There is never a dull moment in the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. They live lavishly day in and day out and on top of it all, they vacation all the time. Whether they go cross country or to someplace on the other side of the globe, the famous family loves to travel. And they know how to do it well.

They have stayed at some of the finest hotels and resorts are known to man and arrive via private jet with all the extras one could imagine. Room service is a no-brainer and private escorts are surely the norm. From beautiful beaches to bustling cities, the family has found their way to some of the most enchanting and exciting places on Earth.

While we’re sitting at home watching reruns of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the family is probably off on their next adventure. Their passport pages must be worn down from all the places they’ve been. Even the kids have traveled more in their short lifetimes than most of us ever will.

Check out these 25 pics of the members of the Kardashian crew as they live it up on vacation. Are we jealous? Sure, but we can pretend we’re part of the reality family and imagine we’re there too. Bon voyage!

20 Crusin’ In Cuba

The weather is warm and the top’s down as Kourtney, Kim, and Kanye hop into a hot pink car and cruises the streets of Cuba. The ladies look lovely in their shades with their hair pulled back and their tanned skin aglow.

Kanye doesn’t exactly look like he’s having the time of his life but perhaps something is on his mind other than having fun while away.

A trip to Cuba must have been a nice getaway for the group as they enjoyed their time in the sun and the regional cuisine. Maybe there’s another pic somewhere where Kanye is sporting a smile.

19 Canoodling in Cannes

They are no longer a couple, but in this pic taken in Cannes, Kourtney, and her then-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima look like they are fully enjoying their romantic getaway. The water is crystal clear and the two seem smitten with one another.

Dressed casually and comfortably, the only thing these two have to worry about is a cloud covering even one ray of sunshine.

Not every romance lasts forever but this moment must have made quite the everlasting impression. Behind those sunglasses, there must be a twinkle in their eyes. It’s hard not to fall in love in a place like this.

18 Posing in Paris

If anyone ever looked like a million bucks, it’s Kim dripping in glittering gold while on vacation with husband Kanye in Paris. His jean jacket is cool but he can’t compare to his dazzling wife who always steals the show. Paris is surely one of the world’s most romantic places, so let’s hope these two took the time to show some affection. They look pretty serious but that could just be a planned pose for the paparazzi. Many folks would kill for a vacation to Paris, but for this couple, it’s like a home away from home. We must admit they look like they fit in perfectly with their chic vibe and French-forward flair for fashion.

17 Peace Out Caribbean

Khloe’s looking super cool as she gives us the universal peace sign in front of her plane. She’s in the Caribbean and having what seems to be a fabulous time. Don’t you love her hair pulled back in braids and those oversized black shades?

Naturally, this pic looks like a selfie, but you would take one too if you had the chance to vacation in Kardashian style.

She may be with the rest of the family or on a romantic trip with someone special, but either way, a trip to someplace nice and sunny is always a reason to celebrate.

16 Impeccable in Italy

Like mother, like daughter. These two beauties are soaking up the sun as they boat along the waters of Italy while vacationing. Mom Kris and her eldest child Kourtney look like they are having the time of their lives on what is sure to be an expensive trip.

They are looking bright and cheery in their colorful ensembles and slicked back matching hairdos.

Protecting their eyes from the sun in designer shades, these two look chic and fashionable. It must be nice to have some time away and bond as a family. We “common folk” may never get to Italy, but seeing these famous faces there is close enough.

15 Ski Trip Snow Bunnies

How adorable is little North all wrapped up in her winter attire? She matches perfectly with her gorgeous mama and looks like she is enjoying the snow since they don’t get much of it (if any) in L.A. These super cute snow bunnies have certainly dressed the part but we wonder how they did on the slopes? Looking good is one thing but staying upright on a pair of skis is far more work intensive. We’re betting the Kardashian-West crew had plenty of fun at the ski lodge and maybe North had a tasty cup of hot cocoa to warm up.

14 Life’s a Beach

Scott and Kourtney may no longer be an item but that doesn’t mean they can’t co-parent and even vacation together. A little beach getaway is a perfect way for a family to have fun and connect.

The expression on Mason’s face says it all. These were simpler days when the couple seemed genuinely happy to be together. 

Their youngest son is simply adorable as he trails behind, and Penelope must be tired from a long day of frolicking in the beach with her older brother and parents.

13 Looking Cute in Cuba

Kanye, Kim and their daughter North all match in their cream and white ensembles as they stroll the streets of Cuba while on vacation. They look happy and peaceful as they hold hands and enjoy their many blessings.

Since both Kanye and Kim are fond of fashion, we can guess that their choice of clothing was no coincidence.

And North is following in her parents’ fashion-forward footsteps. The way Kim is looking at Kanye gives us the notion that she’s truly smitten and doesn’t let the rumors and tabloids get in the way of their relationship. Being in the spotlight has its perks but the downside can be bad. Lucky for this family that they can get away for a little R&R.

12 Enjoying Egypt

When one thinks of taking a vacation in Egypt, speeding through the sea on a watercraft probably is not the first thing that comes to mind. But for Kourtney and her then-main squeeze, a trip to Egypt meant high-energy water fun full of splashing and smiles. Kourtney has a firm hold of the handlebars and her man is simply along for the rip-roaring ride. The weather looks perfect and the water couldn’t be clearer or bluer. It looks like these two had fun while it lasted, but it seems like we won’t see this pair vacationing together again any time soon.

11 Disney Darlings

A trip to Disney is every kid’s dream vacation. And here we see North in her Minnie Mouse ears having a blast with her bestie. Kim and a friend are having fun with the little ones as they stroll through the park and take in the attractions.

