Couples travel is especially common these days. Partners and pairs travel the world together as best friends in love, and romantic trips aren't lacking anywhere. There are actually entire all-inclusive resorts dedicated solely to couples! Whether pairs are looking for adult-only, serious, romantic trips, or more adventurous, off-the-grid vacations, there's something for everyone. Almost every hotel offers some sort of package for pairs, whether for the room, the food, or the activities. It definitely isn't hard for couples traveling to find things to do together!

At the same time, if you've ever traveled with your partner, you'll know that being together on vacation can cause some extra problems that you wouldn't encounter otherwise. Many couples fight more, and some relationships even end on vacation. The idea that you "become another person" when away can definitely be true, which will really impact your relationship.

There are all sorts of advice out there for couples traveling together, but unfortunately, a lot of it is stated wrong or just plain unhelpful, and it can actually cause a lot of problems if you try to follow the advice. Here are the top 20 tips you shouldn't listen to when traveling with your partner and what you should do instead!

20 20. UNHELPFUL: "Go With the Flow, Even When It's Hard"

You've probably heard that you should go with the flow. Things will happen that you might not like, and there isn't anything you can do about it. There's no use getting upset. Sure, this is good advice, but it isn't really that helpful when something actually happens.

The truth is, you're bound to get upset when some things don't go as planned. This one line of advice can't just magically make you feel fine during your entire trip! The trick is to communicate to your partner when you're feeling upset, and figure out the next step. This isn't all on you: it's a team effort!

19 19. UNHELPFUL: "Share A Suitcase"

Many people and websites will tell you to conserve your packing space if possible. Some even recommend that couples share one suitcase, especially if the trip isn't that long, such as a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, this can actually cause a lot of problems. Few couples can 100% share space without fighting. If you're one of the lucky few, then, by all means, share a suitcase, but otherwise, it's best to steer clear.

Usually, your best bet is to bring a small suitcase or duffel bag for each person on shorter trips. You won't mix up your things, and if one person overpacks, that's his or her own problem.

18 18. UNHELPFUL: "Just do whatever your partner wants to do"

You're often told that you should bend for each other. Maybe your partner wants to go see one sight while you really want to try a new restaurant or go shopping. Many experts recommend that you concede on these little things, but the problem is that if you concede on too many items, you end up being generally angry. There's little you can do to fix that type of anger; it's better to not let it happen in the first place!

The best way to proceed is to be extremely upfront and honest, almost to a fault, then come to a resolution that works for both of you. Choices should always be win-win or no-deal!

17 17. UNHELPFUL: "Don't Plan Every Detail Out Ahead of Time"

Sure, it can be helpful to have some open room in your schedule so you can be spontaneous and try any new experiences that come up, but the downside is that you may find yourselves running around trying to figure out what to do. This can easily be avoided if you do a bit of planning ahead.

Having a loose schedule is best. When you don't plan at all, you definitely won't have any dinner reservations and you might spend the whole trip Googling what sights are best to see. Make organized lists for activities, food, and any other big categories based on the destination, then do some research online to see what kind of preparation is necessary.

16 16. UNHELPFUL: "Spend as Much Time Together as Possible"

Let's say it's just the two of you traveling. You should spend every second together, right? Isn't that what the trip is for? You'll definitely hear that kind of advice from friends and family as you get ready to depart, but it's not a piece of advice you'll want to actually take. If you spend every single second with each other, you really will get sick of each other, no matter how in-tune or compatible you are.

No human being can spend every second with someone else without getting annoyed by that person's characteristics, and that's the last thing you want to do during your big vacation! Take even a small amount of time apart so that you can be with your own thoughts and the trip will go a lot more smoothly.

15 15. UNHELPFUL: "Plan For a Really Romantic Vacation"

Have you read online yet that you should make some big romantic gesture on your vacation together? This is a really common piece of advice for couples who are traveling, but when you think about it, it's actually kind of strange. You're spending all this money to go away together to a beautiful, foreign destination. Isn't that romantic enough?

