During the hit series Friends, the best buddies rarely travelled, however when they did, it was always memorable. Whether it be a brief trip to Vegas or rainy days in Barbados, fans of the show fell in love with these types of episodes.

When it comes to real-life, the cast is split when it comes to favorite travel destinations. Take Ross and Joey for example, when it comes to travel, it is usually for business more so than pleasure. As for Rachel, Monica and heck even Chandler, they’re what some might call “sun loungers”, enjoying frequent relax time on a beach. As for Phoebe, well, she likes family-friendly-type destinations (which we’ll discuss in the article).

We feature landing spots from all around the world in this article. From Deer Valley, Utah to Venice, Italy to Los Cabos to even South Africa, we present to you the travel destinations preferred by our favorite original six cast members of Friends. If you ever want to travel like Jen Aniston, here’s a sneak peek to her favorite destinations along with the other five! Be sure to share the article with a friend, especially one that loves to travel and has a soft spot for the legendary sitcom show. Let’s get started, here are 20 destinations the cast of Friends loves to travel to.

20 Jennifer Aniston – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Jennifer loves to travel the world. As you’ll see throughout this article, she appreciates lots of diversity whether it be travelling to Europe or enjoying one of the world’s finest beaches. However, her ultimate favorite travel spot is Cabo San Lucas. Aniston has visited the hot spot several times even suggesting it to some of her Friends co-stars.

She visited the destination earlier this year alongside ex-husband Justin Theroux and long-time pal, Jason Bateman. If you want to travel like the Friends star, the One & Only Palmilla is her favorite resort. Other celebrities have been spotted at the hotel as well, among the more popular names includes Eva Longoria.

19 Matt LeBlanc – Ireland

Similar to Ross, Matt LeBlanc lives a low-key life. However, he’s often travelling taking on various gigs from around the world. In fact, most recently, the bulk of his acting gigs have taken place overseas.

One of his favorite destinations he most recently revealed is Ireland. LeBlanc, known to millions as Joey, filmed Top Gear in the area. He took to Instagram and had nothing but good things to say about the spot;

“Filming TopGear in Ireland. Great place. Great people. Great fun.”

Such a statement is a rarity for LeBlanc, which really goes to show what kind of an impact his stay had. Whether it be the unique dining experience or the beer, the Friends star had a great stay.

18 Courteney Cox – Cancun, Mexico

Like Aniston, Cox loves to visit Mexico. Back in 2013, she spent the holidays in Cancun. However, it wasn’t the most memorable trip as she broke her wrist. Nonetheless, she hasn’t steered away from the vacation spot despite the injury; just a couple of years later she returned to Cancun flaunting her beach body proudly.

She enjoyed the trip alongside her current fiancée, Johnny McDavid. The two are finally set to tie the knot in the upcoming days (after being engaged for quite some time). It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if Mexico was among the destinations for the couple during their honeymoon.

17 Matthew Perry – Maui, Hawaii

Among the Friends stars that like to travel the most, Cox, Aniston and surprisingly, Perry, are at the very top of the list. Known as Chandler during his days on Friends, Matthew Perry enjoys resort-type of vacations. As you’ll see in this article, he enjoys lots of different travel destinations. However, his favorite is Maui, Hawaii.

During an interview with the CN Traveller, Perry explained why this was his preferred destination over the various others he’s been to;

“The weather's beautiful all year and it's very pretty. The hotels are wonderful too, especially the Four Seasons. I'm definitely a sunshine-city person”.

16 Lisa Kudrow – Deer Valley, Utah

Unlike her other female co-stars, Lisa doesn’t really love a vacation on a beach. Married to Michel Stern since 1995, the couple enjoys the simpler things in life alongside their only son, Julian Stern. During an interview with Ellen, Lisa discussed the yearly family trips to Deer Valley, Utah while hitting the slops.

The family had a beautiful cabin. Located in Park City, Utah, the location was exclusive to the Black Diamond Lodge, featuring four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The stunning location recently sold for just under $4 million. The beautiful and spacious property is one she enjoyed for a couple of years alongside her husband and son.

