There are lots of ways to see the world when you're traveling—by foot, by boat, by train, by plane—but perhaps one of the best (and most thrilling) ways is by zipline.

Soar to new heights by getting a birds-eye view of your surroundings down below. Whether you love a rush of adrenaline or just want to push out of your comfort zone; ziplining is the perfect activity to do so.

Countries across the globe have their own zipline adventures that will take you on an incredible journey you won't soon forget. Some take you through lush forests, others take you through ancient caves and if that's not adventurous enough for you—there are tours where you can fly over volcanoes.

Maybe it's not the best idea for the faint of heart, but if you're the type of person that loves going fast and are cool with heights—these will probably give you some serious travel-inspo.

Let out a few screams as you fly through the trees just like Tarzan did. It's a rush like none other that'll make you want to keep experiencing it over and over again. Who knows, you may even become a serial zipliner and seek out places to travel for the sole purpose of getting on that zipline. And hey, we don't blame you. Who wouldn't want the ability to feel like you're flying?

Check out some of the world's best spots for ziplining and start plotting those adventures soon. One thing is for sure, you won't regret it.

20 La Tyrolienne, France - Discover the French Alps From New Heights

You know how we said not for the faint of heart? Yeah, this zipline is just one of the many reasons why. But those brave enough to hop on this zipline (head first, we should add) will be rewarded with absolutely spectacular views.

It's one of the tallest ziplines in the world, at an altitude of over 10,500-feet.

It's nestled on the Val Thorens ski resort, just in between the peaks of the serene French Alps. It's one of the most thrilling rides that lasts just under two minutes. But the adrenaline will probably stick with you for quite some time after.

19 Cloudscraper, Colorado - Reach the Sky

You can find this gem in Canon City, Colorado. This epic ride of a lifetime is one of the highest ziplines in North America. It'll take you to heights of 1,200-feet. Go on a scenic journey over the rushing waters of the Arkansas River. It also has the most perfect name ever for a zipline because you'll feel as though you're as high as the clouds. Soak up the incredible views of the Royal Gorge Bridge and the canyon down below you. The ride has an impressive length of 2,400-feet but it'll go by quick so enjoy it. It's a one-of-a-kind experience you won't want to miss out on.

18 Heavenly, Lake Tahoe - A Little Slice of Heaven

The serene Lake Tahoe Resort just may be the most idyllic place to have a zipline installed. I mean, just look at it. We might even go as far to say its 'heavenly.' Enjoy absolutely gorgeous views of Mt. Tallac, Lake Tahoe (obviously) and Pyramid Peak.

There's two different lines, one that zips on down at speeds of 40-miles per hour and the other at a jaw-dropping 55-miles per hour.

If you're courageous enough to take this one on, you definitely should add it to your bucket list. The views are indescribable and you'll have memories that last for a lifetime.

17 Hunter Mountain, New York - Step Outside the City

If you happen to be in New York City, this zipline is totally worth checking out. It's only a 2.5-hour drive outside NYC and it is the perfect escape from the city, even just for one day. It's absolutely massive, running 4.6-miles long. It begins with a chairlift up to the peak of the stunning Hunter Mountain. Reach incredible speeds of up to 50-miles per hour and take in the lush greenery all around you. The entire zipline tour is three hours long so it's definitely worth a day trip out there. If you need a boost of adrenaline then this is definitely the ride for you.

16 Dahilayan Adventure Park, Philippines - Lush Trees, Oh My!

Take on the adventure of a lifetime with this awesome zipline that can be found in The Philippines. As if you didn't need yet another reason to visit The Philippines, but this one is definitely a must. You'll feel just like Tarzan when you launch off the platform at 4,700-feet high. You'll whiz by at speeds of up to 55-miles per hour and get the ultimate adrenaline rush. Take in the scenic mountains of Dahilayan as you fly over. To make things even better, there's some smaller ziplines suitable for children so it's fun for the whole entire family. Count us in.

15 ZipFlyer, Nepal - Watch For That Steep Vertical Drop...

If you want a zipline that goes on for over a mile long, this is it. It runs over 5,905-feet. But it will only take about two minutes for you to make your way down. This gorgeous zipline in Nepal will leave you breathless with its stunning mountains of Kathmandu.

