Flying, in general, can be a confusing and strange experience for inexperienced flyers. This isn't even taking into account and international flight. A flight in the country can be for many a stressful event but imagine multiplying the flight time by up to 2 or 3 times as long. Many experienced flyers still have trouble taking international flights. This list will comprise of things to do during and before an international flight to make your experience a little more enjoyable. An international flight can be made fun if you follow the right steps. Whether you're traveling to Europe or Australia any of these tips could help make your experience more positive.

The longer the flight the more unenjoyable it can become. This makes the preparations for a flight more extensive whether it is in packing for your trip or getting to the airport on time. There are a lot of factors to consider before you even board your flight. Traveling internationally can be scary for anyone traveling for the first time out of the country or an experienced flyer, however, in the end, it will be worth that vacation in a new place you couldn't get to by car!

20 Know The Best Times To Book

Like any flight, an international flight's price depends on when you book the ticket. If you wait until the last minute you could pay up to thousands more than if you booked early. Most times people plan international trips months to even years before the actual trip itself and the first step in planning that trip is to make sure to book it right away. It may not seem like it saves that much money but in the end, it could end up saving you hundreds that you can now use on your trip!

19 You'll Definitely Want A Window Seat

Seating is important but especially when you are booking an international flight. Considering you will be seated in that same seat for a long time it needs to be a good seat. Chances are you'll be on a plane with great seating choices if you are traveling internationally. The best seat in the house is, of course, the window seat. The window seat can be great for international travel because it allows for great views on your trip. If you get bored you can always peek out the window and see the world below! If traveling with children this can also offer them some much-needed entertainment.

18 Have Your Passport Ready To Go

Many people have all they need ready to show airport personal when boarding a flight but there is one extra step when flying internationally. Don't forget to have your passport. Similar to driving over any borders in the U.S. a passport is needed when traveling anywhere internationally. Make sure to keep your passport updated and have it ready to show airport personnel. This grants you access to travel to any other country that you wish so this document is just as important as your plane ticket. If you don't have a passport you can apply in many different spots and you can even apply online now! So get your passport and start traveling to your far away dream spots!

17 Alert Your Bank Of Your Travels

It's no surprise to many that traveling internationally will cost a lot of money. Due to conversion rates and overall flight expenses the fees can quickly rack up. Plan for this by first having the right amount of money plus some extra. Next, you should probably alert your bank that your account will be seeing a lot more activity and that they shouldn't be alerted by the strange activity. When traveling in different countries you can find yourself spending hundreds on food alone. Many people end up having the money but the bank they are with reports their account for suspicious activity which can be a headache.

16 Make Sure To Charge Up

Mobile electronic devices can be a lifesaver on a long international flight. Things like cell phones, laptops, and mobile gaming systems are great distractions from the long flight ahead. However, most of these things run on batteries that have to be charged before long uses. Make sure to charge everything the night before to ensure that everything is on a full charge. Many airports also have outlet stations for charging so if you get to the airport early enough you can charge there. Having an electronic device deplete its battery mid-flight can be a big pain for the rest of the flight.

15 Bring A Big Carry-On

Most flights allow up to two additional bags called carry-ons. These can be anything from small suitcases for clothes to bags that carry your aforementioned electronic devices. You will want to bring a pretty spacious carry on bag to carry all of your international flight essentials. Some things you will want to fill this bag with include, electronic devices like laptops, travel size accessories like toothpaste and a toothbrush, and anything else you feel like you would need during a large flight. A larger carry on bag can be used for storage, like storing a jacket that you no longer wish to wear.

14 Prepare To Sleep

International flights can be anywhere from 10 hours to 24 depending on where you are going. This will most likely mean that you need to sleep at some point during the flight. This can be fairly difficult if you are traveling on a commercial jet with seats that aren't that comfortable. That is why you should come prepared! Bringing a sleep mask to cover your eyes from unwanted plane lights and sunlight can help. Neck pillows are also a must as they provide comfort for your neck and head. These can make your international traveling experience go by faster and make it more enjoyable overall.

13  Bring Your Own Food

Airplane food has been the punchline to many jokes and for good reason. Airplane food isn't that great unless you are traveling first class. However, if you are just traveling in business you might want to bring your own food. This can include things that can be packed away easily and that can be easily accessible during your flight. Depending on the TSA and the airport you are traveling out of depends on the type of things you can bring but most airports require that you only bring sealed items onto the plane due to safety concerns. Bringing snacks is also a great idea if you are traveling with children.

12 Bring Your Own Entertainment

As mentioned before bring electronic devices that can be easily accessible during your long international flight. These devices can help distract from the long flight. Sometimes planes have built-in entertainment which is always great but if you want more variety you should bring your own device. Make sure to download everything you will be using as the flight may not have built-in wifi. If the flight does have built-in wifi it can be very untrustworthy and it is worth downloading everything for a more pleasurable viewing experience. Downloading several movies can make a flight go by way faster.