15 David Schwimmer – South Beach, Miami

Sadly, unlike the TV show, Ross hasn’t travelled to Barbados in real-life. Instead, he isn’t the biggest traveller, as he prefers to live a low-key life away from the public eye. Even during the peak of his fame as a member of the Friends cast, he rarely went out due to the recognition factor.

He’s frequently spotted at airports, however he does not want to be seen (he's usually wearing a hat down to his nose). Trips deal with business more so than pleasure for the sitcom star. However, he did make a rare public appearance during an event in South beach alongside his wife. Now we’re only speculating but given the rarity of such cameos, perhaps Ross has a soft spot for the beautiful destination.

14 Jennifer Aniston – Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast has to be one of the most stunning destinations from around the world. If you love that post card view type of setting, then this is the place for you. From thousands of tourists to countless celebrities, this breathtaking vacation spot continues to be a favorable destination.

Aniston (although she loves a beach type of setting at a private resort) was all smiles during her Amalfi stay. She took part in the Giffoni Film Festival and without a doubt, the fact that it took place in such a setting was even more of an incentive to take part. Dressed in a stunning floral dress, Aniston enjoyed the experience, most notably her time on a private luxury yacht.

13 Courteney Cox – St. Barts

Not too far from St. Martin and Puerto Rico is the stunning French island of St. Barts. This is another popular destination among both tourists and celebs. However, it can be on the pricier side of things.

Not long after her separation from ex David Arquette, Cox was in need of a beach and private island, and St. Barts was her destination of choice. She spent most of her days out on the beach and in the stunning water alongside her daughter Coco, and former co-star from Cougar Town, Josh Hopkins. Although like Aniston, Cox enjoys the Mexico beach more so than the other destinations.

12 Matthew Perry – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It seems like Matthew might be talking to Jen and Courteney when it comes to ideal vacation spots. Like the other two, Perry has a fond passion for visiting Mexico on the regular. In fact, he was recently spotted at the destination not long ago.

Perry once had a house in Cabo, located on the beach. He visited the residence regularly, enjoying some of his writing. He calls it the place in the world that he feels the happiest at. He even admits to going there before others arrive for a particular reason;

“When I spend time in my house in Mexico I like to go out there before everyone else arrives, so I get the place all to myself, just for a day. I have friends join me on the second day, but on that first one, I like to be there alone.”

11 Matthew Perry – Florence, Italy

During episodes of Friends, the group rarely took vacations. However, when they did, those episodes happened to be the most memorable ones. Who can forget the one in Vegas or heck, Joey and Rachel in Barbados? When it came to Italy, Monica was the only lucky one of the bunch, as billionaire Pete Becker took her on a date at the destination. However in real life, Matthew Perry called it one of his favorite hot spots, particularly Florence.

When asked by the CN Traveller which place lived up to the hype the most, Perry answered by stating Florence. He had a blast sightseeing and eating at the various restaurants - though his only regret is staying for such a brief amount of time.

10 Matt LeBlanc – Lesotho, South Africa

While shooting for Top Gear, LeBlanc had the privilege of making several pit stops. One of his favorite destinations happened to be South Africa. Matt admitted to having a great time during his short stay and had nothing but good things to say. The landscape and mountains are truly surreal to look at, not to mention the goats that also caught the interest of the Friends star.

Lesotho officially joined South Africa just a couple of years back, it was considered its own nation for quite some time. However, with a large population of over two million and short-life expectancy, such a move was needed to ensure the safety and well-being of the inhabitants.

9 Jennifer Aniston – Tahiti

If Jen is content with her trip, she’ll return to the destination. That’s not just a theme for the mega sitcom star but most human beings. Seriously, not everyone likes change; why ruin a good thing?

She had visited Tahiti in the past and recently returned for Jimmy Kimmel’s wife’s birthday party. She took a private plane alongside good friend Jason Bateman. Perhaps she could have used the trip following her split to Justin Theroux. Courteney Cox also made the trip as well. Their destination was the island of Tetiaroa, the private island of Marlon Brando (called The Brando).

8 Courteney Cox – Turks & Caicos

Another post card-worthy destination has to be Turks and Caicos. Similar to various other destinations on this list, the vacation spot is enjoyed by lots of tourists along with countless celebs that enjoy the private islands. Similar to Cabo, both the beaches and water are simply stunning.

