The planet Earth is a large place and there is much to see. However, many places are similar in some aspect to whereby society terms is 'normal'. There are however places that aren't like the typical forest or natural landmark in the world. These are places that are a strange phenomenon that doesn't look like they are from this planet. Some of these places are like this due to isolation away from other parts of the Earth. Others are just naturally occurring with no real reason to them. Whatever the case most of these places are amazing to look at and can make you feel like you live on a different planet.

Some of these locations are so gorgeous and unique that film directors have even taken to filming in these locations using them to represent a setting in their show or film that isn't on Earth. These are usually used in the sci-fi genre such as the Redwood Forest being used in Star Wars or the Hallelujah Mountains being used in James Cameron's Avatar. These places are mostly all open to the public as well so you would be doing yourself a favor by venturing to see these places as pictures do not do them justice.

20 Socotra Island In The Pacific Ocean

Socotra Island is a stranded island in the Pacific Ocean. This island is home to many strange forms of plant and animals. For example, inside of the island's caves, there are stalactites that are the size of an average human. On the outside of caves, the island features large trees that branch into many separate branches making them a unique tree to the island. These trees are known as Blood Dragon Trees (or Dracaena cinnabari). It is thought to follow Darwin's theory of if an area remains isolated from everything else strange things develop in the area that is exclusive to that area.

19 The Waitomo Glowworm Caves In New Zealand

This cave that is located in New Zealand features lights that could be mistaken for a light show. However, these are naturally occurring and are a result of a creature that lives in the cave. This bioluminescent creature has the nickname 'glowworm' however its official name is Arachnocampa luminosa. These worm-like creatures live on the ceiling of the Waitomo caves and are the reason the caves are so well known. The mystical lights are worth seeing on their own as most pictures of the caves all look doctored or altered in a way.

18 The Red Pond Hot Springs In Japan

You would be hard pressed to find water on Earth that is colored anything but a blueish tint to just plain translucent. However, The Red Pond Host Springs in Japan is a different story. The springs get as hot as 150 degrees Celsius making them some of the hottest hot springs on Earth. The hot spring contains a strangely large amount of iron oxide giving it its red tint. The hot springs are definitely some of the most dangerous hot springs in the world and seem like they would belong in a twisted sci-fi movie or another galaxy entirely.

17 The Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves In Austria

These ice caves are located in Tennengebridge Mountains which are located in Austria. These are naturally formed caves even though most look like they could have been man-made. This is truly one of the most spectacular ice caves that you ca witness on earth. The limestone walls and floors are all smoothed over and there are several hundreds of ice stalagmites to take in. Many of the locals once believed the cave to lead to the center of the Earth and were afraid of its potential. However, now the caves are open to the public and people can tour the caves during the summer months.

16 The Dry Valleys Of Antarctica

When you think of Antartica you probably think of a cold wasteland with ice and snow as far as the eye can see. You'd be right in thinking that for the most part. The dry valleys are an area of Antartica that is unlike any other part. The area hardly ever receives precipitation and when it does get snowfall none of it stays. Therefore, most of the area is just rocks and gravel. Nothing that lives in Antartica can sustain itself in the dry valleys so it literally is the definition of a wasteland.

15 Roraima In Venezuela

When some look at the sheer scope of Roraima many believe it to be a large mountain. However, Roraima is more of a plateau than a mountain. This area resembles something that would come straight out of an old movie about prehistoric living. This is indeed a living relic of Earth's past. It is estimated to be around 2 billion years old. Roraima has held much culture and history as the indigenous people of this area used to use it as a center to many of their myths. The rock itself doesn't seem like it is going anywhere anytime soon and is truly a modern marvel.

14 Dallol In Ethiopia

This area may be one of the most dangerous areas to visit on this list. There are mineral deposits around these hot springs that turn the ground around it bright yellow. Not to mention that the area isn't sustainable to any life forms and has record high temperatures in the whole world. Even though life isn't sustainable humans have found a way. The people who live in Dallol have learned to live off the land and have constructed houses out of salt bricks found in the area. As for this, the area is commonly used for a salt trading route as the area produces a lot of salt possibly the only useful thing in the area.

13 Sistema Dos Ojos In Mexico

Sistema Dos Ojos is a recent discovery and may quite possibly be the largest underwater network of caves. The Sistema Dos Ojos is a great place for skilled divers to explore a new area that many people have never dived before. The limestone in the cave acts as a sort of filtration, therefore, the water in the cave is very clear making it easy to see while diving. Since it's discovery the location has been many pro divers choice of favorite diving spots. There was even a world record set by diving with one breath of air in the Sistema Dos Ojos. This is by far one of the most beautiful underwater cave systems ever discovered on Earth.

12 Grand Prismatic Spring In The U.S.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest habitats in the U.S. It features many different types of plants and wildlife and it is mostly all open to the public. However, Yellowstone has something to set it apart from the rest. The Grand Prismatic Spring is unlike any other hot spring as its size is amazing as is the colorful rainbow aura it presents. The hot spring can be visited by people who tour in Yellowstone National Park and it is a sight to see. The heat coming off of the hot spring is enough to make you weary and believe you are on the surface of Mars.

