This is probably the WORST advice that most solo travellers get from their well-meaning friends and colleagues before their departure to lands unknown. “Say YES to everything,” they say to you with sparkling eyes and fanatical grins thirstily hoping to live vicariously through your adventures.

The problem with saying YES to

everything is that you will, inevitably become burnt out. Yes, the same kind of burnout that are trying to remedy by taking this very trip. Except while at home you can crawl into your bed and heal yourself with a big bowl of ice cream while when you’re on the road, burnout can mean lowered levels of alertness and decision-making ability. As a solo female traveler these very two qualities are your biggest allies so it’s ever-so-important to pace yourself.

How to Hack It: Keep a travel journal and write the top goals for your trip abroad right on the inside cover. It can be as few as 1 main goal or a total bucket list of places to see, things to eat, or even personal skills you hope to improve on. By keeping your goals visible and reviewing them each day, you can easily prioritize each opportunity you’re given against them. The goals should merely serve as a guideline to ensure you aren’t getting swept up and pulled away from the main reasons you chose this journey.

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