That cheesy, undeniable goodness combined with herby sauce and just the right amount of toppings… Yes, we’re talking about the widely worshipped pizza. Thankfully, since everyone and their mom is obsessed with this dish (and rightfully so), you can find the best pizza creators just about anywhere in the world. But where can you find the very best versions of this amazing invention?

It’s maybe no surprise that some of the world’s best pizzas can be found in Italy and the United States. These two countries take their pizza pies seriously, and it’s very evident when you bite into these winners. From Chicago deep dish to the ultra-guarded, original Napoli-style favorites, your mouth will be thanking me on your next trip to any one of these number-one pizza hot spots.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it's all about just two pizza-loving meccas – there are also a few very deserving places around the world, outside of Italy and the USA, who certainly can serve up an elite pizza pie. The love of pizza is spreading just as much as the many kinds of sauces you can enjoy on top of your pies now. So get ready to add a few more stops to your travel list. And the best part is, nobody’s getting tired of new pizza gurus, no matter where they sprout up. Get ready to read up on the absolute best spots in longtime pizza hubs, as well as new up-and-comers on the scene, some where you might least expect them.

20 San Francisco, California - Home Of The 12-Time World Pizza Champion, Tony Gemignani

San Fran might not have the best rep when it comes to pizza, but they are fighting back with gusto and pizza pies that can rival any of the world’s biggest and best cities. Make your way to Del Popolo, originally a beloved food truck (yes, with a giant wood-fired pizza oven inside), now with their own set-up on Bush Street where you can relax with some carefully selected wines and damn good pizza (still wood-fired, of course). Try their asparagus pizza with prosciutto, pecorino and Meyer lemon, or the one with their house-made sausage and harissa. For a quick and inventive slice, head to Arizmendi Bakery. This place is a favorite with locals on the go and they offer a different kind of pizza every day, from creations like roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, mixed greens, Dubliner cheese and rosemary oil to baby kale, masala curry and feta cheese, you’ll never get tired of a pick-me-up slice from this spot. Plus, they’re always vegetarian, made with delicious sourdough crust and local ingredients, so your body will basically thank you for eating one of their slices. For some San Fran vibes, hit up Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, with every pizza style from Californian and Sicilian to Detroit and the all-important Napoletana.

19 Orlando, Florida - Chow Down On Some Of The World's Best Pizza At The Happiest Place On Earth!

Florida, you say? Yes, they’ve got pizza here and they’re doing it up surprisingly well. It may sound cheesy, but then the best pies are. Inside of Disney's Epcot you’ll find one of the best - Via Napoli. It is in fact a Disney restaurant, but don’t worry, they’re firing up some of the top pizzas in Orlando here, staying true to the Campania roots of Napoletana pizza. Try their "Piccante" with spicy Italian sausage, or their prosciutto and melon topped off with Fontina and Mozzarella cheeses and arugula. For more of Orlando’s best, head to The Wine Barn, where you can obviously enjoy some very good and unique pizza paired with amazing wines. Get a little Floridian with a Chicken Florentine pie, try their "One Whole (Maine) Lobster" pizza (oh my goodness!), or have their carnivorous "Mount Etna" with smoky buffalo chicken, pork belly, Stilton cheese, spinach, chili oil, Asiago cheese, garlic and truffle salt. For some more American flavors, head to Brick & Fire where you’ve got old-school classics like chipotle BBQ chicken and specialties like the “Angry Shrimp”, with Sriracha, Jack cheese and bacon. Or, feast on the Brick & Fire Hawaiian, kicked up a notch with with twists like pulled pork and Macadamia nuts.

18 London, England - Did Someone Say Nutella And Ricotta Pizza?!

You might think all the best slices are hiding in North America and Italy, but London is a fair player in the pizza hustle. One of the best who’s been at it for ten years already is Franco Manca, with a deliciously perfected sourdough crust recipe and amazingly affordable prices, the standard tomato, mozzarella and basil is always yummy. You can also mix it up with the spicy lamb sausage, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, yellow piennolo tomato and fresh basil creation, or the British inspired Gloucester old spot ham (home cured), mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms. To get some New York flavor while you’re hanging on the UK island, make your way to Homeslice. With five locations throughout the city, you can get a whole pie or just a slice here, with crazy-good combos like kimchi, porcini cream and basil, or butternut squash, curry kale, goat’s cheese and Nigella crumb. To take it back to Italian flavors and continue the theme of entrepreneurial spirit, head to the Pizza Pilgrims for solid offers like the “Gianfranco Gorgonzola”, loaded with the stuff, plus fior di latte mozzarella and zucchini – a true cheese attack. Or their “Salsiccia & Friarielli”, with sweet fennel pork sausage and wild Italian broccoli. Their dessert pizza ring is also a must, stuffed with Nutella and salted ricotta (yum!).

