20 Getaways So Relaxing Even Men Will Want To Get Pampered

Everyone wants something different when looking at taking a short vacation or embarking on a getaway trip from every day life. However, there are some common elements when thinking about the best possible destination. Many people hope to spend some time relaxing on a getaway. The average person has a desire to unwind and enjoy the simple joys of life when taking off to forget about the monotonous routine that can become synonymous with our work schedules. Guys sometimes tend to brush off the desire to have a relaxing getaway in places that used to be deemed more aimed towards women. Times are changing, and everyone can use a nice getaway.

Spas and retreats offer great spots to unwind and relax for a few days. We will look at some of the best ones along with other places that offer great relaxation experiences for everyone. Ladies will have a great time at these spots and guys will love to join them for the fun that comes along with it. The experiences are things that will help contribute to feeling refreshed and energized when returning to normal life. It is why everyone should indulge if possible. Find out the best spots with twenty getaways so relaxing even guys will want to get pampered there.

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20 Ame Spa and Wellness Collective at Turnberry Isle Miami


Miami is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States and has a lot of fun ways to spend your time. The Ame Spa and Wellness Collective may be the most relaxing method when it comes to a weekend getaway.

Body therapy is the focus of this place as they try to ensure you leave feeling better than ever. It offers the usual spa-like massages but there are other unique options like visiting the salt room, flotation tank or getting a Fijian body butter massage. All the activities offered are meant to give you a relaxing getaway from everyday life.

19 Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin


One of the highest rated getaway experiences takes place in Wisconsin at the Sundara Inn & Spa. The quiet life in Wisconsin is taken to another level when visiting the spa designed for peaceful and relaxing moments.

Unlike many other spas, the Sundara Inn & Spa is adults-only to avoid children from coming with families to make the experience louder than desired. The location of a pine forest adds a beautiful scenery when enjoying the outdoors. There is even a unique Purifying Bath Ritual that provides the most relaxing bath experience. Sundara Inn & Spa has a lot of praise for creating a great relaxation getaway.

18 Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming


Wyoming hosts one of the top ranches for those wanting a combination of relaxing and active fun. There are many treatment rooms designed to deliver the ideal massage or healing techniques to improve any physical ailments.

Each spa package has a different set of activities for the customer to select for an ideal experience. One of the most popular packages gives you a private hike map, guided meditation, a long yoga session and a long massage each coinciding with each other. Couples tend to have the most fun with a spa package like this as it gives both partners something they like while getting to spend time together.

17 Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas


The Lake Austin Spa is a fun setting for anyone to spend a weekend getaway. While staying in the Lakehouse spa, there are many activities for those looking to unwind on such a trip. Lake Austin Spa is described as having a combination of both ancient and new age therapeutic techniques.


There are the usual fun things typically marketed towards women like manicures and pedicures. Men are often impressed by the floating meditation and inner strength massages. It provides a great experience for anyone due to the variety of activities all designed to help us relax for an ideal getaway.

16 The Biltmore Santa Barbara in California


The Biltmore Santa Barbara is one of the more expensive weekend getaways, but it is certainly worth the price for those that can afford it. Reviews all indicate that the folks to take the leap of faith of paying top dollar received a great experience for their costs.

The pools, treatment rooms, relaxation space and other activities all take place in the massive location of 12,000 square feet. Beautiful views from the room even present a more relaxing sleeping method. Some people pass on taking a big vacation to a different country and end up at the Biltmore Santa Barbara to completely unwind.

15 C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado


The unique name of the C Lazy U Ranch makes it stand out unlike any other. It is a combination of a ranch and a resort appealing to everyone's interests. Some of the more relaxing activities are topped by massage tents suspended over water with glass floors for a breathtaking view while getting the massage.

Horseback riding and mountain biking are also offered if you prefer a bit more activity to unwind on such a trip. The C Lazy U Ranch does a great job to make sure everyone has a good time there regardless of your interests when it comes to a getaway.

14 Hidden Pond Resort in Maine


The Hidden Pond Resort is an outstanding source of relaxation at a getaway for those in Maine or looking to take a trip there. No one would accuse Maine of being a tourist hotspot which makes it even more appealing for those wanting a relaxing getaway without big crowds.

A unique setup of a walkway woven located between trees is the path to the treetop treatment rooms. This is a huge perk to being located in a birch forest. The bamboo therapy massage is considered one of its most enjoyable experiences. You can get in touch with nature while relaxing in a controlled environment at the Hidden Pond Resort.

13 Topnotch Resort in Vermont


The Topnotch Resort is a beloved getaway spot in Vermont with its ability to entertain folks with different methods. One popular relaxation package is the Restorative Pathway Package giving us the fun of massages, facials and a custom healing session meant to appeal to your needs.

A more action-packed option is the Active Pathway Package. Many guys especially love this one for the combination of a personal training session before a massage. Couples typically like to indulge in both packages on different days to get the most of a trip together during a weekend at the Topnotch Resort in beautiful Vermont.

12 Spa Montage Beverly Hills in California


The location of Beverly Hills should already tell you how fancy this resort spa is. Spa Montage Beverly Hills is considered one of the best spa locations in the entire state of California thanks to a wide array of activities to enjoy.

via:Condé Nast Traveler

The luxury hotel spa has a mineral pool meant to help you unwind on a getaway. Massages, facials and manicures are always enjoyed here with options to get them at all times. Some people even like to get away from the getaway spot by heading to Rodeo Drive to shop. You get fun from all angles at the Spa Montage in Beverly Hills.

