When we think of Rome, we think of the colosseum, pizza and of course, gelato. There's nothing better than refreshingly smooth gelato to cool you down on a hot day in Rome. Fortunately, there are countless gelato shops (or gelaterias) and gelato stands in Rome. In fact, you could probably find one on every street. So, why is gelato so popular? Well, it's made with a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream and egg yolks than ice cream. It's also churned at a much slower rate which reduces the amount of air pockets, making it denser than ice cream.

But, our favorite thing about gelato (besides the delicious taste) is the fact that it has lower fat content than ice cream! That's right—you don't need to feel as guilty when eating this cool treat. And when you're in a hot location (such as Rome), you may need to eat it at least twice a day!

But with all the options in Rome, it can be hard to choose which gelateria to visit. We can assure you that they're all good (because there is no such thing as bad gelato). But, there are a select few that stand out for their natural ingredients and wild flavors. Here are 20 gelato shops in Rome that you need to visit for their amazing flavors! Let’s make it a challenge to see how many flavors you can try!

20 I Caruso - The zabaglione is a must-try

Since its opening in 2009, I Caruso has been a hit with locals and tourists. Some bloggers have even gone so far as to call it the best gelateria brand in Rome. What makes I Caruso so special? For starters, the gelato is made on-site with fresh ingredients (and you can view the process through a glass window). The flavors are also heavenly and constantly changing, with previous options including biscotti, tiramisu, mandarin orange and zabaglione (cream and marsala wine). The latter is available year-round, thanks to its popularity. The prices at I Caruso are reasonable, too, ranging from two to four USD.

19 Günther Rohregger Gelato - over 40 flavors to choose from

The best gelato shops in Rome have earned their reputation thanks to their use of real ingredients and flavors. In other words, when you try hazelnut gelato at one of these shops, you're getting a taste of real hazelnuts. Günther Rohregger Gelato is no exception. This gelateria uses the most pure water in Europe (Fonte Plose), organic milk, chocolates from Peru and hazelnuts from Piedmont. And the flavors are to die for! Günther Rohregger Gelato offers buffalo milk with pink peppercorns, pine tree essence, and dark chocolate with rosemary and Caprese (mozzarella, tomatoes and basil). There are over 40 flavors to choose from, including the traditional ones such as pistachio and tiramisu.

18 Otaleg - offers 60 flavours at any given time

Otaleg is a well-known gelateria which makes use of organic ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce. One of the best things about the shop is that it offers 60 flavours at any given time. Well, that might not be such a great thing if you're bad at making food-based decisions quickly. But, you can always visit the shop multiple times during your stay in Rome.

Some of their most popular and unique flavors include: mango chocolate chip, cassata (ricotta with fruit) and pistachio-basil. You can also get gelato infused with alcohol! There literally is something for everyone at Otaleg.

17 Nevi Di Latte - you can see the gelato being made from scratch

At Nevi de Latte, you can see the gelato being made from scratch and may even have the chance to speak to gelato master, Simone Romano. The ingredients used in their smooth gelato can only be described as the best of the best and include Amadei chocolate, Peruvian bananas, local organic produce and Parisi eggs. The gelato is beautifully displayed with a sign listing each ingredient and you’ll probably be tempted to buy more than just one serving. While the gelato has classic flavors such as hazelnut and raspberry, it also has unique flavours like vinaigrette and Tuscan pine nuts.

16 La Gourmandise - non-lactose options

La Gourmandise is the spot to visit if you want just as many non-lactose options as dairy ones. Some of their unique lactose flavours include thyme and lemon cream, wild fennel in sour cherry sauce, lavender and ginger, eggnog, and saffron with crispy walnuts. Some non-lactose flavors are: honey mango, green apple and sage and apricot flavored with cinnamon, orange and juniper. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the texture of the gelato at La Gourmandise—chances are that it’ll be unlike any other gelato you’ve had. And don’t feel guilty for going back for seconds or even thirds. You won’t be the only one!

15 Fatamorgana - expect creative flavors every time you visit

There are about five Fatamorgana shops scattered across Rome. So, you're in luck if you want a taste of their renowned gelato. Although the shop changes its flavors frequently, you can expect creative flavors every time you visit. Past flavors have included black rice, avocado, white wine and chocolate infused with wasabi. But, their bestseller is basil, nuts and honey. You've really got to taste these flavors to believe they exist. And if you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, not to worry! This gelateria has your back, with their dairy-free options and gluten-free cones. No one should have to miss out on amazing gelato!

