Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’ll likely agree there are some places that are just eerie. Eerie tales and tragic histories feature largely in the stories of many places rumored to be spooked, and strange occurrences lend support to myths and legends. And all around the world, people believe certain locations are indeed haunted by the lingering specters of those who should have passed beyond this mortal plane.

Although we’ve yet to prove if ghosts are real or not, we certainly love stories about a good haunting. For some thrill-seeking adventurers, heading to a haunted location is a test of courage and endurance. Can you brave the night alone in a haunted mansion or walk the spooky corridors of an ancient castle? It’s tests like these that separate you from the rest. Of course, we won’t judge you if you do find some of these places just a touch too creepy.

We scoured the globe for some of the most haunted locations on file, the ones that terrify even experienced ghost-hunters. If you really want to see some ghosts or at least experience a spine-tingling thrill, check out some of these incredibly spooky haunted houses from around the world … if you dare.

20 The Green Lady Calls Chateau de Brissac Home

The Chateau de Brissac is the hereditary home of the Duke of Brissac and the Cosse-Brissac family. This historical home was originally by the 13th-century Counts of Anjou. The castle is also said to be home to a ghost, La Dame Verte, or the Green Lady. She’s said to have been 'disposed of' by her husband during the 1400s.

The Green Lady haunts the chapel’s tower. Those who have encountered her say the most terrifying thing about her is her face. Even if you don’t spot her, you may hear her ghostly wailing in the wee hours of the morning.

19 The Ancient Ram Inn Has Centuries’ Worth Of Ghosts

Over the course of its long life, the Ancient Ram Inn has been many things. As the name implies, it was an inn. Like many inns, it’s been a pub. Ownership has changed hands many time since it was built in 1145 and, as you might imagine, the building has collected its fair share of ghosts.

The Ancient Ram Inn is sometimes cited as one of the UK’s most haunted buildings, and terrified travelers will say it’s one to visit only if you have nerves of steel. Some people believe the inn was built over an ancient burial ground. Ghosts reported here include a witch burned at the stake, the ghost of a monk, and the specters of former owners.

18 This House Is One Of The Most Extreme Experiences You Can Have

McKamey Manor might be the most extreme of the current haunted attraction boom in North America. The experience here can last 8 hours, although no one has made it through yet. All patrons are required to sign a waiver before entering.

McKamey Manor drenches its patrons in red liquid, gives people unwanted haircuts, submerges them in water, and more.

Despite being so extreme, McKamey Manor has a waiting list of 24,000 people, and it’s opened 2 more locations in Alabama and Tennessee. Visiting is free, as the owner only accepts payment in dog food for his pet dogs. Although there are no actual ghosts here, McKamey Manor is probably one of the more terrifying experiences for those seeking a thrill.

17 Montego Bay’s Rose Hall Recalls Plantation Legends

This Georgian mansion was constructed in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in the 1770s. This was during the era of slavery, and the mansion was constructed for a plantation owner. Rose Hall is considered one of the best examples of Jamaican Georgian architecture.

It’s also famous for the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. According to legend, a young Haitian girl of Irish-English ancestry was adopted by a nanny after her parents’ had passed away. Annee Palmer learned witchcraft and voodoo, and she married John Palmer, the owner of Rose Hall. She then executed her husband, two subsequent husbands, and many of the plantation’s male slaves. If you’re looking for ghosts, you’ll probably find them here.

16 This Could Be Australia’s Most Haunted Home

Monte Cristo Homestead was constructed in 1885, near the town of Junee. The Crawley family remained until 1948. It was left in the care of servants until 1963, when it was purchased and restored. Today, it operates as a museum and antique store. It’s also a popular tourist attraction, thanks to the rumor it might just be Australia’s most haunted house.

The current owners believe previous owners still haunt the grounds, but a number of tragedies have occurred at the house since 1885. One episode involved a baby and some stairs, another involved a stable boy and some fire. With such a history, it’s little wonder this house might be Australia’s most haunted.

15 This New Orleans Home Was Witness To Unspeakable Things

“The Sultan” was a Turkish man who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the 1800s. He bought the Gardette-Lepretre mansion at the corner of Dauphine Street and Orleans Avenue. The neighbors were suspicious, especially when extra locks were added, and heavy drapery covered up the windows.

Then, an unthinkable mass incident happened. A neighbor who was taking a stroll noticed something unusual, and the police were summoned. An ugly scene like no other greeted them.

