Exploring your neatly trimmed and well-manicured backyard is hardly an experience of a lifetime. After all, what can you possibly find there except for layers of dirt right behind the fence? However, for some reason, unbeknownst to us, many people believe that their homes hold historical treasures. Well, it's not like these guys witness the discovery of such unusual objects every single day; however, some folks have had the strange luck to stumble across super bizarre and unexpected things right around their property.

Of course, gardens and backyards aren’t the only places where unsettling discoveries have been made. Once a group of construction workers made the mistake to go into a basement, and you’ll not believe what they found there. Oddly enough, they stumbled across two fetuses preserved in jars of formaldehyde, and that’s only a tiny part of what you’re about to learn today.

From whale fossils and bags full of cash to a real Ferrari hidden in the basement, the following findings will genuinely make you want to grab a shovel and start digging into your backyard as well. And if you really feel like doing it, then roll up your sleeves, take a spade and let’s dig up some jaw-dropping facts about some of the weirdest objects ever found in people’s backyards.

20 Two Kids Found The Car of Their Dreams - A Real Ferrari!

It was February of 1978 when two kids discovered an actual Ferrari buried in the backyard of a guy, named Mike Spinelli. According to The Los Angeles Times, which quickly covered the exclusive story, the Dino 264 GTS Ferrari had been stolen a few years earlier. Surprisingly, though, the Ferrari wasn’t in bad condition even though it had been sitting like this for years; only a small hole was spotted over the right taillight which somehow belied its otherwise excellent looks. The detective who was given the case claimed that there was an actual snitch who tipped the cops off about the location of the Ferrari and the kids just happened to find the rest of it.

19 A Spooky Cemetery Dating Back To The 17th Century

Was it an actual cemetery from the 1700s? Well, Vincent Marcello definitely made the discovery of a lifetime.   It was 2011 when this ordinary guy unwittingly stumbled across an actual 17th cemetery. How come he found it?! According to Ranker.com, Marcello was just about to dig a hole for his new outdoor swimming pool when his shovel suddenly hit a pretty hard object. At first, Marcello didn’t think of it as something unusual until he realized that he was about to unearth an ancient graveyard. But oh boy, Vincent's spooky discovery didn’t stop there.  This 17th-century cemetery also came with a dozen caskets filled with ancient human remains. Weirdly enough, Marcello was familiar that his property had some historical ties; however, who could’ve known that his land had such a rich supply of heebie-jeebies, right?

18 World War I Rockets Were Located On The Campus Of A Local School In Florida

Back in the day, this place used to be a WWI bombing range, and it covered over 12,000 acres. Perhaps this could explain why hundreds of seemingly inactive rockets have been discovered on the campus of a local school since the late 90s. The Army Corps of Engineers in Orlando, Florida, had previously tried to clean up the area; however, it seems as though these guys might have missed a hundred other rockets buried in the yards of the adjacent housing developments. Upon the discovery of explosives, two adults suffered burns while no children got injured in the process.

17 A Mammoth Bone That Was Thought To Be At Least 12,000 Years Old

In 2010, a farmer happened to find a wooly mammoth femur that certainly sounded like a dream to some and a total nightmare to others. While these guys were out to pick a bunch of fruits and veggies in their backyard, they accidentally stumbled across a giant mammoth bone, just waiting to be discovered.

At first, the man, who accidentally dug up the femur, couldn’t believe his eyes but then it slowly started to dawn on him that his unique finding must be quite significant for the scientists, and he was right. Eventually, the scientists at a local university concluded that the femur was at least 12,000 years old; therefore, it most certainly belonged to a wooly mammoth.

16 A Single Bronze Age Standing Stone That Dates Back To 2500 BC

If by any chance you happen to be a history lover, then you’d surely love to discover a bizarre standing stone from 2,500 BC. In fact, it may actually be the most satisfying object you've ever found in your life except for dinosaur fossils - they're quite rare for sure.

For the rest of us, though, the thought of seeing such a weird stone isn’t the least bit exciting. In November 2001, Stephen Davis from England was quite dumbfounded by the sight of that standing stone in his backyard. Luckily, Davis’ historian pal, Clare, was more than happy to help him find out more information about the origin of the stones. Eventually, it turned out that the rocks are believed to have marked the entire Bronze Age burial site. Indeed, that's quite fantastic for a few unattractive rocks or stones.