Besides gelato, Fatamorgana also sells chocolate sorbets made with toasted hazelnuts and coffee. Sounds like every chocolate lover’s dream!

14 Gelarmony - Gelato looks like works of art

If you're a dessert lover, Gelarmony just might be your slice of heaven on earth. The shop's menu is filled with everything from gelato to cannoli and tiramisu mousse. But, we're mainly interested in the gelato (for the purpose of this list). So, what can you expect? For starters, you can expect two separate cases: one with typical high-quality gelato and one dedicated to high-quality soy gelato. You'll find flavors such as banana, new wine, cannoli and orange ginger. Not only does the gelato here taste amazing, but they look like works of art, too. So, get your camera (and appetite) ready.

13 Fior di Luna - you can expect some amazing chocolate-flavored gelato

Fior di Luna, located in the quaint neighborhood of Trastevere, is more than a gelato shop. It is an experience to be enjoyed. The store produces their own raw chocolate bars, made from Domori and Valrhona cocoa. Of course, then, you can expect some amazing chocolate-flavored gelato (which you can spike with rum, chilli or Sichuan peppers). Other notable flavors include peanut butter, kiwi, walnut and honey and sweet persimmon.

Once you grab your gelato (and some chocolate bars), we suggest going for a stroll outside to truly enjoy it. The shop has no tables, but there are some seats if you must rest your feet.

12 Come Il Latte - renowned for having the creamiest Gelato in Rome

Instagram kings and queens, we've got your back. Come Il Latte is the perfect spot to pose with your gelato before eating it. The shop's walls are lined with old-fashioned milk bottles, the floors are black and white and the menus are written on a chalkboard. The gelato itself lives up to the hype of the aesthically-pleasing décor, too. The ingredients come from all around the world, with vanilla from Madagascar and cinnamon from Ceylon. And their gelato is renowned for being the creamiest in Rome. Some of the wonderful flavors sold here are caramel with pink Himalayan salt, pineapple and basil and strawberry cheesecake. There are also chocolate fountains so you can add some extra sweetness to your scoops!

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, you may recognize Il Gelato San Crispino. It's the gelato shop that Julia Roberts' character visited in Eat, Pray, Love. That alone makes the trip (and rather long wait in line) worth it.

The shop's signature flavor is San Crispino with strawberry honey from Sardinia. But, if you're feeling extra adventurous, you may be inclined to try their other flavors, which include whisky, ginger and cinnamon, cocoa with clement rum and fresh walnut with dried fig. So, who's ready to eat some gelato? Just pray that you won't have to wait too long for seconds and fall in love with San Crispino! We know we are!

10 Giolotti - Opened Since 1900

Giolotti is one of the oldest and most popular gelato shops in Rome, serving up its delectable desserts since 1900. So, what about this gelateria is so special that it has lasted over a century and has been visited by famous actors? Well, as expected, the ingredients are all of high quality and the gelato tastes like heaven. But, the presentation is also Instagram-worthy. From gelato sandwiches to gelato on a stick and slices of gelato cake, Giolotti has it all.

You can ask for up to three flavors on a medium cone, including Nutella (which apparently tastes just like the real thing!), Oreo, pink grapefruit, cinnamon and Bailey's.

9 Gelateria dei Gracchi - The Best Place To Buy Gelato In Rome (Anthony Bourdain)

The late food critic, Anthony Bourdain, actually chose Gelateria dei Gracchi as the best place to buy gelato in Rome. So, you can be sure that it's amazing. The shop now has four convenient locations in Rome, too, with their most recent being near the famous Piazza Navona. So, you really have no excuse for not visiting! The true challenge is in deciding which flavors to try and how many scoops you'll get.

Some of their non-traditional flavors include toasted almond, fig and ricotta and pear. They also use natural ingredients, so you don't need to worry about artificial flavors, artificial colors or even hydrogenated fats.

8 Gelateria Fassi - Founded in 1880

Founded in 1880, Gelateria Fassi is Rome's oldest gelato shop and one of its largest, too. The fact that it has managed to survive so long is a testament to its greatness. The gelateria has all of the classic flavors, including chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut. But, they also have some cool flavors, such as rice, coconut, coffee and liquorice. But, that's not all. Our favorite thing about Gelateria Fassi is that it provides gelato in many different forms beyond the typical cone or cup. We'd recommend their tartufo, ninetto (gelato on a stick) and tronchetti (gelato cake in the shape of a small log).

