What would you do if you win lots of money? Some of you might say you’ll buy flashy cars. You will get a kind that makes hearts go thump when the engine starts up. Others may say you will get that dream house you have set your eyes on for who knows how long. But many of you will surely answer you’ll travel in the best places this world has to offer.

Deciding to travel is a no-brainer considering the health benefits – both mental and physical – it offers. Going to places provides you with a stress relief and enhances the immune system. It keeps the heart in top condition while boosting the happiness level as well.

Also, it is said to be the only thing you spend on that actually makes you rich. If you are loaded though, spending money on travel should not even be an issue.

Below, we have listed 20 destinations that are on everyone’s bucket list in case they win money. Some of these are the favorite places of business tycoons, politicians, and celebrities when they want to take a break. And some of them are everyone’s dream destinations that we thought only existed in fantasy, but turned out to be a real life paradise.

20 20. Northern Lights From A Glass Igloo In Finland

Gazing under the stars is a treat in itself. Now, amp that up by imagining yourself enjoying the skies complete with the beauty of Northern Lights from the inside of a glass igloo. What a treat, right?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a luxurious hotel that is tucked some 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Its one-of-a-kind glass igloo accommodation allows guests to spot the Aurora Borealis during the months of August all the way to late April.

This is a go-to spot for the rich and the famous, which also offers a variety of activities. Guests can enjoy snowmobile rides, ice fishing, and sled rides with huskies throughout the winter. During summer, guests can go horseback riding or experience sifting for gold.

19 17. Cappadocia's "Fairy Chimneys"

Looking at the “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia, Turkey is nothing short of magical. It is a World Heritage Site and is described as “one of the world’s most striking and largest cave-dwelling complexes.”

These formations came to be because of a geologic process that took millions of years to happen. The place itself is historic with Alexander the Great, the Hittites, the Persians, the Byzantines, the Romans, and the Ottomans all making a claim on the land at one point.

To enjoy the view better and to appreciate it even more, get on a hot air balloon for a late afternoon ride.

18 19. Galápagos Islands

This archipelago of 19 islands is a sight to behold. Each of the islands has something great to offer including powdery white sand and exotic animals. So, if you want to experience a flourishing wildlife complete with deep blue waters, this province of Ecuador is the place to be.

The area provides a complete adventure – from diving to its majestic ocean floors to hiking to the world’s second largest volcanic crater, Sierra Negra. The view isn’t the only thing great about the place. The culinary offering that includes fresh seafood, as well as exotic fruits and vegetables, is another reason why Galapagos is a must-visit.

17 18. Canada's Majestic Lake Louise

There is no place like this lake located in Banff National Park. Many say it is impossible to describe so it’s best to just visit it and experience it firsthand. The lake itself features turquoise waters that feel otherworldly due to its clarity. It is surrounded by chiseled mountains that hosts some glaciers.

This spectacular place screams the great outdoors. It has trails for walking, mountain biking, and even horse riding. Canoes are also on standby in case exploring the lake shore is part of the guest’s itinerary. A few kilometers away is Lake Louise Village, which is a strategic jump-off to the Rocky Mountains.

16 16. Na Pali Coast In Hawaii

No one can ever say no to Hawaii’s oldest inhabited island. It is most famous for its towering sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls, small valleys, and streams. The 17-mile stretch is truly one of the most beautiful Edens on earth.

To fully grasp the beauty that it has to offer, an aerial tour is the best option. This will give access to scenic areas that are not available when going on a water or land tour. Going on air will also give a good view of the Manawaiopuna Falls, which is most famous for being the backdrop of “Jurassic Park”.

15 14. The Blue Hole, Belize

This place is for anyone who isn’t afraid of making their way into the water. It is the arguably the perfect spot for recreational scuba divers looking for crystal blue waters and rich marine life. In here, one will find various reef sharks like the Blacktip shark and the Caribbean reef shark as well as giant groupers and nurse sharks.

