Parenthood doesn’t have to be a reason to give up travel - but seeing the world with a kid or two in tow is definitely a different experience than doing it solo! Forget packing light, for one thing. Everyone knows that just taking a small child out of the house usually means bringing an extra few bags, and going across the country (or out of it) seems to mean bringing enough to warrant a small pack mule just to carry it all. From toys and entertainment to keep them occupied on the plane and in the hotel, to all those extra clothes and accessories, there’s a lot to think about.

Thankfully, though, there are some incredible gadgets available these days to make sure that traveling with children doesn’t have to be an ordeal. From the best ways to keep them happy at the airport and on a plane, to fold away strollers, high chairs and beds so that you don’t have to rely on hotels and restaurants to provide them, these brilliant products take the stress out of travel for parents, and keep kids happy and healthy far from home. Now, if only they could invent something to guarantee that the airline never loses your luggage…

20 Jet Kids BedBox

This amazing little suitcase should be at the top of the list for any parent of small children who spends time in the air. The BedBox is a suitcase that kids can ride, meaning that they can have fun scooting along through the terminal - and that parents don’t have to carry their kid’s hand luggage and their own. However, the really unique aspect of the BedBox is that when in the airplane seat, it folds out to create a leg rest for bigger kids or a bed for smaller children, allowing them to get some much needed sleep, or just to fly with a little more comfort.

19 Portable High Chair

While most restaurants in North America will be able to provide diners with a high chair, that’s not always the case the world over - and it’s certainly not something guaranteed to be provided by all hotels, Airbnbs, friends you might stay with, or at airport lounges. Portable high chairs (like the Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster) fold down to an impressively compact size, and are easy to pop up so that young children can have somewhere to sit during mealtimes, wherever you are. A removable tray means easy feeding - or just a great spot for playtime that can be quickly cleaned up and stored away again.

18 Portable Toddler Air Mattress

Whether you are camping or staying in a hotel, it’s a great idea to bring along your own air mattress that is just the right size for a little one, like the Shrunks Indoor Toddler Bed. This teeny tiny air mattress (that comes with its own electric pump) is the perfect solution to hotels that don’t have cot options ready and waiting… or that do, but the cot provided is so uncomfortable that there is no way your child is going to get any sleep on it at all! It also has a ‘security rail’ design to ensure that no one is going to roll out of bed, and that allows for standard crib sheets to fit over the center.

17 Mountain Buggy Bagrider

A stroller might be a non-negotiable when it comes to travel with children, but no one wants to try and manoeuvre a full on stroller and their own suitcase through the airport. The Mountain Buggy Bagrider was designed to solve that particular issue, by combining a standard carry on suitcase with a stroller seat. The bag can be used as a straightforward suitcase (for those times parents might be traveling alone), but when kids are around, a second set of wheels and a cushioned seat liner create a stroller combo with a five point safety harness that can carry children up to 33lbs.

16 Pokit Stroller

The Bagrider may be a great way to get through the airport itself, but it’s not quite as useful once you reach your destination (unless you want to carry your suitcase all over the city, of course!). That’s where the Pokit Stroller comes in - a product that holds the 2014 Guinness World Record for Most Compact Stroller. It can hold a child up to 55lbs, but also folds down to a teeny tiny 11.8" x 7" x 13.8" - that’s about the size of a handbag! The Pokit means being able to get a stroller through an airport x-ray machine, or into the overhead compartment of a train, and even has a storage pocket that holds up to 11 pounds.

15 ZincFlyte Luggage Scooter

Instead of a ride-along suitcase, another product designed to get kids to take care of their own carry-on bags and enjoy the trip through the airport itself is the ZincFlyte travel scooter. These kid-friendly carry-on hard cases come in a range of fun designs (like sharks, owls and pandas) as well as sizes for different ages (from two to eight years old), and turn into a mini scooter with the bag at the front! Kids can scoot along through the terminal - although parents might find it hard to keep up with them once they get going.

14 JBuddies Kids Headphones

One of the easiest ways to keep older kids occupied on the road is by giving them something to watch - either on an iPad, or on an airline’s inflight entertainment system. However, these require travelers to bring their own headphones, and headphones designed for adults can be too big (and too loud) for children’s ears. JLab’s JBuddies headphones take care of that problem, though, with specially designed headphones that are formed to fit smaller heads, and that come with a built in volume limiter to make sure that movies aren’t too loud for little ears.

13 Kelty Child Carrier

For parents that love to go hiking and walking when exploring somewhere new, carrying a baby and a backpack isn’t always the easiest feat. However, the Kelty Child Carrier makes this a whole lot easier, combining a baby carrier and a rucksack so that parents can introduce their babies to adventure travel without ruining their backs. The Kelty Child Carrier also offers a sunshade, an adjustable design so that parents of different heights can share the carrying duties, and a mesh ‘snack pouch’ on the waist, for easy ways to keep baby happy and fed while on your feet.

12 Soarigami Arm Rest Divider

This is definitely something that parents with more than one child will want to bring on the plane - especially if those kids tend to get into spats over what belongs to whom! This nifty little divider doubles the available armrest size, so that there is enough for two people (especially little people), and also creates a ‘wall’ down the center, so that there can be no arguments over who is on someone else’s ‘side’. Even with just one child, this can be a helpful little addition to the suitcase (that doesn’t take up much space at all), so that any stranger sharing an armrest gets their own space too.

