Planning a minimoon may sound quite adventurous, but it's often much harder than you think. Admittedly, budgets are getting tighter, and it only makes for a less exciting or romantic getaway. Worst still, the wave of excitement just days before the seamless departure no longer excite travelers the way it used to. Add the stressful job and family budget to the bill, and you'll get a zero enthusiasm for such romantic holidays or mini-moon trips. But just because you may be struggling to do it right doesn’t mean you shouldn't enjoy that romantic getaway—or, as it's better known in wedding terms, a mini-moon.

To make it easier for you, we've collected an adorable list of affordable minimoon spots across the world that are totally worth it. Scattered across the globe, these places are so surreal that you'll feel as though you've just entered a whole new galaxy. From Rendezvous in St. Lucia and Viceroy Riviera Maya in Mexico to the upstate Roundhouse in New York, below are 20 brilliant mini-moon ideas that will not bite at your family budget.

20 Rendezvous, St. Lucia

A couple of days of decompression after the big day sure sounds relaxing and liberating; however, it may cost an arm and a leg for many couples out there. Therefore all those lengthy and lavish honeymoons are hardly even an option. Dropping some serious cash on an opulent trip may be fantastic, but it poses a threat to your bank account's life as well. To avoid this poor scenario, we suggest that you consider taking your significant other to a magical minimoon to Rendezvous, St. Lucia. The 3-hour-flight from Florida would be totally worth it when you get to Rendezvous. There, you can enjoy a romantic dinner in secluded areas at the backdrop of relaxing music and champagne.

19 Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico

While some couples go for the minimoon option because they want to cut down on the expenses, others take it as a brilliant pre-honeymoon before the real deal just a couple of months later. But whichever option you prefer, this Mexican gem will undoubtedly suit your needs. Once you get there, you'll have plenty of time to reflect on your whirlwind relationship with your partner. Forget about the over-the-top honeymoon ideas that will viciously bite at your wallet, and get a taste of Viceroy Riviera Maya instead. Grab a lounge chair, sit back and relax on the fine-grained beach while sipping a sparkling champaign right beside your partner.

18 Cozy Adventures At Madeline, Colorado

Situated in the heart of Mountain Village Telluride, this charming property is the absolute epitome of the perfect mini-moon destination, even for budget travelers. With its convenient skiing and hiking opportunities, nature-inspired spa therapies, and fine-dining experiences, you'll inevitably experience one hell of a romantic mini-moon. Add the bath salts, couples massage and a la carte breakfast to your post-marriage getaway, and you'll be guaranteed an unforgettable time with your partner. If that's not enough, have a butler to set the stage for the ultimate romance with mellow tunes, sparkling candles, and a three-course dinner.

17 The Roundhouse, New York

Conveniently located nearby the rushing falls of Fishkill Creek - which happens to be on the corner of Beacon's exclusively eclectic Main Street - this beautiful Hudson Valley hotel makes for a short but memorable getaway. Come around here and make the most of your minimoon adventure while soaking up the morning sun on the private deck. When the sun rolls down the distant west, leave the suite and stroll along Beacon's adorable streets. Your partner will absolutely fall for its affordable eateries, shopping adventures, and artistic character. It does sound like an idyllic minimoon experience, doesn't it?

16 Rosewood CordeValle, California

As splendid as it promises to be, the resort's special retreat package for couples offers a whole lot of outdoor adventures. Located in a more secluded area, this Californian treasure makes for the most exciting post-marriage hideaway. Famous for its spectacular 85-acre winery and vineyard, this exotic gem rests at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Book your suite, and dive into a ton of outdoor activities, from hiking the three-mile vineyard trail to roasting marshmallows over a fireplace to arranging a relaxing picnic. Close the day by jumping into an outdoor hot tub, overlooking the lush California valley.

