Who wouldn't want to have the luxury of being pampered while on vacation? Breakfast in bed, spa treatments, and other perks are just a few of the amenities that help set some hotels apart from others. With the rise of travel sites and other methods of comparing hotels, great value is the key to getting customers. Great hotels know that exemplary and top notch room service bring in guests and convince them to come back time after time. And room service has evolved as travel has. It's not just the traditional wake-up calls and food service anymore. Customer service has had to mature and expand as the hospitality industry has. We're going to take a look at some of the most generous and over the top room service offers that can be found in US hotels.

20 W South Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

This spectacular hotel and resort provides world class hospitality to its guests. Situated in the bustling city of Miami, it provides a sophisticated and relaxing home base for guests to experience a vacation like no other. But it's not just the standards that make this resort different. They take room service to all new levels providing luxurious care. With the 'whatever, whenever' button on your phone you can have anything from customized meals at any hour to personalized activities all delivered directly to your room. The entire team of professionals work hard to deliver whatever their guests could ever need or desire. Come enjoy the fun of Miami and the care of W South Beach.

19 Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Orlando, Florida

Disney draws people from around the world for its magical vacations. With the parks and the hotels, you'll never lack for something to do. It draws people in from every walk of life ranging from families looking for fun together to couples who want a more adult getaway. Many hotels have made their reputations for providing impeccable service after a day spent at the Disney parks. The Waldorf Astoria Orlando provides amazing rooms and amenities, but it also provides an array of in-room dining experiences that may tempt you to never leave your suite. From customizable menus to wine pairings and gourmet chocolate, you'll soon forget you're in your room.

18 Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, San Diego, California

Every music lover knows the name Hard Rock. It has become an icon in restaurants, cafes, gift shops, and bars for years. They pride themselves on providing  great service and fun for any client. The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego lives up to the reputation of the brand. From the moment you walk in the door, you'll be surrounded by great music and food. You can even use the Pick program to jam out on a complimentary Fender guitar in your room or have an amazing culinary experience from the VIP In-Room amenity.

You'll feel like a rock star with the celebrity treatment being offered by this hotel.

17 Kimpton Palladian Hotel, Seattle, Washington

The Kimpton Palladian may not look like a luxury hotel, but this historic building has graced the Seattle skyline since 1910. But don't let its older exterior fool you. This stately hotel provides impeccable, five-star service that will almost convince you not to even leave your room. In addition to standard room service options for meals, you can also order a spa treatment right in your own room. You can also choose your own celebrity, in pillow form, to cuddle up with at night. Between the food, the rooms and the incredible amenities, it's easy to see why the hotel is still drawing crowds. You'll feel pampered and spoiled after a stay here.

16 Pierre Hotel, New York City, New York

New York is a city of bustling energy and excitement. Hotels can be found all around the city with a variety of styles and offers for the millions of people who visit. The Pierre Hotel lives up to its iconic reputation with services that will leave you astonished. One of its best services that it offers is a bespoke three-course meal served ensuite with a beautifully set table and a waiter that is available to serve every course. You will feel like true royalty as you are served an exquisite array of delicious Indian cuisine. If you want to step up the feeling, consider booking a stay in one of the deluxe suites and have the Royal dinner served there.

15 Cavallo Point, San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a gorgeous city that draws crowds from all over the world yearly. There are quite a few different hotels, lodges and resorts that cater to this diverse crowd. Cavallo Point is a luxury lodge that brings historic charm and contemporary style together for fantastic client care. And it goes beyond the suites and amenities that are found. Cavallo Point adds a twist to room service. Along with the standard menu options, you'll be able to add customized drinks to it.

At the resort, you can get a private bartender that will build customized cocktails for you in your suite. You can also have wine and cheese or champagne and chocolates delivered to your room as well.

14 The Benjamin, New York, New York

This fantastic Midtown New York hotel provides upscale guest services for those that truly appreciate the vibe of the city center. Near 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and many other iconic New York sights, The Benjamin will provide a great central location. With impeccable room service featuring world class food and other amenities, this hotel offers one service that places it among the best hotels. It has partnered with a sleep expert to create the Rest and Renew program. The hotel has had its suites designed to promote the best night's sleep possible.

Come enjoy the food, the vibe and the best rest away from home at The Benjamin.

13 The Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a vacationer's dream location. With gorgeous mountains, ski resorts and spectacular scenery, it draws huge crowds. Hotels, resorts and lodges compete for their share of guests. With it being so competitive, every location has to offer something above and beyond the standard. The Little Nell Resort brings room service to epic levels with 24 hour in-room dining. This amenity is elevated by having a full menu as well as custom orders and a full wine selection. If you're not sure what you would like, the dining staff are happy to suggest a pairing to make a perfect meal. You will definitely feel spoiled and pampered at The Little Nell.

12 Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont may not be as well known as some of the other vacation destinations listed here, but with a variety of mountain activities and a true New England feel, it's worth visiting. And Stowe Mountain Lodge is a great place to stay. This stunning lodge is located near Mt. Mansfield in the Green Mountains of Vermont. You'll feel cozy and welcome at the lodge. And you'll find that the staff wants your stay to be the best possible, so they offer amenities that are beyond the normal scope. When it comes to room service, you don't just get the meal. You get a personal chef that will prepare a five-course tasting menu in the privacy of your room.

11 Taj Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

This stunning hotel is situated in the beautiful city of Boston and exemplifies the New England grace and sophistication that is known around the world. The Taj Boston has a stately and gorgeous appearance that is seen both inside and out. Subtle style and comfort can be seen everywhere and you will be treated as treasured guests. With a complete in-room dining menu, you never have to leave your room if you don't want to. And Taj Boston adds a special touch, a Fireplace Butler.