If speed is your middle name, you'll feel right at home going up to 70-miles per hour for one epic ride. If that wasn't terrifying enough, it also is super steep, with a 2,000-foot vertical drop.

If that doesn't scare you away, then by all means challenge yourself to try it. It's got a lot to offer with views of the mountains, forest and valleys.

14 Ziptrek Eagle Tour, Whistler - Oh Canada

This is easily one of the best ziplines you can find in Canada. Nestled in the stunning Whistler Village, of Beautiful British Columbia. It is an incredible course made up of five ziplines that takes about three hours. One of the ziplines spans 2,400-feet and has an elevation of 3,200-feet. What's even more cool about this spot is that you can ride down in a variety of positions, whether that's upside down, backwards or like a's completely up to you. The unique way of riding makes it an even scarier option than other ziplines. If you're feeling brave enough, you should definitely tackle this one.

13 Simatai, China - Discover More of The Great Wall

Ride this epic zipline off one of the most gorgeous spots in the world—the Great Wall of China in Simatai. It's just three hours outside of Beijing and is one of the most breathtaking rides you will find. It's a short one, lasting only about 40-seconds going down but it's totally worth it. You will get 360-degree views of the Great Wall and Mandarin Duck Lake. It's the most unique way to witness all the beauty of the Great Wall and all it has to offer. If you're thinking of visiting China, you have to add this activity to your itinerary.

12 Treetop Crazy Rider, Australia - Not For The Faint-Hearted...

The land down under has an absolutely crazy zipline adventure that will give you quite the thrill, if that's what you're looking for. If it's not what you want, then by all means stay far away from this place. It's 3,280-feet long and stands at 59-feet high in the beautiful Ourimbah State Forest, NSW. It'll take you on a wild five-minute ride with lots of twisty turns and unexpected drops along the way. It's a crazy ride and you'll likely be yelling at the top of your lungs during the entire time. You can take on this zipline of epic proportions just an hour and forty minutes away from Sydney.

11 Icy Strait Point, Alaska - The Perfect Place To Soak Up The Outdoors

If mountain and glacier views are your thing, then there's no better place to witness them than on a zipline in Alaska. Challenge yourself to this zipline that gives views of the pristine Icy Strait Point. Here you will get to witness stunning mountain peaks with your friends (it can take up to six people down side-by-side). Soak up the views and feel more alive than ever breathing in that Alaskan air. The zipline runs 5,495-feet long and has a vertical drop of 1,320-feet. You will also be soaring down really fast, reaching up to speeds of 65-miles per hour.

10 Jaguar Cave, Belize - Ziplining and Caving All in One

If regular ziplines are not crazy enough for you then you may want to check out this zipline that takes you through a cave in Belize. Jaguar Cave is an ancient ceremonial place where people often do spelunking tours, or in this case a zipline tour.

You will begin the tour  from the lush forest canopy and go through the dark and spiky cave just seconds later.

It's an awesome experience that should probably be at the top of your bucket list...if it isn't already. But if just reading this makes you nervous, it may not be the best idea for you.

9 Waiheke Island, New Zealand - Fly Over Vineyards

New Zealand is a stunning place that should already be on your travel list. But it's also a popular spot to go ziplining, and for a good reason. You can take on the adventure at the same time as a friend going through the bushes just outside of Auckland. The zipline has three different ride options. One takes you over vast vineyards, the other with incredible views of the city and the final one is the main event. You'll get to see more vineyards and Auckland's eastern beaches. During this one you'll be reaching speeds of up to 31-miles per hour.

8 Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - Is That An Active Volcano? No Big Deal...

Adventure seekers will be happy to know that there's even a zipline that overlooks an active volcano. Costa Rica is known for their stunning scenery and of course its active volcanoes. You can experience both of these things by taking a walk on the wild side and hopping on this zipline. Swing down and soak up all the wildlife there is to see in the area.

The 2.5-hour tour takes you through the rainforest where you may spot a sloth or some monkeys.