15 Sea Island, Georgia

Take advantage of the easy drive from Atlanta or another city south of the Mason-Dixon line, and don't miss out on the great bonuses found at this charming place. Not only is it an ideal spot for a romantic mini-moon, but it boasts stretches of private, pristine beaches, and when combined with the typical Southern hospitality, you'll get yourself a secluded, relaxing and carefree holiday. Once you've arrived here, you can choose between staying at The Cloister or The Lodge. But whichever lodging option you pick, you'll surely find it to be pretty great for your needs. Make your partner fall even harder for you by taking them on salt marsh kayaking, boating or horseback riding experiences. Indeed, this place has got all you need for a perfect minimoon getaway.

14 The Wyndham Grand Rio, Puerto Rico

Frankly, you don't need to pull out the passport or get a new one to get to this marvelous place.  Board the plane and you'll be just a few hours away from the best minimoon spots on the coast.

And speaking of budget-friendly lodging options, Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa are fantastic choices. This lovely beachfront property sits on the East Coast and offers the so-called Grand Romance package for newlyweds. The lovebirds can get the full deal including a poolside cabana, exclusive turndown service, secluded dining options under the moonlit sky alongside relaxing spa procedures and services.

13 The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, Arizona

Taking a step back to America's deserts, there’s really no better way to hide from the world than with an exotic minimoon trip into the desert itself. But before you get this wrong, take a look at this gorgeously located resort, sitting at the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. This unique property has one major advantage over its competitors: it simply knows how to keep a healthy balance between adventure and serenity. From its stunning location to its creative, yet traditional cuisine, Arizona's Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa is the desert oasis for many newlyweds.

12 The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you choose Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, you'll instantly be granted a romantic vacation, sweeping views of the Pacific, and ultimate seclusion. Indeed, Cabo San Lucas has absolutely become quite a popular destination for Southern Californians. As lovely as it is, this location is easily accessible: just board the plane and you'll be 2 hours from Los Angeles. The moment you get here, you'll feel how unique and private this place is. No chaos, no hustle, and bustle of the busy city, nothing. Only the overwhelming feeling of the stunning surrounding washes over you. For a night at the popular resort at Pedregal, travelers may pick cozy suites with full kitchens, and it won't even be that pricey at all.

11 The Hideaway, California

Still looking for the perfect hideaway after the eventful wedding? Well, you're in luck! You've just found the most romantic and picturesque location in California. With its breathtaking beaches, sun-kissed sunsets and serenity, it's really no wonder why The Hideaway in California will soon become your new favorite spot under the sun. Not only is it just ideal for couples but it is, in fact, one of the country's most spectacular destinations. Also, if you're specifically interested in nature-inspired activities, do not hesitate to come here with your spouse. The top-rated Carmel-By-The-Sea Hideaway is a tourist's favorite and judging by its sun-streaked beaches, art galleries, cozy restaurants, and cafes, it's getting perfectly clear why this place is totally worth it.

10 Ocean House, Rhode Island

Rhode Island makes such an exciting place for newlyweds who're looking for a quiet vacation, stunning views and spectacular scenery.  Speaking of such heaven-like spots, there's no better example than this seaside property perched high on the bluffs. This place, in particular, is quite an amazing option for a romantic hideaway, with sweeping views of the vast Atlantic Ocean; not to mention that it's actually home to the one and only Forbes Five-Star Spa Resort. Here, newlyweds can celebrate their young love while the resort's customized package deals will provide them the absolute relaxation lasting for hours. Indeed, Ocean House in Rhode Island sounds like a great addition to your travel bucket list as well.

9 Curtain Bluff, Antigua

Moving on to the Caribbean paradise, Curtain Bluff in Antigua simply provides one hell of a minimoon. It may be a little bit further away from your hometown, but the adventure is definitely worth experiencing. In fact, you can just hop on board and get to Antigua in less than four hours, and once you set foot on its sun-streaked land, all you and your partner have to do is just relax. Curtain Bluff's special package deals for hopeless romantics at heart include under-the-star spa producers, sunset dinner out on the spa terrace, with a bottle of champagne and a handful of roses beautifully arranged on the table.