The current owner denies this story, but guides continue to tell it. Either stop by on a tour or, if you’re in the market, rent one of the house’s six apartments.

14 Ireland’s Loftus Hall Might Have As Many Ghostly Residents As Visitors

Loftus Hall is sometimes said to be Ireland’s most haunted destination. For a country with thousands of years of history and a belief in fairies, that’s saying something. The hall is open for daily tours from the beginning of June to the beginning of September, and the bravest souls can test their mettle by booking an overnight stay.

Loftus Hall is a large country house, said to be haunted by both a young girl and the Devil himself. One story says a young man, the Devil in disguise, arrived from the sea in the 1600s and caused mental illness among family members. Other stories say members of the Redmond family still haunt the halls of their ancestral home.

13 India’s Bhangarh Fort Is Cursed

Around 150 miles (235 kilometers) from Delhi, in the state of Rajasthan, you’ll find the ruins of Bhangarh Fort. This construction dates from the 1600s. It was built for the younger son of Raja Bhagwant Das, and the area is the subject of all kinds of tales. In one legend, a monk cursed any house built higher than his to have the roof fall in. Even today, the buildings of the fort are roofless. In another version, a wizard adept with black magic fell in love with the princess Ratnavati. When she slighted him, he cursed the fort.

Today, Bhangarh is considered so haunted that no one is allowed to stay overnight in this historic fort city.

12 Winchester Mystery House Might Be A Ghost Sanctuary

The Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose, California. It was once the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of firearm manufacturer William Winchester. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it operates as a tourist attraction.

It’s also rumored to be haunted. Tales about hauntings have circulated since the house was constructed in 1884. It’s said a medium told Sarah Winchester to travel west and construct a house to serve as a sanctuary for those who were victims of her late husband’s invention. If so, Winchester Mystery House might be one of the most beautiful refuges for otherworldly spirits in the United States

11 Mystery And Myth Surround Ireland’s 'Hellfire Club'

The Hellfire Club began as a hunting lodge and meeting place for gentlemen in the early 1700s. Located at the top of Montpelier Hill, the abandoned building now inspires fear in even the residents of Dublin.

It’s said William Connolly ordered the destruction of a burial monument in 1725. That’s just the bad beginning. The lodge roof was destroyed in a storm, and Connolly passed shortly after.

Richard Parsons then founded the Hellfire Club, who met at the lodge and toasted to the Devil. They’d leave an empty chair in case he showed up, and one day, stories say he actually did.

While what’s lore and what’s truth is a bit murky, the Hellfire Club’s hideout is for brave souls only.

10 This Colonial Outpost Is The Site Of Many Spooks

Not truly a house, the Castle of Good Hope is the best-preserved Dutch East India Company fort. It has been restored and moved inland. Constructed between 1666 and 1679, it’s the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa. And, if you know anything about history, it’s easy to see why the Castle of Good Hope might just be full of ghosts.

One famous ghost is Governor van Noodt, who was supposedly cursed by a soldier and is now doomed to haunt the castle forever. Other ghosts include a man who appears to leap from the castle walls, and a disappearing black dog. Occasionally, the bell tower rings, perhaps as a warning to anyone who tries to get too close.

9 Kehoe House Is A Prime Site For Residual Spooks

This historic residence in Savannah, Georgia, is a bed and breakfast. It’s also one of the city’s most haunted houses, attracting ghost hunters and tourists alike. Originally built for Mayor William Kehoe in 1892, it’s known that some of the Kehoe children passed away inside the house. One story says two of the children got stuck in the chimney and never made it out.

Most of the ghosts at Kehoe house don’t interact with visitors. Instead, tourists report the sounds of children playing or the scent of perfumes of the past wafting through the halls.

At least one ghost is rumored to touch visitors, however, especially while they’re lying in bed. It’s not exactly how you’d want to wake up from a nap!

8 Tulsa’s Hex House Draws On Local History For Scares

Oklahoma’s Hex House is an extreme haunted house experience, similar to McKamey Manor and other attractions around the US. The Hex House can boast a history of some real paranormal activity. It takes its cues from a dark chapter of the city’s history.

In 1944, a police investigation discovered a casket in the backyard of a Tulsa residence, along with 2 young women who appeared to be hypnotized. Local Carolann Smith had engaged the women as her servants, promising them a “big payoff” in heaven. Hypnotism and spell-casting were part of Smith’s scheme.