11 The Wulingyuan Scenic Area In China

The Wulingyuan Area in China holds the Zhangjiajie National Forest which is most notably known as the 'Hallelujah Forest'. This forest was famously used in James Cameron's Avatar. The large spires and rock formations are unlike any other around the world and are where James Cameron got the inspiration for the floating islands. It is worth noting that the mountains were China's first national park and they couldn't have chosen a more worthy place. There are nearly 3,000 rock pillars in the area all of which bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Will you be the next one to see the great 'Hallelujah Forest'?

10 Namib Naukluft Of Namibia

The term Namib is a term used by the Nama meaning 'vast place' therefore this is a very fitting name for that of a desert. However, this isn't just any ordinary dessert. This dessert is one of the largest deserts in the world stretching to be the size of some European countries like Switzerland. The main draw besides the absolute size of the desert is the mesmerizing orange sand that makes up the desert. This sand makes up large dunes that can stretch to be as high as some skyscrapers. Certainly, you wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of this dessert but seeing pictures makes it look like paradise.

9 The Seven Color Rocks In Mauritius

This strange phenomenon is a large rock formation that is located in the country of Mauritius. This area is a formation of rocks that look like they've been painted several different colors by a large giant with a paintbrush. However, believable that would be the rock formation is actually natural and is one of the strangest phenomena on Earth. The rocks aren't actually rocks but are more of a sand consistency and are there because of a volcanic eruption. The island of Mauritius is quite out of the way so if you really want to see this amazing sight you may have to plan a trip to the island.

8 Avenue Of The Baobabs Of Madagascar

Richard Dawkins was remembered as saying that the Avenue of the Baobabs is the closest thing we have to extraterrestrial life here on Earth. Baobab is a type of tree that grows massive and has very few branches except at the top of the trees. These are very similar to the Blood Dragon Trees just much larger. The avenue that connects several of Madagascar's cities is known as the Avenue of the Baobabs and is visited by many tourists every year. Tourists flock to see the large baobab trees as they pretend they are on a different planet. It became so popular that Madagascar named it a national monument.

7 The Giants Causeway In Ireland

One of the strangest things we can find on Earth is when Mother Nature decides to be particular about how she will create a place. Take The Giants Causeway for example. The island is made up of geometrically near perfect rocks that look as if they are man-made. Many of the locals believed that the area was built by a giant named Finn MacCool. Others believe it is a result of alien technology similar to how people believe that aliens are responsible for the Great Pyramids. However, the real reason is still just as interesting. The rock formation was caused by a volcano eruption and contractions formed the strange rock formations we see before us.

6 Son Doong Cave Of Vietnam

Most caves around the world aren't that pretty and usually just contain slippery rocks and strange organisms. However, the Son Doong Cave changes that perception of caves tenfold. The cave features many large pearls in its caves and it even features large stalagmites taller than some humans. The cave is also impressive in its sheer size. It stretches to be three miles long. It doesn't stop there as the cave basically has a glorified sunroof that makes the cave receive its fair share of sunlight. This means that there is a lot of vegetation in the cave making it one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world.

5 Valle De La Luna In Chile

The Valle De La Luna is one of the most unappealing looking places on this list. However, it still looks like it could be from another planet. It's desolate rock formations and small mountains combined with its dessert-like features make the Valle De La Luna feel like it belongs on Mars. Speaking of Mars the Valle De La Luna has been a testing site for engineers to test out rovers that will be sent into space. The rocky terrain is perfect for representing the trials the rover could face on the surface of Mars or on other planets later down the line.

4 Redwood National Forest In The U.S.

The Redwood National Forest may be recognizable even to people who have never visited the place before. The Redwoods were used in several films most notably Star Wars and E.T. The Redwood Forest is notable because of the sheer size of its trees. Take any normal forest and times those trees by ten and you still wouldn't have the size of the Redwoods. The Redwood forest also houses some of the oldest trees in the world. The area is a National Forest meaning it is open to the public and it makes for some great hiking trails. The trees themselves are great to marvel at and really put into perspective how small we are as human beings.

3 Fly Geyser Of Nevada, U.S.

Fly Geyser is a strange formation that is its own type of geyser. While geysers are a strange phenomenon in of themselves the Fly Geyser takes things to a whole new level. The Fly Geyser is located on a ranch in Nevada. The geyser is actually man-made and was produced due to a geothermal power company that drilled into the geyser for a testing well. The well wasn't well kept (no pun intended) and over time the hot water spewed from the well forming small sediments that eventually formed into the structure known as the Fly Geyser.

2 Pamukkale In Turkey

The Pamukkale is known as Turkey's most popular tourist attraction and features as The Telegraph puts it "warm, limpid pools of Pamukkale hang, like the petrified cascade of a mighty waterfall". These formations are like no others in the world and hold true beauty. Pictures don't do the Pamukkale justice as it is something that needs to be experienced in real life. The area also holds a good bit of Turkey's history so you could learn something along the way. The Pamukkale looks as if it is from a foreign ice planet but it is actually right here on Earth.

1 The Emerald Ice Of Russia

The Emerald Ice of Russia is known to be home to the Baikal Lake located in Siberia. Lake Baikal holds many titles as it is the largest freshwater lake on Planet Earth. It also contains around twenty percent of Earth's freshwater in it. It is also one of the oldest lakes in the world dating back over 25 million years. When the lake freezes are when the Emerald Ice is created. The phenomena are caused when the light is bounced through the frozen ice creating a mystical blue color inside the ice resembling that of emeralds.