Additionally, romantic gestures not only cost a lot but also put a lot of pressure on the couple to suddenly feel romantic. Save these big gestures for a casual night at home when they'll be truly appreciated and spend your vacation time exploring your surroundings.

14 14. UNHELPFUL: "If Something is Upsetting You, Voice Your Concerns"

Communication is key right? In most cases, that statement is very true, but you don't want to nitpick every little thing about your partner. If you don't want to do a certain activity, then certainly speak up, but if you suddenly find yourself getting annoyed with the way your partner laughs or moves, that won't do any good to complain about.

Make a rule to say something if you really are upset about what has happened. If you're just feeling a little off, that's probably not your partner's fault, so don't take it out on them. You're most likely homesick or just need a few minutes to be by yourself.

13 13. UNHELPFUL: "Expect to Get Your Money's Worth"

If you're spending a lot of money on a trip, you probably hope that it will be worth it. What you might not realize is that if you're both constantly talking about how much money you spent to get here, you won't have much fun at all. You might partake in some pretty expensive activities, but sometimes it's the little moments that will be the most memorable, after the fact.

The purpose of a trip is to make memories, and memories aren't just made from spending a lot of money. Once you've booked the trip, don't focus on the amount you've spent, and don't always choose the priciest attraction, or you may end up regretting it.

12 12. UNHELPFUL: "MAKE EVERY Experience a Date"

Just because you're a couple doesn't mean you can be on a date the entire time you're on vacation. If you want to set aside some time to eat dinner together without any distractions, then, by all means, plan ahead, but every meal and excursion won't feel like the first time you ever went out together.

Expecting each moment to feel like a date will be too much pressure for a couple to withstand. Just because you're eating breakfast together doesn't mean that your significant other will be up for talking every moment of the meal. You're already spending a lot of time together as it is!

11 11. UNHELPFUL: "Don't Worry So Much About Prices - Just Focus on the Experience"

Just because you shouldn't complain about the money you've already spent doesn't mean you shouldn't be discerning with your spending money during the trip. While you might have gotten a cheaper price for the airfare and hotel, it's easy to spend thousands of dollars in a few days on excursions and food.

Before you agree to do something, such as a big excursion or eating at a fancy restaurant, check on the prices and make a decision that works for both of you. That way, no one will regret spending the money. Try to make wise decisions in the moment: is the choice really worth the money? If it is, then spend it, but if not, there's always a cheaper option.

10 10. UNHELPFUL: "Don't Reserve Airplane Seats Until Last Minute If They Cost Extra"

Some airlines will give you cheaper prices if you wait until last minute to reserve your seats on the flight. Others cost extra right off the bat, and you don't buy the extra seats right away because you think you'd rather spend the money later. If you're flying alone that's completely fine, but when you're flying as a couple, you might not get to sit together.

Starting off a vacation is super important to set the tone for the rest of the trip, so spend a little extra and get seats together. You also want to fly home together as your trip ends. Usually the price is around $20 extra per person, which is very worth it!

9 9. UNHELPFUL: "Don't Worry About the Weather - You'll Find Something to Do"

Maybe you're going somewhere like London, where the weather isn't necessarily the best. In anticipation of your trip and seeing a foreign country, you probably think that you won't care about the rain, but you should always have other plans in case the weather goes bad. Firstly, make sure to bring the appropriate clothes (an umbrella, rain boots, a heavy coat, a hat, etc.).

Secondly, know what you two would both enjoy doing if the weather is bad. Talk about the possibility in advance and have a secondary plan for different types of weather. In this case, you can avoid fighting. Preparation really does pay off!

8 8. UNHELPFUL: "Book the Cheapest Flights to Save Money"

If you're flying alone, it can be good to book the cheapest flights, but when you're going with someone else, especially your partner, this can cause problems. Any trip that you're paying a lot for, you'll want to have nice things, and the flight there might determine the tone for the rest of the trip. You don't necessarily need to book first class on an expensive airline, but booking a really budget airline can actually cost you.

