20 Insane Waterslides That Will Have You Running Back To The Front Of The Line

As kids, there was simply nothing better than getting out of school for Summer break and cooling off at your local waterpark. In fact—one of the best things about Summer for many was all the time spent riding down those body slides and just having a good time splashing around with friends.

We don’t blame you, waterslides are awesome. They’re fast, they’re wet and sometimes they’re just simply terrifying. But that’s all part of what makes them so great.

What makes them even more awesome is that they’re fun for the whole entire family. If you find yourself reminiscing on all those Summers spent as kids then relive those glory days at some of the most epic waterslides around the world. It will make you feel like a kid all over again—trust us.

So pack your bags, bring your swimsuit and get ready to make a splash at these spots which will surely get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping (big time).

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20 Summit Plummet - a near vertical drop... hold on!


It’s all in the name. You will feel yourself seemingly plummeting back down to earth on this joyous ride. Perhaps, it’s not for the faint of heart. This jaw-dropping waterslide is located in Orlando, Florida. Make a stop here at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort. The near-vertical drop takes you down an incredible 120-foot slope.

It’s so steep that you probably won’t even see where you’re headed until you get there. But you will for sure enjoy the ride down. They refer to it as the ‘ski jump’ and you’re going to feel like you’re flying down the chute at record speed.

After taking the plunge down about 12-stories and going through a dark tunnel, you will splash into the whitewater for safe landing. The ride even features a digital stop clock at the bottom to show how fast you were travelling. You can go up to 62 miles per hour on this beast so prepare yourself for a wicked ride.

19 The Wedgie - any thoughts why it's named that?


Here’s a tip, if the ride is named after a wedgie, it probably means you’re going to end up with one afterwards. But it’s totally worth it, right? Find this super cool waterslide 'down under' in Australia at their epic WhiteWater World Park.

It’s a wicked superloop bodyslide that takes only one rider at a time so you will have to be patient and wait your turn. Once you hop on you will go rushing down five-stories and through the translucent pipe before being released into the splash down pool below.

It goes so quickly you won’t even know what happened until you get there. But it will give you such a rush that you will instantly want to run back to line-up just to get the chance to experience it all over again.

18 Boomerango - Loved all around the world


Those brave enough to go on this ride will go up a terrifying near-vertical wall and then zoom right back down lightning-quick into the refreshing splashpool.

This huge waterslide is especially cool because you can go at the same time as your friends and family. Which often makes it a more enjoyable experience (and slightly less scary) than doing it alone. After a thrilling ride, this will be a waterslide adventure you won’t soon forget.

It’s such a popular ride that they actually have the Boomerango waterslide in about 20 different waterparks across the globe, including in Dubai, Korea, China, India, the US and Canada. Put this one down as one you have to experience and because it’s in so many different waterparks—you really have no excuse not to try it.

17 Toboggan - Splash right into the Mediterranean Sea!


This is a bucket list item you need to experience at least once in your lifetime. Find this waterslide at the Citta Del Mare Hotel in the stunning Sicily for a fast-paced adventure you won’t be able to get enough of.

This waterslide offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea along with a thrilling ride down multiple bodyglides. The 3-level waterslide is situated along the rugged cliff face and takes you from the hotel and right into the Mediterranean Sea.

In order to use the slide, you must be a guest of the hotel so start looking to book your stay any time now. You will splash down in three different pools along the way before the grand finale of the last slide that takes you plunging straight down into the pristine sea.

16 Dolphin Plunge - Make some new friends along the way!


Dolphin lovers will need to keep this one in mind. Take the plunge down the tunnel of this waterslide that will take you right through an aquarium filled with dolphins. The ride is located in Orlando, Florida at the popular Aquatica.

This is easily one of their most loved waterslides, and for a good reason. It’ll feel like you’re swimming underwater with the dolphins! It doesn’t get much more magical than that so head over to this spot on your next vacation.