11 Prepare To Drown Out Any Noise

Airports and planes can be some of the noisiest places. Therefore if you like your silence you will want to bring something that can help with that. There is nothing worse than booking an expensive international flight and getting a crying child a few seats ahead of you. Make sure to bring noise canceling headphones. These come in a variety of sizes and brands and can usually be found for pretty cheap. They can also be purchased in the airport itself. These headphones can help drown out all other sounds and even help you zone out to help pass time on the long flight ahead!

10 Stay Healthy During Your Flight

Staying your best during a long international flight is important. If you are on a long flight it can be important to pack things that you may not have always packed on smaller flights. Things like ointments, creams, and sanitizers can make your traveling experience ten times more manageable and enjoyable. Make sure to buy travel size as most airports and TSA won't let you pass with things that are too big. Make sure to bring things you know you use on a day to day basis as you will be on the flight for longer than you may expect. This is important for people who need to take daily medication to remember.

9 Prepare For A Time Zone Change

Traveling internationally will surely warrant a change in the time zone. It is important to take note of the time zones in which you are traveling to and compare them to the time zone in which you are coming from. Traveling internationally can create headaches with trying to adjust to a time zone change and can create serious jet lag, which we will dive into more later. The best thing you can do to prepare for time zone changes is to stay informed and let people in your contacts know that you are in a different time zone.

8 Pack For The Change In Weather

If you are traveling internationally the time zone isn't the only thing that is likely to change. Along with this, the weather is a huge factor to take into consideration. Before you go to the airport to make sure you pack clothes that suit the place you will be traveling to. If you are traveling somewhere that is normally very cold you will want to pack heavier clothes and maybe even pack some in a carry on bag so you can ensure you will be comfortable when you arrive at your destination. The same can be said for traveling to warmer places.

7 Plan Time To Recover From Jetlag

As mentioned before jet lag is a big thing to consider when traveling internationally. Time zones are something everyone should take into consideration, however, many can't control the fact that they will suffer from jet lag. That is why it is important to plan time right after your flight to catch up on sleep from the inevitable jet lag. Jet lag can ruin someone's trip and can make their vacation more of a headache than fun. That is why it is important to get the right amount of sleep as soon as possible to catch up to the places time zone.

6 Bring Travel Sizes Of Everyday Things

As mentioned before you should plan to bring travel size versions of things you use on a day to day basis. These things can include toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturizers, and other things you may need on your long international flight. Getting past TSA can be tough unless you buy smaller travel size items. Buying travel size isn't hard. Most stores have them and if you don't want the hassle of trying to get through TSA with these items you can purchase these items in the airport stores. This doesn't mean that you can't bring full sized items with you, you will just have to put those away in a checked bag.

5 Getting Over The Fear Of Flight

Many people have a rational fear of flying (depending on who you are). Being stuck in a metal box flung through the air at hundreds of miles per hour can be a scary experience for anyone, especially if you are a first-time flyer. It is recommended that if you are a first-time flyer you don't take an international flight as your first flight. People with the fear of heights can also be in for a scary experience. Overall the fear of flying is in many people but the outcome is worth facing your fear. Flying is the most efficient way of travel and can get you to places you would literally never be able to visit otherwise.

4 Move Around And Stretch Constantly

Obviously, by now you know that an international flight can be a long endeavor. However, you may not realize that if you sit for a long period of time you can become very uncomfortable. That is why it is important to get up and stretch. You may even want to walk around. While there isn't much space to walk around, there shouldn't be a problem in getting up and walking down the aisle just to get the blood flowing! This seems like a simple tip but it is the one that goes the most unnoticed by travelers.

3 Prepare For Mild Turbulence

Turbulence is something that occurs when the plane you are riding in hits strange wind patterns that shake the plane. Most of the time turbulence can be unseen through a flight but if you are traveling on a day with bad weather you can see an increase in turbulence. The longer you are in the air the more likely you are to experience turbulence. If it gets bad enough the flight attendants may ask to stay seated during the rough patches of turbulence. It is important to stay calm during rough patches of turbulence as they are likely to pass.

2 Traveling With Children? Here Are A Few Tips

Traveling with children can be a list of its own as it has a lot of information to consider. Children can be difficult to fly with depending on their age. If you are traveling with an infant make sure to pack things that can keep them from crying and disturbing the other passengers. If you are traveling with a child who is a bit older make sure to bring plenty of things that can help keep them entertained. Bring games on things like iPad's and phones. Also, consider bringing their favorite snacks as they will likely get hungry and be picky during the flight.

1 Life Hacks Save Lives

Life hacks can be a lifesaver when flying. Life hacks can be found all over the internet and include turning things you get in flight into phone holders to where to sit for the most enjoyable experience. A lot of life hacks include saving money on flights. These include things like signing up for email alerts and getting flight credit cards. These life hacks are usually free and can be a great way to make your flight experience much more enjoyable. Especially if you are flying internationally. There are several ways to find these life hacks and they are easily accessible.