National Geographic covers almost every corner of the earth in its quest to pass on knowledge of our beautiful planet.

Deserts, mountains, oceans, volcanoes - you name it and a production crew from Nat Geo has scoured it. These cameramen and hosts often put themselves in real danger, seldom caring about the potential consequences if something goes wrong.

The power of Mother Nature might be easy to overlook, but potential disasters than humans can create are not. Even the bravest of souls are aware that some cities and nations around the world - scattered across a number of continents - are just too much to handle.

Whether it's due to internal conflict, dangerous pirates, violent riots, or overflowing gang culture, some countries are better off avoided - for now, at least.

20 Chad Is Full Of Inner Conflict

The landlocked Republic of Chad boasts natural beauty - just take one look at the Ennedi Plateau or the Zakouma National Park and tell us otherwise. Sadly, however, the African nation regularly deals with poverty (almost half of the population, according to the CIA), displaced citizens, and inner conflict.

19 Pirates Roam The Coasts Of Somalia

If you've seen Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks, a true story of a Somali pirate invasion, then you'll understand the severity of the issue at hand. According to Statista, piracy attacks in Somali waters peaked back in 2011, when over 160 attacks were recorded. They've slowed down since, however, the threat is still very real.

18 Foreigners Must Be Weary In Kenya

Every country on our beautiful planet has its positives and negatives, that's a given. Unfortunately for Kenya, as well as a lot of African nations neighboring it, the media tends to promote the negativity a little more. Expats have noted that "foreigners are often taken advantage of through stealing, scamming, and police stopping you just to take money from you" (Forbes).

17 Talk of Dishonesty In Ukraine

Thanks to its neverending topsy-turvy relationship with Russia, Ukraine regularly sees itself making news headlines - often not for the best reasons. The nation is regularly forced to deal with disgruntled activists, some of which even camp outside parliament, per Forbes. Ukraine is stunning but please, tread carefully.

16 A Divided Society In Turkey

Depending on where you find yourself in Turkey, you can walk away reminiscing of the best trip of your life, or, on the other hand, regret ever going there in the first place. According to one Englishman who now lives in turkey, "constant politics and propaganda that is dividing the society," and people are often too scared to speak their mind (Forbes).

15 Conditions Are Worrying In Egypt

Living in the western world, it's often hard to comprehend what's really going on over in conflict-ridden areas like the Middle East. Egypt, in particular, is currently going through a very troublesome period. As told by Forbes, locals are forced to deal with "poor infrastructure, horrendous traffic, poor condition of roads, poor condition of buildings, and overcrowding."

14 Unusual Laws In The Philippines

In Singapore, visitors aren't allowed to chew gum and in Oak Bay, Canada, you could be fined $100 if your parrot talks too loud. In the Philippines, however, the laws are much more restrictive. According to Forbes, there are far "too many laws restricting foreigners and it is almost impossible to own land."

13 Talk Of Authorities' Discrimination In Kuwait

Most people wouldn't be able to point out the small, Middle Eastern nation of Kuwait on a map, let alone be aware of the ongoing issues within its borders. Along with the drastic desert heat, as told by Forbes, the country is "not very environmentally friendly... [and the] culture can seem unfriendly."

12 Malicious Organisations Hide Out In India

As largely-unaware outsiders, when we think of India, it's often food, spices, cows, the Taj Majal, and colourful festivities that spring to mind. That's merely surface-level - if we dig a little deeper, we'll discover that India is actually rather dangerous, as the home to 11 recognized extremist organisations, per Business Insider.

11 The Dominican Republic Faces Harsh Poverty

The fact of the matter is that nearly one in three people who live in the Dominican Republic is poverty-stricken says Business Insider. With a population edging on 11 million, the severity of the issue becomes more apparent. It's also a stark contrast to the all-inclusive resorts that bring in income from tunnel-visioned tourists.

10 Protests Galore In The Democratic Republic of Congo

While we'd rather not know what lies in that wooden box hoisted above these men's heads, it's hard to ignore the passion and emotion on their faces. This kind of protest, one which occurred amidst the last election in early 2019, happens on a regular basis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, says Business Insider. With over 500,000 refugees and asylum seekers, people want positive change.

9 The Corruption In South Africa Is Decades Old

As we're all well aware, South Africa has a very long history of inequality and government corruption. It's an issue that the media and the public have become increasingly aware of in recent decades, however, that doesn't mean that it's come to a sudden halt. On the surface though, South Africa, particularly Cape Town, is beautiful.

8 Pakistan hosts 12 recognized malicious organizations

If the fact that India hosted 11 surprised you, then the fact that Pakistan acts as a shelter for a dozen recognised malicious organisations ought to shock many of us, explains Business Insider. It's a sad reality that the country has seen a number of attacks in recent years, and all we can do is hope that the situation at hand improves.

7 Jamaica Is Different Than The Posters

Forget about the sunny, all-inclusive vacations - Jamaica has a dark side. The US State Department has warned travelers to steer clear, due largely to a high chance of assault, per Business Insider. On top of that, authorities often seize large shipments of dangerous goods in Kingston and other cities, most of which, ironically, are traced back to the USA.

6 Government And Nature Are Unstable In Guatemala

It's a two-pronged approach in Guatemala that is deterring many otherwise-keen travellers. First of all, there is a high crime rate in the bigger cities (Guatemala City, especially), and we've witnessed instability in the government trying to combat it. Secondly, there are active volcanoes.

5 The Gang Culture In Honduras Can Be Overwhelming

Honduras has miles and miles of coastline and is as cheap as Carribean destinations come. That being said, it's not without its share of problems. Close to 200,000 Honduran citizens have been displaced in recent years as a result of violence and gang conflicts, including  MS-13 and Barrio 18, says Business Insider.

4 Yemen Has A Tumultuous History

There's no way to pepper this with positivity: Yemen is in the midst of its years-long civil war. As a result, the nation often experiences riots and violence, and as an indirect result, poverty and food insecurity. Close to half of the population is struggling per Business Insider, so it doesn't exactly scream 'dream destination' these days.

3 Nigeria Can Be Very Dangerous

The sheer size on the protest pictured above should say just about all you need to know about the severity of the issues facing the Nigerian population. The threats are diverse, and apparently, never-ending these days, notes Business Insider. The presence of malicious organisations combined with extreme poverty results in a deadly combination.

2 Venezuela Is In The News For All The Wrong Reasons

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you'll have no doubt heard of the violent conflict over in Venezuela. Sadly, an otherwise beautiful nation is being disrupted by ongoing protests, with many of its locals attempting to flee internationally in search of refuge.

1 The world's most dangerous country: El Salvador

As the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America, it should come across as no surprise that El Salvador is the epicenter for dangerous activity. With thousands of gang members taking matters into their own hands,  El Salvador has donned the unwanted title of 'the world's most dangerous country' (Business Insider).