20 Exquisite Cities We Can Travel To From London For Less Than $100 (In 2018)

When you ask people what their viewpoint is when it comes to London as a city, you'll often get a series of different response depending on whether or not they've lived there and, to be honest, whether or not they've ever been. People like to exaggerate their experiences one way or another and that makes sense, but one thing that is undeniable is that London is a fantastic city to travel out of.

Why? Because there are just so, so many options available. Whether it be on the bus, car, train or even flight, you'll never struggle to find ways out of the city. You've got Southend, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick & Heathrow which are all considered to be official London airports, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can grudge on the place itself all you want, but you can't undermine its resourcefulness.

Other cities in the world may be considered a little bit more glamorous in some ways, but we'd bet any money that they aren't nearly as cost effective as London. Yes, you have to travel to the airports listed in some cases, but if you live close enough, then that isn't usually a problem. In fact, it's also quite cost-effective to actually travel to most of them.

A hundred dollars ($100) is a lot of money to most people in the world and we understand that which is why, as residents of the city, we've listed twenty of the finest locations that can be visited for under this amount. While the majority are indeed around Europe, that doesn't take away from how amazing the figures are.

20 Munich, Germany - $86


Germany is a wonderful place no matter how many different ways you spin it, and while history may tell you otherwise, we're focused on the present and the future. From Oktoberfest, the food and beyond, you'll be hard-pressed to find many reasons not to visit Munich in the near future.

You'll be able to fly for easily less than $100, and when you consider the fact that we've kicked things off with the most expensive option of the ones we've collected, you'll soon realise that this is going to be a very interesting read (well, we hope).

For what it's worth, we could probably add another 20 to this list with ease!

19 Valencia, Spain - $83

Via: Fair Observer

Many people often speak about Madrid and Barcelona when discussing their favourite Spanish cities, when in reality, Valencia is just as nice. It's a city rich with culture and art, and the best part is that fewer people travel there so things won't be as crowded for you.

Plus, it's unbelievably easy to fly there. For every single option on this list, we've used the same dates out of fairness (October 15th to October 17th), and the fact that you can travel to such a magical place for this price is no accident. Long live cheap airlines in the UK, folks.

18 Athens, Greece - $82

Via: The Telegraph

People usually travel to Greece because of the Greek Islands, which offer up plenty of great choices for a summer holiday. Not everyone is into that kind of thing, but nonetheless, it's a valid selection - although if you wanted to, a trip to Athens wouldn't be quite as expensive as you may imagine it to be in your head.

You'll be able to see sights that you could've only imagined seeing, showcasing just how easy it is to travel and see some of the unofficial wonders of the world on a budget. Athens may not be the kind of place for you, but for these prices, how could you say no?

17 Porto, Portugal - $80

Via: The Independent

If you'rein search of fantastic atmosphere and great food as well as fantastic weather and great beaches, then perhaps you should consider an extremely affordable trip to Porto. It serves as one of the benchmarks for quality above quantity in Portugal, and it's arguably one of the most underrated cities on the planet.

That still doesn't stop thousands upon thousands of tourists from visiting, but thankfully, that hasn't jacked up the prices all too much. Hell, if you're browsing around for other dates, we'd argue that you could probably find something even cheaper. That isn't just a prediction either, that's a spoiler.

16 Manchester, England - $79

Via: Explore Buxton

People who don't live in the United Kingdom may automatically assume that because Manchester and London are both in England, then they'd be right next to each other - but alas, that isn't the case. In fact, if you wanted to drive between the two (way cheaper than this), it would still take you over three hours to do so.

The method we'd chosen is via plane once again, because even the train is a little bit too much for our taste. Manchester itself is absolutely gorgeous as we've mentioned in the past, and in many ways, it serves as a cheaper, friendlier and more lively location than the capital itself.

15 Bath, England - $79

Via: Visit Bath

Bath may not be a place that jumps off the page as somewhere exciting for people reading this from afar, but trust us, it's absolutely remarkable. The city is known for being the hub of Somerset, and beyond that, it's known for being one of the most breathtaking locations in all of England.

From the many spas to the beauty of the architecture, Bath may be small, but it has a hell of a lot of character. Also, if you happen to be interested in going around the same time as the Christmas markets, you'll be in for an absolute treat - which is the case with most European cities, to be perfectly honest.

14 Madrid, Spain - $78

Via: Expatica

Madrid may be viewed as a somewhat obvious choice for a European holiday destination by some when in reality, it's actually quite daring. It's often considered to be the younger brother of sorts when compared to Barcelona, and that can be quite hard to take.

However, when visiting Madrid you'll soon realise that you shouldn't write it off so quickly. From the vibrant square to the museums and wonderful walking routes, it's difficult not to fall in love with Madrid - at least just a little bit. It's not the greatest city on Earth, but it's worth a trip for sure.

13 Brussels, Belgium - $77

Via: The New York Times

Chocolate and politics, chocolate and politics, chocolate and politics. These are two things that are synonymous with Brussels, but it's time to escape all of those cliches in search of some new material. After all, the Grand Place alone is worth the price of the airfare.

Mini-Europe is an amusing yet extremely enlightening exhibit that runs you through all that the continent has to offer, and those are just two features that we've thought of off the top of our head. After a little bit of research, you'll soon discover what you've been missing all these years, and that's a fact.

12 Paris, France - $76

Via: The Telegraph

It's been called the city of love and it's been called a lot of other things, but we live to think of Paris as more of a spiritual home. The French capital is crawling with great hot spots and phenomenal landmarks, not to mention the utterly outstanding and severely underappreciated French accent.

There are a series of different avenues that you could take in order to get there but we've chosen the Eurostar because, at times, the flights can be a little inconsistent with their prices. Still, taking a train from one capital city to another in under three hours doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world to us.

