20 Extravagant Photos That Prove Cardi B Doesn't Travel Like The Rest Of Us

Cardi B has always had a reputation for being a bit over the top. And though the gossip mill suggested she wouldn't last as a rapper after her daughter was born, the opposite seems to be true.

Today, Cardi (along with her Migos member husband, Offset) is bigger than ever, and she's bringing her daughter Kulture along for the ride, too. Well, sometimes it's a flight, other times it's a ride.

You see, Cardi is not your average married mama of one. She owns a fleet of luxury vehicles (even if driving hasn't come easily), flies on private jets, and flaunts epic destination vacations.

Yeah, Cardi doesn't travel like the rest of us.

From buff bodyguards to cars we could never afford, here are 20 extravagant photos that prove Cardi's a level (or twenty) above the rest of us when it comes to travel.

20 When Bodak Yellow Dropped, She Was Already Fancy


Cardi B may not have risen to sky-high fame until after Bodak Yellow, but her video sure was poppin'. While you can see the decal from the rental company behind Cardi, the car made her look fly. It also proves she's been about luxury travel since the start.

19 She's All About The Bling With A Bentley


A bright orange Bentley isn't on every woman's wish list, but it was clearly on Cardi's. Still, we can't help but be a bit jealous. She posed all over the car after buying it, and honestly, she makes it look good. But we wonder, did she ever get her driver's license so she can actually get behind the wheel?

18 Matching Lambos Are Beyond Our Budgets

E News

Not every star can afford a Lambo, but Offset and Cardi bought two. The thing is, this was back before Cardi had even publicized the fact that she couldn't drive. A Girl's Guide to Cars recapped her time on Carpool Karaoke, where Cardi admitted she didn't have a license but drove anyway... with bad yet hilarious results.

17 Cardi Books Travel Based On Her Wardrobe


We're pretty sure this dress won't fit in Cardi's Bentley or one of her Lambos. In fact, additional photos show Cardi traveling to the venue in the back of an SUV. Her dress was too huge to fit in the passenger door, so she had to use the rear door instead... Clearly, we averagely dressed folks don't commute that way.

16 Only The Best Private Jets For Baby


When Kulture was tiny, Cardi shared this photo of the pair on a private jet. It looks totally cozy and comfortable... In stark contrast with the smelly and cramped quarters of economy class plane tickets, which is what the rest of us have to put up with.

15 Speaking Of Baby Kulture...

PopSugar/E News

As her adorable onesie states, Kulture is 50 percent Kiari (dad Offset's real name) and 50 percent Cardi, which means she's 100 percent star material. Clearly, that means the tot has to travel in the lap of luxury, even if that means driving her own mini, sparkly pink SUV.

14 You Can Never Have Too Many Cars


We've lost track of whether this was Offset's first vehicular gift to Cardi (or the second or third), but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless. Clearly, when you're famous and raking in the dough, you can buy as many cars as you want. Obviously, we're jealous, because we're lucky if our cars even make it to work every day, let alone look nice enough to pose next to.

13 Epic Looks On The Private Jet

Lipstick Alley

Most people travel wearing their most comfy clothes and their ugliest hairdos. After all, we're not trying to impress the convenience store cashier when we stop for snacks on a road trip. And we're definitely not trying to look nice for TSA. But Cardi? She gets glam even for an appearance on her private jet.

12 Bodyguards Have Cardi's Back (And Her Umbrella)

Page Six

Yes, this photo involves some unfortunate events Cardi had to deal with regarding law enforcement. But still, she looks amazing, and peep the guy we presume to be her bodyguard. He's carrying an umbrella, so she totally won't mess up that Marilyn 'do, and she definitely won't be jostled by passersby during her travels.

11 People Literally Carry Cardi... What Service


This still captured Cardi's preparations for a music video in which she wore tiger stripe body paint. But look closely. The guys in the photo are literally carrying her onto a jet ski to take her to the location they're filming at. Men literally carry Cardi around... What a way to travel.

10 Private Yachts Are Added To The Itinerary

Daily Mail

Although it's hard to tell, Offset and Cardi B are on the sea here, enjoying their private yacht. Sure, it might not be the type Bey and Jay sail the seas on, but you don't see any of us traipsing around exotic locations on private boats.

9 Who Looks This Fab On A Tour Bus?


Based on where Cardi's sitting, we can only assume this snap is from a tour bus. It could be hers, or it could be Offset's, but either way, can you imagine getting this dolled up for a long bus ride? Of course, tour buses are a posher way to travel than public transport, but Cardi's totally working it anyway.

8 Cardi Always Enjoys Epic Dishes

Daily Mail/Pinterest

While most people are picking at their sad in-flight salads on economy airlines, Cardi flies through the sky on a jet while eating crab legs. And, she's always got a Starbucks drink in hand, while our wallets whine at the mere thought. Honestly, it's beyond most of our wildest dreams to have a dining repertoire this impressive while traveling.

7 Room Service Exceeds Cardi's Expectations


In this snap, Cardi's snacking on breakfast foods, and we can't remember a time when we had this great of a breakfast in a hotel. Of course, the video of her noshing on crab on her jet is epic, too. Either way, delicious food at our budget destinations doesn't compare.

6 In-Flight Naps Get An Upgrade

Evening Standard

Are you jealous yet? Well, picture trying to nap while sitting upright on a commercial flight, and then look at how cozy Cardi and Kulture look in their private sky-high bed. It looks amazingly comfy, and it's also something none of us mere mortals can ever hope to experience.

5 Her Travel Looks Are Just Beyond


We know, this isn't one of Cardi's most glam looks. But it is extravagant, because who wears furry slippers and a cozy robe at the airport?! Some might call it extra, but we prefer extravagant because only Cardi could pull this off and not look frumpy.

4 Touring Shipwrecks Is On Our Bucket List

The Blast

So many celebs tool around on jet skis, that's not exactly something new. At the same time, it's not on most of our vacation itineraries, if we get to vacation at all. And exploring on a jet ski around the wreckage of a rusted-out ship?! Super cool.

3 She's Got Her Own Chauffeur

Us Weekly

If it's true that Cardi still isn't driving herself at this point, we know who is! Offset is often snapped in the driver's seat, with Cardi riding shotgun. The pair are always flashy, though, and ready for the paparazzi no matter when they're spotted. Totally not the way we frumpy mortals travel.

2 More Than Napping On Private Flights

Daily Mail/Paper Mag

Cardi doesn't just snooze or cuddle her baby on her private flights. She also poses in NSFW outfits (and vibrant pink hair) on top of the tables, snaps mirror selfies with drinks in hand, and just generally makes us envious at every turn.

1 Throwing Cash Around In Commercials


Sure, this photo is from an advertising campaign, which explains the piles of cash. Not that Cardi couldn't front her own money for such a photoshoot... Still, this photoshoot took place at the Palms in Las Vegas, says Billboard, a place few of us average folks can even afford to dream about visiting. *Sigh*

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