Today’s Hex House is quite different, but the creepy history combined with the thrills and scares of a haunted attraction make it a great stop for thrill-seekers.

7 This Iowan Home Became The Scene Of A Grisly Crime

Some ghost stories from America aren’t as pleasant as the Winchester Mystery House. Take, for example, the Villisca House in Iowa. On the morning of June 10, 1912, an old white frame house became an ugly scene. Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their 4 children, and 2 overnight guests were all 'dealt with' in the house at 508 E Second Street. The person was never caught.

Since then, people have reported visions of a man with an axe, crying children, and other paranormal activity. The home has been restored to its 1912 state, with no electricity of indoor plumbing. Lamplight tours occur from April to November. If you’re truly brave, spring for the overnight experience … if you dare.

6 Sweden’s Borgvattnet Proves Even Holy Places Can Be Spooky

This house is said to be one of the most supernatural locations in all of Sweden. The house was constructed in 1876 as a humble residence for men of the cloth. The first spook was reported about 50 years later, in 1927. The resident vicar began reporting strange happenings.

At Borgvattnet, things are reported to move, screaming is sometimes heard, shadowy figures move through rooms, and an old rocking chair keeps rocking even with no one in it.

Getting to the house is easy. Just grab the bus from Ostersun to Stugun, then on to Borgvattnet. Getting out is another story.

5 Myrtles Plantation’s Exquisite Exterior Hides Otherworldly Activity

Plantation houses are some of the most beautiful historic homes. Beneath their stunning exteriors are often spooky stories about what transpired behind closed doors. Given these histories, it’s little wonder plantation homes are considered prime locations for specters in the US and around the world.

The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is no exception to the rule. Now a tourist attraction offering tours and overnight stays, the house has many legends associated with it. One is Chloe Postcard, a slave girl who appeared in a photo taken in 1992. Chloe allegedly poisoned her master after being punished. Other legends say the house is built over a Native American burial ground.

4 Burg Wolfsegg Has A Funny Name, But A Dark History

This castle is located in the municipality of Wolfsegg, Germany. Despite the odd-sounding name, the 800-year-old castle commands respect among locals. While it may not be as impressive as other European locations you could visit, it’s still a hulking building looming over the tiny town.

It’s also reportedly haunted. The “White Woman” is a legendary ghost said to scare off visitors who pass by. Some say the woman is Klara von Helfenstein. Von Helfenstein was allegedly 'dealt with' by her jealous husband. Soon after, he returned to Wolfsegg, but he and his sons went missing as well. The castle is a museum today, while the woods behind it may also be haunted.

3 You Can Visit Infamous Lizzie Borden House

The tiny town of Fall River, Massachusetts, may not have many tourist attractions, but it does have the infamous Lizzie Borden House. The property at 92 Second Street was the scene of one of the most famous events of the 1800s. In 1892, Andrew Borden and his wife Abby were found deceased in the home, and it was no accident. Lizzie Borden, Andrew’s daughter, was accused of doing it.

Borden was acquitted and the cases were never solved. Today, the house is a bed and breakfast and you can stay in the rooms where the events took place. The room where Abby Borden passed away is said to be the most popular, and of course the most supernaturally spooky.

2 Ghosts Converge On The Ancient Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle is centuries old, which is enough time to accumulate a variety of wraiths and ghost tales. In fact, it’s one of Scotland’s most haunted sites. You can visit for tours of its haunted dungeons.

While you’re here, you’ll likely experience sudden drops in temperature, tugs at your clothing, and even see the shadowy figures of former prisoners from the American Revolutionary War and the Seven Years’ War.

You may also encounter the ghost of dog wandering around the castle’s dog cemetery! A headless drummer is also reported and people sometimes hear spectral drumming, although the ghost is less often seen. His appearance supposedly foretells danger for the castle.

1 Transylvania’s Corvin Castle Is The Prototype For Spooky Houses

You knew Transylvania was going to crop up on this list sooner or later, right? We’d be seriously remiss if we didn’t mention the home of Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory. One of the most haunted locations is Corvin Castle in the 14th-century city of Hunedoara.

This Renaissance-Gothic construction is one of the seven wonders of Romania. Vlad the Impaler was actually held prisoner here, and his father's life was taken by the castle’s owner. A fountain near the castle church was supposedly dug by three Turkish prisoners who perished here. A monk caught spying was allegedly sealed up in one of the castle walls. Even if these rumors aren’t true, Corvin Castle is still an eerie place to visit.

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