20 Dumbest Selfies Captured On Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are awesome. They are like giant floating hotels, with all the bells and whistles anyone could ask for. As they move along the ocean to travel to exclusive destinations, those onboard enjoy fine dining, dancing, a literal boatload of booze, and all sorts of ship-friendly entertainment. The price is always a perk when there’s so much included.

It’s no wonder people enjoy cruising, spending time at sea, and of course, snapping selfies. Capturing the special moments on the cruise ship makes memories that’ll last a lifetime.

It’s one thing to take pics of the luxurious surroundings and spectacular settings. Then there are those folks who take selfies to a level of stupidity. These 20 pics are examples of cruise selfies gone astray. These pics prove that not all passengers have their heads on straight, even when it’s smooth sailing.

20 Pre-Cruise Contortionist On The Concrete

Via: cnn.com

This woman may think she’s able to balance, but if she moves the wrong way, she may wind up in the water. Sure, it is nice to get a selfie by the ship, but safety should always be top of mind. Her friend may enjoy the view too, but will she dive in if her pal tips over?

19 Ridiculousness On The Railing

Via: CNN.com

Some people are clueless when it comes to being careful. Is a pic really worth it when one’s life is at risk? This woman is taking a big chance by climbing over the railing for the right shot. She may be a risk-taker, but this is a huge liability for the cruise line. She should be sent packing, if not punished.

18 Quite A Trip From The Ship

Via: Bloomberg.com

These friends got off the boat to wade in the water for a selfie. They aren’t even wearing bathing suits, making the snapshot even stranger. Why not get back to the ship and see what’s going on there? This selfie isn’t even all that special. Perhaps these gals are just getting the hang of it.

17 She’s The Star Of Everyone Else’s Selfie

Via: wsj.com

When you’re too busy to snap a selfie, others on the ship can do it for you. This woman became the main attraction, and others stepped in to snap her in the act. She looks like she’s having fun, so hopefully, she made some friends aboard the ship who can text her the photos.

16 Wishing She Was On The Cruise Herself

Via: Washingtonpost.com

If you can’t afford to go on a cruise, the next best thing is to take a selfie with a ship sailing by. As the vacationers get going, these gals will hang around ‘till it’s time to go home. They may be jealous of the others’ adventures, but at least they can spend a while adding filters to their photos.

15 So Busy Snapping, They Missed The Boat

Via: kiwithebeauty.com

These pals are living it up, feeling the sand beneath their feet and warming up under the summer sun. They are so busy snapping selfies that they may have missed the boat. Too bad for them, because the cruise won’t wait for those who forget to get on before the ship sails.

14 Traveled The World Just To Eat Ice Cream

Via: youtube.com

Ice cream is undeniably delicious, but paying for a cruise just to get a cone is downright ridiculous. These four friends seem to be having an excellent adventure, but when the highlight is an ice cream cone, perhaps it’s a sign they didn’t select the best package.

13 Uh…Who’s Steering?

Via: twitter.com

When the captain is onshore snapping selfies, it’s something the passengers better be alarmed about. Sure, even the crew likes to make memories, but they’re supposed to be working, not modeling for their profile pics. Hopefully, these guys made it quick and got back to their stations.

12 All Sorts Of Ways To Take Selfies

Via: wired.com

These women are exploring all the ways one can snap selfies. There is the traditional smartphone, the helpful selfie stick, and the less-handy tablet. While all are selfie-friendly, it doesn’t seem necessary for these friends to bring along all this high-tech gear. Maybe someone in the group works for Apple.

11 That's One Way To Remember His Bermuda Cruise

Via: touristangpobre.blogspot.com

A selfie of one’s feet is odd in general, especially when it’s to show off a Bermuda cruise. Not to mention, this fella’s feet aren’t the finest, and a pedicure in the cruise’s spa would be wise. Perhaps this dude has a foot fetish he’s filling a desire for. Whatever the case, it’s a selfie we wish we never saw.

10 The Selfie Submerged

Via: reddit.com

This young man is all about the selfie, even risking dropping his phone in the water just to get a good shot. He’s surely having a good time on his cruise, but it seems like the others aren’t around. Maybe he is up early before the rest of the passengers pile into their lounge chairs.

9 Embarking With Elvis

Via: twitter.com

These two are booking their cruise, but not until they snap a selfie with a cardboard cut-out of Elvis. They are excited to get away on vacation, but they also must be big fans of the late entertainer. Maybe they will enjoy some Elvis-inspired music once they board the ship. An impersonator would be fun to watch.

8 When A Chicken Photobombs Your Selfie

Via: mywonderplanet.com

Talk about “Chicken of the Sea!” This bright-eyed bird is on board, making other passengers do a double-take. Perhaps this feathered friend is an emotional support service animal for someone on the ship, otherwise, he may become part of someone’s dinner. Good luck, Mr. Cluck.

7 Someone Forgot To Count To Three

Via: pinterest.com

The key to getting a good selfie is to be sure the people in the pic are aware of what’s happening. Neither of these two seem ready for the shot, so the result was less-than-perfect. While they may be having a nice trip, this pic will look odd in the photo album.

6 Entertaining Oneself On An Excursion

Via: charlestonoutdooradventures.com

Many cruise ships offer fun excursions where passengers get off the ship and do interesting things. These two decided to take part, but the fella couldn’t help but snap selfies under the sun. Let’s hope the water is still, otherwise, an unexpected wave could cause him to lose balance and his phone will fall in.

5 Onboard Balancing Act

Via: thesun.co.uk

Selfies look totally unnatural when the subject seems stiff. This gal is too worried about her balance to capture a cute shot. She looks adorable in her chic cruise couture, but her pose is too awkward for the selfie to come out amazing. Perhaps sitting down will solve the problem.

4 So Much For The Man Overboard

Via: club.selkieswim.com

This fella is all smiles for his ship selfie, but he’s totally oblivious to the person swimming in the ocean down below. Are people even supposed to be in the water, especially so close to a large ship? One thing’s for sure – this selfie-taker isn’t going to jump in if the swimmer starts to struggle. He’s too concerned with himself.

3 We’re Thinking She Just Wanted A Pic Of The Lifeguard

Via: pinterest.com

This woman is pretending to take a selfie so she can snap a pic of the lifeguard in the background. Perhaps she thinks he’s pretty foxy and wanted to remember him once she got home. He’s not even aware of what she’s doing, so it’s not like she’s causing him any embarrassment. After all, we can’t even see his face.

2 Stretching Her Calves In Her Cabin

Via: simplyjamilah.com

The cabins on cruise ships are awfully small, but this gal found enough space to stretch. She is snapping a selfie while maintaining her balance, something she seems pretty skilled at. Who knows why she has the need to do this, but someone’s obviously impressed. Then again, she may have fallen over right after the pic was snapped.

1 Risking It All For A Photo

Via: nowboat.com

This person must have nine lives just like a cat. She’s willing to take a risk just to get a cool pic, but if something went wrong, it would be the last selfie she’d ever snap. Obviously her friends are as fearless (or foolish) as she is, allowing her to test her limits and live life without barriers.

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