7 Frigo - a vintage ice cream van that travels around the capital

Frigo stands out from other locations mentioned in this list because it is a vintage ice cream van that travels around the capital. You can find out where it'll be on any given day by checking out their Facebook page. Frigo also now has a permanent location on Via Marmorato, which has a tunnel leading to a vault filled with white barrels, bricks and tables.

Frigo sells many traditional flavors, such as pineapple, strawberry, biscuit, stracciatella and vanilla. But, the shop also sells unique experimental flavors such as wasabi, black cherry and salted peanuts. Additionally, Frigo sells cakes, hot chocolate and other delicious pastries.

6 Il Gelato di Claudio Torce - over 40 different flavors

With their gelato being described as smooth, light and full of flavor, Il Gelato di Claudio Torce is one of the must-try gelaterias in Rome. The flavors offered here are unbelievable, with Szechuan pepper, black sesame, celery cream, carrot, Gorgonzala (a type of Italian blue cheese) and Habanero on the menu. There are also 12 kinds of chocolate, for all of you chocolate lovers out there!

The shop has two locations in Rome (one at Viale dell'Aeronautica and another at Viale Aventino) and each offers over 40 different flavors at prices that won't hurt your wallet. How many flavors do you think you can try during your stay in Rome?

5 Gelateria del Teatro - Nothing Better

Gelateria del Teatro is known for its interesting flavor combinations. Out of the 40 available flavors, some of their more interesting options include lavender with white peaches, red wine, rosemary with honey and garden sage with raspberry. The shops also sell other delicious treats like chocolate-covered citrus peels and chocolate truffles.

You can test your taste buds at either of their two locations in Rome. But, we recommend their original location on the cobblestoned Via dei Coronari. Please tell us what is better than sitting on a staircase on a picturesque street in Rome while eating flavorful, creamy gelato…we’ll wait.

4 Frigidarium - Savor The Unique Flavor (And Dip Your Gelato)

Located near Piazza Navona, Frigidarium is a must-visit gelateria during a day out in the heart of the city. Their flavors include ginger, chocolate orange, liquorice, mint, green tea, Florentine cream and their house "frigidarium" flavor (which is a mixture of caramel and chocolate topped with a full-sized cookie). You also have the option of dipping your gelato into melted chocolate, but we only recommend this if you are a true chocolate lover. Otherwise, you'll want to savor the unique flavors offered by Frigidarium.

The shop also sells other desserts, including fruit sorbets, pies, tiramisu, cassata puffs and more.

3 Gelateria del Pigneto - Don't let the small size of the shop fool you

Gelateria del Pigneto is the hidden gem of gelaterias on this list. It is located on Via Pesaro in Rome and has no fancy marketing whatsoever. That's why we've made it our duty to tell you all about it. Although the shop is small, it offers a variety of flavors on its ever-changing menu. You'll have your pick of the traditional flavors, such as hazelnut, pistachio and strawberry. But, you'll also have the rare opportunity to try wild flavors such as pear, carob, cardamom, jasmine and acacia flower. If you're stuck on what to choose, simply ask the owner for his recommendation. Are you as intrigued as we are?

2 Gelateria Artigianale Corona - Get A Kick From The Herbs And Spices

Inside the small Gelateria Artigianale Corona, you'll find two rows of gelato flavors based on seasonal ingredients. There's a twist, though. Many of the flavors are given a kick with the unlikely addition of herbs and spices. So, you'll find raspberry ginger, lemon and honey infused with turmeric, orange with a hint of chilli and lemon with basil. That sounds more like a garden store list than a gelateria menu, doesn't it? But, you can bet that these flavors all taste amazing!

In addition to gelato, Corona also serves granita (Sicilian iced slushy). We've heard that the watermelon flavor is the ultimate refresher on a hot day.

1 Della Palma Gelateria - over 150 flavors of gelato!

Have you thought of a gelato flavor that hadn't yet been mentioned on this list? Don't worry, there's still one more gelateria we need to let you know about and chances are, they'll have that flavor you're thinking about. In fact, they'll probably have some flavors you haven't even thought about. That's because they sell over 150 flavors of gelato! Della Palma Gelateria is a brightly-colored shop that is always busy, thanks to its enormous selection of gelato. Some of the flavors you'll find here include: passionfruit, pomegranate, peanut butter, watermelon, lemon pie, KitKat, Smarties and champagne.

Source: romeing.it, foodandwine.com