20 Disturbing Photos Of Abandoned Hotels

There are over hundreds of thousands of hotels all around the world. Not all of them have a rich history, however. Some of them embrace a past so dark or have endured so much that people chose to abandon them, leaving all the shadows of their memories behind. There are so many secrets waiting to get dug up from the remains of these abandoned structures, it's almost unbelievable that every corner of the world has such amazing locations, ready to be discovered again.

From the radioactive fields of Chernobyl to the middle of the Brazilian jungles to the cursed mountainsides of Colombia, let's venture down and explore these hotels as we count down 20 Most Disturbing Photos of Abandoned Hotels.

20 A Free Dose Of Gamma (Chernobyl, Ukraine)

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From the irradiated remains of Chernobyl sits an old, albeit intact hotel. The 1986 Nuclear Meltdown left residents fleeing in panic, leaving all their belongings untouched even until today. The whole city is a big museum, with several government agencies restoring the landmarks.

19 Nightmare By The Sea (Hotel Ponale, Italy)

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According to TripAdvisor, this hotel is hardly accessible by foot but remains a popular destination for wild adventurers and a beautiful spot for cliff diving. It's a shame it had to be cut off from the rest of the world because it had the potential to become a top hotel.

18 Ghostly Tenants (Diplomat Hotel, Philippines)

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Widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in Asia, the Diplomat Hotel used to be a garrison during World War 2 and a well-known area for unspeakable acts of violence. Many tourists would often hear children crying and ghosts would roam the area during the night.

17 What's Hiding In The Dark? (Intercontinental Hotel Ponce, Puerto Rico)

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If you have Nyctophobia (fear of the dark), this one is not for you. The glamorous Intercontinental Hotel Ponce was once a luxurious hub for tourists and big names in the country, designed by a Hilton Hotels Architect. Now, it's haunted by shadows and dust of all the fond memories.

16 A Famous Spot For Crime (Ducor Hotel, Liberia)

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Ducor Hotel was infamous for making the headlines during the Liberian Civil War and a spot where some of the most horrific tragedies occurred. Horrific is a massive understatement. Tearing down this former 4-Star Hotel would be a good way to get rid of all the painful memories.

15 Now, How Do I Get Down? (Esqueleto Hotel, Brazil)

via The Culture Trip

Sitting in the middle of the thick forests of Brazil is the Esqueleto Hotel (Skeleton Hotel), a product of an ambitious corporation that went bankrupt. For more than 40 years, this hotel sits with loneliness and filth. Fortunately, the views from the hotel make this a unique destination.

14 A Grand Nightmare (Hotel Grand, Croatia)

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Croatia is home to many abandoned hotels. This one hotel looks straight out of hell, not even Gordon Ramsey himself would dare touch. This burnt crisp looks structurally unsound and could collapse on your head anytime. It's scary to think that this used to be a glamorous hotel.

13 Straight Out Of Blair Witch (Wonderland Hotel, Tennessee, USA)

via Youtube (Adventures with Michael)

In the heart of rural Tennessee sits the desolate region of Elkmont. This town used to be the perfect summer getaway (for all you born in the 1930s). Now, it looks like the set of Blair Witch with all the cabins and farmhouses. Be wary though, as there have been numerous reports of people disappearing in the area without a trace.

12 A Slasher's Hideout (Penn Hills Resort, USA)

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If Freddy, Jason, and Michael would fight it out, this would be the perfect arena. Nature has claimed this sleazy 70s hotel, making it an easy filming location for the next Halloween movie. Penn Hills was the ultimate honeymoon destination, now it looks like somebody's nightmare.

11 A Hollow Hotel (Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea)

via Inhabitat

At first glance, you might think that nothing is wrong with this photogenic hotel. Well, aside from the fact that it's surrounded by hundreds of broken homes of starved North Koreans. This hotel is literally nothing because it's an empty shell designed to get South Koreans to defect to the North.

10 Here's Johnny! (Salton Sea Motel, USA)

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Ironically, this site is the most innocent out of everything in this list even if it looks straight out of a slasher film. Located near the Salton Sea Beach, this is one is a newly demolished motel. The lights will make you feel like it's Halloween all year. This would be a perfect spot for your next Halloween photo op.

9 Lost In a Fairy Tale (Hotel del Salto, Colombia)

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This one looks straight from a Brothers Grimm fairytale. Beautiful, isn't it? Not so much. This is a site where many people have taken their lives after a legend spread that people will transform into eagles if they just throw themselves down. The hotel closed down in 1990 after reports of water contamination in the nearby river.

8 Free Resort Passes, Anyone? (Sheraton Resort Hotel, Cook Islands)

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The Cook Islands is home to majestic resorts and the people are some of the friendliest around. There is one cold spot, however. An abandoned hotel resort which is reportedly inhabited cursed by ghosts and other beings sits at the edge of the island. You probably wouldn't last a night there.

7 This Looks Like A Mental Ward (Baker Hotel, Texas, USA)

via Associated Press

If you're a hotel owner, wouldn't you want to construct an inviting and cozy atmosphere for your guests? Apparently, this one is the opposite. This hotel in the USA has seen a whole century. If only the walls could talk, we would know how many skeletons this place keeps in its closets.

6 Experience The Grudge IRL (Hachijo Royal Hotel, Japan)

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If you want to get cursed for life, feel free to explore the Hachijo Royal Hotel. Situated in Japan, this half a century old hotel is slowly crumbling down the overgrowth. There are also lots of creepy statues and fountains littered along the island, their eyes fixed on every traveler. There's not much to see unless you want a depressing jungle all around you.

5 In The Middle Of A Warzone (Sinai Hotels, Egypt)

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The ongoing war in the Sinai Peninsula caused irreparable damages financially, geographically and historically. This abandoned hotel stands tall as a reminder of what could have been if rebellion was nonexistent. Feel free to visit as long as you don't get sniped.

4 Not Even Eskimos Would Live In There (Igloo Hotels, Alaska, USA)

via The Alaska Life

This igloo would be a huge turn off for tourists, a monstrosity that should only exist in The Hobbit. Even for just looking at its photo, there is a certain feeling of uneasiness and unwelcoming. Nevertheless, it was a good idea that they closed it. It's a filthy hotel.

3 Frozen In Time (White Pines Hotel, New York, USA)

via Abandoned New York

When I first wrote about this entry, I thought this photo was taken from the Vietnam War. Boy, I was wrong. New York is home to many interesting abandoned locations. This one is definitely haunted, you can bet all your dollars on that.

2 In The Middle Of Nowhere (Xenia Hotel, Greece)

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This hotel is the only place where Greek Architecture disappointed me. This is one of the many proposed hotel projects that were demolished and abandoned in the late 80s. Built as the government's response to increase tourism, they were initially successful in their efforts. As time went by, tourists flocked to more beautiful resorts, forever sealing the hotel's fate.

1 A Gangster's Haven (Grossinger's Resort Hotel, New York, USA)

via National Geographic

This spot is located in Upstate New York.  This reminds me of a certain gang hideout. Only this one is much worse. Ironically, this was a tourism hotspot accommodating wild adventurers. Unfortunately, the century-old hotel is currently being torn down to make way for new projects. Who else agrees that this area should have been preserved?

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