20 Iconic Celebs Who Have Holiday Houses In Europe (Where We Might Catch A Glimpse)

Most travelers have a variety of European vacation destinations on their bucket lists. There's something about this ancient continent with history, architecture, art, culture, and incredible landscapes that brings millions of tourists every year.

If you've been to Europe a few times, there are probably a few destinations where you'd like to build a summer home. Then, you could visit whenever you wanted and stay in style.

It might be a dream for you to buy a beautiful holiday home in Europe, but for many celebrities, it's a reality. These celebrities, just like you and I, are drawn to the historic beauty of European countries and cities.

And these houses aren't small cottages. They're huge mansions with all the modern luxuries that allow their residents to vacation in style.

They're also usually very private, with high, wrought-iron gates and plenty of trees for privacy. You'll rarely find a celebrity home in the middle of the city, as most crave the isolation of the country.

The next time you go to Europe, you might just keep a look out for some of these beautiful celebrity homes. If you're lucky, the owner won't be at home, and you might be able to take a tour. It doesn't hurt to ask!

20 David and Victoria Beckham - A Medieval Family Home In France

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Although David and Victoria Beckham are both from England, they prefer the countryside of France for their holidays. They've chosen a home nestled in a tiny, medieval village called Bargemon, more than an hour away from the Toulon and Nice airports.

This village and their gorgeous house are surrounded by luscious olive groves. It's a quaint, secluded area that affords the couple and their children some privacy.

After more than €6 million in renovations, the Beckhams have put their home on the market, but they'll enjoy their summer holidays there until it sells. Are you interested in a €2.75 million mansion in France's countryside?

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19 Leonardo DiCaprio - An Apartment in Verona

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Leonardo DiCaprio had a huge moment of fame a couple of decades ago. His popularity seemed to fall off the map for a while until he did Inception in 2010. Since then, his career has taken off again, and he's gained a lot of popularity.

For his fans today, it might interest you to know that he has an apartment in the city of Verona. Although you'll have a hard time learning which one, it's overlooking Verona's Arena. Isn't it fitting the Romeo and Juliet star has a home in fair Verona now?


18 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - Chateau Miraval

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Brangelina's relationship may be over, but they still own a gorgeous house in Correns, France called Chateau (Castle) Miraval.

This home, estimated to be worth $60 million has 35 bedrooms, which gives the couple and their six children plenty of room to spread out. The famous parents could stay in this house and likely never see each other during the entire vacation if they wanted.

It also has a huge garage with several stalls, a pool, a garden, a vineyard, and an olive orchard. What a place to call your own in the country of France!

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17 Madonna - Owns 6 Homes in the UK


For some reason, Madonna seems to collect homes in the United Kingdom. While she was married to Guy Ritchie, a famous British director, she owned six separate houses in London.

Her homes included everything from an attractive townhouse in London's downtown to a country estate in Wiltshire. (However, the couple has since sold that last one because they never spent any time there.)

Her last real estate purchase was a luxurious home in Notting Hill, one of London's most prestigious neighborhoods. It's worth an incredible £10 million (€11.9 million). It has more rooms than you can count and all the charm you'd expect from such an upscale neighborhood.

16 Prince - The Former Owner of a Spanish Villa

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Although this incredible music icon has since passed on, he's left behind a major legacy that his fans still enjoy. He also left behind a castle in El Paraiso, Spain.

This house is fit for a prince, whether a prince of music or a royal. It's located on top of the rolling Spanish hills in the countryside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

For the time being, this Spanish villa is still the property of the Prince estate, but it's up for sale at nearly $6 million.

15 George Clooney - A Lakeside Mansion in Northern Italy

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When you think of Italy, you probably picture gorgeous stacked villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. You might also picture the canals of Rome, the Vatican, and vineyards. Most of the iconic tourist destinations are located in the south and central parts of Italy.

Northern Italy, however, is a region dominated by glorious mountains and lakes, and that's where the timeless actor George Clooney has built his mansion.

