Forbes magazine has recently put Jay Z and Beyonce’s combined net worth at a whooping 1.16 billion - and growing. The couple is known as powerhouses in their respective fields of Hip Hop and R and B, but they are equally as impressive off the stage as on. With investments in everything from a music streaming service, to a vegan food delivery service and a private plane booking service, the powerful couple has expanded their talents beyond entertainment and have become legitimate investors with diverse portfolios.

And when they aren’t touring the world with their joint concerts, they enjoy a little (actually a lot) of downtime. The couple is often seen travelling the world with their family in tow, including Blue Ivy, and their new twins Rumi and Sir. While the thought of a family vacation with three young children sounds like more work than a vacation to most, the types of resorts and homes Beyonce and Jay Z frequent are not your average all-inclusive resort. From hotel rooms with private beaches, to massive holiday homes in the Hamptons, take a look at the lavish, exclusive and stunning places the power couple gets to spend their billions on.

20 20. Private Yachts in Italy

Sailing around the Amalfi coast in Italy on a private yacht is something many may aspire to. For Beyonce and Jay-Z, it is a regular vacation with the kids. The couple chartered the Kismet Yacht in Italy, which rents for an average of $1.4 Million/week, to tour the islands of Positano and Capri. The luxury yacht is owned by fellow billionaire Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and boasts some impressive amenities. An on boat beauty salon kept Beyonce looking her best while the basketball court likely kept Jay-Z entertained. The kids could also enjoy the full size cinema. Or they could just sit around in amazement at their crazy stroke of luck being born into this family!

19 19. A Mansion in Malibu for $400,000

After giving birth to twins, Beyonce and her growing family retreated to a secluded mansion in an exclusive neighborhood in Malibu for some much needed rest and relaxation.  And what better way to relax than to lounge around in a stunning mansion that sits on 6.3 acres of land, with unobstructed views of the ocean? The home boasts the finest in furnishings and finishings, with a 6 bedroom guest house for anyone coming to visit the newborns, as well as one of the largest private greenhouses in the state of Florida. The home was recently on the market and a lucky buyer picked it up for a measly $50 million.

18 18. Airbnb Rentals for $10,000/month

Most people by now have stayed in an Airbnb rental for a quick weekend getaway with the girls or a family reunion.  It can generally be more economical for larger groups and shorter stays. However, when your weekend trip includes shutting down a stadium for a historical Super Bowl performance, your weekend stay should be equally as spectacular. For the Carters, that meant renting out a five bedroom, eight bathroom home in Los Altos Hills, California, to retire to after the game.  The home has a rooftop garden, and actual chickens on site so you don't have to worry about running to the grocery store in the morning if you forgot to pick up the eggs for breakfast!

17 17. $40 Million Private Jet

Most people are happy with a new purse or watch for their birthday.  But most people are not billionaires with a lot of disposable income to throw around.  On Jay-Z's 41st birthday, his wife gifted him a $2 million luxury vehicle.  Money must have been tight at the time because on Father's Day in 2012, shortly after the birth of their first daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce topped the vehicle gift with a $40 Million Bombardier Challenger 850. The private jet can seat up to 16 people, so the entire family can travel in comfort for the (many) vacations they take.

16 16. Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

Do you ever wonder what kind of luxuries a billionaire would be used to on their vacation?  For the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy, Beyonce and Jay-Z are known to frequent the 7000 acre property in Dominican Republic that boasts their favorite private villa, named Punta Minitas.  The Villa sits on its own private beach, and comes with 7 bedrooms, 20 foot ceilings, outdoor showers, and a gourmet kitchen where breakfast is made every morning by staff and served by the on-site butler.  The resort has more affordable options as well, but the possibility of having a private beach right at your doorstep is something to aspire to!

15 15. The Louvre

If you have visited the Louvre on a Paris vacation, you most likely participated in a guided tour of the museum to learn about the historical artifacts and classic pieces of art.  If you have an extra $17,000 lying around, you could have rented out the entire museum and taken unobstructed shots of the famed Mona Lisa. While the exact price is unknown, it is estimated that the Carters paid around $17,500 to shoot the music video for the first single from their Everything is Love Album. The couple has a history of visiting the museum in the past, and the music video essentially served as a long advertisement for the Louvre, peeking the interest of younger fans around the world.