17 Minneapolis, Minnesota - Taste Some Brioche Pan Pizza In This Twin City!

I’m sure Minneapolis isn’t what first comes to mind when you think of best pizzas in the world, but think again. You need to delve into some of the choices at Pizzeria Lola. This place shares a wonderful story of an American dream come true, as is explained by the owner on their website – a Korean immigrant who quit her day job and opened up one of the best pizza restaurants in the country. Try her “Lady Zaza” with house-made kimchi, Korean sausage, serrano peppers, scallions, sesame and a soy chili glaze, or opt for the “Sunnyside,” with guanciale, pecorino, cream, leeks and organic eggs, sunny-side up. My personal new favorite? The “Boise”, with potato, gruyere, cream, caramelized onion, olive oil and rosemary (comfort food to the max!). Just outside downtown Minneapolis you’ll find Pig Ate My Pizza, where you can enjoy some fresh pies and throw back some cold ones with the locals. They’ve got some great specialties available too like “Tijuana Tina,” fired up with roasted tomatillo sauce, smoked pulled pork, pickled tomatillos and queso fresco, or their “Madame Piggy,” a very inventive pizza version of the Croque Madame – brioche pan pizza with a maple-gruyere sauce, ham, cheese, and two poached eggs with arugula to finish it all off.

16 Los Angeles, California - Finally, A Respectable Way To Eat Pizza For Breakfast!

Pizza in LA pretty much can’t be discussed without the all-important forerunner of the scene; Nancy Silverton and her Pizzeria Mozza. The crust is a hot topic among locals and it’s got true Italian flavors mixed with American passion. You’ve got to try the simple yet to-die-for squash blossoms option with tomato and burrata, or the all-American BLT with Italian additions like guanciale (cured pork) and aioli. For a new up-and-comer on the scene, try Milo & Olive, a wood-fired bakery and pizzeria, with delicious creations like the mixed mushroom with fontina val d'aosta, thyme, lemon zest and parmesan, or the pork belly sausage and kale with braised garlic, tomato cream and mozzarella. You can mix up any of their originals with easy additions like a farm egg, anchovies or sal secco olives, so get inspired. Plus, if you happen to be an early riser and you’re here for the most important meal of the day, they’ve even got a breakfast pizza with house sausage, potatoes, pickled chili, rosemary cream and a farm egg (praise be to the brunch gods). Sotto is another great Italian-inspired spot to dig into some delish pizza, or try the Brooklyn-style Grimaldi’s Pizzeria with a coal brick oven.

15 São Paulo, Brazil - Barbecue Isn't The Only Mouthwatering Dish Brazil Boasts!

Brazil is a country that’s usually best known for grilled meats and all kinds of barbecue when it comes to their food scene, but they are also very serious when it comes to pizza. The locals here will heartily defend their city’s pies, and I don’t blame them. With a long history of Italian immigration, it’s no surprise they’re true pizza lovers. Make your way to Bráz in the Moema neighborhood, with fancy creations loaded with toppings, as well as the always great classics. Try their “Affumicata” with persimmon tomato, mozzarella, smoked buffalo mozzarella, fresh sage leaves, rosemary and black olives, or their “Calabresa” with homemade pepperoni, onion and black olives. Over in the artist-friendly neighborhood of Vila Madalena you’ll find Carlos, a laid-back beautiful wood and brick-interior restaurant with all the simple and greatest pizzas and the freshest ingredients. Switch it up and try their “Dona Bela” with escarole, mozzarella, parmesan, lemon & walnuts. For some old school São Paulo flavors, check out Speranza, open since 1955. These pizzas are less Italian style and more straight up SP Brazilian, so you’ll really get to taste the local pizza panache. Try their Quattro Formaggi with parmesan, gorgonzola, provolone and catupiry – a Brazilian cream cheese that was invented by an Italian immigrant in 1911.

14 Seattle, Washington - Square-shaped Pizza May Even Taste Better Than The Original!

The West coast knows what’s up when we’re talking pizza, and it’s not just California that makes the cut. In true quirky Seattle style, the original spot is in a totally renovated, old auto body shop that packs in tons of character. Now there are three locations throughout the city. Via Tribunali is all about true Napolitana pizza and their menu completely reflects that. Try their Diavola (literally “devil"), a standard Italian favorite with spicy salami, mozzarella, tomato, basil and Grana Padano cheese. Any of their creations with smoked mozzarella are also delicious, or the “Vongole” with local oven-roasted clams, tomato, garlic, olive oil and parsley (to-die-for). For something a little different and still very much Seattlesque, head to Dino’s Tomato Pie on Capitol Hill. They specialize in square pies here, which was something a little new on scene for the city – and they’re doing everything right. This thicker, Sicilian style still has a satisfyingly airy crust that’s crispy on the outside, made just so in their brick ovens.