11 Kid’O’Bunk

Another great product for parents with multiple children is the Kid’O’Bunk - a portable, foldable, travel bunk bed (yes, it’s actually a thing). This is perfect for camping and for cramped hotel rooms and places that might charge for two cots to be provided (or who may not even have two children’s cot/beds available). It can also be turned into a bench or two single cots, for those times when you’ve got a little more space to play with, and each of the cots has a side pocket for books, toys, and everything else they might want to keep nearby.

10 Travel Carseat

Admittedly, this isn’t something that absolutely everyone will need - those parents who are happy to take short flights with baby in their laps the whole way, and who aren’t planning on doing any driving once they reach their destination get to leave this one off the list. However, if you are planning on renting a car away from home, that means bringing a car seat. And as every parent knows, most carseats are far from light, compact and portable… which is where travel carseats come in! There are dozens of options, so parents can pick the one that suits their needs best.

9 Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are a useful addition to the packing list for anyone - not just parents! However, when it comes to keeping things organized, the game gets a whole lot more difficult when there are children involved. Keep track of teeny tiny clothes (and those ever-disappearing socks), keep dirty clothing from messing up the clean clothes, and never find yourself frantically digging through a suitcase to find that one thing that your little one just has to have or they will scream all the way to Stonehenge and back again. It’s such a simple concept, but these little zippered cubes are a total game changer.

8 Foldable Diaper Change Pad

Another one of those baby products that you might forget about while packing is the diaper change pad. While it’s totally impractical to bring the kind of pad you would put on the table at home, travel means knowing that it’s not always possible to rely on finding a public space with a change table - and even if you can, there’s a good chance that it’s not going to be the cleanest. Pick up a travel change pad that folds down to a small bag (that will be put in one of your other bags, let’s be honest), and that has a pocket for spare diapers, wipes, cream, and anything else you will need on the go.

7 FlyeBaby

For parents with very young babies, the FlyeBaby is a great option before they are big enough for other portable highchairs or airplane options like the BedBox. This simple product is a hammock for baby, that attaches to the back of the airline seat in front of a parent, and allows for baby to have a safe and secure space (including a five point harness) to sleep, as well as face to face contact with the parent. The FlyeBaby continues to be useful off the plane, as well, where it can be strapped to dining chairs during mealtimes, so that portable high chairs can also be ticked off the list.

6 Munchkin Squeeze Spoon and Munchkin Snack Catcher

Every parent who has traveled with a child knows that one of the most important rules of travel is that you can never allow yourself to run out of snacks. Try explaining to a small child that they can’t get whatever snack they want while in the air, or that that particular can of Pringles costs about ten times as much as it should, and you’ll never under-pack the snacks again! Nibbles can get messy, though, which is where Munchkin comes in. For babies, the Squeeze Spoon makes feeding baby food a mess-free process, even on the road. For older kids, the Snack Catcher means no snack spills, until they drop their crackers after getting it out of the bowl, that is!

5 My Buddy Tag

One of the scariest things about travelling with small children who are able to get around on their own is the fear that they will wander off - and while toddler harnesses and leashes are always a possibility, they can also be a giant hassle in a crowd of other tourists. The My Buddy Tag is a different way to keep track of little adventurers. An electronic bracelet, the My Buddy Tag alerts parents when their child moves out of a set proximity zone to them, or if it gets wet (in case of falls into water). It’s a simple gadget that can provide some real peace of mind.

4 Puj Tub

Another great option for travelers with babies is the Puj Tub, a shaped piece of soft and waterproof foam that folds to form a comfy baby bath in any sink. Because it can be stored flat, it’s easy to pop this into the bottom of a suitcase, and then know that you have a clean and comfortable way to bathe baby no matter where you are staying - as long as it has a sink! The Puj Tub is light, affordable and super simple to transport, which makes it ideal for travel, whether it is a short trip or a long journey.

3 Skip Hop Zoo Neck Pillow

Parents know the difference that a good neck pillow can make on a long journey - especially an overnight one. However, most neck pillows are designed for adults, and are much too big for kids… which is where the Skip Hop Zoo pillows come in! These are designed with kids in mind, shaped for smaller necks, and printed with fun and colorful animals that can double as a travel buddy. No more cranky kids who couldn’t nap on the plane because they couldn’t find a comfy way to stop their head from falling forward - and that means more sleep for mom and dad, too.

2 Sea Band

Kids often find travel harder than grown ups, especially when it comes to travel sickness. No one wants their kid to spend part of the trip throwing up in the seat back pocket sick bag (or scrambling to find something to throw up in when it’s not there!), but more and more parents are wary about dosing kids with powerful medication to suppress nausea. The Sea Band is a great natural alternative, a soft wristband with a small plastic stud that uses acupressure to relieve that sick feeling. Many parents swear by these - and unlike pills, you don’t have to worry about running out partway through the trip.

1 Me4Kidz Family First Aid

While we are on the subject of keeping kids healthy while on the go, it can be difficult to find the right medication for common childhood issues while on the road. Sometimes, you don’t know where a drugstore might be, or there’s a language barrier that makes finding the right medicine difficult… but no one wants to tote their entire medicine cabinet, either. The Me4Kidz Family First Aid Kit is a great way to solve that dilemma, with bandages, burn cream, antibiotic ointment, sting relief cream and more. Add a few of your most-used options (like baby aspirin) in a pill organizer box and you are good to go.

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