20 Exclusive Private Islands We Can Rent Without Going Broke

Island living is certainly luxurious, but many times, you’ll have to share it with plenty of other tourists. That’s what’s so great about renting out your own private island. Renting a private island is great for a romantic getaway with your partner or for a small or large group of family or friends.

At first, you may assume that renting a private island is way too expensive for the average person. You might think that only rich people and celebrities are able to afford renting out their own island escape, but that simply isn’t true. While there may be some private islands that are far too expensive for the average person to afford, many of them are actually quite affordable.

There are private islands all around the world that won’t cost you more (and sometimes cost less) than staying at a fancy resort. Many of the prices cover the whole island, so you can divide those costs by the amount of people in your group. Because some of these islands are so affordable to rent, many of them require a minimum stay length.

The good news is that you may not have to travel too far to get to some of these private islands. There are plenty located in the United States, but there are also a lot of affordable private islands for rent in places like Belize, the Philippines, and Norway. Check out some of these amazing private islands and start saving up for your next vacation, which shouldn’t end up being too expensive.

20 Popa Island, Panama


If you feel like adventuring off to Panama, you can rent Popa Island which features five brightly-colored pink bungalows that are eco-friendly. This private island is located in the Bocas del Toro archipelago.

It has a coral reef nearby, and there are even two people-friendly monkeys that roam around.

Amenities include a hammock that’s suspended over water, and there are plenty of organized adventures if you want to add to your fun. Rates on this private island start at only $160 per night, but there is a three-night minimum stay. Before or after your stay, you should check out some of the rest of Panama including the capital Panama City which is home to about half of the country’s population. About 40% of Panama is covered in jungles which contain tropical animals and plants, with many of them being unique to the area. Panama has a tropical climate with plenty of humidity.

19 Urraca Private Island, Panama


On the northeast coast of Panama, there’s a private island that’s located about 30 minutes by boat from Bocas del Toro. Urraca is a mangrove island and caters to eco-friendly travelers. It uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide power and water. You’ll be able to enjoy some outdoor volleyball and an on-island bar and restaurant. There are plenty of places to relax like in one of the four hammocks provided. You can swim and snorkel in the bioluminescent waters. There are five bungalows that can fit anywhere from two to six people each, and all of them include a private patio on the water in addition to an outdoor shower. There are also 12 monkeys that call this island their home, and you could even run into Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt. The cost starts at $175 a night per couple and also includes breakfast.

18 Brother Island, El Nido, Philippines


If your private island has a list of must-haves that include white sand and coconut trees, then Brother Island may be perfect for you. The island in the Philippines even has a small rainforest complete with hiking paths.

You can rent a two-story house that accommodates as many as 10 people for $381 per night. That breaks down to less than $40 a night per person if it’s fully occupied.

You will have to stay for a minimum of two nights, but one probably isn’t enough anyways. You can enjoy a nice massage or even go island hopping in an outrigger boat. This island is fully staffed, including a housekeeper and a chef. You can go fishing or snorkeling. Oh, and meals are included with your stay. Kids under six are free and children from six to 12 are only made to pay half the price. There are other nearby islands that also offer pretty good deals so be sure to check around.

17 Plocica, Croatia


If you’re looking to enjoy a private island in a slightly different area, check out Plocica in Croatia. There’s a lighthouse on this island that was built way back 1887, so you can check out some history as well as getting in some relaxation. This island can accommodate as many as 14 people in two apartments which makes it a good destination for a large group or family. You’ll be able to see the light signals when they are transmitted from the lighthouse if you’re in a room on the northeast corner. The south side of the island is a bit rocky while the north side is a sandy lagoon. The cost for this private island varies from about $100 a night all the way up to $1,000, largely dependent on the season. That means you may want to go sometime in between the on and off season to still get a good deal.

16 Vesteroy, Ostfold, Norway

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Located in the archipelago of Hvaler, this private island features a two-bedroom cottage. This location has the highest amount of sunny days in Norway each year. Renting the island comes with access to a boat so you can travel to another nearby island or go fishing. This island comes with a fire-pit so you can enjoy the beach even after the sun goes down. There’s no internet or running water here which makes it a relaxing getaway to get off the grid.

Rates start at just $120 per night which is very affordable for a small group.

Ostfold is located in southeastern Norway and is known for manufacturing. Norway is home to another island on this list and is an interesting place to visit if you’ve never had the opportunity before. The name Hvaler translates to whale because the shape of the islands resembles a group of whales, not because you’re likely to see them from the island.

15 Eagle Island, Darien, GA

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This island has a great yet simple name, and that also describes what it’s like to spend a weekend on it. There are many luxurious accommodations including a topnotch chef’s kitchen, a hot tub located in front of a fireplace, and something called a five-moon outdoor shower. The island sits on 10 acres of land and can accommodate a dozen individuals. You’ll have access to a pair of kayaks, an outdoor kitchen complete with a smoker, low country boil station, and oyster steamer as well as a prep table. This island starts at $2,900 for a full week which is pretty reasonable for all you can get. Darien, Georgia is 50 miles south of Savannah so you can get a good feel for the south before or after your stay. There’s plenty of history in town and you can make your own lifelong memories on this wonderful island if you so choose.