There's seven ziplines with the longest one spanning 2,493-feet long. The highest cable stands at 656-feet high.

7 Zip 2000, South Africa - Fly Like The Wind

If you've got a need for speed, then look no further. You will reach speeds of over a hundred-miles per hour on this zipline.

It has even recorded reaching speeds of up to a whopping 114-miles per hour. It's a crazy zipline that should only be attempted by the bravest of thrill-seekers. It's 1.25-miles of sheer adrenaline. You'll blast right by over a dormant volcano in Sun City and the grasslands. You can find this zipline two hours away from Johannesburg. Many people actually do corporate parties here and some even organize proposals during this ride—now that's one way to have a memorable engagement.

6 Camelback Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania - Get Swept Off Your Feet

Zip on down this mountain in Pennsylvania for one incredible ride. Reach speeds of up to 60-miles per hour by going down Camelback Mountain side-by-side with a friend. Racing down with a friend always adds to the competitive spirit and of course makes it even more fun than going it alone. You can reach the summit either by bus or chairlift depending on the time of year you go. Embark on the 4,000-feet journey overlooking the Camelback Resort and the picturesque Pocono mountains. At 8-stories above the ground, this heart-racing adventure will quite literally sweep you off your feet.

5 Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand - Once In A Lifetime Journey

If Thailand is one of the places on your bucket list (and it should be) then you have to take the Flight of Gibbon for one of the most memorable ziplining experiences you can get. The action-packed adventure is a must when visiting Thailand. You will embark on an amazing journey through the incredible Thai jungle, which is just an hour away from Chiang Mai. The zipline runs 2,600-feet long and will give you the sense of adrenaline you're craving. You'll definitely feel like Tarzan here (or a monkey) as you swing amongst the lush treetops going from platform to platform.

4 Labadee, Haiti - A Beach Paradise Inspired Zipline

If sandy shores and beachy vibes are more your style, then switch things up a bit with this zipline. Visit Haiti to experience a one-of-a-kind ziplining adventure that goes above the island's vibrant blue waters. Soak up the scenic water views along with pristine beaches as you pass by overhead. You will reach speeds going up to 50-miles per hour. It's super close to a port, making it especially popular among cruise ship passengers stopping in the area. You will be 500-feet off the ground (or water, we should say) and eventually reach the sea cove known as Dragon's Breath Rock.

3 Orocovis, Puerto Rico - Be a superhero!

They call this zipline La Bestia, which translates to The Beast. It's over 1.5-miles long and reaches speeds going up to 65-miles per hour.

Riders also take this one on head first, which makes it an even more thrilling ride. If you don't feel like Tarzan, you'll definitely feel like Superman in this pose.

Nestled in Puerto Rico, this zipline takes you over the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. Bring your friends, your courage and be ready to get that much needed adrenaline rush. They also offer a shuttle service from San Juan right to the zipline, making it accessible to more people who crave adventure.

2 Haleakala Skyline Tour, Maui, Hawaii - Volcanoes & Tropical Rainforests

Go on a 1.5-hour trek of a lifetime in Hawaii's Maui for volcanic and sub-tropical rain forest landscapes you have to see to believe. There are five different ziplines that go down the world's largest resting volcano. It's a thrilling ride that can reach speeds of up to 45-miles per hour. Adventurers can choose how they ride, whether that's forwards or backwards—mix it up a bit if you're feeling extra adventurous. You will witness incredible canyons along the way, as well as 90-feet drops. Watch out for the swinging bridge which will likely make you sweat a bit.

1 Stowe, Vermont - Take In The Scenery

You have to visit the Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont for a ziplining experience in a majestic forest. It's especially great to go in Fall, with all of its vibrant colours showing. Fall is also just a great time to explore Vermont so it's a win-win. Enjoy mountain views as you go down side-by-side with a friend. Make it a race and see who goes the fastest to have some more fun with it. Take the Nosedive Zip which runs 4,462-feet long or take shorter ones that run 150-feet long. It's great for the whole family with a wide range of ziplines for every age to enjoy.

Feeling like you can fly and touch the sky yet? Start planning which ziplines you have to visit.

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