It’s hard to imagine that Kim went unnoticed at the amusement park but she’s doing her best to blend in with the crowd.

Perhaps the big guy behind her is a bodyguard who won’t allow anyone to mess with the reality princess even a pinch. Hopefully, the kiddos had fun exploring their surroundings and recall this trip with fond memories when they’re older.

10 Posing Poolside

When Rob and Blac Chyna were still an item, they did all sorts of fun stuff together. Here we see the former couple smiling for the camera in front of a giant pool while vacationing. For a while, it was rare to see Rob out of the house, so the fact that he’s front and center is a sign that he was happy (for a while) when he was linked to his baby’s mom. The two share a child, but aside from their co-parenting, it seems like the love between these two has been lost. They can always remember their poolside party, but other than that, the party’s over.

9 Three Cuties in Cuba

You’ve got to hand it to Kourtney and Scott – they sure do make some adorable kids together! Here we see Kourtney walking with her too-cute trio during a family trip to Cuba, and they all look sweet and summery.

Mason’s getting so big and Penelope is no longer the youngest. Just like her mom, she’s holding a mini handbag and has her hair done up in a bun similar to Kourtney’s.

Scott’s not on the scene for this one, but Kourtney seems to be able to handle the kids on her own just fine. Even while juggling three young kids, Kourtney manages to look chic in her colorful top and bright and bold necklace. Then again, the Kardashian sisters always look stylish.

8 Boating Beauty

Even when she’s relaxing and hanging out, Kendall always looks every bit the model. Her elegance and effortlessness are irresistible. Here we see the model-of-the-moment enjoying her vacation as she boats in the clear blue water. Her stylish sunglasses give her that “star factor,” and her flowy top is summery and sophisticated. Kendall has traveled the world for work, but being on a boat and enjoying the breeze must feel fabulous. It must be nice to have a bit of time off to enjoy the splendor of the sunshine and take in such picturesque surroundings. Those Kardashian-Jenners sure know how to vacation like champs!

7 Stripes in Saint Tropez

Is that a zebra on the loose or is it the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? Stylish stripes make Kris stand out from the crowd and her black and white look is part of the “momager’s” signature style. As she strolls the streets of Saint Tropez, Kris is enjoying a billowy outfit to keep her cool as she shops and dines the day away.

Perhaps a form-fitting ensemble would better show off Kris’ figure, but she seems comfortable and secure in this wind-catching look.

Matching from head to toe, Kris makes basic look anything but boring. It’s no wonder her daughters have a fondness for fashion – the apples don’t fall far from the tree!

6 French Connection

It sure seems like Kourtney and her former love interest spent a lot of time vacationing before the relationship went bust. But here they are, taking time off yet again, this time in France.

Perhaps the less-than-happy looks on their faces are a sign that their romance had run its course. But how could anyone feel down while living it up in France?

The weather seems great and there’s so much to see and do. The food is fantastic and the history is rich. Perhaps this pic was snapped at an off moment and the rest of the vacation went off without a hitch. Frowning in France is definitely frowned upon…

5 Baby True’s First Vaca

Khloe’s baby girl is super sweet as she spends her vacation smiling in a pair of adorable mirrored shades. Those chubby cheeks are worth a pinch, and her twisted turban is ultra-stylish. True is taking her turn in the spotlight as mom stands back and let’s her little one steal the show. It must be nice to start off life with such luxuries, two famous parents, and millions of fans who know your name. True has a huge family and all the other kids must adore this beautiful baby. As for her parents’ relationship? Time will tell, but let’s hope for the sake of True that nothing else stirs the pot between her parents.

4 Doin’ It Up at Disney

Disney is the place where magic and wonder are at the forefront, so it’s no surprise that Penelope is looking around with curiosity. Mom is sitting back with her cool shades and leather cap as she and the kids take a ride around the park. It must be difficult to go to such a public place when you are as famous as this family, but with the right security and protection lined up, the kids can feel like they’re just like everyone else. Disney is a childhood fantasy land, so let’s hope these little ones make the most of every moment. If Kourtney could crack a smile, perhaps she’d have a little fun too.

3 On Again On Vacation

While rumors are constantly swirling about whether or not Khloe and Tristan are together, here the two seem to be in love as they vacation as a couple.

They seem to be happy and having a good time despite what the tabloids try to tell us.

He may have stepped out on his baby’s mom, but perhaps she has it in her heart to forgive and forget. Having a baby changes things, so she may want to work on the relationship to her child has a stable home. But if this photo is any indication, these two are doing just fine.

2 Fun in the Sun

If you are going to vacation the right way, a pretty pair of oversized sunglasses are the best accessory a gal can have. And if anyone looks fierce and fab in a pair of shades, it’s the always-chic Kourtney. Her mega-watt smile is even brighter than the sun itself! She must be having a blast on vacation, but that’s a given. Her one-shoulder bathing suit adorned with studs is super stylish and goes well with those shiny sunglasses. It doesn’t take much for a ladylike Kourtney to get beach ready and in full-on vacation mode. She’s more than ready for some fun in the sun!

1 What Happens in Vegas

The former lovebirds are posing perfectly as they live it up Las Vegas-style. Kourtney looks like a real-life disco ball in her sparkling shimmery dress and Scott looks downright dapper in his blazer. Vegas is the place to party, but let’s hope Scott held it together. His past proves that he’s not always on his best behavior when adult beverages are flowing freely. These two are no longer a pair, but they sure look good together. Maybe Vegas is the place for these two to rekindle the flame. If that’s not in the cards, maybe they’ll get luckier at the slot machines.