8 The Bel-Air H., LA, California

You've already heard about Hotel Bel-Air, haven't you? Well, that's anything but a mere coincidence. Much to your surprise, this gorgeous property also features reasonably priced two-night package deals to choose from. Make your spouse the happiest by taking them to this magical place even if it's only for a night or two. You can find quite affordable deals (even under $200-150!) for a night at Bel-Air Hotel, LA. This romantic hideaway is dotted with stunning fountain courtyards, well-maintained gardens, and a lake that even has swans swimming in it! The best part: this exceptional property is surely worth the money, especially for celebrating special moments together.

7 Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico

Indeed, there's a ton of super affordable and cozy places scattered across Mexico. While this part of the world isn't really the embodiment of the most romantic destination, it still has got lots of great bonuses to compensate us with. Only a three-hour flight from Southern California, Punta Mita will surely get you hooked on its great deals for couples. This top-rated resort is just ideal for affordable romantic weekends. It's time to explore the beauty of Punta Mita and its great dining packages as well! No wonder that Southern Californians also love coming here for a few days of full relaxation.

6 Lake Placid, NY, Comes With Budget-Friendly Lodges As Well

With its beautiful beaches and exciting sunset cruises, the region of Lake Placid, NY, will fit the bill for both nature-lovers and outdoorsy couples. The location is peaceful although the beaches can be quite rife with fun opportunities, including canoeing, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and hiking. Whether you're into more action-packed adventures or you're slightly more interested in just relaxing in your beach chair on the porch, Lake Placid is the perfect place for you. While you're still here, don't miss out on the area's excellent cuisine and quirky local stores near the charming Olympic village. When the sun begins its crawl up the horizon, stroll along the white-sand beach with your spouse.

5 Indian Wells, California

Nature-lovers and romantic couples looking for an exciting post-wedding getaway should totally visit the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa. Situated in the Coachella Valley, with tropical palms surrounding it on each side, this charming place is what Californian desert oasis is all about. Get your minimoon trip to the next level by taking your spouse on a private Jeep tour or an exciting cruise to the Joshua Tree National Park. As the peaceful evening draws near, get some rest in the property's Mediterranean-inspired villa or dip into its relaxing salt pools.

4 Vail, Colorado

This hidden gem tucked into the Rocky Mountains is an excellent choice when looking for lots of outdoor activities year round. There's no shortage of things that travelers can do here no matter the season and the temperature outside. But if you're specifically into winter sports, we totally suggest that you surprise your partner with a winter getaway in Vail, Colorado. Once you're both ready to relax and unwind,  join a yoga class or pamper yourselves with diverse spa procedures. Before you go, don't miss out on tasting the local cuisine at top-rated places, like Sweet Basil, Vinate and Mountain Standard, etc.

3 Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Still dreaming about soaking up the sun by the pool? Well, this isn't just a regular pool but an oceanfront one. Make that dream a solid reality for you and your partner by staying at Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, Cape Cod. Speaking of it, there's nothing to hate about this beautiful location. Vibrant clam shakes and traditional, yet somehow modern, New England cottages await you at the Wequassetti Resort.

But apart from all of its bonuses and advantages, visitors can also enjoy an abundance of water sports or partake in a round or two of golf or tennis.

2 Big Sky, Montana

Celebrate your newlywed status by taking the road less traveled for once. Before you object to it, just take a look at the Collective Yellowstone at Moonlight Basin - that's one hell of a view, right? Whether you prefer a private deck with a king-size bed and luxurious linens or a decent tent at an alpine lake, equipped with basic travel essentials, the Big Sky Country has got you covered!

Such an off-the-beaten-track getaway is the perfect option for nature-lovers, bikers, hikers and basically anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. Best of all, you and your partner can get an in-tent massage as well. How nice!

1 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Snoqualmie Falls may not be across the globe, but it looks so surreal that you feel like you're in a whole different world. While the other mini-moon ideas cannot be experienced for free, this one can. Anyone who loves nature will find this location to be quite scenic and inspiring. There's really no need for a plane ticket to the famous Niagara Falls. Talk your beau into this mini-moon idea and don't forget to grab a pair of hiking boots before you hit the open road! Situated on a two-acre park with numerous opportunities for exploration, this 270-foot waterfall is such a great mini-moon escape when the wallet is, well, tight-lipped.