If there’s one thing that will make a trip to a great travel spot even better, it’s one of those rare moments where a favorite celebrity also happens to show up at that same spot - and an opportunity for an autograph (or just to say hello) can be the cherry on top of a great vacation. Of course, we’re not suggesting that anyone should head to a specific destination just because a favorite actor has shown up there in the past (and there is nothing to say that any actor is likely to return to the same place twice), but dedicated Harry Potter fans might want to check out some of these great spots that the cast have been known to head to for a little R&R.

Whether the actors of the Harry Potter universe popped up in these places to do some filming (and just enjoy the sights when not on set), or specifically for a vacation of their own, these twenty spots have a whole lot to recommend them - it’s easy to see why these celebrities would choose to spend time here! From Columbia to the Caribbean, check out these twenty travel spots that have played host to some famous faces.

20 Rhodes Island (Daniel Radcliffe)

The Boy Who Lived himself was spotted holidaying in Rhodes Island in 2016 - which is a rarity, for an actor who has often claimed that he doesn’t enjoy taking too many vacations, and even considers his work a holiday!

Rhodes Island is a Greek island, known for both beautiful sandy beaches and historic ruins (depending on if you would rather sunbathe or take in some culture). This popular tourist destination features a stunning medieval Old Town (the Palace of the Grand Master is an absolute must-see). Radcliffe himself was spotted dining in the Old Town, at Alexis Four Seasons.

19 Istanbul (Emma Watson)

It’s not always easy for celebrities to take truly relaxing holidays without being hounded by paparazzi, and as one of the biggest young stars on the screen, Emma Watson certainly knows this struggle! In 2015, she did manage to spend a few days in Istanbul without too much hassle - although she ended up snapped at the airport on her way home. While in the gorgeous Turkish city, Emma took in many of the best known tourist attractions, including the Hagia Sophia (a basilica turned mosque turned museum) and the Basilica Cistern (an ancient cistern underneath the city itself).

18 Algarve (Rupert Grint)

Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley) isn’t known for taking exotic vacations - in fact,

he was one of the famous faces of a British campaign to encourage people to ‘Holiday At Home’. The campaign talked about the many great ways to enjoy some time off in the British Isles,

with Grint seen extolling the virtues of British surf breaks… however, he has previously spent some of his vacation time elsewhere, as he was spotted in Portugal at the height of his fame. He holidayed in the Algarve with his family, spending time on the beaches, and enjoying wanders through the picturesque fishing villages that this area is known for.

17 Miami (Tom Felton)

Tom Felton (who played odious Slytherin Draco Malfoy), has been spotted in several sunny spots over the years - getting some sunshine on that famously pale skin! In 2009, he was snapped holidaying with his then-girlfriend Jade Olivia, in Miami. The Florida city is known for being a great place to travel and party, with plenty of beaches, nightlife, amazing restaurants (especially with the Cuban influence found everywhere here) and a fantastic art scene to enjoy. Felton and Olivia were spotted strolling the Miami Beach Boardwalk, a great spot to take in the incredible views out over the ocean.

16 Portofino (Matthew Lewis)

Matthew Lewis is famous for his incredible transformation over the years since playing Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter - from a chubby kid to a stunningly handsome man.

Only last year, Lewis broke the hearts of his fans by getting married to Angela Jones in Italy, before the pair enjoyed some time together in Portofino.

This gorgeous spot on the Italian Riviera is famous for its beautiful harbor, surrounded by beautiful brightly colored buildings. A fishing town, Portofino has become known as an artistic center, and for being the kind of beach spot that often attracts celebrities.

15 Bondi Beach (Bonnie Wright)

Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley in the world of Harry Potter, has certainly grown up since she first appeared on the big screen as Ron’s little sister. She caused a stir in 2016 when the stunning redhead enjoyed some beach time down under on the world famous Bondi Beach. Bondi is known as a paradise for surfers, thanks to consistent waves, but it’s also a perfect spot to simply laze in the sun on the white sands, or to chill out at one of the many restaurants and cafes that look out onto the crescent shaped beachfront.

14 Maui (Tom Felton)

More recently, the famous face of Slytherin House was spotted in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. Tom Felton was spotted here in 2016, enjoying a relaxing beer on a stunning green golf course. While Maui is a great destination for golfers, there is plenty more to do on this tropical island for those who aren’t a fan of whacking a few balls. All the usual Hawaiian vacation activities can be found here, from snorkeling and water adventures to white sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes and tropical gardens. At night, Maui comes alive with nightlife, which Felton presumably also enjoyed exploring after his day on the green…

13 Rio De Janeiro (Alfred Enoch)

In 2018, Alfred Enoch (who played Gryffindor Quidditch Team Chaser Dean Thomas) spent his holidays in Brazil, enjoying the sights of Rio De Janeiro. It’s not the first (or last) time that Enoch has visited this spot, either, as he was there visiting family - he even speaks Portuguese. Rio is best known for its beaches and nightlife (especially the famous Copacabana beach), and visitors shouldn’t miss a trip up the hill to stand at the feet of the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer - and to look out at the stunning views over this city.

12 Amalfi Coast (Bonnie Wright)

Bonnie Wright has also been seen holidaying in Italy, along the Amalfi Coast. The actress was snapped on a romantic boat trip in the area in 2013, and it's easy to see why she would pick this gorgeous part of Italy to relax in. The Amalfi coast is known for its stunning cliffs and towns of brightly colored buildings built into sharp hillsides, as well as for gorgeous forests and grottos.

Boating and water-sports are a huge draw for the tourists and celebrities that flock here to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine, although there is plenty to see on dry land, too.

