There are so many places on Earth where Mother Nature has thrived and brought to life fairy tale like worlds. These forests are home to some of the most unique trees and luscious greenery you will see in the entire world. Some of these forests are so spectacular that they even inspired some of the greatest films to ever be released. These forests can be beautiful but also altogether be a bit eerie. The eeriness of these forests can come in many different shapes and sizes. Many of the forests on this list are located at high altitudes making them a common place for fog. Fog is always eerie. If it isn't fog making these forests a bit eerie it is the trees that look like they are from another planet.

The Amazon Rainforest is just one example of an eerie forest due to the fact that it is so dense that there are parts of the forest that have never been discovered. There are other forests in which it is too dangerous to even enter due to large rock spike structures that make up the forest. Whatever the case is these forests can be equally eerie as they are beautiful. Most of the forests on this list have a large number of hiking trails so you can visit them at any time.

20 Avenue Of The Baobabs, Madagascar

While the Avenue of The Baobabs isn't technically a forest you will be hard pressed to find a place like it anywhere else in the world. The small dirt road travels right under magnificent large trees that tower over everyone who passes underneath them. These rare and large trees are known as the baobabs trees and some of them date back thousands of years. Sadly, there used to be many more of these trees and once it could have been considered a forest, but deforestation devastated the area. Now only a select few of the baobabs trees stand.

19 The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil And Peru

The Amazon Rainforest holds around ten percent of the world's biodiversity and it is located in both Brazil and Peru. There are also smaller portions which reach into Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. The Amazon Rainforest is also one of the largest remaining rainforests in the world stretching to be 5.5 million square kilometers according to A large portion of the Amazon Rainforest is still not explored by humans and no one knows what could live out there. This is due to the sheer size of the rainforest and the fact that most of it can't be traveled through.

18 Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest located in Costa Rica stretches to be around 26,000-acres. The forest is known to be very diverse in its wildlife and plants. The forest holds over 100 kinds of mammals, 500 types of birds, and 120 amphibians and reptiles according to their official website. There are also over 500 different species of orchids that can be viewed all around the forest. The forest is constantly covered in clouds due to its elevation within the mountains. Don't be surprised if when you visit the area is very foggy and eerie. This makes the forest dangerous to walk through so you will want to know where you are going beforehand.

17 Dragon's Blood Forest, Yemen

Dragon's Blood Forest is located in Socotra, Yemen and it is one of the most unique forests in the world. This is due in part to the trees that make up the forest. The trees are known as Dragon Blood trees and at first glance, they look unlike any other tree in the world. The tree's branches stem upwards forming a type of flying saucer shape. The name Dragon Blood comes from the fact that the sap that comes from the trees is red according to The trees are quickly becoming extinct due to the location of the trees and the climate that surrounds it, so you'll have to be quick to see these trees in real life.

16 Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest holds some of the oldest trees in the entire world. At first glance, the trees seem to be a bit strange. This is due to the way they grew, and they resemble a sort of entangled amalgamation of tree limbs. The way they were grown helps them to survive the harsh climate in the forest. Most of the trees in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest date back 4,500 years ago. If you do happen to visit the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, you will find many paths to hike. Some of those paths will give you astonishing views of the Sierra Nevada Crest.

15 Yakushima Forest, Japan

The Yakushima Forest looks like something that is from a fairy tale. The area is rich with green moss that covers most of the forest's trees. The name Yakushima forest comes from the name of the trees that are located in the forest, the Yakusugi trees. The Yakusugi trees are over 7,000 years old which is due in part to the fact that the forest is located on an island where many people don't have easy access to it. This doesn't mean that you can't visit the forest as there are many ferry rides you can take to the forest. The forest has some paths laid out but they are fairly old, so you will want to make sure you don't get lost along the way.

14 Mossy Forest, Malaysia

The Mossy Forest can be found in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands and is a forest where most of its surfaces are covered in moss. The forest receives a lot of low hanging clouds due to its elevation, so the forest can become very foggy and eerie some mornings. There are built in boardwalks so you can walk through the Mossy Forest and you won't experience the fog unless you go high enough. Along the walk, you can see the peak of the mountain known as Gunung Brinchang. It is the second highest mountain peak in the Cameron Highlands according to the official website.

13 Tsingy Forest, Madagascar

Tsingy Forest is unlike any other forest on this list and that is because instead of consisting of trees it mainly consists of large stone structures. Tsingy Forest is the largest stone forest in the world and is located in Madagascar. The large rocks found in the forest were made due to large amounts of rain that over time eroded the rocks into the structures that are there now. The rocks are large and jagged and go higher than some trees. A few animals call this forest their home like the lemur who you can see hanging out on the tops of these rock structures. The word Tsingy translates to 'where one cannot walk' which refers to the fact of how dangerous it is to walk in the forest due to the large spiked rock structures.

12 Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taiwan

The forest along the Chinese Hemlock Trail will make you feel like you have stepped into a different time and place. The trail starts in Taipingshan Forest Park. Along the trail, you will find an endless amount of green including the famous Hemlock trees which are over a thousand years old and are now mostly covered in moss. The trail is a fairly easy task, however, if you aren't a fan of eerie forests then maybe you should sit this one out. The Chinese Hemlock Trail sees a lot of fog and can blur some people's view while walking along the trail.