14 Dry Island, Upper Saranac Lake, NY


There’s actually nothing really dry about Dry Island located in Upper Saranac Lake in New York. The island has plenty of water as well as unlimited wine and liquor, making it a popular spot among those looking to have a good time. This luxurious private island is in the Adirondacks and comes complete with a full staff including a private chef. There are 14 boats, including an authentic 1920's runabout. This is a great place for those who enjoy the wilderness and is run as a “great camp” 1800's style.

The 12-acre island can accommodate 10 or more and starts at around $4,000 a night.

If you can’t afford that, there are 20 campsites available by boat that you can stay at. Saranac Lake has 37 miles of shoreline with more than half of it being owned privately. Getting away from all the hustle and bustle of New York is sometimes a good idea, and you don’t have to travel too far to do so.

13 Port Vila, Shefa Province, Vanuatu


If you didn’t make the cut for Survivor: Vanuatu, you can still visit this private island which is catered to those who enjoy participating in water sports. This island in the South Pacific is 89 acres and is great for swimming, snorkeling, paddling, and kayaking. There are sea turtles on the reefs nearby so there’s basically something for anyone who loves water. A full staff is on location and provides farm-to-table meals. This island has six bedrooms and accommodates a dozen people. It starts at $1,500 per night, so depending on how many people you are, it can be as cheap as just over $100 per person. However, there is a two-night minimum requirement. If you get a chance to visit the Vanuatu mainland, be aware that there are three major cultural regions. Pigs are a symbol of wealth in this country, and some villages have male-only and female-only sections.

12 Ilha Grande, Brazil


Brazil is a great exotic location to visit, but renting out your own private island can make it even better. With Ilha Grande, you can actually get two islands for the price of one. The larger island features a four-bedroom Italian-style house. That’s connected by a bamboo bridge to a smaller island that features a two-bedroom house. Located off the coast of Angra dos Reis, you can take a 15-minute boat ride to Portogalo harbor, and from there, Rio de Janeiro is only about two hours away. Renting this private island gives you the opportunity to visit an oyster farm or sit back and enjoy Brazil’s national beverage, the caipirinha, which are made by the staff on site. You’ll love the beautiful turquoise water.

With six total bedrooms, the rates here start at $971 per night

but can be divided by a dozen people, although there is a one-week minimum stay.

11 Little Peter Oasis, Belize


Obvious jokes aside, the Little Peter Oasis is a beautiful private island located off of Belize. The bungalow can house four people that can participate in plenty of fun activities including snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming. The island even comes with a private lagoon that’s 30 feet deep. If you want to get off the island for a bit, you can tour nearby Mayan ruins or go fishing offshore and participate in diving. There’s an on-site concierge who can coordinate those activities for you as well as transfers to and from the private island. For an all-inclusive package, you’ll pay just under $6,000. That might sound like a lot, but it’s for four nights and five days and already includes the private helicopter ride from Belize City. Belize is a hot spot for private islands so you could spend a couple weeks there doing some private island hopping if you see fit.

10 Bird Island, Belize


Bird Island is one of the more well-known private islands available for rent. This small island is located inside of a coral reef. This is the place to go if you want to be able to get some snorkeling in private. This isolated island does feature the comforts of home including TV and wireless internet. Bird Island is great for a romantic getaway or a group of friends celebrating. You can also kayak, fish, and swim in the pristine waters surrounding the island.

As many as six people can rent out the island together, and the price is $142 a night per person with a two-night minimum.

This is a very small island that’s just big enough to fit the charming blue house and a relaxation area, but it’s still worth the reasonable price. You can also visit the main country of Belize where English is the official language, although Spanish is quite common as well.

9 Melody Key, Florida


This private island is very private, due to the fact that it’s surrounded by trees. It also has a bit of a heart shape, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a romantic getaway. Located in the Florida Keys, this island is off the grid and transportation to it is provided. It features an onsite heated pool and Jacuzzi, as well as air conditioning to keep cool, WiFi, and a sound system. This island may have too many comforts so you’ll have to remind yourself to spend plenty of time outside. That’s easy to do considering you can use the kayak or catamaran to do some exploring. This island starts at $170 per person. The Florida Keys are home to several tropical islands, and if you can make it to Key West, there’s plenty to see and do.

8 Cavinti, Philippines


This secluded island is actually in the middle of a lake. Lumot Lake to be exact. Nestled in the shadow of the Sierra Madre mountains,

there’s an island known as Cavinti which you can rent out for as little as $63 per night. It’s only a one-bedroom bungalow, and there aren’t many frills like internet.

There is electricity provided by a generator so you can still enjoy the beautiful surroundings while having some comforts. Another nearby private island available for rent is Sundang. The home on this island is on top of a grassy knoll that slopes down towards the water. You’ll need to take a boat ride to get out there, and this location is recommended for couples or small groups who want to get away from their everyday lives. The Philippines are also home to Brother Island, making it one of the most popular countries for private rentals.

