Solo traveling has always been a thing for as long as we can remember. It's a journey a person takes and almost often has good effects: a self-discovery or an epiphany about their own life. It could be just a simple time away from everybody or what is called me-time. There is also something that’s called us-time, a moment away from everything and everybody else, but with your partner, your wife or husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Just the two of you, discovering things about one another and contemplating on how far you’ve gone and what else could be in store for both of you in the future.

The great thing about traveling with a partner is that you can work together to pack as light as possible. We have here some things couples can do so that they can fully maximize their travel fun and their packing efficiency at the same time. There are also some tips for safety and security that are best for traveling couples. So, take notes and make sure you educate your lazy husband, your boyfriend who couldn’t care less, and that partner who’s always waiting for the last minute to move and pack for the trip.

20 20. Gear: Suitcase or Backpack?

It’s a question of physical ability more than anything else. Backpacks are easier to carry, we don’t put them down unless we are settling for a while so it’s more secure, and it has a deceivingly big space inside. Suitcases, on the other hand, are more for the convenience of not lifting heavy things all the time, that’s why they have those little wheels under them. Very comfortable, especially if our back is not the same as 8 years ago. On the matter of security, there are available theft-proof backpacks out there that you can buy, and they are not too expensive.

19 19. Gear: Weather Necessities

The sun can be a very nice touch to an awesome vacation, but it could rain sometimes, too. Don’t try to do to what they do in movies, frolicking in the rain, all merry and wet. It’s just not practical. Bring an umbrella with you, a small but strong and sturdy one will do. Dance in the rain and the next day you’ll be in bed with a case of the sniffles in your hotel bed. Check the forecast in the city you’ll be staying at and pack according to the weather. Sunglasses, do not forget them. If needed, bring an umbrella, rain boots, or a raincoat if going on a nature hike.

18 18. Gear: Everything Needed To Keep Your Electronics Going

We might not know what kind of electrical sockets are available where we are staying, or if there are any, so it’s better to be prepared by bringing some electronic devices that would help with this type of possible dilemma. It’s kind of an annoying problem, but it happens. Two things will help solve this, a travel adapter and a voltage converter. With one socket available, we can charge multiple devices with a travel adapter, pretty nifty. A voltage converter is a good idea, especially if we are planning to use high-voltage devices, also a good idea if the destination is a different country where their normal voltage is different than in the US.

17 17. Packing: Packing Squares

Some call it packing cubes, some say they are packing squares, some even say it’s redundant. They may look redundant, but it’s actually a very organized and neat way to pack stuff in a backpack or suitcase. Sorting the kinds of clothes you have, or if you are sharing a bag with your partner, it’s a great way to separate your clothing, too. Plus, on the way home, you can pack in one cube, or square, the dirty clothes away from the clean ones. These things are affordable, they come in different sizes, different material and colors as well. It’s best to get the waterproof ones.

16 16. Packing: Sharing Clothes

One good way of packing light is thinking about clothes that you can share with your partner. Jackets, sweaters, those items of clothing. These are also kind of a bane to pack, right? Very bulky and just a pain for the light-packing traveler. So, why not share these clothes with your partner. You probably are the same size, more or less, let’s hope. Bring just one jacket, one sweater, one hoodie, then shirts and shorts that you can both share as well. This way, you don’t have to bring a couple of each item of clothing every time you go traveling together.

15 15. Packing: Sandals

This is the best time to let your feet breathe, give your feet a vacation, too, from stilettos, high heels, and closed shoes and thick socks. Those little piggies need a breather, so wear your sandals. If you can, we would suggest packing nothing else but the sandals you’ll be wearing when you step out of your house on the way to the airport. There are a lot of good-looking and fashionable sandals out there, no Crocs please, get good ones if you don’t already have them. Remember, comfort is the key. The sandals you’ll bring are supposed to make your feet more comfortable, so choose wisely, for you’ll be wearing them for the rest of your trip.

14 14. Packing: Fewer Clothes

Stop yourself from over-preparing your things when it comes to clothes to pack. Visualize the days and activities you are going to do, then think of what best to wear on those days. We should have at least 5 shirts or tops for a 5-day vacation, 4 would do if we’re bringing a dress for a nice dinner with our partner. Jeans are more comfortable if worn without washing, so maybe just bring 2 pairs. Shorts and sweats are good, too. Try not to bring jammies anymore, that just adds to the weight of your baggage. Check out laundry services at the hotel if it’s not too expensive, then bring fewer clothes and just have them washed at the hotel. Or better yet, buy some clothes where you’re going, and have a souvenir at the same time.

13 13. Electronics: Phone

Phones nowadays are a necessary device for guys as much as for the girls. With the emergence of the smartphone, these devices have transformed into a most cherished item people don’t leave home without. Of course, there are the traditional features like calling and texting, very handy for emergency situations. Then there are the GPs-like apps that tell you where you are and where you should be going, we all know how men don’t like asking for directions. Yeah, they just don’t like to admit they’re lost. And of course, all those other apps and games that make the most buff gentleman feel like a boy again. It’s the new and improved GameBoy of today.

12 12. Electronics: Reading

Books are now classified under electronics, e-books can carry hundreds of books in just one device. Try doing that traditionally and you’d need a big box just for your reading materials. Technology makes everything easier nowadays, zero paper cuts, and lots of titles in just one device. This is the perfect companion on long flights, especially if your partner sleeps anywhere easily. Layover at the airport? Long flight? Something to read before falling asleep? Bring that Kindle or that Nook or Kobo, Fire or Aura, whatever they call it nowadays, and bring that book that you couldn’t finish with you on your travels.