15 Another Priceless Treasure Was Found In Austria

In 2007, an Austrian named Andreas K accidentally dug up an ancient buried treasure that was nearly 650 years old. The unique discovery was made while Andreas was digging in his backyard when his shovel unearthed a wealth of antique jewelry, rings, and brooches. The exceptional finding was even described as a “fairy-tale discovery”; therefore, the lucky guy, who first located the treasure, decided to remain anonymous to the public and media. Ultimately, all of it happened by a twist of fate, so the rare finding is now part of his property as well.

14 A Little Boy Discovered Ancient Human Remains

While some bizarre findings, such as the 650-year-old treasure, could make your life much better, others are the ultimate nightmare. In March 2014, the unthinkable happened once again when a little boy from Utah noticed quite a strange object near the backyard pond of his parent’s house. Of course, they called the police right away, and it was stated that the bones were actual human remains. The curious finding was then transported to the State Medical Examiner for professional testing, and it turned out that the bones belonged to a Native American from Utah who lived there thousands of years ago.

13 The Cheetah That Escaped From A Nearby Sanctuary

In October 2008, a little boy from Cambridgeshire, UK, had the rare chance to run into an actual cheetah, and the brief "meet-up" took place exactly in the backyard of his house. When the nine-year-old boy saw the wild animal, he rushed inside to warn his mommy about the cheetah in their yard. Of course, his mother didn’t believe him at first - she thought of it as some sort of a weird joke - but when she glanced out the window, she saw the exact same thing - a real cheetah! Later on, the authorities explained that the animal must have escaped from the nearby sanctuary. But happily, the cheetah's keepers arrived shortly afterward.  Eventually, they took the cheetah back home, and hopefully, they'll keep their eyes peeled for such little incidents.

12 Church Bells That Were About 400 Years Old

Another insane item that was occasionally found in a backyard is this range of old, almost rusty church bells. In 2013, a guy from the beautiful Czech Republic was just about to install some pipes in his yard when he somehow stumbled across a bunch of bizarre-looking metal objects. Of course, the man instantly called the authorities, and after excavation, it was confirmed that the objects were untypically old church bells that were about four hundred years old. But surprisingly, the bells had been stolen from a nearby church a decade earlier. From the look of things, the thief might have tried to hide them in the house for some reason, but he sure didn’t get to enjoy the loot.

11 Mastodon Vertebra That's At Least 13,000 Years Old

Who could’ve known that building a dam could end up like this? Well, Eric and Andrew must’ve thought of this as quite a boring activity until they saw a strange rock sticking up from the ground. At first, the two men, Eric and Andre, didn’t consider it quite an unusual finding or anything of the sort; however, they still decided to discuss it with their family friend and paleontologist, John, who worked at the Detroit Institute of Science. Eventually, John authenticated the finding as an actual mastodon vertebra, and believe it or not, it's also considered to be at least 13,000 years old.

10 A 51-year-old Man Found Over $150,000 In Cash

A recently unemployed man, named Wayne Sabaj from Illinois, discovered $150,000 in cash stashed in a dirty nylon bag. But how did it happen? In August 2011, Wayne was picking broccoli in his backyard garden when he noticed a black nylon bag sticking up from under the ground. Wayne didn’t wait long before he called the police, and it was later revealed that the $150,000 might have been thrown away by Sabaj's neighbor. Shortly afterward, Sabai’s neighbor announced that she had gotten rid of the money because she thought it was cursed. As a result, the court had to give it back to her while Sabaj was supposed to receive a portion of it as a reward for his honesty. Sadly though, Sabai passed away days before receiving his prize.

9 A Shower Of Meteorites Hit A House In Serbia

So what are the odds of seeing a meteorite in your backyard? Probably one in a million? Well, it seems that this Serbian guy, who actually lives in northern Bosnia, happened to be that one small percentage of people who found a piece of meteorite right on their property. But not only did he discover a single meteorite but he actually stumbled upon a total of six bizarre space rocks.  For some reason, unfamiliar to us, the man’s property might serve as a magnet for meteorites. Perhaps some aliens were trying to play a little trick on the guy. But seriously, we don’t get to see such a phenomenon every single day, so it’s quite understandable that it made the guy lose his wits.

8 A Dinosaur Bone From A 250-Million-Year-Old Pliosaur

After the Mastodon Vertebra, it was high time we told you about this gigantic dinosaur bone found by a guy, named John Lambert.

As he attempted to fix the fence in his backyard, he caught sight of an unusually large bone at the far end of his yard. Of course, John immediately thought of finding a paleontologist to whom he could talk more about its historical value (if any). But anyway, John never really got to do it. He must’ve convinced himself that it wasn't worth anything, so he put it in his shed where it sat for another 16 years.