11 Tongass National Forest, Alaska

The Tongass National Forest is located in Southeast Alaska and it is crowned as being the largest National Forest in America. The Tongass National Forest is around 16.7 million acres and features thousands of trees that are thousands of years old. The area features hundreds of different types of wildlife including, wolves, bears, bald eagles, and many other river animals. One of the most popular trails is known as the 6.7-mile Deer Mountain Trail which gives the best representation of the forest. Since the forest is 16.7 million acres this is probably your best bet of seeing the highlights.

10 Otzarreta Forest, Spain

The Otzarreta Forest is located in the Gorbea National Park in Spain. The forest can get very foggy, mix that with the fact that most of the trees in the forest are covered in moss the forest can get very eerie. However, the Otzarreta Forest can also be a beautiful place in the fall. When all the leaves have fallen off the trees the forest is now littered with a beautiful brown color. The forest is fairly small as it only houses around a hundred trees, but it can be the perfect place to escape the world and take in mother nature for what it is.

9 Moss Swamp, Romania

Romania has many forests to choose from especially when it comes to eerie forests, however, the Moss Swamp is probably the most unique and eerie. The Moss Swamp in Romania is hard to find and isn't visited by many people like some of these other forests. There aren't any walking trails or places that are safe for people to walk. If you do happen to find the Moss Swamp, it is likely that you will be walking through ankle high water through most of it. The Moss Swamp doesn't have an official name and not much is known about it other than the swamp features large mounds of moss and trees that litter the area making it just that much eerier.

8 Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California

Humboldt Redwoods State Park looks like something from another planet if you are visiting there for the first time. This forest is one of those places where pictures don't do it justice. The forest holds trees known as 'the Redwoods' and they are 2,000-year-old, 300 feet-tall trees. None of the trees in the state park have ever been cut down so you will witness very old trees when visiting the state park. Not to mention, you may feel a bit smaller than usual when looking up at the top of these massive trees. The park is approximately 17,000 acres worth of redwood trees. That is a lot of giant trees!

7 Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth according to the official website. The park features gigantic trees, stunning waterfalls, long and narrow fjords, and 4,000-foot granite cliffs. The forest gets its name from the animal known as the Kermode bear. The Kermode bear is a rare species of bear that features a vanilla colored fur that almost looks albino. The forest also features many other different animals like wolves, whales, and sea otters. The forest is around 250-miles long and goes along the coast. The forest is so impressive that it is sometimes considered the 'Amazon of the North'.

6 Goblin Forest, New Zealand

The Goblin Forest is something you may expect to see out of a Lord of the Rings film or an adventure through The Legend of Zelda, however, the Goblin forest is a real place that you can visit! The forest is known to be very green and luscious with several species of plants growing there. The forest does present other colors like red moss that covers some parts of the forest floor. The forest is also known as 'Kamahi Walk' since the trees in the forest are known as Kamahi trees. There are also several paths that lead to natural plunge pools if you want to take a swim!

5 Hallerbos, Belgium

The Hallerbos Forest located in Belgium is also known as the psychedelic purple forest to many who have visited it. The forest is a very unique forest and there are no others like it in the world. It isn't until springtime that the Hallerbos Forest takes full effect. Around April is when the purple flowers start to bloom on the forest floor giving the forest its eerie effect. The forest is also known as the 'Blue Forest' and it has many paths to take for hiking for anyone wanting to take a hike in one of the most unique forests in the world.

4 Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest in Poland gets its name from the odd shape that the trees that make up the forest take. The shape of the trees has never been able to be explained. The trees come out of the ground straight but then take a strange curve until straightening out again. It isn't just one tree in the forest either, around 400 of the trees in the Crooked Forest are crooked. The forest is located around Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, Poland and it has brought many tourists to the town to see the forest in person. Many theorize the trees are shaped like that due to the gravitational force in the area pulling the trees further down. This is only a theory as the actual explanation is still unknown.

3 Waipoua Forest, New Zealand

The Waipoua is home to the kauri and it is known as one of the most famous kauri forests in New Zealand. The forest has a lot to offer but by far the most impressive part of the forest is a large tree that towers over everything else in the forest. This tree is called the Tāne Mahuta which means 'Lord of the Forest'. The reason this tree got this title is due to its age which is approximately 2,300 years old. The tree also stands fairly tall at around 150 feet high. Overall, the Tāne Mahuta and the forest that surrounds it has been in good hands since the forest is a sanctuary.

2 Białowieża Forest, Poland, And Belarus

The Białowieża Forest is one of the most well-preserved forests in Europe. That isn't the only reason the forest is so important as it is one of the last old-growth forests in Europe. There are several species that inhabit the forest that include wolves, forest cats, and even the Bison. The forest is known to be home to the largest group of European Bison. There is a lot to see in the Białowieża Forest as you can walk down certain paths and see all types of greenery from moss covered trees to beautiful rainforest type scenery.

1 Daintree Rainforest, Australia

The Daintree Rainforest is approximately 180 million years old making it one of the oldest rainforests in the world. This is double the age of the Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest stretches to be around 460 miles long and is the longest continuous rainforest in Australia. The rainforest is like taking a step into another world and the director of the film Avatar shared the same sentiment as this rainforest was one of the direct inspirations for the film. There are several ways to explore the rainforest. You can hike the paths, zip line through the forest, or even take a river tour.