20 Cringey Places In Las Vegas You Should Never Set Foot In

Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most recognized places in all of the world. The city is full of bright lights, flashy slot machines, fun, and excitement. Visitors who come to seek out all that Vegas have to offer often experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Wildest dreams come true here, and adverse decisions made in Vegas don't feel all that ill until the trip is over.

People leave Vegas with all sorts of varying takeaways, but they almost all have one thing in common: Vegas is never dull.

While the city boasts some of the most beautiful casinos and hotels in the entire U.S., it also houses some sketchy places that we would not come within ten feet of. Check out these twenty cringey places in Vegas that we are going to avoid like the plague.

20 Siegel Slots and Suites

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Some Vegas casinos offer guests plush bedding, clean bathrooms, and buffet meals that should be served to kings and queens, but not this establishment. Per the Yelp reviews, Seigal Slots and Suites has doors that don't lock, stains on mattresses, and human excrement in areas other than the potty.

19 Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

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Per tripadvisor.com, Las Vegas-bound folks might want to reconsider their travel arrangements if they decided to book at Circus, Circus. One previous guest claimed the rooms were filthy, and the hallways stunk. Another claimed that the building was in desperate need of renovations, and there was no drinkable water on site!

18 Eureka Casino

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This place looks unassuming at best. Visitors might think that once they step inside, things get a little bit nicer like perhaps they had stumbled upon some hidden gem in the middle of the desert, but no. The inside is as bad as the outside. Per tripadvisor.com. the buffet here left a whole lot to be desired as well.

17 Longhorn Casino

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There seems to be a strong correlation between yucky establishments and poorly prepared buffet steaks. If it is good food and well-kept space you are aiming for, The Longhorn is going to fall very, very short. One traveler claimed both rooms she tried to stay in had previous visitors' hair, used soap and undergarments strewn all over the place. Gross!

16 Hash House A Go Go

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This place landed itself a spot on the Dirty Dining list, not a great list to be featured on if you are counting on tourists keeping you in business. The low key restaurant got caught with a bit of a bug problem, more than a bit actually. Health inspectors discovered over fifty roaches tucked away there!

15 Carlos 'N' Charlie's

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Party seekers love Carlos and Charlie's. They can't get enough of the plentiful, sugary adult beverages and the loud, vibrant tone of the establishment. But Vegas-goers will want to consider dining somewhere other than this popular chain because C & C's has a reputation for sub-par food, lousy service, and poor customer reviews.

14 Dick's Last Resort

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If fine Vegas dining is what you seek, this place is a hard pass. Previous customers have often reviewed this restaurant and declared that customer service is the absolute worst, and the food is deplorable. Sure, it is supposed to be raunchy here, as that is their gimmick, but many think this place takes things too far.

13 Vegas Express Sushi

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There is no in-between area when it comes to consuming raw fish. Vegas Express Sushi on Rainbow Boulevard and Robindale Road is also home to alkaline water, and pre-paid phone cards. So go ahead and roll the dice here, but do not be surprised if you spend the rest of your vacation hugging the porcelain throne.

12 McDonald's

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To be fair, we don't expect all that much from a Micky D's. But to be the absolute bottom of the barrel of the yucky McDonalds restaurants, well, that is some epic feat. The Vegas McDonald's in question, located in the Plaza Hotel & Casino on Main Street, earned poor marks in quality when one of the employees used her teeth to open a container!

11 Flamingo Hotel & Casino

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Many previous visitors have commented on the long wait when staying at The Flamingo. People have also complained that the establishment often contains rooms with unclean sheets and stains on the floors. One poor Vegas-goer even had to deal with flooding toilets and destroyed belongings while staying at The Flamingo.

10 On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel

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You won't get any stunning Vegas views if you choose to stay here. You will get to stare out at a 24-hour adult entertainment store, though. A former guest of this dumpy hotel swore that bed bugs made a meal of him, and travelers would be better off sleeping in their car or out in the middle of the desert.

9 Cultural Corridor Neighborhood

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Here you have a one in eight chance of being a victim of a crime, so if that is your idea of a good time, then, by all means, go for it. We are going to choose to stay out of this part of Las Vegas, however, because experiencing a crime is not on the top of our Vacation To-Do list.

8 Downtown East Neighborhood

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This part of Las Vegas is often rated as one of the least desirable areas to set down roots in or spend time touring. The median income of people who reside here is pretty low, averaging $24,540 per year, and the unemployment rate is hovering around 8.1%. East Las Vegas also has a crime rate that is 191% higher than the national average.

7 Excalibur Hotel & Casino

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The Excalibur looks like a legit castle! Who wouldn't want to stay here for an evening or three? After hearing the reviews of the place, the answer is anyone with a brain. Guests claim the place is dirty and stinks of mold and mildew. Besides sanitary woes, the staff here has no clue about guest service.

6 Treasures

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Fellows who have spent time at Treasures often leave feeling disappointed. Several people on tripadvisor.com have spoken out about the lazy dancers and the mean bouncers who often treat paying patrons as children. If you have to hang out at one of these clubs, maybe try a different one with better reviews.

5 Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

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Planet Hollywood is a popular place to stay while experiencing all that Las Vegas has to offer. It might not be the best choice for vacationers, though. One paying customer found standing water in their shower upon arrival, and another found leftover hair all over their bathroom. Perhaps a new cleaning staff is in order.

4 Freemont Street

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Once upon a time, Freemont Street was the jam, the ultimate place to throw down and let loose at on your Vegas vacation. These days Freemont Street is jam-packed full of people who don't know how to hold their drinks. If you decide to spend your evenings here, wear earplugs and rubber shoes.

3 Wet Republic

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At first, Wet Republic looks like a place that would be a great choice to spend the day. Everyone seems to be having so much fun. Perhaps all of those bodies help to mask the fact that the water here is vile and full of a lot more than chlorine! If clean, sparling pools are something you value, turn around, and walk away from Wet Republic.

2 Heart Attack Grill

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Let's start with the actual food. Everything is grease-laden and likely to cause you more than just heartburn if you consume enough of it. Reviews have claimed the bathrooms are ew, the staff dresses weird, bordering on uncomfortable to look at, and the service leaves a lot to be desired.

1 Firefly Tapas Kitchen

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Firefly Tapas Kitchen is so vile that hundreds of people have become ill because of its unsanitary practices. The eatery was even closed down due to so many health code violations. It is an absolute wonder why people continue to walk through this restaurant's front doors and hand their hard-earned money over.

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