Parachuting With The Best Of Them

Selfie sticks are responsible for capturing many a stunning moment but there are not many as stunning as this one. This perfectly in-focus shot shows two people in a state of pure bliss as they float over mountaintops and landscapes many dream of seeing.

This skyline is a gorgeous example of nature in its purest form from a vantage point you wouldn't even get while hiking.

Sometimes, the view is just better taken in from above the summit line.

16 Coming In Hot, Glider-Style

We're not going to lie, flying around in a place sans engine is scary enough. Flying around in a glider, which uses natural airflow and gravitational forces to glide through the air, while taking a selfie, must be considered something of a skill. While it makes our pulse race a bit to look at, there's no denying that this photo is awesome and the guy behind the wheel -- or controller, in this case -- seems to be perfectly calm. The view below isn't too bad either and it's almost enough to make us consider this gravity-defying feat.

15 Hanging Ten From The Other Side

Surfing is a water sport that still manages to mystify and inspire those who watch it. For those who engage in the activity, it's almost a form of water worship. You essentially need to become one with the wave you're going after and even then, you have to be so in-tune with the changes of the water as well as the balance of your board. Being able to do all of those things while taking a selfie is hard to imagine, but clearly, it has been done. This photo captures the determination, focus, and know-how that any great surfer has.

14 Does A Double Rainbow Mean Twice As Much Luck?

What's really lucky about this photo was this woman's ability to capture the perfect angle, her perfect pup, a genuine smile, and a storybook double rainbow in the background.

These rolling green hills and golden light cast from the sun make for a photo that's nearly perfect. Rainbows like this are somewhat of a rarity and full rainbows are even rarer, let alone discovering two of them.

This light broke at just the right angle and we can't deny it, we were also a little swayed by the cuteness her pup adds to this photo... A+ from us.

13 The Great Wall That Just Keeps Going... And Going...

While it's one of the most visited tourist locations in the world, the Great Wall of China is still a sight to behold. It stretches over an unreal distance and if you're lucky enough to visit it at least once in your lifetime, you're absolutely entitled to all the pictures. This guy managed to capture a perfect moment and a rare one that's not filled with other tourists. You can almost sense the greatness looming behind him and the history and work that went into great something so truly great.

12 A Laughing Wallaby A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This picture just had to be on our list simply because the timing is impeccable. Not to mention? This wallaby is possibly one of the cutest things we've ever seen. This is one lucky guy to share a laugh with such a friendly and social mammal! They're native to Australia and New Zealand and this little guy seems to be thoroughly enjoying his life down-under. It might not be dangerous (although once they're full-grown, their kick is powerful enough to do some serious damage) but it's a feel-good photo. We just want to know one thing: what was the joke?

11 The Seemingly Impossible Feat

It doesn't take much to recognize that this photo was taken at the top of Mount Everest as the flags in the background are a solid giveaway. For someone, this photo meant the world and quite literally encaptured much of it.

Everest is the tallest mountain in existence and reaches heights that your average airplane can't even make it to, let alone most human beings.

This is a feat of skill, endurance, determination, and does not come without its risks. Despite this climber's oxygen mask, full-body gear and multiple layers, this climber managed to do the unthinkable... Our hats are off to you, humble hiker.

10 Uh We'll Take A Major "Nope" On That One

It's unclear whether or not this guy assumed the position he did out of sheer insanity or because he somehow knew this bear had already eaten lunch. Either way, it's downright scary. Grizzly bears are notorious for protecting their young and being avid hunters, one of which you definitely do not want to tangle with. The strength of their jaw power alone is enough to rattle us and we can't imagine this guy was any more comfortable being within yards of one. The setting appears to be Alaska and up there, these grizzlies don't mess around... Yikes!

9 Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Unless you're an experienced scientist or researcher, we wouldn't suggest walking over to an open lava pit and taking a selfie. If you are one, however, then by all means! This guy doesn't seem to be phased in the least by the spewing hot pit that's raging behind him but he still took a fairly large risk. The suit he's wearing is specially designed to withstand the heat and coupled with an oxygen mask, he's probably pretty safe... But talk about having some guts! Regardless, it's an awesome picture and one that most of us can't say we'd ever be brave enough to take.