Continuing on with the Northwest vibes, head to The Masonry, now with two locations in Lower Queen Anne and Fremont. This place is funky and fun, but they take their pizza and beer very seriously. Enjoy a classic or seasonal Neapolitan pie here with some of the best craft beers around.

13 Las Vegas, Nevada - Sin City Has It All, Including Grandma's Meatballs!

Bright lights, fast cars, money and…pizza! I’ll be honest, I’m more interested in the bright lights and pizza, which there is plenty of in Sin City. Actually, Las Vegas is a favorite spot for chefs to unabashedly display their skills, and this is also true in the market of pizzas. We can’t talk about this buzzing scene without mentioning Pizza Rock in downtown, serving up many varieties of gourmet Italian and American-style pies with a great selection of craft beers, cocktails and wines. Try their “New Yorker”, a winner at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo, topped with mozzarella, house-made fennel sausage, pepperoni, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and Pecorino-Romano and ricotta cheeses (damn!). They’ve got multiple ovens to get all these pies made up quickly and correctly, so you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. For some great slices, head to Pop Up Pizza in the lobby of the Plaza casino. For some Chicago-style and local pies, grab your friend and share one at the old-school Metro Pizzeria or the new-age Naked City, where they’re making the famous “Guinea Pie” with “grandma’s meatballs”, spinach, mozzarella, ricotta and white garlic sauce (they also serve slices here). My go-to spot? Flour & Barley, serving up brick-oven pizzas and California and local craft beers to compliment. Plus, they do pizzas for brunch like “Eggs Benny Pie” – what more could you ask for?

12 Montreal, Canada - Homemade Smoked Maple Ham And Quebec Mozzarella, Don't Mind If I Do!

You like pizza, eh? Well so does Canada, and Montreal can get down on some damn good pies with lots of different styles to be enjoyed throughout the city. Pizza Il Foccolaio has about 70 different pizza options and they wood-fire these babies up for optimal enjoyment, with the freshest ingredients and toppings. If you’re in town during the summer, try and make it before the 5:30 dinner rush so you can grab a table outside! For another pizza haven, head to Bevo Bar + Pizzeria for some Southern-style creations like the “Burrata and black truffle,” with mushrooms and arugula. They’ve also got much-loved cocktails and great local beers on tap. For some more wood-fired winners head to Artigiani for some Neapolitan-style goodness like their artichoke, olive and pancetta pizza. They also whip up some great focaccias and pizze bianche, or Italian-style dough pizzas without sauce. Just a few blocks away you’ll find Gema Pizzeria, a restaurant that’s dedicated to highlighting fresh and local ingredients in their pies, with a very recognizable injection of Montreal flavors. Try their take on the Hawaiian, with homemade smoked maple ham, oven-roasted pineapples, Quebec mozzarella di bufala and hot pepper oil, or my personal favorite (a.k.a. anything with anchovies), the “Menina” with spinach, anchovies, capers, olives, pecorino cheese, onions and Quebec mozzarella di bufala.

11 Phoenix, Arizona - Drive-Thru Pizza... Need I Say More?

Here’s another American city you might not expect on this list, but then the world of pizza is full of surprises. One of the best pizza spots in the country is located here, and there’s usually a line out the door to prove it. You have got to check out chef Chris Bianco’s Pizzeria Bianco, with two locations in Phoenix, one smack-dab downtown and the other a little further northeast in Biltmore. The Margherita here is unbelievably good, but you can also go rogue and try the “Rosa”, with red onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, rosemary and Arizona pistachios. This guy has been slingin’ pies since 1988, but there are plenty of other spots you’ll have to hit up on your Phoenix pizza rounds. Head to Craft 64 for some fantastic wood-fired slices that you can enjoy true Italian style with some amazing craft beers – they brew their own and have some awesome Arizona crafts on tap too. Ever had drive-thru pizza? Well now you can at Federal Pizza, and it’s actually stupefying how good it is. This place is housed in a restored 1950’s bank, and they’re bringing back some American Dream vibes paired with cool and innovative pies. Of course you can dine in here, but what American doesn’t love a drive-thru? Try their “Big Star” with local Schreiner’s sausage and Molanari pepperoni, or their “Sweet Potato” with sage and ricotta (yes, please!).

