Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of the most-visited tourist attractions on the planet. Millions of visitors flock there each year to experience magic, wonder, and wholesome family fun. Kids get to meet their favorite movie characters, adults get to escape their humdrum lives for a fairy tale. It sounds like the perfect getaway! However, family vacations to WDW and the other Disney parks around the world aren't always the perfect trips you imagine in your head. From toddler meltdowns to ride malfunctions to bad weather, there are tons of ways a Disney vacation can go wrong!

I personally love visiting Walt Disney World, but it's not always "The Happiest Place On Earth" like it claims to be. With so much going on, there are lots of things that can go awry. Everyone at Disney is still human, after all! Try as they might keep up the illusion that everything is always sunshine and rainbows at Disney, and cast members sometimes slip up. Usually, the results are hilarious, especially if the failure doesn't happen to you! Keep reading to see 20 hilarious Disney fails that will make you want to reconsider your vacation destination!

20 20. Bad Time For A Proposal

Every guy wants to propose in some crazy, extra way these days. Combine that with the fun and romance of a Disney proposal and you have this dude's bright idea. Why not propose on a ride? While it seems like a unique idea that his girlfriend will love telling her friends about, maybe the thrilling drop on Splash Mountain was not the best choice. This ride entails dropping down a huge hill of water while seated in a fake log. It's pretty scary, as you can see from the girl's face! Hopefully, he asked again when they were on solid ground.

19 19. Unimpressed By Snow White

One of the cutest parts of Disney is seeing little kids get so excited to meet their favorite characters. Their eyes sparkle as they hug a superhero or get a princess's autograph. However, not every kid is into the idea, as this little girl proves. Snow White is trying to interact with her and she just wants to eat her mac and cheese in peace. She won't even give the character the time of day! The biggest fail aspect of this situation is how much her parents paid for her to be totally unimpressed! Maybe she just doesn't like princesses?

18 18. Donald Takes A Tumble

Every time I see a character walking around Disney World, I wonder how they do it. The big feet and heads must make it practically impossible to see and walk! Just strolling around the parks meeting kids would be hard enough in their suits, but some characters have to take part in shows where they dance, too. Here you can see Donald was in the middle of a dance number and took a tumble on stage. How embarrassing! At least when you have a giant mask on, no one can see your red face when you have a fail moment.

17 17. Not The Happiest Place On Earth After All

Walt Disney World can be the best place in the world for kids. It can also be the worst. With the crazy Florida heat, too much junk food and sugar, and crazy amounts of stimulation at every turn, it's common for little ones to have meltdowns. I love that in this group, there is exactly one kid who looks like she's having a good time. The rest look tired and concerned about their crying companion. Next time, these parents should schedule an afternoon siesta back at the hotel to give the kiddos a break from all the fun!

16 16. Woody Loses An Eye

The Toy Story franchise is one of my favorites from Disney and Pixar. It's so whimsical and fun! I know that lots of other Disney fans agree with me. Here, favorite characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear are hanging out on a parade float waving to their fans. Unfortunately for Woody, he got a little too wild flailing his hands around and lost an eye in the process! This is a major Disney fail because he had to go the whole rest of the parade route with one eye. I wonder how many kids in the crowd got scarred for life by this image!

15 15. Tangled Up In The Fun

Disney loves to use confetti and streamers as a fun surprise in their shows. It adds a bit of extra magic and wonders for the audience. Sometimes, though, that spectacle can cause problems for the performers. In this Disney fail, Mickey and his pals were performing a show when a streamer came down and wrapped around Mickey's nose. It took him a while to get it off with those big gloves, too! It is distracting to the performer and the audience. Later in this same show, another streamer wrapped around Pluto's nose. Maybe Disney should rethink using the streamers in this show.

14 14. Soldier Down!

Walt Disney World Performers have to deal with a lot. Screaming kids, extreme heat, torrential rain, crazy costumes, and so much more. And they have to keep going on with the show no matter what happens. In this Disney fail, a toy soldier in the Christmas parade slipped and fell flat on his back! The slick bottoms of his boots were no match from the slippery train tracks that run down Main Street. Luckily he laughed it off and got back in line to finish out his role in the parade. This guy definitely deserves a raise!

13 13. Country Bear Fail

Technology has a knack for wrong. Disney tries to automate many of their attractions so that they fail less than the shows featuring real performers. However, this doesn't always work. Sometimes the animatronic figures on the rides have minds of their own! Here a singing bear in Tokyo Disneyland's version of the Country Bear Jamboree decided she was done for the day. While the other three bears onstage kept "singing" as usual, the female bear on the far left just stopped moving altogether. Later, all three girl bears shut down! Kind of ruins the magic, huh?

12 12. Dropping The Drum

Performing the same shows multiple times a day, week after week must get boring. At the same time, the Disney cast members who perform live may like it because they sort of can goes on autopilot. At least, that is what this Christmas drummer though. Here is a fail from Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim. A drumming quartet was delighting guests with holiday tunes when suddenly the far left drummer's instrument just dropped to the ground! You can tell it was unexpected because his sticks are still trying to play the drum that isn't there. Major Disney fail!

