20 Flight Attendants Who Took Inappropriate Selfies

Traveling by air is always exciting. Some people don’t love all the logistics that go into the process, but when the flight is safe and smooth, everyone’s happy.

Flight attendants spend more time in the air than most. Their job is unlike any other, and as they travel day in and day out, they’re sure to get bored with what many would consider a super cool career.

When these ladies and gents aren’t pushing the beverage cart down the aisle or tending to passengers’ needs, they can sneak in a selfie. While they’re probably not supposed to do so while on the job, the urge to smile and snap is just too strong.

These 20 flight attendants who took inappropriate selfies may get in trouble, but they’re willing to take the risk. At least they showed the passengers the emergency exit doors before clicking away.

20 Her Photo Shoot Is First Class All The Way

Via: NYpost.com

This gal thinks she’s gorgeous, so she’s posing provocatively along the seats of the airplane. She surely couldn’t do this once the passengers start boarding, so she’s getting the pic done before getting caught. As long as she doesn’t roll back and fall off the seats, things should go smoothly.

19 Is This Seat Taken?

Via: pinterest.com

While this woman isn’t being over-the-top inappropriate, there’s something about her seductive smirk that sends a particular message. She’s showing her friends and followers that she’s a foxy flight attendant, hopefully getting some of them to book a flight she’ll be working on. Anything to help the airline…

18 Creating Her Tinder Profile From The Plane

Via: worldation.com

Flight attendants need love too, and when they’re traveling so much, it’s hard to find a mate. Thanks to online dating apps, this blonde beauty can share her profile with plenty of potentials. She’s super cute, and lots of folks find the idea of dating a flight attendant titillating.

17 The Stress Has Gone To Her Head

Via: worldation.com

This woman is showing off her gymnastics skills as she does a handstand in the aisle. This sort of behavior is surely frowned upon, but when the plane is empty, she’s taking a chance. It’s good to know your flight attendant is agile, especially when needing help shoving something in the overhead compartment.

16 No Wonder There’s No Room For An Extra Carry-On

Via: dailymail.co.uk

This odd trend that’s sweeping the friendly skies is silly, but lots of flight attendants are on board. They climb into the overhead compartment and snap selfies. The idea is rather idiotic, but at least they’re having fun. Let’s just hope a “big-boned” member of the crew doesn’t get stuck.

15 Legs And Luggage

Via: twitter.com

Showing off a little leg is no big deal, but we wonder what the airline’s policy is on posting alluring photos. This gal is proud of her stems, so she’s showing them off in a selfie. Perhaps they’re so lean because she spends so much time on her feet, as flight attendants must do.

14 An Alluring Announcement

Via: pinterest.com

Attention passengers! Your flight attendant is taking a selfie. This gal is pretending to be on the job, but this pic looks more like a playful take on what she really does while on the clock. The photo itself isn’t alarming, but the idea that pics are being taken while passengers are waiting is worrisome.

13 Shouldn’t She Be Showing Passengers The Emergency Exits?

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Selfies are fine when lives aren’t at risk. Who knows why this woman is puckering up for a pic when she ought to be doing something more productive? When the plane lands, she can snap herself silly. ‘Till then, she should open her eyes and focus on the task at hand.

12 Surely She Should Be Wearing A Seatbelt

Via: picdeer.org

If the passengers must stay seated with their seatbelts on, then this flight attendant ought to be following the rules too. This doesn’t seem like a smart place to sit, let alone snap a selfie. If something goes wrong during the flight, she could fall on her face.

11 Provocative Pre-Takeoff Ritual

Via: pinterest.com

This gal is getting glammed up for a selfie that’s designed to stimulate. She’s posing in her airline attire, gazing into the lens lustfully. If she’s allowed to do this on her off-time, more power to her. But if her superiors find out, she could be in hot water.

10 President Of The Mile High Club

Via: picdeer.org

It seems like flight attendants’ skirts are getting shorter and shorter. Or maybe some of the gals are just hiking theirs up. This woman is working it as she poses on the plane. She’s not shy about showing off some skin, and since when are such sky-high stilettos part of the uniform?

9 Posing For The Pilot

Via: pinterest.com

It’s nice to get along with co-workers, but these gals are getting a little to close for what’s acceptable while working. Sitting on a co-worker’s lap is surely banned in the airline rule book, and if these gals don’t get to work, they’re going to be in trouble.

8 Winging It

Via: reddit.com

Sitting on the wing of a plane seems exciting, but it can be dangerous, even when the plane’s not moving. But this woman will do anything for a selfie, so she’s risking her safety to get the shot. Surely the pilot would advise otherwise, but he or she doesn’t seem to be around.

7 Taking A Personal Call?

Via: pinterest.com

While this flight attendant looks like she’s a ton of fun, something about this selfie shows that she’s not taking her job seriously. She seems like she’s taking the importance of her role too lightly, and that will be a major issue if something goes awry in the air.

6 In-Air Acrobatics

Via: pinterest.com

Flexibility is a good feature, but this gal is doing her stretches in cramped quarters. She should wait until she’s at the airport at least, especially since there are passengers sitting close by. She may think her moves are amazing, but there’s always that one person who’s waiting to call corporate.

5 Keeping The Seat Warm

Via: timeline.com

Sitting down on a cold seat is always a bummer, so this helpful flight attendant is warming it up for the first-class passengers. She takes her job seriously, so no cold butts will ever shiver on her shift. While her efforts are admirable, there are surely more important tasks to tend to.

4 A Foxy Flight

Via: infoupdate.org

This duo wants the world to know that they are the foxiest flight attendants in the sky. They pose for a pic, making their selfie something lots of people will peer at. Let’s hope they aren’t compromising the care of the customers just to get a good shot.

3 Pre-Coffee Service Camera Time

Via: pinterest.com

This gal is all business, posing with a serious expression for her airline selfie. But she ought to be caring for the passengers who are probably waiting for their hot coffee. She thinks she looks good, so they can wait in their seats while she snaps away. The coffee in-flight is terrible anyway.

2 Flirting With Filters

Via: tumblr.com

A few filters make an airplane selfie even more expressive. This lady looks kinda cute with her button nose and other add-ons. She shouldn’t be taking a selfie when she’s on shift, but when the urge strikes, she’s inclined to follow it. As long as everyone’s in their seats, she’s gonna snap.

1 Flight Attendant Flips Out

Via: yahoo.com

This guy must have had big dreams about becoming an astronaut, but they weren’t meant to come true. Instead, he pretends there’s no gravity on his own flight, taking an odd-looking selfie while the cabin is clear. He looks like he’s having fun, but this behavior is surely not acceptable.

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