20 Dangerous Places Even Bear Grylls Wouldn't Visit

There are some lovely places hidden around the world.

Tucked away in every corner of the Earth are pockets filled with absolute magnificence and brilliance. A person could spend their whole life traveling the globe and never even come close to hitting all of the hidden gems this planet has to offer.

Some spots, beautiful as they may be, are not precisely what most people would consider being safe spots to explore or vacation at. There are stunning cities too riddled with danger and crime to step foot in and natural wonders that are pretty to look at but don't get too close if you value your health.

Check out these twenty dangerous places that even adventurous Bear Grylls would not visit.

20 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Is Divine And Dangerous

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Rio is one of those cities in Latin America that pulls people in, regardless of the safety concerns. And safety concerns there are! As vibrant, exciting, and bustling as the city is, there is also an extremely high rate of crime here. While crime has dropped over the last decade, it still isn't somewhere to be prancing about without having your wits about you.

19 Reconsider Caracas, Venezuela

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Caracas, Venezuela is packed full of vibrant Latin-based life and culture, but it is also strife with poverty and high crime rates. The city boasts a lot of cool things to do and see while vacationing, but it also claims the spot of being one fo the world's cities with the highest rate of demise.

18 Cape Denison in Antarctica Is Wild With Winds

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When I think of vacation, topical paradise and sandy beaches come right to mind, but many people seek out spots known for adventure and rough terrain. There is maybe no more extreme terrain to take on than that of Cape Denison, Antarctica. If it is comfort and serenity you are looking for, this is not your jam. Below zero temps and high winds? Well, book yourself a plane ticket!

17 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Can Be A Handful

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The tropics are warm and inviting almost all year round, making them a vacation mecca for many. The waters feel like a bath, and the foods often contain an explosion of colors and flavors people cannot get elsewhere. There are so many islands to spend your vacation time on, so maybe skip over Haiti. Port-au-Prince is known as a dangerous place for tourists trying to enjoy the island's bounty, especially during the evening hours.

16 Devil's Pool, Zambia Dazzles Some But Makes Others Need To Look Away

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Imagine splashing about in this paradise! Incredible experience, right? Now imagine taking one extra stroke and going over the edge of Devil's Pool. Yeah, this is an extreme place to visit, but not if you aren't an adrenaline lover. Several people have lost their lives exploring this part of Victoria Falls. A safe infinity pool is more up our alley.

15 The Amazon Rainforest Is Full Of Wonder...And Danger

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People who love nature will get their fill immersing themselves in the bounty that is the Amazon Rainforest. It is one of the most unique places on earth and will offer adventurers an experience of a lifetime. It will also provide an opportunity to be bitten by bugs, snakes, and wild animals and give you a chance at contracting severe illnesses.

14 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Gets A Bad Rap

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Sometimes visiting somewhere tropical and mysterious comes at a high price. Port Moresby of Papua New Guinea is one of those cities. The single entry from Oceania was voted 137th out of 140 places in the livable cities index. That's not so great. The low score is likely due to the bevy of serious crimes that occur within the city limits.

13 Damascus, Syria Is An Iffy Vacation Choice

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Damascus, Syria, is full of ancient history. It's also a precarious place to travel to. Syria is currently one of the most unstable places on the entire planet, so while it is tempting to go there and take in the country's rich culture and history, it might be better to learn about it from afar for the time being.

12 Mount Huashan, China Is For Extreme Climbers Only

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Plenty of people take trips of a lifetime to climb the highest summits the planet has to offer. You have to be some kind of crazy to willingly travel to Mount Huashan, China, and get in on the mountainside action there. This place is not for the weak and the faint of heart. Thanks, but we are passing on this one.

11 The Pyramids Could Come With A Price

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Touring the ancient pyramids is something visitors are bound to remember forever, so long as they make it back home and live to tell the tales of their adventures. Cairo is cool, but it's not exactly known for its safety factor. Extremist attacks have taken place there, causing people to reconsider their travel plans.

10 Visiting Cape Town, South Africa Is A Risk Some People Have To Take

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Cape Town, South Africa, illustrates how such extreme economic divides can exist within one city's walls. The suburbs of this famous African town are relatively safe, just lock up at night, but the slummier, most deprived parts of the city house 95% of the crime and are no place to go messing around. Travelers should know which sections they are wandering around.

9 Namibia’s Skeleton Coast... Just The Name Is Enough For A "No!"

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This place almost looks as if it isn't real. The desolate landscape might seem peaceful to some, but for many, it is too strange and ghostly a place to go spending time in. If you are out strolling around the Skeleton Coast, you might not run into a single soul, but you may stumble upon some washed-up whale bones or an old shipwreck.

8 Bogota, Colombia Is Where Beauty Meets Crime Bosses

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Colombia has a pretty dark reputation among the world traveling community, thanks to poverty and organized crime. Even the more luxurious, tourist districts see plenty of pickpocketing and armed robbery. Nighttime exploring is not recommended. Bogota boasts the countries museums, government buildings, and cobblestone-lined streets that some tourists are willing to roll the safety dice over just to see.

7 Trolltunga, Norway Is Not For Those Afraid Of Heights


Imagine sitting at the top of the world, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and feeling free as a bird. Birds can fly off of that cliff; you cannot. Tourists like this fellow might want to take several steps back for safety reasons. No one is surviving a fall off that thing, and accidents happen all the time. No thanks. Trolltunga is pretty, but not worth losing your life over.

6 The Trift Suspension Bridge In Switzerland Might Be A Hard Pass For Many

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To be completely honest, the only way I would ever make it across this thing is via heavy meds or crawling across as I slip in puddles of in my own tears. This suspension bridge is too high off the ground, and those wires are way too spread out for my liking. I'll stick to the ground; thank you very much. No. Way.

5 The Cliffs Of Moher Prove That Nature Can Be Equally Pretty and Hair-Raising

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The Cliffs of Moher are a must for many people visiting the rolling hills of Ireland. If you plan on biking them, make sure you are not a novice. Those paths are pretty narrow and not precisely smooth looking. Other natural dangers lurk on the cliffs as well, check out the falling debris to the right!

4 North Tanzania’s Lake Natron

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I don't care how pretty this pink African lake is, if it can corrode my skin, then I am not going near it. Lake Natron has a Ph level of around 10.5. Species not adapted to these unusually high Ph levels can end up with burns to the skin and eyes. There is no swimming in these beautiful waters. Not without pain, at least.

3 Cameroon’s Lake Nyos Proves Not All Lakes Are Created Equally

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This Cameroon crater lake sits on a pocket of magma. It is known as an exploding lake and has wreaked havoc on the people who lived nearby. In 1986, the lake gave off a giant cloud of CO2. Over 1700 people were asphyxiated, and 3500 animals lost their lives. The lake is also dangerous because of its weakening walls. Should those walls crumble, real problems could ensue.

2 Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve In Madagascar Makes Us Want To Run For The Pavement

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The limestone pinnacles in this majestic place are something to behold; just don't go wandering around the crevices. Only special teams can make it into certain caverns at Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. This is not one of those places where you pack a water bottle and some rope and go off on your own.

1 Oymyakon, Russia Is Way Too Extreme For Us!

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For those who love the cold, Oymyakon Russia is the place to be. This place gets a little more than nippy, however. It is perhaps one of the coldest permanently inhabited settlements on Earth. The five hundred permanent residents of Oymyakon might warn travelers to pack extra socks as temps dip below -90 degrees here.

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