11 11. Not A Splash Mountain Fan

While meeting characters is one of the major draws of Disney, the rides are the most fun part in my opinion. They have everything from little kid attractions to thrilling roller coasters. Splash Mountain is one of the most beloved rides amongst Disney fans, as it has a cute story, exciting drops, and can cool you off in the insane summer heat. This woman, though, is clearly not feeling the ride at all. I love that she looks right at the camera and scowls! She is sitting alone, so I wonder who forced her onto the ride if she hates it so much?

10 10. Scared Of Minnie Mouse

Even if they are super excited to meet their favorite movie characters, actually seeing them in person can scare some little ones. The characters are way bigger than they expected and can seem scary because of the masks. I'm sure cast members have to deal with this every day at Disney! Here is a heartbreaking example. This kid was just trying to enjoy his lunch when Minnie Mouse thought she'd do a nice thing and come to surprise him. Bad idea, Minnie! Maybe the next time he goes on a Disney trip he'll be more ready to meet characters, but not this time!

9 9. Have A Nice Trip?

Since Disney purchased the rights to the Star Wars universe, a whole new slew of characters have graced the parks. You can now brush elbows with Kylo Ren, Rey, Darth Vader, and more. One of the coolest new shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios park involves a parade of Storm Troopers marching down the street and ending up on stage for a show. While they are supposed to look tough, walking in those plastic suits must be hard. This Storm Trooper tripped over his own feet! Thankfully his ray gun didn't go off and blast everyone in the audience.

8 8. Get Him A Chiropractor!

One of the most iconic rides at Walt Disney World is Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Center. This ride takes guests through the history and future of human communication, with vignettes from different times in the past. One scene shows a Greek philosopher teaching his students about math. The entire ride uses animatronic figures to tell the story and on this day, the philosopher wasn't having it. He looks like he threw his back out and is calling for help! For an old man, that wouldn't be super odd, so Disney should have just run with it during this malfunction.

7 7. Disney Meltdown

As I mentioned above, there are lots of reasons kids have meltdowns at Disney. It's too hot, they are exhausted, or they hate waiting in so many lines (I feel that one!). Here it looks like Dad was taking his little one on a fast and fun race car ride that the boy would love. Or so he thought. Whether it was the bright sun, loud noise, long wait, or the fact that he wasn't allowed to actually drive, something didn't sit right with this little dude. Get him a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar and he will cheer right up.

6 6. A Fiery Float

One of the most famous and scariest Disney fails in recent history is this parade float mishap. During the parade that runs twice a day through Disney's Magic Kingdom park, this float of Maleficent, the villain from Sleeping Beauty, spews fire to impress onlookers. However, this time something went terribly wrong. Rather than simply blowing a flame out of its mouth, the dragon's entire head caught on fire! There was so much fire that guests had to evacuate the entire area the parade was traveling through! Thankfully nobody was hurt, but this is one Disney fail that could have been dangerous.

5 5. Off With Her Head!

This Disney fail has a sense of justice to it. In the movie The Little Mermaid, the evil sea witch Ursula steals Ariel's voice in a scheme to try to take over as the ruler of the entire ocean. Of all the Disney villains, she is definitely one of the most devilish characters! So when the animatronic version of the character literally lost her head one day at Disney's California Adventure park, it was like she got her just desserts. While the image was surely bizarre for the kids who just wanted to ride through the story about mermaids, this is one fail the guests won't forget!

4 4. When It Rains, It Pours

If there is one thing Orlando is known for, it's the crazy weather. Summer, Disney's busiest season, is also the time when the parks experience the most extreme conditions. Super high temperatures, humidity that stifles you, and worst of all, tons and tons of rain. While rainstorms don't usually last long at Walt Disney World, you certainly don't want to get caught in one. It's like an entire day's worth of rain dumps down in half an hour! If you do go to Disney during hurricane season, be sure to pack your own rain poncho to avoid getting drenched.

3 3. Breakdown Bummer

There is no worse feeling than waiting for hours in line just for the ride to break down the minute you get on it. With so many guests cycling through on rides each day, it is natural that the attractions malfunction sometimes. But that doesn't make it any less annoying when it happens to you! In this fail, guests at the original Disneyland park in California are aboard the iconic Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction, a roller coaster that zips you around a giant man-made mountain. Too bad these riders got stuck going up a hill right in the middle of the fun!

2 2. Photobombed

Every couple dreams of a magical Disney World engagement. Cinderella's castle makes the perfect backdrop for the groom to get down on one knee and propose to his princess. The only problem is, at any given time there are multiple couples trying to make this moment happen. Add in the huge crowds that WDW sees each day and you have a recipe for disaster. The guy in this photo was clearly trying to scooch out of the way of the photo being taken of this couple's dream proposal, but he just wasn't fast enough! At least they have their memories if not an amazing photo.

1 1. A Little Thief

Walt Disney World does its best to make itself its own little world. With plants, sounds, scents, and architecture, they transport guests to other countries and lands of fantasy. You would never know that you were in Orlando! There are some things, though, that Disney can't control no matter how hard they try. One of these things is the local wildlife. Chances are good that you will spy some birds, chipmunks, and squirrels running around the parks on your visit. These critters have gotten used to people and love Disney snacks like the rest of us! These unsuspecting guests left some fries in their stroller and came back to this surprise.