14 14. Shangri-La Suite in Paris for $19,000/night

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to love the city of Paris, and vacation there often.  In 2016 while on her Formation World Tour, Beyonce checked out the top floor suite of the Shangri-La Hotel, that comes complete with close-up views of the Eiffel Tower.

The suite is almost 3000 square feet, with 900 square feet of balcony space to enjoy the stunning views of the famous monument. Like most suites, the room is equipped with a gourmet kitchen, large bedrooms, living areas and dining room for entertaining guests. The floor to ceiling windows illuminate the Eiffel Tower at night and provide 360 views of the capital.  Not bad for a short stay in the city while on tour!

13 13. House in Hamptons for $400, 000/month

A summer house in the Hamptons seems to be a staple for most of Hollywood's elite, or the not-so-elite Housewives of whatever city is currently on air.  Countless movies, TV Shows and reality shows take place in the opulence of the Hamptons, making most green with envy.  In 2012, Jay-Z and Beyonce rented a home in the Hamptons for the month of August known as 'The Sandcastle' for some summer fun.  The home features a bowling alley, virtual golf, a rock climbing wall, a recording study, heated pool and a children's performing area for Blue Ivy to hone her inevitable skills.

12 12. Hollywood Mansion for $88 Million

The East Coast/West Coast rivalry must be dead as Jay-Z and Beyonce have recently purchased one of the most expensive homes to ever be sold in the ritzy Beverly Hills neighborhood.  After spending a lot of time in the Malibu mansion they rented above, the couple finally found a home they fell in love with and purchased the 30,000 square foot home for a cool $88 Million, making it the most expensive home sold that year.  The home has 8 bedrooms, and 4 swimming pools, alongside a spa and wellness center, and a 15 car garage.  Since LA traffic is notoriously bad, a helipad is available to avoid the rush.  With 10,000 square feet of outdoor living, the Carters don't even need to leave their home to enjoy a nice retreat.

11 11. A Secret Lodge in Iceland

Anyone who has lost themselves in a Youtube hole has inevitably come across the Beyonce and Jay-Z Illuminati conspiracies. While they seem to laugh them off, their trip to Iceland isn't doing much to dispel such rumors.  After posting several pictures to her Instagram account of the couple's tour of the country, it was reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z checked into a private Billionaires club called the Trophy Lodge, which Forbes has described as a "top secret and ultra exclusive resort nestled in the mountains beneath Langjokull glacier."  The private hunting lodge has been frequented by fellow billionaire Bill Gates and other A-list celebrities, and was the location of Jay-Z's recent birthday party.

10 10. The Brando Resort, Tahiti

After the birth of her twins, Sir and Rumi, Beyonce and Jay-Z checked into the exclusive Brando Resort, north of Tahiti.  The resort caters to celebrities and offers one, two and three bedroom private villas with either overlooking the ocean or over the ocean itself.  The prices range from $5000 to $10,000 night depending on your stay, but with the price comes the ultimate in luxury, beauty and seclusion.  The resort famously hosted Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as the Carters and Leonardo Di Caprio - who each took the resort's private jet from the Tahiti airport to the resort (it is only accessible via a short plane ride).  With stunning ocean views and beautiful vegetation, it is no wonder this resort made the cut for the much needed babymoon.

9 9. Private Resort in Hawaii

When the President of the United States is your neighbor, you have probably picked a good spot for your vacation home.  The stunning private retreat in Kailua, Hawaii has been a vacation home for the Carters, and Jessica Simpson, and the wedding location of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.  The secluded home has access to 600 feet of white sand beach, 10,000 square feet of indoor living, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and unobstructed views of turquoise waters in tons of outdoor living space. The Carters are known to rent the home for their frequent vacations to Hawaii, and bring guests with them for the ultimate sleepover-the home can accommodate up to 18 people.

8 8. Goldeneye Jamaica

Record producer Chris Blackwell purchased the private resort in Jamaica to attract his high profile clients and friends to the coastline of one of his favorite countries.  The resort is scattered with private villas, cottages and beach huts, each with private access to the ocean and complete seclusion.  The resort comes with interesting history- Ian Fleming famously wrote all 14 of his 007 series books on this 52 acre estate. His villa is still available to rent, along with other beach huts and cottages.  The entire estate is covered in beautiful vegetation, with secret caves and plenty of beach space to explore.