8 View From A Skyscraper

This generation seems to be all about finding the next best selfie and evidently, that includes finding the next risky selfie, too. With all of the innovative qualities that selfie sticks brought to photography, taking gravity-defying shots has become all the rage. We can only assume it was windy enough at this height to bring on the face coverings and sweatshirts which means they're fairly high up. The beauty of selfie sticks is that you don't need to risk reaching your arm out to get the photo of a lifetime, something these kids made evident via a humble thumbs-up.

7 Can't Say We're "Jelly" Of This One

Scuba diving provides an insightful, awe-inspiring, and humbling experience for those who have never done it before. Even the most experienced of divers still discover new things and we're not sure which of the two this diver is, but they sure are gutsy.

Diving down into a plume of jellyfish isn't something we'd recommend even if you are super experienced.

There were any number of things that could have gone wrong in this photo but if you don't think about that, it's definitely a cool aesthetic.

6  Another One For The Books

If anyone knows where this mountain range is, we'd love to know! We can't imagine it can be totally safe flying via parachute above these peaks but wow, what a tremendous experience. The detail in these ridges is simply unreal and the expression on this parachuter's face says it all when it comes to a once in a life time experience such as this. It really gives a whole new meaning to having the wind in your face, although we're sure this was probably a bit more chilly than just cruising with the windows wide open.

5 We're Not Sure What You're Doing, But It's Probably Dangerous

It's unclear whether this guy is taking this selfie from a parachute or bungee jumping and he could be hanging outside of a helicopter for all we know. Regardless, it's a very James Bond-esque photo op and we applaud the sense of calm that emotes from his face. You'd never be able to tell that this guy was a decent height off the ground, but we're sure you're probably too distracted by that crystal-clear, aquamarine water to notice anyway. This is island beauty at its finest and we're kind of wishing we were boarding one of those ships below right now.

4 Can You Guess Where This Was Taken?

In Rio de Janeiro, a British man by the name of Lee Thompson just became internet-famous for this "accidental" selfie.

Thompson spent weeks gaining the approval of churches, authorities, and even a priest, before making the venture up to the top of this iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Evidently, he wasn't even going to take a selfie at first as it turned out to be a last-minute addition to what would prove to be an unforgettable experience. Many others aren't so lucky, but now, we can treasure this feat and its view for all eternity thanks to his last-minute thinking.

3 The Truly Awe-Inspiring Alps

If this photo doesn't encourage you to get on a plane to Switzerland right now then we're not sure what will. The country's mountain ranges are like no other and Matterhorn is incomparable to any other mountain on earth with its brazen peak and snow-covered cap. This selfie was taken by a travel blogger named Kristin, who writes a blog called Be My Muse. Not only is her foreground a stunning choice for a selfie, but it's also unmistakable and iconic... Lest we forget, this is also a very innovative way of using a selfie stick and a pop of color via her magical hat.

2 Well That's Just A Bit Too Close

You know those drive-through safari trips that you hear so much about? Well, you're looking at the result of one of them! Not only is this picture the perfect demonstration of an invasion of privacy, but it's also a perfectly-timed selfie. We never thought an animal and a human being could be more evenly matched but here it is -- proof that evolution doesn't always make us so different. Here's to hoping that giraffe had a breath mint for breakfast and eased up on the oats.

1 The Coliseum Is Gorgeous From Any Angle

We did say that some of these selfies wouldn't necessarily be as dangerous as they are super cool and this is one of them. Well, unless you're paranoid about Roman-era gladiators coming to life and charging you from across the street, that is. This is one lucky guy with an even better arm for action cams. He captured the enormity and beauty that is Roman architecture, with perfectly carved archway and intricate stone detail. He also managed to capture the city surrounding, driving home the feeling that this grand structure is truly frozen in time.