11 Lisbon, Portugal - $75

Via: Discover Walks

We've arrived at yet another great selection if you're heading off to Portugal, and that's Lisbon. A lot of the same positives that we listed for Porto can also be attributed to Lisbon, too, with the added flavour of some insane castles and so much heritage that it'll be coming out of your ears.

At this point, the prices are going to continue to get cheaper and cheaper, and you'll notice that very few of the entries are actually located in the UK - which should tell you all that you need to know. So Londoners, get yourself down to Stansted because Lisbon awaits.

10 Zurich, Switzerland - $73

Via: Lonely Planet

Zurich is considered to be one of the financial hubs of not just Europe, but the world. That's probably because it's located in arguably the most expensive country on the entire continent (Switzerland), but to be honest, they make up for that in about a million different ways.

From the mountains to the business locations, it's as if you're getting the countryside life and the city life all rolled up into one. Switzerland is a nation that you'd think would cost an arm and a leg to travel to, and we aren't just saying that because of The Wolf of Wall Street.

9 Berlin, Germany - $63

Via: World Travel Guide

We head to the other side of Germany for our second visit to the nation, in the form of Berlin. The historical significance of this city cannot be ignored, with the Berlin Wall alone being enough of a reason for you to hop on a plane to go and witness history unfolding before your very eyes.

On top of that, did you notice the $10 price drop? It may not seem like much but that's a significant chunk of money, so if you're reading this from the USA and want to go and live in London for a few months whilst also travelling, make sure you note this down somewhere.

8 Barcelona, Spain - $62


On a different day or dates you may be able to visit Barcelona for even cheaper than this, and in some respects, that should be a sin. Why? Because Barcelona is a great, great city full of heart and passion, as well as sporting achievements and endless amounts of tapas.

Spain is hardly right around the corner from Britain and when you look at the two locations on a map, it seems as if they shouldn't be even remotely this close - and yet, here we are. It almost seems like we're making it up at this point, but trust us, things are about to get even weirder.

7 Wroclaw, Poland - $60

Via: Lek Consulting

When you think of Poland it's fair to say that Wroclaw isn't the first place that comes to mind, and to be perfectly honest, not too many people are able to name more than one city from the country in the first place. Despite that, Wroclaw (pronounced Vrots-lav), is actually pretty great.

The town square alone will fill you with joy after visiting it for even just five minutes, as you sit and soak in the atmosphere created by the fun-loving locals and picturesque architecture. It's slightly more built up than other Polish destinations, but it's lovely nonetheless, we promise.

6 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - $52

Via: Myholidayguru

You've heard about all that Amsterdam has to offer from a recreational sense, and if that doesn't quite tickle your fancy, then there are dozens of other activities that you could engage in instead. After all, while it may seem 'unique' in many ways, it has all the bonuses and positives that most other cities possess.

A lot of people will be taking the trip from London via Eurostar given that they've recently opened the service from London that goes there, which is quite understandable, but flying is still the way to go if you're looking to save some money.

5 Dublin, Ireland - $48

Via: Visit Ireland

For every stereotype that you can think of associated with Dublin, there are equally as many things that will surprise you about the city. Of course, you're going to find the traditional Irish things amusing, and that makes sense, but Temple Bar isn't the only thing that you should be looking out for when you visit.

Dublin is full of fire and it's full of fun things to do for all different types of travellers, so you'll never be short on options. Of course, if you've got the time or money around the first quarter of the year, do yourself a favour and head on over the pond for St Paddy's Day.

4 Edinburgh, Scotland - $46

via:European Best Destinations

You didn't think we were going to leave out Scotland, did you? The English may have a somewhat ridiculous rivalry with their neighbours, but that shouldn't discourage you from going to the city. It doesn't matter if you want a lively weekend with your pals or you want a quiet weekend with your girlfriend, because either way, Edinburgh will give you what you're looking for.

Plus, you'll be able to get there for less than $50 which is ridiculous when you consider all of the other things that would set you back that amount. It's truly bizarre, but it's also truly wonderful.

3 Bordeaux, France - $41

via: Travilz

If you're really lucky you may even be able to find flights to Bordeaux for half of this price, but we digress, $41 is still pretty incredible. As one of the calmer locations and cities to be found across France, Bordeaux will still be able to provide you with everything that you're looking for from your French experience.

That isn't to say you'll be bored - in fact, far from it. After all, the French are located just over the pond from us, so it makes sense that you'd be able to go from one city to another in the two countries for a pretty cheap amount.

2 Gdansk, Poland - $38

Via: TripAdvisor

Gdansk is one of those places that you almost can't believe exists in many ways because it's just so... perfect. Everything is incredibly cheap whilst also being of an extremely high value, the Polish people are delightful, and the flight costs will leaving you staring at your screen in disbelief.

You'll be walking along the street as if it's any other day, and all of a sudden, you'll hear the Titanic theme playing in the background with kids running along the street. It feels like Disneyland, and yet, it costs about a third of the entry price just to fly there.

1 Oxford, England - $35

Via: Experience Oxfordshire

It's incredibly cheap, it's one of the core cities in the United Kingdom, and it's home to one of the most prestigious universities on Earth. What's not to love? Oxford is your run of the mill British city in the eyes of people who have been many times, but for others, it's a once in a lifetime place to experience.

It represents the grandeur of this country, and for the most part, it showcases what we all aspire for it to be. Alas, don't let the name value of the 'college' throw you off, because we can guarantee that Oxford can get pretty lively after hours.

Either way, for these prices, not visiting on a day trip would be a crime.

Sources: Skyscanner, Trainline, Eurostar

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