Especially in foreign countries, budget airlines can be extremely low quality, dangerous, and have delays that routinely last over 24 hours! To get the most out of your trip, book with an airline you know and trust.

7 7. UNHELPFUL: "Treat Yourselves to Fun Experiences"

Who doesn't want to do some extra cool stuff on vacation? Maybe you're going to Hawaii, and you want to fly in a helicopter over volcanoes together, or maybe you'd both love to go on a Safari in Africa. Whatever it is you want to do, make sure that you're choosing wisely.

Tourist attractions and activities always cost a lot of money and often aren't worth the hype. It's best to choose a few that you really feel you must experience ahead of time and know what they'll cost so you don't get scammed. Other than that, steer clear of tourist activities and head a bit outside the city for the most authentically, reasonably priced food and activities.

6 6. UNHELPFUL: "Save Your Money for One Big Trip"

If you've never gone away together before, you might be saving up to plan one big trip. The problem is that people can change on vacation, so one big trip might end up in a lot of big fights and wasted money. You'd be far better off planning a smaller "trial trip," such as a weekend getaway, ideally somewhere you can drive to.

Even a night away together beforehand can help you learn how to deal with each other when you're away. Seasoned couples are more likely to fight on vacation, but newer couples far more-so. You'd do better to prepare and start small!

5 5. UNHELPFUL: "Don't Worry Beforehand - Once You Get There You'll Have Fun"

If you're worried about a trip and someone has told you that you just need to get there and relax, you're not alone. And sure, you might relax a little once you actually get to your destination and don't have to worry about the details of travel. But what if you're worrying about something that actually has clout?

Some people worry that something will go wrong, while others worry about something real, like getting in a fight over a contentious subject that will be right in your face. If you have actual concerns, make sure to talk them out beforehand. Other than that, try to focus on different things (such as work or other activities) until you actually depart so you don't experience unnecessary anxiety.

4 4. UNHELPFUL: "Take a Lot of Pictures For the Memories"

Everyone tells you to make sure you get enough pictures during your trip. These can be of the scenery, of yourself, of your activities, or of the two of you. And sure, pictures are a great way to remember a trip! However, in this digital age, it's easy to go way overboard and literally spend all of your free time snapping away.

If you're constantly behind a camera lens or phone, you'll miss most of your trip, and you'll definitely miss out on spending time together. Try to find a good balance. Take a few pictures at each really important place you go to, then put the phone away and have fun. You can't make memories behind a camera, and the pictures are useless if you don't have actual memories!

3 3. UNHELPFUL: "If You Work Together, You Won't Get Frustrated"

Have you ever felt unnecessarily frustrated while on vacation? For some reason, being away from home seems to make everyone a little more aggravated, especially as more time goes by. Frustration can be caused by literally anything, including long lines, a lack of food at the right time, and the schedule not going according to plan.

Some people will tell you to simply work together and avoid frustration, but travel frustration is simply unavoidable. You have to deal with a lot of stuff you don't run into at home, and you're bound to get in fights simply because you're frustrated in general. The best you can do is to not take it personally - you're most likely feeling the exact same way.

2 2. UNHELPFUL: "You Won't Have to Worry About Being Homesick"

If you live with your significant other, you may think that homesickness won't strike on vacation, but you could be wrong. Many people don't necessarily get homesick for a single person, but for the total familiarity of their life. A house, a town, work, a routine: any of these things can make you wish that your vacation was over sooner.

If you're heading away on a longer trip, bear in mind that being with your significant other won't mean that you never want to go home. Plan ahead to be homesick and know that many people change on vacation, and your significant other could be one of those people.

1 1. UNHELPFUL: "You'll Come Back Feeling Refreshed and Rejuvenated In Your Relationship"

A "vacation" usually makes you think that you'll come back feeling more in love than ever and ready to get back to the work week. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many people not only need a vacation from the vacation, but a vacation from the people they go away with.

You and your significant other may need to take a small break from being together every second, and that's completely normal. Ideally, you could give yourself an extra day (for example come back on a Saturday and rest on Sunday) to recuperate from your travels before getting back into the swing of normal life.

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