This very famous area is the largest natural sinkhole in the entire world. It is also part of the Barrier Reef Reserve System recognized by the UNESCO. Going on a dive excursion to this place gives guests the opportunity to dive into the sinkhole as well as two more dive spots in nearby reefs.

14 13. The Ancient City of Petra

Visiting the Ancient City of Petra in Jordan will give tourists a peek at what things were like between 400 BC to AD 106. This is the period when trading was thriving in the area. It is also during this time when Petra was the capital of the Nabataean empire.

The awe-inspiring architecture is carved into the sandstone cliffs with the hues of white, red, and pink. The rock formations and their corresponding colors are art forms themselves. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is so well-preserved and features obelisks as well as a water conduit system.

The ancient city was “lost” for many centuries until it was infiltrated by a European traveler in the early 1800s.

13 12. Zanzibar

This Tanzanian archipelago located off the coast of East Africa has so much to offer. For one, this place has been inhabited for more than 20,000 years so it is full of fascinating history. Second, it has scenic, clean and absolutely beautiful beaches that visitors will love to explore. Third, it has a great weather comprising of sunshine that averages at 7 hours a day that is complimented with the cold breeze from the coast.

There is no shortage of luxurious accommodation in the area so guests can lounge in the great comfort of their rooms or by the poolside.

12 11. Naples, Italy

Naples is a city found in the southern part of Italy. It gives the perfect mix of nature and culture with the still-active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, nearby plus an array of art and architectures that dates for about several centuries.

The city boasts of cobblestone streets and authentic Italian flavors. The pizza here follows a strict set of rules to meet certain requirements like the thickness of the dough’s center, the kind of tomatoes to be used, and the usage of certified mozzarella di bufala in their recipes.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a royal palace, three huge castles, and a number of cathedrals and churches.

11 10. The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a paradise located in the South Pacific that has strong political links to New Zealand. It is composed of 15 droplets of land and can be both modern and traditional. It can also be accessible and remote at the same time.

Rarotonga, its capital, is the showpiece of the 21st century. It has several clubs and bars as well as artisan food. Beyond the seemingly contemporary place is an area that is firmly grounded in Polynesian tradition and values.

Cook Islands’ beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, and caves are great for adventure. It is also a splendid area for scuba diving.

10 9. Karpathos, Greece

Nestled in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea is the island of Karpathos. It features traditional villages, unspoiled view, turquoise waters, tall mountains, and rich history.

Olympos, the most renowned Aegean village of the island, is a museum on its own. Diafani, Aperi, Volada Village, Lefko, Mesochori, Mentes, and Othos are other villages that deserves time for exploration as well.

It is home to the ruins of an Acropolis, a structure that dates back to the Venetian Rule, the ruins of the paleochristian Basilica of Agia Foteini, and Poseidon’s cave.

The area has about 20 beaches and guests will find one that suits their preference from crowded to quiet all the way to pristine or those with facilities.

9 8. Mo’orea

The area is well-known for its sandy beaches and volcanic mountains. It is a South Pacific island that is part of French Polynesia’s Society Islands archipelago. Mo’orea offers an undeniable island charm and slow-paced life.

This is the ultimate place for relaxation where island tours, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and swimming with stingrays and reef sharks are part of the itinerary. Guests are spoiled with floating bungalows so they can wake up to the sound of the water splashing under their beds.

Humpback whale watching is but another treat guests can enjoy in this paradise. The place is where this kind of whales give birth so it’s very likely for people to see a mother and her calf swimming together.

8 7. Santorini, Greece

Who hasn’t heard of Santorini, Greece, right? With or without the big bucks, this place is surely on any traveler’s must-visit list. Everything about it screams perfect getaway.

The place is very famous for its blue colored domes and white base structure. The sunsets here are just magical. No matter where you are on the island, everything seems to be the perfect spot to view the sun go down.

If you’re someone who fancies the beach, this is the place for you. It has white, black, and even red sand beaches. The busiest and most crowded beaches are organized with lounges available for a fee. There are also less crowded areas.

