Crop circles are like mysterious works of art, left behind for people to marvel at. There is much debate about whether these crop circles are man-made, or the work of an alternative life form (there are plenty of UFO theories) and because they seem to happen overnight, is on a large scale, and feature designs that are complex and executed with precision, it’s not hard to see why people have theories about the creation.

One thing we do know for certain is farmers are unhappy with these unexplained patterns appearing in their fields. It may attract a lot of attention and cause the farmer to become a bit of a superstar overnight, as individuals flock to the location to explore the works, but the National Farmers’ Union media advisor made it clear they don’t appreciate their livelihood being destroyed. According to Metro, the spokesman said, “Creating crop circles on farmland is unfair and irresponsible – crop circles always seem to forget that they are damaging someone’s property.” But perhaps UFOs don’t care if the property is damaged in their attempts to communicate, and neither do hoaxers.

Below are 20 of the most fascinating, and at times even eerie crop circles, that have appeared in various destinations across the world (especially on spot in England).

20 The Vitruvian Man Cropped Up In The Netherlands

Crop circles are mysterious, and just how they came to be is a topic of discussion; some feel they are manmade, others think they are the works of an advanced alien life form. Regardless of the reasons for the existence of crop circles, there is no denying that one of the most beautiful creations is the Vitruvian Man Crop Circle.

The patterns depict Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man in the center of a butterfly, and was first spotted in the Netherlands near the town of Goes in August of 2009, Butterfly Insight reports.

19 The Ant Crop Circle In England Is One Of The First Animal Symbols

One of the most well-known crop circles is the Ant crop circle, and it dates back to 1997. According to Slapped Ham, this crop circle appeared in Hampshire, England, in July of that year, and appears to represent an ant. This is a particularly interesting choice because most crop circles seem to represent irregular patterns or geometrical shapes.

The publication notes that the ant crop circle has been replicated many times, but none have been as precise as the original.

18 The Farmer Never Noticed His Fields Being Transformed Overnight By 409 Circles

Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England, is a pretty remote location, but in 2001 it came onto many people’s radar because of the detailed 780-foot pattern that was created in the fields. According to Collective Evolution, there were 409 circles that formed a pattern known as a triskelion, a symbol that has been used many times throughout history and could be based on interlocking Archimedean spirals.

The owner of the field was amazed when he stumbled on this creation the next morning, and according to Slapped Ham, he had not noticed anyone in his fields.

17 Chilbolton Was The Location Of A Crop Circle With An Eerie Coded Message

There are many elaborate patterns and symbols that have been used as inspiration when creating crop circles, but perhaps the most complex of all was the alien face and coded message that appeared in Chilbolton, England.

The message took some time to be decoded, but according to Collective Evolution, it was finally thought to read this: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN promises. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPPOSE DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (Bell sound).” Not that that answers much, right?!

16 The Snowflake Crop Circle Is Just One Of Many Located In Wiltshire

Crop circles have sprung up in so many different places across the world, but you may notice a bit of a pattern; many of them have been created in remote areas in England. According to Historic England, this snowflake crop circle was discovered near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, and it dates back to 1997. The publication notes that there is much debate over the creation of crop circles and some feel they are the work of pranksters, while others believe they are a message from UFOs or something spiritual.

The Wiltshire area is particularly notorious for crop circles, although in 2013, it was revealed that fewer creations were happening.

15 A German Farmer Woke Up To Find This Masterpiece In His Wheat Fields

A Bavarian farmer became a bit of an overnight superstar when thousands of people traveled to his property to view the crop circles in his wheat fields. According to The Telegraph, the farmer told the local news media that he didn’t create the circle himself, but he felt that perhaps it was the work of students on holiday in the German town.

Although the farmer doesn’t seem to have mentioned any alien activity, the publication claims others have questioned whether the precise design (an intricate series of circles) could have been made by humans.

14 China Has Also Seen Crop Circles Appear, Including This Beautiful Chinese Phoenix

The Fenghuang, or Chinese phoenix as it’s referred to in western communities, is a mythological bird that has been depicted in Chinese mythology. And according to Esquire, a crop circle representing the bird was created in the pretty yellow fields in China in 2018. Because of the color in the fields, this symbol clearly stood out, creating an impressive and eye-catching design.

However, apart from recognizing what this symbol depicts, there does not seem to be much information readily available about the design and its creator.

13 One Of The Largest Crop Circles Was Discovered In Oilseed Fields

Measuring at just under 700 ft long, this unusual design was discovered on a hill at Clatford, near Manton in England. The design showed what appeared to be based on a series of celtic crosses, which formed an intricate pattern. According to Graham Hancock, it was created in oilseed fields -- which are bright-yellow flowering plants used to create vegetable oil. The decision to feature the design in this field made it one of the largest in oilseed fields in England.

It seems that if you have any interest in crop circles then the place to find them would be in Wiltshire in England. Here, in 2016, an intricate design, which Slapped Ham refers to as the Mothership was discovered, and no, it’s not referring to an alien ship, but rather the publication notes that people pointed out the similarities between this creation and the logo for the company, Mothership Glass.

Whoever created it went into a great detail, and the design covers 2 acres. Interestingly, it was created overnight.

11 Could This Be A Computer Chip Patter In California? The Farmer Thinks So

Crop circles have appeared all over the world, including California, where a giant crop circle was discovered in 2013, on a farmer’s land located 2 hours from San Francisco. The footage was shared of the impressive design, and according to CNN, it was first spotted by a photographer, Julie Belanger, and her husband, when they were flying over the location.

