While it might not be way into the future most of us imagine where we will be in a few years and how the world will change. However, many people don't know that the world is constantly changing around us and there are several things that make us feel like we're already living in the future. There are several places in the world that are designed to put technology and the future first. These places want to innovate and stay unique to the ever-changing environment.

If you travel to any of these places it is almost guaranteed that you will feel like you time traveled into the future. If not then you will definitely feel like you are on the set of a futuristic movie (which some of these places have actually been). The world is changing and new things are being built and invented every day. By the time it is actually 3000 how many more futuristic things will there be in the world? Time will only tell but for now, the things that are here are worth checking out for sure!

19 The Apple Campus 2 In Cupertino, USA

The Apple Campus 2 is one of Steve Job's final achievements and it is quite an achievement. The building itself looks like a futuristic spaceship that has landed on Earth and isn't leaving anytime soon. The overall design reminds us of the Pentagon except its a circle. The futuristic identity fits perfectly with Apple's business plans to keep innovating and moving everyday life to the future. The building is mostly made up of the gardens located in the middle of the building and this was a big thing for Steve Jobs. He wanted the building to reflect a garden more than an office building.

18 Dubai's Underwater Hotel

Dubai is known for being a few steps ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to innovation. This is no exception as Dubai features a fully underwater hotel. If you have a fear of ocean creatures or open ocean you may want to skip out on this one. The hotel has several rooms that feature glass ceilings and windows so visitors can see out into the open ocean. Often there will be fish swimming by and even sometimes a shark. It is like your own personal aquarium except it is the whole ocean.

17 China's Ordos Museum

This may be one of the strangest looking buildings on this list, however, it still looks very futuristic. The wavy circular building is actually a museum known as the Ordos Museum. The museum explains the culture of that area of China perfectly. The reason the building is built like that strange shape is that the architects wanted to blend it in with the skyline as it is located in a particularly flat part of China. It almost looks as if it was inspired by the Gobi desert. The inside of the museum features futuristic lights and overall has a new age feel to it.

16 Singapore's Garden By The Bay

Singapore's Garden By The Bay is just one of the reasons why Singapore is one of the top technologically advanced cities in the world. Sitting a little behind the Marina Bay Sands is the Garden By The Bay which is an attempt at converting nature and technology with one. The area as a whole is a garden surrounded by large man-made trees that are made up of hundreds of lights. There is a bar that sits atop the structure and it allows you to be one with nature as you look out across the rest of Singapore.

15 The Atomium In Brussels

If you take one look at this building you may be surprised it even exists much less that it wasn't even built that recently. That is right the Atomium was built in the 1950's and its main purpose was to promote the future and future technologies after the great war. It still stands to be one of the buildings that are still promoting technology and pushing people towards the future. You can go inside the building where you can be elevated all the way to the top ball on the Atomium. It also lights up at night with beautiful star lights.

14 Spaceport America In New Mexico

Spaceports sound like something that won't be invented until the year 2030 at least. However, many people don't know that one already exists and it is located in New Mexico. The Spaceport hasn't seen a lot of action even though it looks like the perfect place to launch things into space. It was designed to launch spaceships into space either the traditional horizontal way or vertically. There are issues on which company will use the spaceport next so it isn't currently being used to its fullest potential, however, it is open to view to the public!

13 The Galaxy Soho In Beijing

You will be reading a bunch about Shanghai in the next few entries, however, Shanghai isn't the only China city that deserves mention on this list. Beijing is home to the Galaxy Soho which is a large building made to look as if the building was constantly in motion. It was meant to resemble ripples in the water and it seems like the architect succeeded. There are four different buildings in all and each of them house something different. Some of the buildings have offices and others are used for shopping. This looks like somewhere where futuristic people would park their spaceships to do some shopping.

12 Tampines Newater Service Reservoir

These couple of strange looking buildings kind of defy physics in a way. We don't see too many buildings that are top heavy like the two shown here. While this isn't really a place you can go and tour you can drive by and appreciate the architectural design of the two buildings. They aren't just there to look cool either. They are used to store processed water up to the size of several swimming pools. Many people have said that the design of the buildings resembles UFOs landing on Earth's surface. This is kind of spooky and awesome all at the same time!

11 The Grand Hyatt In Shanghai

China has one of the most architecturally amazing buildings built in Shanghai. The Grand Hyatt located in Shanghai is one of the largest urban centers in the world. If you get a chance to stay in the Grand Hyatt you won't want to miss the opportunity to look down the interior of the hotel which is what is represented in the photo above. The atrium of the hotel is by far the main attraction to the Grand Hyatt other than the actual size of the hotel. The atrium looks like something that would be out of a film like The Fifth Element.

