20 Glaring Problems With Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a very popular company that a lot of people tend to use when they need to travel from one destination to the other. But, just like most other companies, they are not immune to business problems. Surprisingly enough, Southwest is practically plagued with PR nightmares regularly.

According to airlinereporter.com, there are some people who simply do not enjoy flying with them for various reasons, and one of them is the fact that they have humorous ways of announcing things, which could make announcements hard to understand for those who are not fluent in English.

There are plenty of other issues with the company as well. Here are some of the biggest issues that have been connected to Southwest Airlines over the years.

20 The Company Uses Boeing Airplanes


Southwest Airlines planes usually last about 11 years before they can’t be used anymore, which is surprising since the airline uses Boeing airplanes, according to traveltips.usatoday.com. For those who do not know, Boeing aircraft have been connected to lots of controversies, which has not been very good for the company.

19 They Once Had To Sell One Of Their Planes


According to npr.org, things have not always gone so well for the company as far as finances go. They once had to sell one of their very own airplanes before the company had even lasted one year. They got this issue all sorted out. Things are different for them now.

18 The Company Started Out With A Different Name


According to southwest.com, this company is now referred to as Southwest Airlines. But that was not always the case. The company actually used to be referred to as Air Southwest Company. The name change probably did the company some good, since Southwest Airlines sounds better than the original name did.

17 Many Of Their Planes Are Out Of Service Every Single Day


There are lots of problems with Southwest Airlines, and one of them has something to do with how many of their airplanes are actually out of order every day. According to cw39.com, the company has about twenty airplanes that out of service each day, which can be inconvenient for travelers.

16 They Recently Cancelled Lots Of Flights


According to cw39.com, the company had to cancel a lot of flights recently. Anyone who has ever had one of their flights delayed knows that this is never fun to have to deal with. This happened because 40 of their airplanes were out of order, and therefore they couldn’t fly.

15 Not Everyone Is A Big Fan Of The Seating System They Use


They have a different seating system than other airlines do, and people have some mixed feelings about it. According to cheatsheet.com, there are many people who are not a fan of the fact that they do not assign seats to people. They separate people in groups and let them choose.

14 The Airline Is Harsh On Customers Who Check In Late


The seating system they use requires customers to check-in 24 hours in advance. According to cheatsheet.com, those who get do this later than they should often get stuck with seats that they are not happy with, which is never something that is fun for any traveler to deal with.

13 Flight Delays Are Very Common With Them


Flight delays are very annoying for most people. Travelers who want to ensure that they can avoid something like this during their trip should probably try to avoid flying with Southwest Airlines. According to cheatsheet.com, this company is prone to having things like that happen fairly often, which isn’t cool.

12 They Have An Old Operating Fleet


According to cheatsheet.com, Southwest Airlines uses an old operating fleet, which isn’t always something customers want to hear. But an interesting fact is that there is one other company that uses an older one, which is Allegiant Airlines. Their operating fleet is six years older than the one Southwest uses.

11 The Company Only Bought Different Airplanes For A Little While


Southwest Airlines has a lengthy history with Boeing 737 aircrafts since they have been using them exclusively for the most part. But according to boldmethod.com, they did not always use that model. There was a time when the company used 727s instead. They went back to 737s in the 1980s.

10 They Were Once Accused Of Landing At The Wrong Airport


Landing at the wrong airport would be terrible, and some people who have used Southwest Airlines know exactly how that feels. According to inc.com, the company got in some trouble for taking their passengers to the wrong airport, and someone even sued them for doing this. They sued for $74,999.

9 Some Passengers Had To Sit On A Plane That Was Filled With Smoke For Two Hours


During one unfortunate moment on a Southwest Airlines flight, some of the passengers that were on it had to deal with a pretty annoying situation. According to inc.com, passengers had to sit around in a smoke-filled aircraft for two hours before they got off of it, which doesn’t sound fun.

8 They’re One Of The Least Liked Airlines


There are some airlines that people really love, but there are also some that lots of people do not prefer to use. According to cheatsheet.com, Southwest Airlines is one of the companies that some people skip when they’re deciding who they want to fly with. Others are SkyWest and Hawaiian.

7 The Company Charges A Bit More For Airfare Than Some Others Do


There are lots of reasons why people have unpleasant thoughts about Southwest Airlines. According to cheatsheet.com, people really do not appreciate the fact that they are rather expensive in comparison to other airlines. Airfare with this company is not very cheap, which makes it hard for some people to get.

6 They Don’t Have Any Premium Class Seats


According to cheatsheet.com, this company does not have any premium class seats, which is another reason why they found themselves amongst the most disliked airlines in the business. But that’s not the only reason why they are not very popular amongst travelers. This company has a lot to work on.

5 The Left Engine In One Of Their Airplanes Exploded


According to cheatsheet.com, there was a time when one of the engines in an airplane that was used during a Southwest Airlines flight exploded. Apparently, it was the plane’s left engine. When that happened, passengers on the plane heard a very loud noise, which was alarming.

4 One Woman Had A Terrifying Experience


When one of the engines exploded during a flight, one woman experienced something really terrifying. According to cheatsheet.com, a window broke during the ordeal, and the woman sitting next to it was sucked out a bit before she was pulled back into the plane. The other passengers helped her.

3 They Were Accused Of Lying On Safety Reports


Southwest Airlines has been accused of some questionable things, including lying when it comes to their safety reports. According to ibtimes.com, these reports are very important. They let people know whether or not it is safe to fly with that particular airline, so this got Southwest Airlines into some trouble.

2 Some Of The Employees Are Pretty Careless When It Comes To Baggage


Southwest Airlines usually hires some awesome people to deal with their customers, but their staff is not always perfect. According to ibtimes.com, there was one occasion during which a baggage handler threw a bag that had someone’s live fish inside of it. He did the same with others as well.

1 One Lady Was Dragged Off Of One Of Their Planes


One woman had an allergy to a certain type of pet, and she ended up being pulled off of the plane. According to nbcnews.com, the flight crew tried to tell the woman that she could not stay on the plane because she did not have a certificate that was needed.

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