7 7. Amapulo on Pamilcan Island, Philippines

Touted as the world's most VIP Island, Beyonce and Jay-Z have vacationed alongside the likes of Brad Pitt and other A-listers.  The resort is only accessible by a private plane from the airport of Manila and is known for its exclusivity and extravagance.  The plane can only host 12 people at a time, making it a truly exclusive vacation with the ultimate in privacy.  The resort itself is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world- with pristine beaches, white sand and crystal blue waters at every corner. It was good enough for Madonna to vacation for an entire month there, and for the Carters to visit with their family. Sunbeds, outdoor showers and personal assistants make it the perfect stay for the picky celebrity.

6 6. The Nomad Hotel Rooftop

Anniversary dinners are nice.  Private rooftop anniversary dinners are a bit nicer.  For their 10th wedding anniversary, Jay-Z rented out the entire rooftop of the Nomad Hotel in Los Angeles, a celebrity hangout on its own. The hotel is located in the Giannini Palace and is a favorite among A-listers for its Mediterranean vibe and rooftop pool. When you are two of the most famous people in the world, going out for a nice dinner isn't as easy as it looks- so reserving the entire floor of a hotel is the natural solution. Of course security was tight and every waiter had to be checked for cameras - proving the lengths the Carters go to be able to enjoy their privacy.

5 5. Le Royal Monceau, Paris

With a guest list including Walt Disney, Winston Churchill and Michael Jackson, Beyonce fits in perfectly at the exclusive Paris hotel. The hotel boasts a private cinema, high end furniture and a stunning Presidential suite that was Beyonce's home away from home on a recent trip to Paris.  The suite is actually 5 floors of living space, with its own entrance (who wants to walk through a beautiful hotel lobby anyways?) and a private entry to the spa for quick and secluded relaxation.  It is the perfect getaway fit for royalty- the Queen B herself approves.

4 4. Galactica Yacht

In 2015, Beyonce and Jay-Z set sail on a $50 million yacht owned by Nigerian businessman Kola Aluko.  The boat comes complete with a helipad for quick getaways, can sleep 12 guests and has its own 'beach club.'  And the old saying that money can't buy everything, is actually true in this case.  Although it is rumored to cost $900,000 a week to rent, renters also have to know the owner before they are able to rent the luxury yacht.  The trained staff that come with the boat also live on the boat and offer everything you need while at sea. While enjoying the numerous outdoor entertaining areas, you can also sit in the outdoor Jacuzzi while taking in the 360 views of the ocean.

3 3. Hotel Le Meurice, Paris

With all of the Paris hot spots on this list, it would probably make more sense for the power couple to invest in property in the capital.  While they seem to hotel jump quite a bit, the couple enjoyed a stay at the Hotel Le Meurice in 2011, when they stayed at the two-story penthouse suite for $20,000/night.  They seem to have a preference for rooms with large terraces and private kitchens, both of which are featured in this penthouse.  And while they were able to enjoy the luxurious stay, they rented another studio solely for their musical equipment- mixing work and pleasure.

2 2. Florence, Italy

Taking a break from their frequent stops in Paris, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy took a trip to Florence recently and documented most of their stay on instagram. While it is unclear where they resided in Florence, the couple took in all the sights and sounds of the beautiful Italian city, and seemed to walk around (somewhat) undetected.  While seeing the extravagant resorts and hotels they frequent is fun to look at, it is nice to see that Beyonce is actually human, and can also not resist the freshly made pizza on every corner. No word yet on whether she actually ate the pie, but seeing her close to indulging just like us is good enough.

1 1. Hamptons Home

After renting out the Sandcastle in the Hamptons, they must have enjoyed their stay so much that the Carters purchased this $26 Million East Hamptons home.  The beautiful home is 12,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms all with direct access to the water.  The bathrooms feature Italian marble and bathtubs and tiles hand sculpted by European craftsmen.  If you are lucky enough to get an invite, you can probably stay in the 1800 square foot guest cottage, which is the same size as most modest homes. This host is added to the list of homes they already own, including the Beverly Hills mansion, two homes in New York and one in New Orleans.