The two side-by-side enclosed tubes send you racing down at the speed of light. The pod of black-and-white Commerson’s dolphins will be waiting for you and due to their playful nature many will actually try to race you when you come sliding down.

15 Tower of Power - One of the tallest in the world, sure to have you squealing


Do you consider yourself to be the ultimate adrenaline junkie who is always looking for the craziest adventures to tackle? Then this is the ride for you. Take on this slide that is a whopping 91-feet high. You will slide down at speeds reaching up to 80-kms an hour.

If that doesn’t get you pumped enough, well then wait until the end when you slide through an aquarium filled with sharks and stingrays. It’s thrilling to say the least and for multiple reasons—heights, speed, sharks, stingrays. This ride has got it all.

It’s also one of the tallest waterslides in the world. Sign yourself up for this waterslide (if you dare) by visiting Siam Park in Tenerife, Spain for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

14 AquaLoop - that's 7 seconds well spent


Go up to 60-kms an hour and drop 52-feet on this monstrous slide. Riders drop down the vertical slide and go into an inclined loop—hence its name.

While the attraction can be found at multiple waterparks in the world, one of the first to install it was Wet ’n’ Wild Gold Coast in Australia. They liked it so much in fact, that they installed multiple loop slides in their park.

Don’t blink though because you might just miss the ride. All of this crazy and fast-paced action takes only about seven seconds of your time. All the more reason to ride it again.

13 Wildebeest - This one is a monster!


This is one of the longest waterslides you will find in the entire world. The ride lasts a whole two-and-a-half minutes long, which in waterslide terms—might as well be a lifetime.

During those two-and-a-half minutes riders will experience many hills, drops, twists and turns. First they go down a four-story drop at a 45-degree angle before going up seven additional hills, two underground tunnels and a helix.

It’s a major part of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana. It was named after an African mammal to keep in line with the waterpark’s whole safari theme.

It’s a whopping 1,710-feet long and has 14 different boats to go in with four riders allowed in one boat at a time. It’s so massive that the ride takes over more than two acres of land.

12 Bulletbowl - The first of its kind


This waterpark doesn’t even feel like real life. It’s so vibrant and futuristic looking, making it a unique spot to check off your bucket list. Visit Beijing, China to find the amazing Watercube Waterpark.

It’s China’s first indoor waterpark and is one of the most popular places to check out when travelling there (besides the Great Wall of China, of course).

Two can go down the double tube at a time and then through a chute that leads to a horizontal bowl. They will then race around the edge and go down a hole before they drop into the corkscrew exit pool.

11 Insano - Just looking at that photo makes me nervous...


There’s a reason this ride is called ‘Insano’ and from looking at pictures of it, it’s pretty obvious to see why. This waterslide in Brazil is only for the bravest of thrill-seekers. It stands at a whopping 135-feet tall and goes up to speeds of 65-miles per hour.

Just looking at the steep drop is scary enough, but if you think you can handle it then by all means climb up there and take the plunge.

It’s a popular part of Beach Park—a waterpark and tourist resort situated on the Porto das Dunas beach. It’s also the largest water park in all of Latin America.

10 Jumeirah Sceirah - Only for the bravest of the brave

via:Time Out Dubai

Does 60-miles per hour seem like child's play to you? Well then check out this ride in Dubai that can take you up to 80-miles per hour. You will be completely swept off your feet and breathless after this thriller.

What makes it so crazy is that you're waiting in a small capsule with a trap door before the floor beneath you literally drops and off you go.

Find this crazy ride at the Wild Wadi Dubai if you've courageous enough to actually go through with it.

9 Aqua Drag Racer - Show your friends who's boss

via:Daily Mail

On your marks, get set...Go! Challenge your friends to race you down this six-story waterslide that'll put NASCAR to shame.

You slide down the 360-foot long ride on mats going through a tube. Then it spits you out on another slide with four different lanes—so you can slide down at the same time as your friends.

Take on this ride in Orlando, Florida at Wet 'n' Wild. While it's not the fastest or highest waterslide out there, it's an awesome ride that gets you in the competitive spirit.

