20 Facts About The WWE Plane

The WWE private plane is Vince McMahon’s pride and joy, as well as the company's most helpful asset, seeing as traveling is the biggest part of a wrestler’s job.

When a person signs on to be a wrestler, they need to be prepared to be sleeping more often in hotel beds than their own bed, especially if they make it to the main roster. Between all the weekly matches, PPVs, the press tours, merchandise meetings, and all other WWE related events, traveling via car or air becomes normal for them.

Thing is, with how much time they spend in the air, one would think we would hear more about it. It seems like it’s a bit of a mystery though.

Well, here are 20 things we learned about the mysterious ship, even a few stories.

20 The Plane Hasn't Been Upgraded Since 2013


One might think that because the WWE plane hasn’t been upgraded since 2013 that it’s old and they need to consider a new one.

Thing is, although it's from 2013, the Bombardier Global 5000 Jet is actually one of the top private jets one can have and Vince McMahon makes sure she is treated like the best.

19 Goldust Was Fired After Having One Too Many While Riding It


Back in 2002, while traveling from England to the US, some of the passengers indulged a little too much in some “adult beverages.”

When the plane took off, Goldust, aka Dustin Rhodes, took hold of the PA system and started singing romantic songs to his ex-wife, who was also on the plane.

This was one of the reasons his contract wasn’t renewed in 2004.

18 It's Rare New Wrestlers Get To Use It At All

Cageside Seats

Back in the day before WWE upgraded to this newer plane, it was a common thing for wrestlers to travel to events via the WWE plane.

Now days though, the list of wrestlers who have used the newer one is very short. Not even big names such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels or Rick Flair have used it.

17 Brock Lesnar Got Into A Fight While On It

Rolling Stone

The same flight that Goldust got a little rowdy on, was also the flight Mr. Perfect got fired and Brock Lesnar walked away consequence-free.

It all started when the two had “one too many” and then started arguing over who was the better amateur wrestler. They then challenged each other to an old fashioned wrestling match.

16 Vince Is Still Making Payments On It

The Chairshot

WWE hasn’t been doing as well as it used to in the past. Ratings have been slipping, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to buy a private jet outright if they wanted to.

However, instead of buying one outright, Vince McMahon decided to do a payment plan. Since 2013, Vince has been paying a $400,000 loan quarterly.

15 Vince Started Something With Kurt Angle During A Trip On It


Vince might be a strict businessman, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to horse around every now and again.

Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle started roughhousing during a trip on the older WWE plane. The Undertaker woke up from a nap to see this and he choked out Kurt.

Vince later used it as a story-line to taunt Kurt on how he took him down.

14 Seth Rollins Used It After WrestleMania 31 To Make Raw On Time


It seems Seth Rollins is one superstar who has had the privilege of using the WWE private plane.

It happened during WrestleMania 31 when Seth had to jet off from New Orleans to New York for the Today Show. He used the plane to get there and then used it again to fly back for a raw segment that same day.

13 JBL Was Knocked Out By Joey Styles During A Trip

Wrestling News

During a trip of one of WWE’s older planes, JBL was bothering some of the other WWE superstars on it.

It all started when he dumped a bucket of water on Lilian Garcia as a prank. Afterward, he continued to act like a nuisance and began bugging Joey Styles.

Joey wasn’t having it though and when JBL tried to take a swing at him, Joey knocked him out.

12 It's Worth Over 30 Million, Even Used


The cost of a brand-new Bombardier Global 5000 Jet runs around $50 million. That’s super expensive and one of the reasons why Vince makes payments on his.

The WWE has owned theirs since 2013, so that makes it around seven years old. Vince treats her like a Queen though and even used, she is worth around $30 million.

11 While On It, X-PAC Got Revenge On Michael Hayes

Wikipedia and onlineworldofwrestling.com

This is another 2002 story that happened because superstars had “one too many.”

It all started when X-Pac wanted to bring Michael Hayes down to reality and decided to prank him by cutting off his ponytail while he slept. He later took the ponytail and taped it to the venue wall at the next show for everyone to see.

10 Vince Always Dreamed Of Having The Company Logo On A Plane


Over the years we have seen many different sides of Vince McMahon. One side that never changes though is his drive to be successful.

That drive is what built the business to be so successful, and what also helped Vince reach his goal of having a private plane with the company’s logo.

9 There Is A Limit On How Many Passengers Can Ride It At Once


Every plane has a certain number of passengers allowed on it before they hit capacity.

The WWE plane is no different.

In fact, they have a shorter capacity than most planes do. No more than 19 people are allowed on it at once, and that’s including the pilot and plane employees.

8 Wrestlers Used To Use It To Do Tribute Of The Troop Events


When Tribute of the Troops first started, superstars used to actually use the WWE plane to fly overseas to spend time with the troops and put on a show for them.

Nowadays though, the annual show is taped in the US in a normal venue. They no longer need the WWE plane and just travel regularly to do the show.

7 It Has Its Own Kitchen


The kitchen on the WWE plane might not have many choices for hungry wrestlers, but least it's there for anyone who wants to heat something up quick.

This is a huge perk for them, seeing as many private planes don’t have this feature. Vince McMahon worked hard to be able to afford this plane, and he made sure he got all attachments included it seems.

6 ...As Well As A Personal Office


Not only does this private plane have its own kitchen, but it also has a personal office that anyone can use if needed, mainly those that work in the office and on-screen production.

As much as Stephanie, Vince and Triple H travel, this is a huge perk to have so they can get business done while in the air.

5 It's Being Housed In West Chester, New York


Seeing as the McMahons and the WWE headquarters are all located in Connecticut, one would think that the plane would be too.

However, the plane is actually located at an airport in Westchester, NY due to its being the cheapest to house a plane. Vince is saving money by housing it there, and it’s a short trip from Connecticut to NY for his family.

4 The Queen, Charlotte Flair, Has Had The Privilege Of Using It A Few Times

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Another wrestler who has gotten the privilege of using the WWE private plane is the Queen herself, Charlotte Flair.

Like Seth, Charlotte used the plane to attend the Today Show after WrestleMania 32. She wasn’t alone though; Roman Reigns was also with her.

It seems like the Today Show might be a reward for superstars who have one of the biggest nights of their careers that end with winning a championship.

3 Talking Is Something That Doesn't Really Happen While In Use


For those wrestlers that are blessed to hitch a ride on the WWE plane, it might not be as glorious as they'd think, especially if they are riding with execs.

In fact, Chris Jericho has stated that while riding with Vince McMahon, executives, or non-talent employees, there is little to no talking. In fact, these types of flights are silently awkward.

2 It's Only Used For Promotional Tours Now Basically


Once a huge perk for WWE talent, the WWE plane is now mainly used for overseas promotional tours.

With all the new television deals that WWE is involved with, it makes sense that they would use the plane to help superstars get around to various countries. Saves money on having to buy tickets and such.

1 Brock Lesnar Doesn't Need It Because He Has His Own

Baltimore Sun

Brock Lesnar might be a part-time employee with the company, but he is a part-time employee that makes the most money in the WWE.

Not only does Brock have in his contract that he will work limited shows and make the most money, but WWE also pays for him to have his own private jet due to his dislike of traveling and people approaching him at airports.

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