11 The Spa at Norwich Inn in Connecticut


One great weekend getaway location with great deals is The Spa at Norwich Inn located in Connecticut. There are often great sales for those wanting to book a fun trip at a spa on the East Coast. The Spa at Norwich Inn certainly gives you a great bang for your buck with fun activities in a beautiful location.

An impressive 37 treatment rooms give you the option to get massages, hit up the sauna or get hand and foot therapies. Another highly regarded aspect of staying at The Spa at Norwich Inn is the daily afternoon wine tasting and/or tea tasting fun.

10 Amangiri in Utah


A higher priced getaway spot is the Amangiri located in Utah. The 5-star hotel/resort sees its customers to indulge in true relaxation for a few days while escaping from the rest of the world. It is considered a luxurious experience with the most ideal activities.


Many resorts offer the option to meditate, but Amangiri allows you to do it in a pool where the water and air each match your body temperature. There are normal pools and saunas that are considered top of the line for any resort. Basically, you get to do everything relaxing like any other resort except with perks amped up to extents designed for pure bliss.

9 Woodstock Inn and Resort in Vermont


Woodstock Inn and Resort is another fantastic option for a getaway located in Vermont. There are many beautiful things to do in the area no matter which part of the year you make your trip. Summer months provide the fun charm of walking around the Green Mountains while winter delivers the option to ski.

The traditional spa-activities-like treatment rooms and healing methods are in play all year long when staying at the Woodstock Inn and Resort. It considered an ideal spot for meditation fanatics to get a great peace of mind in such a serene environment of tranquility.

8 Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa in California


Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa is another great one located in California. Unlike the others in the big state, it is a bit more affordable for the average person to getaway from the busy area for a few days. The special meditation room will help anyone find their inner self as it is designed for such an experience.

Other fun things like a eucalyptus-infused steam room and salt pools give each person visiting enough time to fit in a wide array of activities all meant to provide relaxation. It is hard to find a better value for a California getaway than the Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa.

7 Waldorf Astoria in Chicago


Chicago is one of the busiest cities in Chicago and it often is difficult to find a getaway location for true relaxation. The luxury hotel of the Waldorf Astoria provides that due to its extremely impressive spa for a getaway experience.

It has a lap pool, health club and highly regarded spa treatments. They even created The Signature Massage that is designed for each person after personalizing it for their needs. The reviews for the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago makes it a special getaway location for men, women and couples in the area. Kids are even allowed for those wanting a family getaway.

6 Hammock Beach Resort in Florida


This specific resort is meant to appeal towards all ages with the wide array of activities. Anyone visiting the Hammock Beach Resort is in luck when it comes to wanting a relaxing spa experience. There are great massage options along with the salon services marketed towards ladies.

Guys are often won over by the special amenities like the water park and golf courses. Family trips often see the kids enjoying the water slide while the parents relax with golf, massages and facials to get out of the often-mundane routine of everyday life. Hammock Beach Resort is a top tier option for a getaway of spoiling in Florida.

5 AIRE Ancient Baths in New York


New York City is an extremely difficult place to find a tranquil environment to experience serenity. However, AIRE Ancient Baths provides the perfect place to get away from the loud streets, overpacked subways and unbearable traffic.


The eucalyptus-infused steam room is an experience many New Yorkers find relaxation in. One of the most popular experiences is the Himalayan Salt Experience of a thermal bath described as “high detoxifying, energizing, and stress-relieving power.” AIRE Ancient Baths is unlike any other getaway in New York City as it feels like you’re in a completely different location away from the busiest city in the world when indulging in a thermal bath.

4 JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek


This luxury hotel in Denver gives us one of the top getaway destinations in the country. The JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek location presents a relaxing place to stay thanks to the immensely vast variety of activities one can do during their time there.

Many of the rooms offer a beautiful panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains to always put you in a good mood. Relaxing pampering methods include an extremely highly rated on-site Antoine du Chez Salon and Spa. There are also more active forms of relaxing fun with beautiful paths designed for biking or jogging. The best of both worlds makes it a great getaway spot.

3 Stonewater Cove and Resort Spa in Missouri


The Stonewater Cove and Resort Spa is a beloved getaway in Missouri. It is located towards the shoreline of Table Rock Lake for a beautiful scenery. Many people love to swim in the clean freshwater lake offered as part of the resort spa.

There are also more intense forms of relaxation for the thrill seekers out there with ATV riding and hiking in the forest as activities at Stonewater Cove. The spa is also met with great reviews due to many people loving the massages and treatments offered. It is rather pricy which comes with the territory for such a luxurious getaway.

2 Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego


The Spa at Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a rare five-star rated spa in the United States. Many people in San Diego rave about this getaway location for the therapeutic massages and deep cleansing facials offered. Each activity is designed to provide a great experience on its own at Fairmont Grand Del Mar rather than having to tie in together.

The saunas and relaxation add other dynamics for those wanting to unwind utilizing those amenities. Everything offered at the spa has a great reputation for helping folks relax and enjoy their time away from everyday life. Regardless of gender, everyone has a good time at Fairmont Grand Del Mar.

1 Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania


One under the radar getaway spot located in Farmington, Pennsylvania often convinces both members of a couple to take the trip together. The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has something for everyone regardless of interests.


Wellness retreats are often offered with great spa treatments like herbal wraps and spa reflexology. If someone doesn’t like the traditional spa activities, there are more unique options like a zip-line or a safari. The safari cart takes you on a trail to see animals such as the bengal tiger, bears and lions. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is one getaway where you can get a herbal wrap, zip-line and go on a safari in the same day.

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