Other activities in the island include donkey riding, cable car riding for an amazing view and quick access to the area, sailing, and food tripping.

7 6. Cinque Terre, Italy

Going to this mountainous area of the Italian Riviera can be quite a challenge. Its narrow and twisting cliff-edge roads are difficult to navigate especially for the faint-hearted. But guests can also reach it by train or by sea.

The place is a super chill destination that will invite you to leave all your stress away, sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass or two of a wine. You can enjoy its colorful villages during daytime and its lively bars during the night. While at it, guests can enjoy some good tasting focaccia, fresh seafood, and pesto pasta.

6 15. Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater

This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the epitome of a conservation area being home to the most compact large mammal populations found anywhere in the continent. The crater was a product of a huge volcanic explosion that took place about two to three million years ago. It is also known for being the “largest intact volcanic caldera in the world”.

The enclosed nature has paved way for the creation of an ecosystem that is uniquely its own. It boasts of a variety of flora and fauna apart from its stunning view. The Lerai Forest comprising of yellow fever trees is on the Southwest area, Lake Magadi is on the northern area of the forest, Ngoitokitok Springs where hippos are found and Gorigor Swamp is on the east, and on the north is open grasslands.

5 5. Aspen, CO

Aspen, Colorado is another playground of the rich. It houses high-end boutiques and restaurants, the Wheeler Opera House, the Wheeler-Stallard House, and the Aspen Art Museum that features contemporary art.

This luxurious ski resort town is a must-go destination for outdoor recreation. Skiers and snowboarders flock to this area to enjoy its terrain. Ice skating and snowshoeing are also options. Even during summertime, this place is still packed with tourists wanting to hike, bike, fish, play golf, rock climb or go on horseback riding. There are also paragliders or tourists who want to experience riding on a hot air balloon.

4 4. Palawan

This pristine island in the Philippines is just one of the 7,641 (from 7, 107 as previous data showed) islands that this Southeast Asian country has to offer. Palawan itself has more than 1,700 islands and islets so there’s pretty much quite a lot to explore. An island hopping tour is a great idea to enjoy the sites.

Visiting Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, which is regarded as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, is on top of the place’s must-visit. Then there’s Kayangan Lake in Coron, which is possibly the clearest and cleanest in Asia. While in Coron, you can also go to the towering limestone cliffs and give cliff jumping a try.

3 3. St. Barthélemy

This place is more popularly known as the St. Barts. This French-speaking Caribbean island has designers shops and white-sand beaches and is regarded as the most expensive in the area. No wonder many celebrities have been spotted in this part of the world. The Clooneys, Beyonce and Jay Z, many of the Victoria’s Secret Angel, and even the Kardashian – Jenner clan have visited the place.

Its picture perfect beaches speak for itself. They have panoramic views, pristine waters, and powdery sand. Surfers also get to ride the waves here. Those who love to sail will fit right in as it has one of most exclusive luxury yacht charter destination.

2 2. Maldives

If anyone wants to experience the best tropical destinations in the world, the list will not be complete without the Maldives. Tucked in the Indian Ocean, this place is popular for its blue lagoons, beaches, and amazing reefs.

The place is all about luxury as 90 of its 200 inhabited islands are dedicated to opulent resorts. Privacy is not sacrificed here as resort density is limited to one per island. This place is said to be the very definition of paradise as it also has a vibrant sea life.

The picturesque area is just part of what it can offer. It has a unique culture and a variety of cultural delights.

1 1. Davos, Switzerland

Rounding this list is a town in the Swiss Alps that hosts the annual World Economic Forum.

During summer, you can enjoy this place by going on foot, by horse, or by a bike. A visit to Davos Lake opens an opportunity for sailing, swimming or surfing. Paragliding and hang-gliding are also some activities tourists can enjoy.

But this places is the skiers’ mecca during winter. Many skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts from all over the globe gather in Davos. Beginners and professionals all have a space to enjoy the sport. If visitors get tired of all the activities, they can have some quiet time by going on a horse-drawn sledge ride into the snowy valleys.