But after a few more years of waiting, John finally decided to take it to the Ipswich Museum, where the experts confirmed the historical significance of the bone. The experts were astounded that John didn’t at all suspect that this dinosaur bone could be from a 250-million-year-old pliosaur.

7 A Whale Fossil That's At Least 14 Million Years Old

Back in 1978, Gary Johnson spotted a super large rock sticking out of the dirt as if trying to escape from under the ground. At first, he thought that it would probably be just a small rock, but then he took it to an expert who assessed the unique finding. Surprisingly, the expert concluded that the stone had no value at all, which somehow matched Gary’s original opinion about it. But then, in February 2014, Gary saw a similar piece of whale skull on the news, and much to his surprise, the fossil was unearthed nearby the place where he actually spotted the rock. This time, he called a paleontologist who estimated that the fossil is at least 14-16 million years old, and is most likely from an extremely rare baleen whale. Not too bad for a seemingly invaluable rock in his backyard.

6 A Shiny, Transparent Object Was Discovered, And Nobody Could Say What It Really Was

Two sisters from Kitchener, Canada, happened to stumble upon a pretty curious finding while digging up their backyard. The two ladies were getting ready for an exciting fishing trip, so they tried to dig up some worms, but instead, they uncovered quite a mysterious and shiny object buried underground. It had a bluish hue and a transparent nature but could it have been a tiny part of a meteorite? It’s not impossible, of course, expect that meteorites are usually a bit darker and not that much transparent. According to the gem expert, Gary Winkler, the visible layer of the strange object had to be thoroughly analyzed as well.  But ultimately, it was confirmed that the mysterious item wasn’t a gem of any known kind either. Could it have been from unnatural origins? Who knows!

5 What's With That Fallout Shelter?!

While some property owners had no idea about the weird objects that they actually found in their backyards, others firmly believed that their yards were magnets for treasures.

For various reasons, this Zwick family from Neenah, Wisconsin, always believed that a metal door had been buried somewhere in their backyard. But what was the door for? Did it lead to an underground world where nightmares and all mysterious creatures reside? Well, apparently not. But what they happened to find beneath the ground was a metal hatch, and it turned out to be a fallout shelter from the Cold War era.

4 An 8.2-Pound Lump Of Gold Was Discovered In California

In 2011, a Californian man, armed with a special metal detector, discovered an almost 8.2-pound lump of gold in his backyard. According to list25.com, the size of the gold nugget was quite extraordinary; therefore, the gold lump was eventually sold at auction for the large amount of $460,000. The fortunate guy didn’t want to reveal his identity and rightly so. Geologists later explained that the chance of finding more gold on the man’s property is nearly 100%. With such a significant finding at hand, we can only assume that the man will probably spend the rest of his life exploring his backyard.

3 What's That Spooky Thing Crawling On The Fence?

Well, it wasn't a thing, but a hair-raising bug - a gigantic earthworm, and it sure is the most obnoxious sight we've ever seen. The “lucky” guy who had this rare chance to spot such a giant earthworm was the Chinese worker, Li Zhiwei. This guy found this weird creature while putting some clothes to dry out in the backyard. At first, he thought that it was some sort of snake, but then it dawned on him that this living thing was a giant earthworm that was nearly 20 inches long. Many biologists were dumbfounded by the insane size of this creature. Also, most of them couldn't help but wonder how in the world this earthworm was able to reach such a crazy length. What has it been feeding on all these years? Squirrels?

2 How About A $10 Million In Gold Coins?

In 2013, a couple from Sierra Nevada, California, had the rare luck to notice an old canister in their yard, sticking out of the ground like a sore thumb. But what was even more curious than that was the actual object that sat inside the canister – $10 Million worth of old gold coins. Well, the couple didn’t realize that these old coins could be of any worth whatsoever; however, when they returned to the place where they’d seen the canister, they could dig up a dozen more. All in all, the gold coins were over 1,427 in total and were most likely buried in their yard by the previous owner. Once the coins got restored, they were revalued by experts and were eventually estimated to be around $10 M. Well, that’s certainly not that bad for a leisurely walk around the yard.

1 A Loaded Hunting Rifle Sat Lonely Between The Fence & The Garage

In August 2014, a resident from Calgary found an incredibly bizarre item right between the fence and his garage. The weird item was neatly taken care of as it was put in a plastic bag with a pillowcase inside; however, when the man unzipped the bag, he was startled to see a cell phone and a hunting rifle. But most interestingly, the hunting rifle was actually loaded. The owner of the property, where these strange items were located, denied any possible connection to the objects. He later explained that he had no idea how the loaded rifle ended up on his property. How weird!

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