11 Cape Town (Tom Felton)

More beach holidays for Tom Felton, as the actor took a trip to the South African city of Cape Town in spring of this year. It’s not the first time that Felton has visited the beaches and golf courses here, either, as the actor has been back several times, and clearly loves the vibe of this incredible city.

The beaches are a huge attraction here, as well as the iconic Table Mountain and the National park that surrounds it. Botanical gardens, museums, and great food also make this a perfect place to experience modern South Africa.

10 Rionegro (Daniel Radcliffe)

It seems that although Radcliffe is open about his dislike of vacations (and preference for working), he certainly gets a lot of traveling done thanks to movie shoots in far flung locations. In 2017, the actor traveled to both Rionegro, Columbia, and to the coast of Australia while shooting Jungle (a film about a trekker lost in the Amazon wilderness).

While Rionegro may not be as obvious a tourist spot as some of the other places on this list, don’t discount it! Trekking, hiking, fishing, camping and canoeing are popular activities in the area, and it’s still largely off the beaten track - which means unspoiled areas for those who love them.

9 Caribbean (Emma Watson)

Emma Watson is careful to preserve her privacy while on vacation, so it wasn’t clear exactly which beach the starlet was spending her holiday on in 2014. However, the actress was spotted strolling the sands and splashing in the water with then-boyfriend Matt Janney.

The Caribbean encompasses a huge range of the most popular beach vacation spots on this side of the globe, including the Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Martinique and Barbados - and while Watson’s exact location wasn’t made public, that just feels like an excuse to visit them all!

8 Cape Town (Daniel Radcliffe)

Tom Felton isn’t the only Harry Potter star to be spotted in Cape Town, either. Daniel Radcliffe was staying in the city in 2015, although unlike his Harry Potter co-star, Radcliffe wasn’t there relaxing on the beach with his skateboard. The notorious workaholic was actually in Cape Town filming, working on The Gamechangers, a British docu-drama about Rockstar Games president Sam Houser and the controversial Grand Theft Auto video games. Watch the film before a visit, and see if you can spot some of the locations around Cape Town - including the Grand Parade public square.

7 Amsterdam (Josh Herdman)

Josh Herdman lived up to the bad boy reputation of his Slytherin character, Gregory Goyle, in 2009 when he was spotted partying in Amsterdam with a suspicious-looking cigarette… although he has since cleaned up his act thanks to a passion for MMA. Of course, anyone who knows Amsterdam will be quick to tell you that there is a whole lot more to this beautiful city on the water than just the famous red-light district. From the flower markets to biking along the canals and visiting art galleries and museums (including, of course, the Anne Frank House), Amsterdam is a must-see European city.

6 Atlas Mountains (Zoe Wanamaker)

Zoe Wanamaker, aka Madame Hooch (the Quidditch referee and flying instructor at Hogwarts), has plenty of fond holiday memories from her years of travel, but says that her favorite vacation spot has to be in the Atlas Mountains.

The mountain range runs through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, although most visitors stay in the Moroccan part of the mountains.

From here, it’s possible to visit some truly stunning landmarks, including Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah (a location where you may see many other celebrities, as it is often used in filming) and the Taourirt Kasbah at Ouarzazate.

5 Auckland (Daniel Radcliffe)

Radcliffe also travelled to New Zealand earlier this year to work on another project, Guns Akimbo, an action comedy about a man who has to save his ex-girlfriend from kidnappers. Radcliffe was spotted in Auckland, but rather than taking in any of the many attractions in the city, he was busying working out in preparation for the role.

For those visitors who are less interested in bulking up, Auckland offers some incredible beaches and trips to the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Moving away from the water, travelers love to explore the volcanic fields, Auckland Art Gallery, and Auckland Zoo.

4 India (Evanna Lynch)

While most celebrities will travel to exotic locales for a little relaxation or to work on their latest project, Evanna Lynch (who played the ‘loopy’ Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter) traveled to India earlier this year in order to try and bring attention to the issues surrounding animal tourism. In particular, the vocal vegan and animal rights activist took on the issue of elephant tourism - poor treatment of these creatures so that visitors can ride on them or snap a quick picture with them. While there, Evanna undoubtedly loved the stunning scenery and delicious vegetarian food, as well.

3 Saint Tropez (Ralph Fiennes)

Saint Tropez has a reputation for being the kind of place where celebrities are likely to be spotted soaking up the sun, and that includes Harry Potter cast member Ralph Fiennes (who fans may recognize as Lord Voldemort). In 2009, the actor was spotted at Club 55, an exclusive beach resort in the South of France, alongside Liam Neeson. And while just anyone can’t stroll into that particular club, Saint Tropez (and the rest of the French Riviera) is well known for having plenty of other resorts where visitors can enjoy the spotless beaches and great nightlife.

2 Christchurch (Oliver Phelps)

Oliver Phelps is well known as George, one of the Weasley twins who wreak well-meaning havoc throughout the halls of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. In 2015, Oliver took to Instagram to post photos of his trip to New Zealand, known as the adventure travel capital of the world. Christchurch is a great jumping off point for hiking and exploring, to take in the views with the gondola or tram, or to check out some of the more sedate attractions in the town center, including the beautiful botanic gardens. Harbor tours and Maori cultural experiences are also popular with visitors.

1 Cornwall (Domhnall Gleeson)

Finally, Domhnall Gleeson (aka Bill Weasley) has been spotted filming and relaxing a little closer to home - on the sandy beaches of Cornwall. In 2013, the actor was filming the romantic drama About Time, in London and Cornwall, especially around Vault Beach, Gorran Haven. Cornwall has always been a popular destination for Brits who want to experience the beach life without traveling too far from home - and from the bigger surf towns like Newquay to the smaller, more picturesque villages, Cornwall is a perfect place to spend a summer vacation (especially for those who want to escape from cities and just enjoy some beautiful scenery).

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