11 11. Electronics: Games and Apps

Look at that, even games are under electronics now. Some classic games still do the trick today, a simple deck of cards could provide lots of fun to a couple, no matter what age. Those miniature travel board games like Monopoly, Scrabble or chess may come in handy, too. But of course, the best, and most convenient games we can bring with us on our trip are the apps we installed on our devices. Games that you can have online head-to-head matchups with your partner, let out those competitive juices, and once and for all, find out who really is the better one at it.

10 10. Electronics: Chargers and Power Banks

Power banks come in different shapes and sizes nowadays, depending on the things you will do on your vacation, a power bank could be the most important thing that you should pack before leaving for a trip. Imagine getting stuck somewhere in a foreign land with nothing but a map you can’t read, a partner who’s slowly losing their patience (and later, their sanity), and a pocket full of cash that’s really worthless in that situation. Having a phone is not enough, what if you need to get help and the only way to get it is by calling someone. It pays to have a power bank to be able to charge your phone once it runs out of juice from all that calling and getting help. Just one scenario to think about.

9 9. Electronics: Camera or Tablet

Tablets are good devices that could eliminate two other things from your to-bring list before heading out on a trip. It has that feature that makes it work as an e-book, so no need to bring that e-book device. It can also be a good camera to capture scenic views and precious moments with your loved one, eliminating the bulky camera. Although some prefer a good professional-grade camera for a better and crispier result when it comes to photos, so whatever floats your boat. Camera or tablet, bring whatever is available or more comfortable for you, just don’t bring both.

8 8. Toiletry: Sharing Toiletries

Women would have more to pack than the men in terms of toiletries. But out of all those products we bring with us on every trip we take, think about the things that we can share with the men. There are a number of them, actually. For example, toothpaste, mouthwash, and regular soap. We may have a special kind of soap for our skin, but the guys will use any regular soap, just don’t tell them it’s for girls, and make sure their skin won’t get irritated using it. Shaving cream, shampoo, lotions, and moisturizers can also be shared. That’s less for both of you to pack, and that’s good.

7 7. Toiletry: Reusable Containers

Now how would we know which items are being shared and which ones are just for us? Here’s where the reusable containers come in handy. Easy to use and easy to wash and store someplace afterward, these cute little containers come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and color. There is no need to pack that whole bottle anymore, it just takes too much space in your luggage. Just pour enough for the trip for both of you into that cute reusable container, then repeat with other products. Open, pour, repeat, three very easy steps to help ease your packing woes.

6 6. Toiletry: Feminine Products

Of course, if one is used to traveling with her girlfriends, she can just borrow some products from them if she forgets to bring some. This situation changes if she is traveling with a boyfriend. These products will find a nice home in one of those small packing cubes we already talked about. If we’re lucky, the hotel complimentary products just might have them, but it’s best to just to be on the safe side and pack them. They are always ridiculously overpriced overseas, it’s always smart to bring them with us. No one should get embarrassed about having them. Everyone knows that women need them and it just natural.

5 5. Toiletry: a Comb

The traditional guy just needs a comb for his grooming needs. They should always have a comb on their person no matter the time, the place, or situation. It’s an unwritten rule among gentlemen, a comb is your last line of defense for when taking a picture and it’s windy out. The men could survive and make his way without anything else except a comb. A girlfriend’s brush may do the trick, but there’s a certain sleek and sharp result on the man’s do that can only be produced by a trusty comb. Pack one for your man just to be extra careful, he will love you more for that.

4 4. Essentials: Cash and Cards

When traveling with a partner, make sure that the cards and cash you have are distributed between the two of you. Do not make the mistake of having one person designated to keep the cash or credit card safe. We would normally entrust it with the wife, but leave some cash with the husband, of course. This is a smart move. What if you get separated and you don’t have any kind of money on you? While it may be a funny story to tell the grandkids, it’s really not a situation you want to be in. Avoid these kinds of situations by keeping cash for yourself. Credit cards are best for emergency shopping, like forgetting that souvenir a friend asked for weeks before your trip.

3 3. Essentials: Makeup and Others

This is helpful advice for all who enjoy putting on makeup and must travel with a pretty sizeable bag filled with makeup goodies. Again, another place for your makeup essentials can be one of those packing cubes. These packing squares really sound very good, don’t they? Cover those eye bags and line your eyes attractively before having that photo-op. Don’t we look better with a little shade of red on our cheeks and some color on the lips for those selfies? Some snacks, like candies, gum, and mints are also good for traveling, be sure to buy your favorite ones and put them in your jacket pockets, or your carry-on bags.

2 2. Essentials: Medicine and Kits

Long flights can give us that really unwanted jet lag on our vacation. So get those jet lag tablets and follow the directions for use. These are potent tablets that are not like your garden variety Vitamin C or multivitamins. Sunburn is also a serious thing especially for people who’ve only known the sun in their home. The sun and humidity are at a different level in tropical countries, so be sure to get that extra SPF protection on your skin. It’s good thinking to always pack an emergency medical kit, even those sewing kits while away from home, too.

1 1. Essentials: Pen and Notebook

It does not matter how many devices we have with us. Whether we brought a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or some other device. Nothing really beats the old pen and paper. There is something to the feeling of writing something down on paper, sometimes it just has to be done that way. If we need to make a quick list of things or make some computations on expenses in our trip, or even a game we’d like to play with our partner, pens and papers will be very useful, one way or another. Some people even have their own travel journals, documenting what they felt the moment they experience it. Jotting things down will be immeasurably helpful when you get home and can’t remember where that photo was taken.

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