Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the best boxers of all time and he has made quite a name for himself in the world of entrepreneurship as well. Before putting down his gloves in 2017, he was one of the highest-paid athletes – his matches quickly broke pay-per-view records. Now, he runs and invests in a bunch of businesses, so the money keeps coming in. He is a big spender and he loves to share that with the world. He’s a proud owner of the fastest cars and the shiniest jewelry. But it was his private jet that really caught everyone’s attention and made us wonder just how fortunate Mayweather is. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about it.

20 It Is Every Businessman's Dream

Classy and popular in the aviation world, Air Mayweather is a Gulfstream G650 and it looks like the perfect jet for businessmen like Mayweather. Its range amounts to 7,000 nm and it can get you there fast. The jet can fly as fast as 650 mph.

19 A Jet For A True Jetsetter

Floyd Mayweather makes use of his private jet. He has been all around the world and his frequency of travel shows that he does not like to rest. Among the destinations he has visited are Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Italy, Monte Carlo, Bali, Fiji, Aruba, Greece and many more.

18 Luxurious Leather And Chrome

The interior complements the luxurious exterior as it features comfortable leather seats, chrome, and several TVs to pass the time. Mayweather can also get some quality rest while in transit and can always rely on his crew to be there with him. He travels like a true king.

17 The Exterior Celebrates Mayweather’s Boxing Record

This extravagant aircraft also has some unique exterior features which make sure it won’t pass you unseen. The wing tip is adorned with a “50-0” logo, which is an homage to Mayweather’s boxing record. And not such an uncommon feature: the jet’s name is written across the fuselage.

16 It Cost Him A Lot, But Not All Of His Fortune

Mayweather has stacks of money to spend, literally. The amount he spent for his private jet is estimated to be around $60 million, a drop in the sea of his $560 million net worth. Since he is such a passionate traveler, he must spend an additional fortune on fuel alone.

15 The Best Personalization Ever

His legendary boxing legacy means the world to Floyd Mayweather. In response to Muhammad Ali being called the greatest, he called himself ‘The Best Ever’ or simply TBE. The abbreviation can be seen on the doormat, leading to Air Mayweather. Inside, he also has personalized bed sheets and pillows.

14 Self-Care: The Sky Is The Limit

Floyd Mayweather does whatever he wants whenever he wants, including mid-flight. Sometimes, he brings his personal barber along to freshen up his looks. One time (probably not the only time) he treated himself to a massage while flying. He happily shares these moments on Instagram and we are certainly jealous.

13 A Birthday Celebration Like No Other

Floyd Mayweather treated himself to a private jet for his 41st birthday, which was in February 2018. He threw a large extravagant 50 Shades of Grey themed party to go with it and showed off his wealth in dollar bills, jewelry and of course, his newest flying toy.

12 One Private Jet Is Not Enough

This could be the biggest indicator of how ridiculously rich Mayweather is. He lives up to his nickname ‘Money’: According to Marketwatch, he had two private jets prior to buying the newest one in 2018. One of them features 14 white leather seats, gold cup holders, sinks and accents.

11 Who Is In The Cockpit?

Mayweather maintains healthy, friendly relationships with his three personal pilots who are always on standby, ready to fly away towards new adventures they share with Floyd. Anyone can get an insight into AJ Ramey’s, Dan Booth’s and Gentry Long's lives as they like to share breathtaking views on Instagram.

10 The Heaviest Luggage Are Dollar Bills

Everyone takes cash with them when they travel. But the amounts of hard cash that Mayweather carries around count as a whole separate piece of luggage: he brings literally stacks of money aboard and displays it for everyone to see. Does he want to inspire us or make us jealous?

9 Air Mayweather’s Strong Presence On Social Media

Floyd Mayweather truly understands the world of entertainment and he understands that his jet strengthened his media presence. His private jet is not so private: The hashtag #airmayweather on Instagram shows off the luxurious experience on board from the point of view of various lucky travelers. Sharing is caring!

8 Air Mayweather's Tail Number Is (Trying To Be) Kept A Secret

Just like any other vehicle, all aircrafts also have a sort of a registration number, also called a tail number. For some reason, Mayweather is wary of sharing that with the world, even though it is displayed on the fuselage, but on pics, it is blurred out.

7 The Air Is So Fresh You Forget You Are Flying

You know how stuffy the air gets inside an airplane? Well, in the case of Air Mayweather, the air is kept fresh thanks to its ideal barometric altitude. Fresh air enters the aircraft every two minutes and passengers’ blood is filled with sufficient oxygen. No wonder Floyd is so well-rested.

6 It Is A Second Home To His Bodyguard As Well

Floyd always has his bodyguard Ray Sadeghi by his side, which means the plane is as much his home as it is Floyd’s. His Instagram stories very often take place inside the private jet, having fun, meeting new people and sharing unforgettable moments with his boss.

5 Mayweather Has Confidence In His Jet – And He Does Not Trust Easily

Bringing his bodyguard along is a relatively new thing – before he bought Air Mayweather, his bodyguards flew in a separate jet. Mayweather was worried the total weight would bring his lighter jet down. Now, he trusts his new toy and he stopped calcucating the pounds of his entourage.

4 It Advertises Mayweather’s Company TMT

As Mayweather tours the world, everyone who sees the jet notices the TMT logo on the jet’s tail and at the entrance. TMT stands for The Money Team and it is Floyd Mayweather’s lifestyle brand. Even when traveling for pleasure, he is advertising himself simultaneously like a true entrepreneur.

3 Mayweather Stays Connected To The World While Flying

Floyd Mayweather is a man with vast influence and many friends. It is no surprise that his jet features a satellite phone, just in case he needs to make a phone call while up in the sky. Such a feature is a rarity even for private jets.

2 Air Mayweather's Home Is Probably In Las Vegas

Considering Floyd owns a fabulous residence in Las Vegas, that is also where his jet is probably parked up when he is not flying all over the world. Instagram posts refer to Las Vegas as home and that is where his crew catches the most sunrises or starts its day.

1 He Traveled To Iceland Just To Snap A Few Pics

What do you do when you want your Instagram to be lit? You need to travel to some picturesque places and snap some pics. Floyd Mayweather does just that and apparently, he hasn’t even spent a single night in Iceland. Perhaps he just doesn’t like the cold.