The couple thought the design was beautiful, although they were not quite sure what it depicted. It covered between one and two acres of a barley field, and the farmer, who had returned from vacation to find it there, shared his thoughts on what it could be, telling the publication it looked like a “computer chip.”

10 The Sheer Size Of This Jellyfish Pattern Makes It Something To Behold

Yet another crop circle that depicts something very recognizable is that of the jellyfish creation which was discovered in Oxfordshire Field, England, back in 2009. According to Collective Evolution, this crop circle is especially notable because of the sheer size, as it was created to be 600ft, which is, according to the publication, around double the size of the average crop circle.

Graham Hancock reveals that it was this design which renewed the interest in crop circles at the time.

9 This Yatesbury Dragonfly Could Be A Symbol For The Completion Of A Cycle

As mentioned above, there was a crop circle representing a phoenix which appeared in a barley field in Yatesbury, England, in 2009, and that same field was later home to this design which resembles a dragonfly. According to Impact Lab, the dragonfly symbol had appeared here earlier in the month.

The design comprises of nine circles, and according to a Graham Hancock, the number nine represents the completion of a cycle, while the dragonfly is meant to represent access to the subconscious. Whoever is responsible for this design put a lot of thought into it, and it’s truly beautiful.

8 The Hummingbird's Creation Continues To Mystify

In 2009, a giant depiction of a hummingbird, measuring 300 ft-long, appeared in a barley field in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire -- you have to really feel for the farmers in this county because it’s definitely a hive of activity.

The design was widely reported on, and according to The Telegraph, it “echoed the giant jellyfish” which had appeared in a field in the same county one month earlier. The frequency of these circles started a conversation as to what all of these designs could mean with crop circle experts weighing in.

7 Many Feel The Precision Of Italy's Flower Circle Suggests It's Not Man-Made

In the municipality of Poirino in Italy, a beautiful and unexpected pattern appeared in the crops, spreading across both old and new plants, Collective Evolution reports. The design was discovered in 2011, and there have been many theories about what it means and if there is a hidden code featured within it.

According to Proof of Alien, this flower crop circle is not believed to be man-made, as it would have been incredibly difficult to create something so meticulously detailed and error-free in such a short time.

6 This Precise Pattern Is Considered One Of The Most Complex

This crop circle was located in a field near Barbury Castle, and has been dubbed by The Telegraph as one of the “most complex crop circles ever discovered in British fields.” It is a circular creation, which the publication notes astrophysicist, Michael Reed, believes to be a possible representation of pi to the 10th significant number.

He said, “The tenth digit has even been correctly rounded up. The little dot near the center is the decimal point. The code is based on 10 angular segments with the radial jumps being the indicator of each segment.”

5 The Sugar Hill Creation Is Believed To Have Been Made In Minutes

In one of the most reported locations for crop circles, Wiltshire, England, another creation was discovered, and this time it was the Sugar Hill crop circle, which interestingly looks as though it is featuring a series of sugar cubes.

The pattern was discovered in 2007, and according to Proof of Alien, it is believed to have been created in just seven minutes and required the flattening of nearly two acres of wheat in the fields. This seems like an impossible challenge, which is probably why there is so much fascination surrounding this design.

4 No One Saw The Julia Set Crop Circle Being Created, Dispute It's Busy Location

This is the second lot of crop circles to be mentioned that appeared near Stonehenge,  in England, and it appeared in 1996. It is referred to as Julia Set Crop Circle, and according to Slapped Ham, it was discovered adjacent to the Stonehenge monument.

What is so remarkable about this design is just how complex it is, and it is an impressive 274 meters in size. However, what makes this crop circle even more fascinating is, as the publication notes, that no one saw it being created in the middle of the day, and Stonehenge is regularly visited by large numbers of tourists.

3 The Mandelbrot Set May Have Been Confirmed To Be Man-Made

Although the creation of many crop circles is debatable and no one really seems to come forward to claim their creation (further adding weight to the theories that they are not man-made), we do know that the complex crop circle located in a Cambridgeshire field, which appeared in 1991, was created by man. According to the BBC, two men named John Lundberg and Rob Irving were asked to recreate the Mandelbrot Set, to test the theory it was possible it could have been made by humans, and after recreating the design in just four hours, Lundberg is believed to have admitted to also creating the original.

2 Located Close To Stonehenge Is Another Of The World's Mysteries

Stonehenge is a fascinating monument on its own, but in 2018, it made headlines for another reason; a crop circle that was created near it. According to Somerset Live, the pattern was created in a barley field near Amesbury, Wiltshire, around a mile from Stonehenge.

Although it’s not immediately clear what the image depicts, the publication notes that the 180-foot creation looks as though it could be a combination lock. Some also speculate that the symbol was created to represent the passage of time.

1 The Phoenix Pattern Was Believed To Represent The End Of Time

Earlier on this list, we mentioned the Chinese Phoenix crop circle, but the Phoenix has been a symbol which has been used before in crop circles. According to The Telegraph, located in a barley field in Yatesbury, England, was a 400 ft design depicting a phoenix, the symbol of rebirth.

But this symbol frightened some because investigators believed it could suggest evidence the end of the world would soon be coming. The doomsday it hinted to was Dec. 21, 2012, which is linked to the end of the ancient Mayan calendar. Of course, this day has come and gone, so it would seem they were mistaken.

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