20 Disturbing Facts About Boeing And Their 737 Max Planes

According to boeing.com, The Boeing Company has been around for a long time. In fact, the whole thing got started on July 15th, 1916.

Since the company was created, they have done some truly remarkable things. But on the other hand, that also means that they have had lots of time to be involved in some really awful scandals.

Boeing is a really powerful and huge company, but that does not mean that everything they are connected to is good.

One great example of this is the fact that they were fined a lot of money since they did not handle a certain situation with Australia very well. Boeing has definitely been involved in a few very interesting situations. Here are a few of them.

20 The Company Had To Pay A Lot Of Money Because They Had Classified Documents


Classified documents are nothing to play around with since that is an easy way for one to get in some trouble they don’t want to be involved in. According to corp-research.org, Boeing got their hands on classified documents that came from the Pentagon, so they had to pay a fine.

19 They Were Accused Of Selling Something That Didn’t Work Right To The Army


According to justice.gov, the company got in some very interesting hot water with the army in the early 2000s. Apparently, this situation resulted in a couple of different lawsuits for Boeing, so they ended up paying a large amount of money to resolve the issue. The issue was rather serious.

18 NASA Claimed That Boeing Charged Them Too Much


The early 2000s were not a great time for this company since it seems as though they were in a lot of trouble during that time. In November of the year 2000, the company had to resolve an issue with NASA. According to corp-research.org, the company claimed Boeing overcharged them.

17 They Were Fined In 1991


It seems that the 1990s were also not a good time in the history of Boeing. The company had to pay a huge fine back then for a couple of reasons. According to corp-research.org, they had to pay nearly $621,000 for failing to store hazardous waste properly, among other things.

16 Some Employees Accused The Company Of Putting Them In Harmful Situations


1991 was a particularly eventful year for this company. They faced quite a few issues, including some trouble with people who worked for Boeing. According to corp-research.org, a number of employees came forward that year claiming that Boeing put them in a situation that really could have harmed their health.

15 They Were Accused Of Not Reporting An Issue With Fire Extinguishers In The 1980s


According to corp-research.org, the FAA was not very happy with this company. They proposed that Boeing should have to pay a rather large fine. They wanted them to pay approximately $200,000 because two of their planes had some faulty fire extinguishers. That could have been really dangerous for passengers.

14 In The 1990s, The Seattle Times Reported An Interesting Thing About The Company


The Seattle Times reported something that was not good for the company's business. According to corp-research.org, they found out that a lot of Boeing’s airplanes were currently flying around with parts that did not work. To be more specific, the number of planes was 2,700.

13 The 737 Max Is Linked To A Couple Of Extremely Unfortunate Incidents


According to vox.com, the Boeing 737 Max 8 has definitely been in some trouble recently. A couple of them have crashed, and the company has spoken about it. Apparently, the two unfortunate incidents were caused by issues with the software that is in them. But there’s more to the story.

12 The Company Has Had Issues With The Batteries In Their Planes


In 2013, there were multiple issues with some of the batteries that Boeing used for their products. According to reuters.com, one of those issues involved a battery catching on fire. There was a short circuit inside of it, which is one reason why this issue happened in the first place.

11 In The Early 2000s, Some Of Their Airplanes Had To Be Inspected


According to nytimes.com, the Federal Aviation Administration wanted over 1,000 of the company’s planes to go through a thorough inspection. They were concerned about some issues with the fuel pumps on the airplanes. Improperly wired fuel pumps can potentially cause explosions.

10 Boeing Paid $392,000 After They Chose Not To Tell Anyone About A Safety Hazard


It seems that Boeing does not care much about the safety of their customers, or their employees. In the late 1990s, the company found themselves in some serious trouble after failing to notify the public about some very dangerous things in the fuel valves of their 757s, according to nytimes.com.

9 Over One Hundred 737s Were Grounded In The Late 1990s


It seems that Boeing has had issues with their fuel pumps for a while. According to corp-research.org, approximately 170 of the company’s airplanes had to be grounded, and that happened because they had issues with the wiring of the fuel pumps that were inside of them.

8 They Had To Pay Millions Of Dollars After They Were Accused Of Disclosing Important Information


This company has had to pay a lot of fines since it got started, and one of them happened because of the fact that Boeing did not go about the proper way of telling others about highly important information. According to latimes.com, the information was about something called Sea Launch.

7 The Company Had To Dish Out $32 Million In 2003


A couple of companies had to dish out a whopping $32 million in order to settle something. According to corp-research.org, Boeing was one of those companies, and the other one was Hughes Electronics. They were accused of providing China with something important that they should never have known anything about.

6 Boeing Has Been In Trouble For Discrimination


Discrimination of any kind is never something that any company should ever be involved with, but Boeing has been connected to it before. According to boeing.mediaroom.com, The Boeing Company has been involved in more than one of these cases, but that doesn’t seem to keep others from giving them business.

5 They Made Some Of Their Employees Upset In 2009


In 2009, some of the employees of The Boeing Company were in a union. Needless to say, they weren’t happy when Boeing added a second assembly line for their 787 Dreamliner, which is a jet. The employees were unhappy that it was non-union. This caused a stir, according to corp-research.org.

4 This Company Is Not Good At Meeting Their Deadlines


According to faa.gov, the Federal Aviation Administration came up with the idea to charge The Boeing Company a rather large fine. That happened because they failed to meet a very important deadline, which is something that is important in any line of work. Boeing has been in lots of trouble.

3 One Of Their Planes Had Something Unfortunate Happen When Its Engine Had An Issue


In 1989, the people of Britain saw a terrible tragedy when a Boeing 737 crashed there. According to news.bbc.co.uk, the reason why this happened is that there was a problem with a couple of engines on the airplane. That aircraft was brand new at the time.

2 The Company Admitted To Something Terrible


Boeing has been at the center of a lot of controversies, according to thevintagenews.com. For example, one of their 747s crashed in 1985, and the popular company admitted to being at fault. They did something wrong while repairing one of the parts, which is what caused the accident to happen.

1 Boeing Had To Pay A Lot Of Money After Being Accused Of Using Information About Their Competitors


Boeing should never have misused information about their competitors, but they did. This was not something that they were able to get away with without paying lots of money. According to corp-research.org, this brought on some legal trouble for the popular company, and they had to pay approximately $615 million.

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