20 Intense Rules All Six Flags Employees Have To Follow

Six Flags is a must see attraction for everyone around the world. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill or just want a relaxing family weekend, this is the right place for you. The park has been in operation for over a few decades now and this is made possible by the highest standards the company has set forth. While some of them are fair enough, others seem a little over-the-top as the park is known for pushing employees to their limits. Is it a dream job or corporate anarchy? From the strictest dress codes to backbreaking schedules, it's up to you to decide as we count down 20 Intense Rules All Six Flags Employees have to follow.

Source: Six Flags Employee Handbook

20 Strictest Dress Codes

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The uniform of an employee represents the overall quality of customer service in the park. A clean uniform signifies everything is neat and in order. Six Flags requires every uniform to be kept flawless. Even an untucked shirt will land you in the Manager’s Office. The park checks its employees more than often as shown here.

19 Nepotism Is Unacceptable


Just because you have strong connections within the park doesn't mean you can land a higher rank, or skip the long lines. Even if you're the CEO’s child, you have to start from the bottom. In fact, this rule should be adopted everywhere. The handbook clearly states that Nepotism is not tolerated and can get you fired.

18 Employees Shall Refrain From Vices


No employee shall be caught with anything harmful within the park. Failure to adhere gets you termination papers. And maybe a trip to your local prison. If the administration ever finds a trace, a thorough investigation will be conducted while you're in suspension.

17 Not Permitted to Discuss Business Issues Outside of Work


They make you sign an agreement just for this. You can't work here if you're the type of person who loves to gossip around because they protect their trade secrets like money in a bank vault. This specifically applies to corporate employees.

16 Six Flags Attendance Demands Are Unreasonable


Six Flags is so unforgiving when it comes to employee’s attendance, it's like you're in high school again. This time though, they won't listen to any valid reason. An absence is treated as a crime. Two straight days of absences will immediately grant you termination papers.

15 Your Job Is All An Act

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Theme park employees are known for their fake smiles, so even if you're having the worst day of your entire life, you can't do anything about it while on shift. Policy requires employees to craft the “illusion” of a dream world. The park is one big stage.

14 Customers Are Always Right (Even If Your Job Is On The Line)


Arguing with a customer is like fighting a losing battle. There's no chance you will ever win. On top of that, the management will make sure you will pay for the damages if applicable. And after that, they will fire you.

13 Social Media Accounts Of Employees Shall Be Strictly Monitored

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Six Flags Management cares more about its own social media image than their employees’ privacy. Employees are strongly advised against making comments regarding the park on Social Media sites. Don't even write an employee review just to be safe. The handbook states that the management will “monitor” social media accounts of its employees to ensure that everything looks completely organized.

12 Harsh Grooming Policies


There was a popular case of a Six Flags Employee complaining about this rule. His hairstyle was deemed too ‘unconventional’ for the park which is a little too offensive. You can't judge people based on their appearance although you need to look presentable in front of the audience.

11 'No Workplace Retaliation'

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If the higher-ups treat you badly, you can't do anything about it. What's worse is that if you try to file a court case against them, the park’s management will immediately cut its ties from you and the entity with more money wins. The rule is to just go with the flow.

10 Never See Other Brands Besides Six Flags

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Professionalism is very important while working at the theme park. Employees are discouraged to discuss anything other than Six Flags’ products. Promoting other brands is treason and can get your boss super mad.

9 Six Flags Owns You

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Being a mascot in the park doesn't mean you can work as a mascot outside too. You are a product of the park and there are laws. Everything is theirs and you can't take a part-time job hosting a birthday party in a Bugs Bunny Suit even if you're a fully certified mascot.

8 Gifts And Tips Are Strictly Prohibited

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Have you ever noticed that there are no tip jars around the park? Not even the performers have tip jars. I wish the management considers placing them to increase the performer’s low wages. Employees also can't exchange gifts with fellow employees. The handbook clearly states "Deny all gifts".

7 Breaks That Will Break Your Productivity

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The employee handbook states that for every 8 hours you put in, you are entitled to one 45 minute break. If you can squeeze your whole meal within that time frame, then I commend you. We still haven't taken into account the time it takes to travel back to the HQ.

6 Tiresome Background Checks Are Mandatory

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The more criminal records you have, the lesser the chance you have in getting accepted. Just a friendly reminder to anyone who wants to apply. A clean record will always have the upper hand when applying at Six Flags.

5 Working At Six Flags Practically Requires You To Be An Environmentalist

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Corporations are evolving and so should its employees. Managers are required to think “green” when it comes to designing projects around the park as stated in the handbook. This can also impress some of the higher-ups and can guarantee a promotion.

4 Employees Aren't Allowed Near The Media

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Unfortunately, you can't get some TV time while working at Six Flags. Reporters will have a hard time getting an inside scoop if something happens. Like that roller coaster fire in one of the parks, let’s leave it to the lawyers to discuss what happened. It's sad to know you can't get interviewed in your own workplace.

3 Employees Aren't Allowed Free Souvenirs


You might think that these ride operators have lots of freebies but no. You can't bring a stuffed animal to your child for free. In fact, all employees aren't entitled to any souvenirs or memorabilia at all. You buy everything from your own pocket (even your uniform).

2 Employees Can't Get Rehired If They Mess Up


Bad blood leads to burned bridges. If you've been terminated by management from committing a violation or a serious incident, this means you won't be welcomed back sooner (maybe even for a lifetime). Employees have to think twice before doing anything stupid. This photo shows how clumsiness can affect everything.

1 5-Star Health Standards

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Six Flags has one of the strictest health policies in the world. They ensure all employees are in tiptop shape by mandating medical analyses and tests, even randomly to employees they think have suspicious habits. I can assure you all Six Flags employees are clean.

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