8 Scorpion's Tail - 10 stories high... yikes!


The designers of this awesome ride are the same brilliant minds behind Aqua Loop. Find this one in Wisconsin at Noah's Ark Waterpark.

The slide is 10-stories high and 400-feet long. With a trap door, the first drop takes you down so quick—you're moving at a faster rate than 50-feet per second. If that gets you excited, don't miss out on riding this one—you won't regret it.

The nearly vertical loop is in the shape of a scorpion's tail, making it an extremely twisty ride down to the pool below. But it's also one of the most unique shapes we've seen in a waterslide.

7 King Cobra - Don't worry, it's not venomous

via:Six Flags

One of the coolest looking waterslides you will find and it's also one of the tallest. You will slide down the tube that is in the shape of a snakes body. Once you make it through you will fall 50-feet at a 50-degree angle into the mouth of the cobra.

But not to fear, you won't be eaten. However, once you fall into its mouth, you will be sprayed with water from its fangs. It's not the fastest, at about 32-miles per hour but it is a fun ride with a lot of turns.

Discover this epic ride at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in New Jersey.

6 Brain Wash - Warning, This one may make you dizzy


Check out this ride that will make you lose your grip on reality (literally). It has a 53-foot drop into a 65-foot tunnel.

You will fall into the dark tunnel that has changing lights, a projection screen and eerie sounds to further intensify the experience. Its special effects make it a waterslide like none other.  You may want to let the dizziness wear off a bit after before going right back on it again though.

If all of this doesn't scare you away then give the slide a shot at Wet 'n' Wild in Orlando, Florida.

5 Boeing 747 - You don't need your passport for this flight...


Love both aviation and waterslides? Then this is the perfect place for you. This world-class aviation museum decided to open up a waterpark as part of its property—and they couldn't have made a better decision.

You will slide out of the belly of a real Boeing 747 aircraft that is sitting on the roof and into the pool below. Whether you love aircrafts or just want to experience its waterslide counterpart, this spot is worth checking out.

Find it at the appropriately named Wings & Waves Waterpark in Oregon.

4 Tantrum Alley - Dubai knows how to do it!

via:Trip Advisor

Another wicked waterslide in Dubai—Tantrum Alley has two large slides and three tornado funnels. Guests go in a tube that seats up to four people and then go plummeting downhill where they enter the first tornado, and that repeats three times.

After a few rounds of back-and-forth spinning they splash out into the pool. This twisty ride is fast, fun and will make you want to go again and again (after the dizziness stops of course).

Give it a spin at Dubai's popular Wild Wadi Waterpark.

3 Head-first Racer - Choose your favorite color and go, go, go!


Just like it sounds, you will be going down this waterslide a little differently—head first. That may make it all the more terrifying but it also makes it a lot more awesome.

This body slide is located in China's beloved Chimelong Waterpark. It features eight different coloured slides for you to race down with your friends.

Bring on the competition and enjoy this vibrant ride head-on. You'll have ultimate bragging rights if you win.

2 Super S Slide - You just might flip!


Get a thrill by gliding down this slide at Ocean World's Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park in South Korea.

This one is frightening because of all of its twists and turns. It also has a crazy enclosed section that is six metres wide where riders go flying up the sides. It feels like you're going to flip over but that's the whole point (don't worry you won't). Your heart might skip a beat, but you'll be grinning ear to ear the entire way down.

If that's your thing, be sure to add this waterslide to your list of travel plans.

1 Kilimanjaro - Named after the mammoth of a mountain, and for good reason!


Obviously named after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, this waterslide lives up to its name. It's a total beast, standing at an impressive 163-feet high.

Besides its magnificent height—brave riders will reach incredible speeds of up to 62-miles per hour. It's a little daunting, but for the adrenaline junkies it can't get much better!

Be sure to visit and give it a chance at the massive Aldeia das Águas Park Resort in Brazil, just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Feeling inspired yet? Start planning which waterslides in the world you want to visit next and book your ticket.

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