Cox switched things up by heading to the location a couple of years back. Surely, she had lots of faith in the travel spot as she decided to celebrate her 50th birthday on the island. Cox was in great spirits during the trip, enjoying some valuable beach time and not shying away from the water either.

7 Jennifer Aniston – Bahamas

Aside from a trip to see Phoebe’s real mom and a rainy Barbados trip, Rachel rarely enjoyed 'beach time' during her time on Friends. As a matter of fact, the crew just liked to keep it simple and stay nearby in the New York area. The real Rachel, Jen Aniston, isn’t the same in that regard. She loves beaches and private islands; another one of her favorite destinations is the Bahamas.

A couple of years back, she enjoyed the summer months in the sun-filled destination. However, she might not be returning due to the attention of the trip. The paparazzi were in full force sniping pics of Aniston and the photos even linked the Friends star to possibly being pregnant.

6 Courteney Cox – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a soft spot in Monica’s heart. No, she didn’t visit the destination during Friends, instead, soon-to-be husband Johnny McDaid is from the area. The two vacationed in Ireland years back and it looks as though they’re set to tie the knot in the same location in just a couple of days. The wedding is set to take place in a small church setting.

They’ll enjoy a honeymoon right after, likely visiting beach locations. However, Northern Ireland is the current priority and you can tell just how much it means to Cox given that she’s getting married in the area overseas.

5 Matthew Perry – London, England

London is a special place for Chandler. Although he got rejected a number of times during the Montauk trip, Chandler was finally able to seal the deal with Monica in London. In one of the most surprising twists during the Friends series, the two first got together during the London trip episode.

Ironically, Perry admitted that London is one of his favorite places to visit. He did a four month play in London back in 2003 and according to Matthew, he really enjoyed his stay. He also admitted that the hotel made him feel like home;

“The Dorchester in London. It's very fancy, with huge, open-plan bedrooms, but it still feels a bit like home when I check in.”

4 Matt LeBlanc – London, England

Whether it be for the filming of Top Gear or just taking his girlfriend out on a low-key date, LeBlanc is fond of London. Now, unlike Chandler, he didn’t find love on the episode overseas, however in typical Joey fashion, he did manage to hit it off with one of the bridesmaids.

LeBlanc and his girlfriend enjoyed a night out at Scott’s restaurant. Aurora Mulligan is from Northern Ireland, so perhaps she’s adding a little diversity to Joey’s resume these days. Unlike his other Friends co-stars, Joey rarely enjoys time at the beach. Like Ross, he seems to be more work-focussed when it comes to the places he travels to.

3 Matthew Perry – Venice, Italy

Chandler might have been fluent in French as a child, however his soft spot might be for Italians. Again, Perry calls Venice one of his favorite destinations and a spot that lived up to the hype. Similar to his time in Florence, Perry’s only regret was not staying a little longer. A beautiful part of the world like Venice, we don’t blame Perry for his regret in having such a short stay.

At the end of the day, Perry is no different than most when it comes to selecting an ideal vacation spot. Ideally, he discussed with CN Traveller what he looks for in a trip;

"Reading books by the beach, playing with a tennis ball in the pool…" He admits to being a true sun lounger."

2 Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston – Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico wasn’t a destination during Friends, however off-screen, it became the favorite landing spot for both Aniston and Cox. Both took to Cabo multiple times together, however, the recent trip might not have been the best due to the men of the two not getting along according to sources.

It isn’t unlikely for a celeb to visit Los Cabos. The stunning vacation destination has two million visits per year and as a matter of fact, at least half of those have an American passport. From the beaches to the stunning views to excellent cuisine, Los Cabos is a must for all beach goers out there.

1 Jennifer Aniston – Paris, France

This one might hurt the feelings of Friends fans as Rachel almost fled from New York in order to pursue a career over in Paris. However, ultimately, she “got off the plane”.

In real-life, Aniston enjoyed her time in Paris alongside her ex Theroux. Such a trip wouldn’t come cheap however. According to E!, the flight accommodations alone were rumored to be over $20K. As for the hotel, the minimum amount per one night stay is more than $1K and up to $15K. They dined at the finest restaurants and didn’t shy away from designer brands like Louis Vuitton, either.