It's an 18th-century villa located right on Lake Como, just off of the village of Laglio with just 930 residents. The 22-bedroom villa dwarfs the humble village and is well worth a visit.

14 Johnny Depp - A Family Home Near St. Tropez


Johnny Depp often takes his children to vacation in France where they have a beautiful home. It's located right outside Le Plan-de-la-Tour, a tiny village very near St. Tropez that dates back to the 12th century.

Depp once told reporters that this quiet town in the mountains of France provided the perfect place for him to spend an almost normal life with his kids. The locals know him by name there and aren't star-struck every time they see him at the bar or on a bus with his children.

While he's certainly welcome in town without fanfare, his $63 million dollar home is far from what we would call normal. You can tell the guy has money!

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13 Sting - A 16th Century Estate in Tuscany

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The former lead singer of the band Police certainly deserves a huge home in the countryside of Italy. As a 16-time winner of the Grammy award, he and his wife have the chance to relax in utter style.

His Tuscany home is on a breathtaking piece of property, surrounded by mountains, vineyards, orchards, and the rolling hills of the area.

The property is complete with a lake, pool, personal vineyards, and plenty of room inside the house. You might not be able to afford to purchase this villa, but it is available for rental if you're planning on vacationing in Tuscany someday soon!

12 Tina Turner - A Riviera Villa in France

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France seems to be a pretty popular travel destination for today's celebrities. Tina Turner built an incredible villa on the Riviera, very near Nice, that included all her favorite personal design touches and luxuries.

Turner, who grew up in the United States, seems to be very taken with Europe. She's lived in London, Germany, Cologne, Switzerland, and France. In fact, she owns three houses throughout the region and often rents vacation homes in other areas when she gets bored.

Her home in France is where she resides most often, however, as the home was built from the ground up according to her specifications. When she's not making star appearances, this villa is probably where you'll find her.

11 Mick Jagger - Holding onto His House in London


Despite an epic battle between the rockstar and his ex-wife, actress Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger refuses to give up ownership of his 26-room home in southwest London.

It's estimated that this home cost the singer €11.6 million, and he loves it. When the split was finalized, he was named the sole owner of the property, and you'll find him spending a lot of his spare time there.

Along with being beautiful, spacious, and ideally located, the home has a rich history. It's been around for hundreds of years and was home to knights and other royals. It even has a tunnel leading underneath the Thames!

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10 Lady Gaga - A Mansion in the Suburbs of Edinburgh

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Lady Gaga was made famous for her unique songs, crazy hairstyles, and intricate outfits. Despite her strange, signature look, her home in Edinburgh is actually quite normal. Her mansion is large, to be sure, but it's built in the suburbs of Edinburgh, a town known for its posh living.

Her house, nicknamed Yester House, was built in the late 17th century and once belonged to the Italian composer Giancarlo Menotti. It's fitting that the home should go to another high-paid musician after his death in 2007.

It has more than 60 rooms, which is more than enough for this woman with no spouse or children. The $13 million home is certainly a place for her to relax in style.

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9 Kevin Spacey - A House of Cards in London

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Although Kevin Spacey does the majority of his working and acting within the United States, he doesn't love living there. He'd prefer to stay in his London flat and often holds big parties there.

His apartment is nothing like the grand mansions you'll see above, but it's a pretty swanky place. His three bedroom apartment is part of a duplex in the Old Vic Theatre. It's more than 2,500 square feet with breathtaking views of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

The apartment is said to be decked out with lavish furniture, a private art collection, and theatrical artifacts.

8 Shania Twain - Why Live in Nashville When You Can Live in a Swiss Castle?

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Shania Twain has arguably had one of the most successful careers in country music with countless awards and recognition. She still does the odd show now and again if you're missing her twangy, female-power tunes.

Although you can often find her in Los Angeles and Nashville for work, she spends most of her spare time at her private estate in Switzerland, which she shares with her husband who's a prominent Nestlé executive.

Their chateau is as grand as you'd expect a castle in Switzerland to be with towering turrets and a great view of Lake Geneva.