7 Batholmen, Norway


Batholmen island is also located in the archipelago of Hvaler. This is a great escape for lovers of nature and is off the grid. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including fishing to catch your own dinner off the dock or taking a nice walk on the private beach. There’s even a motorboat provided if you want to get out and do some exploring. There’s a fire pit to extend your day into night but you may need to use ocean water to put it out. That’s because there’s no running water on this island. You can, however, visit the local grocery store and fill up canisters of drinking water at no charge. While you’re there, you should bring your laptop to charge it if you plan on using it at all. The small cabin on this island can fit two adults and three children or four adults. It’ll only cost you $70 per person for the five-person family option, and you’ll be required to stay at least two nights.

6 Placencia, Belize


Belize is one to multiple private islands for rent, including Bird Island. Placencia is quite unique in the fact that it is a private island that you can rent out and it’ll only be you staying there, but others are able to visit the restaurant and bar which are sometimes patronized by sailors passing through. The restaurant area is connected to the cabana by a 500-foot boardwalk which is a great place to check out the wildlife. This mangrove island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. The cabana only sleeps a couple, making it a romantic getaway.

You can rent it out for $225 per night at a two-night minimum.

Belize is a great place to visit, especially if you want to experience one of the three private islands on this list. You’ll become a short-term frequent customer of the bar and restaurant while you’re there.

5 Laurel Island, East Hampton, CT

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If a vacation somewhere in the northeastern United States is more of your thing, then you might enjoy escaping to Laurel Island in East Hampton, CT. More specifically, this island is located in Lake Pocotopaug. There’s a lot of fun things to do including playing ping-pong and getting out on the water in a canoe or inner tube. A swimming pool is also included. The inside of the residence is also nice and features an 80-foot-long Great Room complete with cathedral ceilings.

You’ll need a minimum of 20 people to book this property which will cost $350 per person per week.

That’s not bad considering you also have access to row boats and kayaks for about $50 a night. You can also explore the town of Hampton which is relatively small and only has about 2,000 people. It can get pretty cold there so be sure you visit during the summer to stay warm.

4 Spruce Island, Deer Isle/Stonington, ME


Maine also has a nice private island you can enjoy to partake in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Spruce Island has a lobster trap to provide dinner for you. The 80-acre island has plenty of gadgets to get around including a golf cart and ATVs in addition to powerboats, row boats, and kayaks. A huge 3,600-square-foot stone house features seven bathrooms and seven bedrooms and is available starting at $375 per night. More than 18 people can rent this island together which is rented out by the week during the summer or for shorter periods of time during the off season. You can even be transported to and from the island up to three times a day for no additional cost. Spruce Island will provide you with pirate costumes if you or your kids are into that sort of thing.

3 Somerset Island, Ontario, Canada


Canada also has some private islands available for rent including this one in Ontario.

Somerset Island is only $62 a night with a total of 16 people, and there is a seven-night minimum stay required.

This island is made up of 20 acres and has two distinct sections that are separated only by rocks. The cottage has 17 rooms, although there is no air conditioning. There are eight bedrooms in this home built back in 1902. The island also includes a floating dock and a floating dock house and provides amazing views of Georgian Bay. That bay is part of Lake Huron and is located in Ontario. Georgian Bay is home to an amazing 30,000 islands, and Somerset is just one of the private islands you can rent. The island is a relatively short distance from Toronto as well so you can enjoy Canada before or after your stay there.

2 Sea Shell Key, Marathon, FL


Florida has plenty of water and you can rent your own private island called Sea Shell Key in Marathon, FL. The island is somewhat small at only 5,000 square feet but features a nice cottage. The master suite features a two-sided ocean view shower, as well as a sunken Jacuzzi tub. There are boardwalks that are landscaped as well as a nice vineyard featuring pitch apples and sea grapes. The cottage is only 100 yards off shore and features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It fits four and goes for as low as $3,795 a week. You can enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll also enjoy plenty of bird life in addition to manatees, dolphins, pelicans, parrots, and more. Marathon is part of the Florida Keys and is made up of 13 islands known for the barrier reef and their beaches. You can visit the Dolphin Research Center to get up close and personal.

1 Tahiti Island, Granada, Nicaragua

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If you’re up for visiting the beautiful exotic lands of Nicaragua, then you can rent out the private Tahiti Island. The residence here has recently been renovated and comes with a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a swimming pool and a terrace.

This island is big enough for 10 people and goes for only $205 a night, which is just over $20 per person per night.

There are four bedrooms and you can enjoy the air conditioning if it gets too warm outside. Television is also provided. If you want to visit the city of Granada, there is plenty of history to see. There are lots of Spanish colonial landmarks still there despite numerous pirate invasions. There are hotels and museums if you want to extend your stay in the area, and there are plenty of highly-praised restaurants as well. The tropical climate is both wet and dry so be sure to be prepared.

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