You will have your own personal butler that will build and light your fire with your own choice of a large selection of wood. You'll never forget your perfect fireside dinner.

10 Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma is a vibrant, artsy, cultural city that welcomes tourists to come and relax. With a wide variety of restaurants, museums, and other activities, you will definitely enjoy a visit. You'll have a huge selection of hotels to choose from which means you'll have your choice of amenities to take advantage of. Hotel Murano offers impeccable room service with more than food on its menu. You'll have your choices from their pillow menu, book menu, and even pet options for your furry family members. You'll have every luxury that they can provide you with at the other end of your telephone. Come visit this fascinating city and let Hotel Murano take care of you every evening.

9 Omni Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city of history and culture that is also modern and vibrant. Visitors can enjoy the charm of the historic buildings and gorgeous scenery of the south end or the modern vibe of uptown. With all the exploring that can be done, guests of this wonderful city will need a great place to unwind. The Omni Hotel will provide exemplary customer care in a great location. The Omni provides room service that is a step beyond the traditional dine-in option. Not only can you get meals at any time, you can also get spa treatments in the comfort of your room. Get pampered in the privacy of your suite and feel like a VIP guest.

8 Nobu Hotel, Miami, Florida

Miami Beach is a hotspot for fun in the sun and dancing at night. The amazing variety of cultures that have blended to create the unique vibe of this fun city will provide an endless array of activities. Miami Beach offers a huge amount of hotels, bars, and restaurants, so you'll never lack for somewhere to be. Nobu Hotel offers its guests the warm welcome and great customer care that will have you coming back for more. Instead of standard room service, Nobu offers the option of a personal butler at an additional fee. You could have someone available to tend to your needs through your stay for anything from drinks to packing and unpacking to let you completely relax.

7 The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that thrives on tourism and hospitality. You will find a hotel on practically every corner of every street. When most of the city is built around tourism, hotels have to roll out all the stops to keep guests happy. The Cosmopolitan offers their take on room service. With a full menu including curated items and a selection of wine, beer, and spirits as well as an assortment of unbelievable desserts.

The hotel prides itself on its house-made signature chocolates that pair beautifully with a great bottle of champagne. Enjoy living it up Vegas style at The Cosmopolitan.

6 Hotel deLuxe, Portland, Oregon

This beautiful hotel has truly gone to the dogs and the cats. As one of Portland's pet friendly hotels, The deLuxe has an entire room service amenity that caters to the four legged guests. The rooms that are set up for VIPs (Very Important Pets according to the hotel's website) have eco-friendly pet beds. These furry guests can be treated to their own room service menu.

Guests can check out books on animals including books on dog massage and pet psychology. Your pets will feel as pampered as you do as you enjoy the comforts of the hotel during your stay in Portland.

5 Hotel ICON, Houston, Texas

Texas hospitality is well known. People from all over the world comment on the friendliness and warmth of the Lone Star State. Houston is no exception to the rule. With an abundance of museums, theaters, restaurants, and bars, guests to this city will find plenty to do. And Hotel Icon will continue the welcome. With a full room service dining menu to choose from and in-suite spa options, you may find that you'll spend a bit of time relaxing in the beautiful rooms being spoiled and taken care of. You'll have access to great concierge service and even valet laundry. Hotel Icon will definitely leave you thrilled to visit Houston.

4 Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, New York

This beautiful resort in the Hudson Valley town of New Paltz will make your trip an unforgettable vacation. New Paltz is a gorgeous city that offers farmer's markets, arts and theaters and fantastic outdoor activities. Enjoy the scenery of the Hudson Valley that surrounds the resort as you take a prepared picnic. When you have finished the day, you'll be able to relax at the hotel. For a romantic touch, the hotel offers an amazing menu of enhancements such as chocolates and wine, flowers and a cheese and wine plate as well as other options. You'll feel like you have taken a romantic getaway with all the special touches that Mohonk offers.

3 Chatwal Hotel, New York, New York

Manhattan is known for elegance and sophistication with a world class array of art and cultural destinations. Hotels in this borough of New York must be able to provide the same level of luxurious hospitality or they won't last. The Chawtal lives up to its reputation. The hotel provides luxury amenities for every suite and one service that takes it to a much higher level. The hotel has paired with LOCALIKE New York, a personalized travel planning service, to create the ultimate bespoke private itineraries for guests that are inspired by the hotel's Crown Suites. You will never forget the truly unique vacation that you'll receive in this luxury Manhattan hotel.

2 Hotel Teatro, Denver, Colorado

In the heart of Denver, Hotel Teatro offers four-star elegance for visitors to the Mile High City. You'll be able to enjoy the attractions that Denver has to offer. After walking the city and taking in the culture and the vibe, you'll feel immediately welcomed as you walk in the lobby. From in-suite dining options to custom packages that help create the ultimate vacation, romantic getaway, or a staycation you'll be able to experience all that Denver has to offer. Take advantage of the Bed and Breakfast package to relax or treat your special someone to a package that includes a bottle of Prosecco and champagne glasses you get to keep.

1 International Hotel and Tower, New York, New York

New York has a vital and energetic vibe that has brought tourists from around the world for decades and still does. With an incredible art and theater scene and a huge selection of restaurants and bars, you'll never lack for anything to do. So luxury and decadence is something that hotels need to offer. This New York hotel provides world-class service. One of the most extravagant services is the in-suite chef. With advanced notice, a chef will prepare a multi-c0urse gourmet meal in the comfort of your own suite. Along with programs to pamper your kids and your pets, the entire family will never forget their stay.

Hotels have had to step up the services they offer travelers. With travel sites helping people find the best values, luxury hotels have to find ways to compete with the lower costs. Offering amenities and services that are beyond the scope of the traditional room service is what will elevate a hotel in the eyes of the guests.