7 Daniel Day-Lewis - A Family Farm in Ireland

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While Daniel Day-Lewis is still a celebrated actor, he's not quite as busy with his career as he was 30 years ago. When he's not busy acting or attending galas, he leads a surprisingly quiet life on a farm in Wicklow, Ireland.

This region is known as the "garden of Ireland" for good reason. The landscape is mostly rural with rolling hills, Medieval ruins, and rich soil. It's also very near the Atlantic ocean, perfect for swimming in the summer and great for walks on the beach in the winter.

His home is quite modest when compared to some of the castles he could own in Ireland, and Day-Lewis likes to live a quiet life, which is why there are very few photographs of his home.

6 Natalie Portman - Privacy in Paris

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Natalie Portman arguably had a rocky start to her career, but she has since blossomed into a popular actress with many awards and great acclaim. She's best known for her roles in Black Swan and V for Vendetta, but she's still a prominent actress.

Despite her many roles for Hollywood, she enjoys spending a great deal of her time at her home in Paris. She and her husband Benjamin Millepied enjoy the stricter privacy laws they've found in Paris. It's easier for them to live peacefully there.

Because of the stricter laws, you'll have a hard time finding an address or even a photo of her house. Unless they want to release it, the public will likely never know exactly where they live.

5 Bryan Adams - A Stylish Apartment in Paris

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When you picture the home of the rock star Brian Adams, you'd probably expect him to live in a hardcore apartment in Los Angeles. However, his tastes seem to be more sophisticated than that, as evidenced by his posh apartment in central Paris.

The flat was designed by Tristan Auer, a prominent interior designer. The style is minimalism with huge windows and white walls. It seems to be the escape he needs when he's not performing.

Adams says he loves Paris because of the language and culture. He likes singing in the local style, and he loves cycling around Paris. This is a softer side of the rocker we all know and love.

4 Bono and The Edge - A Beachfront Mansion on France's Riviera

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Bono, the lead singer and primary lyricist of the band U2, is from Ireland originally, but he does a lot of performing all over the world. During his summer vacations, he likes to spend a lot of time at his beachfront mansion in Eze-sur-Mer, France, on the Riviera.

He purchased the home alongside David Howell Evans, better known as The Edge, a popular Irish songwriter and musician. They pooled their money together to afford the €3.8 million asking price.

Since purchasing it, the two have been more than willing to share. George Clooney, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, and Robert De Niro have all reported staying here at one point.

3 Elton John - A Nice Seaside Mansion on Mont Boron

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Elton John doesn't do much singing, songwriting, and performing nowadays, but he still makes the occasional public appearance. When he's not in the public eye, you'll probably find him at his luxury vacation home on Mont Boron, near Nice, France.

John calls this property his summer house, and it's in a great location. It's near the airport and in a central location that's great for exploring all of Europe, not just France.

The mansion was built in 1920 and is as grand as it comes. He and his husband spend a lot of time there in the summers.

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2 Rod Stewart - Property Owner in Saint-Paul-de-Vence

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Rod Stewart is a legend thanks to a supremely successful career as a rock star singer and songwriter. He rarely makes public appearances anymore and has since retired to his mansion property deep in the countryside of Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Saint-Paul-de-Vence is a small commune in Alpes-Maritimes, so it's far from the tourist areas of France. Stewart spends most of his summer and holidays at the mansion with his former model wife and their children.

If you're visiting the country, this might be a great exploring opportunity. It's not like you'll get to go inside, but you could probably see the house from afar and maybe get a glimpse of the star.

1 George Lucas - A Restored 16th Century Villa in Passignano

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There's a gorgeous lakeside city in Italy called Passignano, and that's where George Lucas has decided to buy his $6 million summer home. The three-story home has its original wooden floors, and there are plenty of windows for natural light.

The home is several centuries old, as it was built in the 16th century, and the famous director has spent millions restoring it to its former glory. He worked on it for years without anyone knowing, thanks to the discretion of the Passignano residents.

Now that Lucas has retired from the Star Wars saga (though he keeps a close eye on Lucasfilm), he has a lot more time to spend in his vacation home.

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