10 Go Gadget Shopping Center In Huaqiangbei

China is a nation that has put its foot on the gas in terms of technology. Take the Go Gadget Shopping Center for example. The shopping center is home to everything technology related. It has the latest and greatest in technology and is a hot spot for many interested in futuristic devices. To make this location even better it is located in Huaqiangbei which is located in a city known as Shenzen. Shenzen is known to be China's silicon valley. The shopping center also offers many discounts that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. It is like Black Friday but all the time!

9 The Robot Restaurant In Tokyo

Japan is known to be a bit strange and unique when it comes to just about everything. This doesn't stop at its restaurants. The pictures shown above may look like a crazy nightclub or even a parade of sorts. This is actually a restaurant and its main shtick is that it is run by a bunch of flashy robots. Japan has always been one to focus many resources on the ideas of robots and this is just one example of the many things to come out of Japan in the form of robotics. If you are looking for dinner and a show you need to look no further than the famous Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

8 Obaida's Gundam Statue

Japan has always been a few steps ahead of everyone else in the world when it comes to forms of entertainment. Obviously, Japan pioneered the craze that is anime and other science fiction universes. This includes a toy/hobby known as Gundams. Gundams are similar to transformers but are on a whole other level. The main appeal to them is being able to build them and paint them to your liking. These are very big in Japan, so big in fact that there is a giant Gundam statue in the Obaida area of Tokyo. The Gundam stands around 60 feet tall protecting the city skyline.

7 The Burj Khalifa In Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is one of the many reasons it is featured on this list. Dubai is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world and the Burj Khalifa is just one example of that. This building redefined Dubai's skyline and it is going to be hard to beat. Besides just being the tallest building in the world the building also smartly incorporates technology that is friendlier to the planet. For example, the building uses solar power to heat the water that is inside the building.

6 The Marina Bay Sands In Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands shows just how impressive human's have become with architectural design. The basic idea of this building is that it is holding up a large boat of sorts. It was constructed to represent the environment around The Marina Bay. Singapore doesn't plan on stopping here as they have plans to implement many more buildings that are similar to the one shown above. We can't wait to see what new and unique ideas come from Singapore in the future. If you do get a chance to go to the top of the building you will find several gardens and, of course, a beautiful view of the rest of Singapore.

5 Science World In Vancouver

Science World is a bit older and has been around for quite some time but it still stands as one of the most advanced structures built in Vancouver and even the world. Vancouver is a fairly science forward city so having the Science World in this city adds to this statement. The main attraction of Science World is the geodesic dome which contains a whole museum inside of it. It is decorated in lights on the outside making it really stand out at night. The museum even allows visitors to change the color of the lights on the outside!

4 The China Art Museum In Shanghai

Just taking one look at this building you may think it might have come straight out of a Star Wars film. However, this building is an amazing art museum that features its best piece of art on the outside. The building is truly astounding and captures the China culture perfectly. This museum is found in Shanghai and features several pieces of art that define China's history and culture. The building even lights up at night giving it an even more cyberpunk feel to it. This is a definite stop for anyone who likes art and history with a little futuristic taste.

3 The Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant In LA

If you think you've seen this building before it is probably because you have. This futuristic building was used in a sci-fi show known as Star Trek. If this building needed anymore credibility on being a futuristic building the fact that it was featured in Star Trek seals the deal. The building was used as the academy in the tv show and several reboots after that. The building looks like it would be a perfect training grounds for future space pilots. It also has a nice calming Japanese style to the gardens that surround the building.

2 Seoul's Sky-garden

The capital of South Korea known as Seoul is one of the top developing countries in terms of technology. The city has many things that all would most likely fit perfectly in this list but their crowning achievement has to be the Sky-garden. The sky-garden does away with traditional sidewalks and adds a new dimension to the city for pedestrians. You can walk above the worries of traffic down below and enjoy a nice stroll through the gardens. The sky-garden is connected to most of the city so you will have access to a lot of different areas as you walk past the well-kept gardens.

1 The Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 definitely isn't as big as the Burj Khalifa but it does hold its own specialties. The overall design of the building looks like something from a futuristic comic book. We can definitely tell that the architects had inspiration from the old Asian culture when designing the building. The building stands tall across the skyline and no building is going to compete with it for a long time. We wouldn't be surprised if the next Blade Runner was shot inside the building or at least featured it in some way. The Taipei 101 also has an awesome name for a building adding to its futuristic vibes.

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