10 Venice, Italy - Canals, Gondolas and Pizza - Can It Get Any Better?

This city might be the most famous for its romantic canals and gorgeous architecture, but they’re ready to impress you when it comes to pizza as well. There are new and passionate pizzaiolos (pizza-makers) here who are totally dedicated to their dough and utilizing ultra-fresh ingredients of only the best Italian qualities. Take for example Grigoris, serving up some of the most delicious pizzas around made by super-devoted chefs, and they have a top-notch craft beer menu and delicious Italian wines – there’s no way you’ll leave here unsatisfied. Another great spot? Try Tre Leoni just outside the city's center and you’ll find pizzas made by a couple more very passionate dudes. They’ve got some great specials that still let the fresh ingredients shine, like creations with spicy ‘nduja salami or porcini mushrooms with fior di latte mozzarella. For some great pizzas closer to the center, head to Rossopomodoro for heartwarming pies in cozy digs. There are lots of places to get a slice around town, too. So you should definitely try Pizzeria Cip Ciap while you’re out sightseeing, or maybe grab a slice or 3 at Pizza al Volo if you’re having a night out on the town – they’re open until 2 am (except Sundays).

9 Omaha, Nebraska - Pizza Options Are Aplenty At The Mid-USA Multicultural Crossroads.

Yes, the Midwest knows what’s up with pizza. This multicultural crossroads right in the middle of America has been inspired from all directions of the globe, and they’ve been at it for at least a century. Let’s start with the original players, like Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria, open since 1919 and baking old-school Italian-American pizzas with whatever toppings you want (their Italian sausage is on point). Grab some to go and enjoy it down by the riverfront. Nearby in downtown you’ll find another local favorite, Zio’s Pizzeria. With a few locations throughout the city, this one is the best spot as it’s right in the hustle and bustle of the Old Market in a renovated brick factory building. You can always grab a delicious giant and hearty slice to go here, or sit down, build your own, and enjoy the vintage feel. Another long-time pizza hot spot in town is La Casa Pizzaria. They’ve been pushin’ thin-crust pies here since 1953, and they’re just as popular as ever. My go-to is the Quattro Formaggi, with the excellent addition of Romano, plus mozzarella, asiago and white cheddar. There are some newer players in town too, like Pitch Pizzeria in funky and cool Dundee or Noli’s Pizzeria on Farnam St., both damn good pies paired with great craft beer and suave wine menus.

8 Copenhagen, Denmark - Unique European Ingredients In A City Of High-Class Cuisine.

A newcomer to the pizza scene, one wouldn’t normally think of Denmark when someone says “pizza”, but now you can again and again. This is a city of high-class cuisine, local ingredients and inventive world chefs, but they are getting down to business on their pizza scene as we speak. Somewhere you can always just keep coming back to is called Bæst, where they make plenty of their own ingredients and will totally satisfy your pizza cravings – and then some. Try their pizza with Bæst stracciatella cheese, garlic, fresh oyster mushrooms and herbs, or their local-charm creation with their own pancetta, wild ramsons (relative of chives), fermented chili and house-made ricotta (wow). They’ll also always leave you pleasantly surprised with their pizza of the day. Another great spot is Mother, famous for their delicious sourdough crusts and playful topping combos like the “Burning Love” with mozzarella, potatoes, fried onions and røget spæk (smoked bacon), or their “Give it a go” with white bean puree, sun-blush tomatoes and baccala (Italian salted cod). This place also does weekend pizza brunch, which is now my new favorite thing. For something a little different, try Neighbourhood, dishing out ultra-thin pizzas with surprising topping combos that will hit the spot in their cozy interior dining space.

7 Verona, Italy - Romeo And Juliette Loved This Pizza And You Will Too.

Tucked away in the northern Veneto region right in between Milan and Venice, this beautiful city is stepping it up a notch with their pizza cuisine. Head to I Tigli, renowned not just in Italy but worldwide for their inventive and impressive gourmet pizzas. This is pizza pie fine dining at its best, so don’t be surprised at the prices – the flavors are worth it. They've got every kind of inspired topping here from ground pine nuts and smoked provolone to red shrimp ceviche and almonds. For something a little more down to earth, try Saporè where you’ll find a more Roman-style, thicker pizza but with a twist – the chef here invented a crunchier version he’s trademarked, fine-tuning the dough to get it just right. He’s even perfected a bagel pizza, with interesting toppings and flavors like BBQ, curry or beer and Campari. To satisfy all walks of diners, he’s got beautiful dining spots, a cafe and even a couple take-away places throughout the city so you’ll never go pizza hungry. To get a little less experimental, snag some pizzas at Leon D’Oro. They’ve got the classics, “white” pizzas without sauce, and great specialties with delicious gems like baby artichokes, fontina cheese and Parma prosciutto.

6 New Haven, Connecticut - Nowhere Does A White Clam Pizza Better

Oh, Connecticut – you just mention New Haven and I can hear the distinctively sweet New England accent (here they call it “a-pizza” thanks to Neapolitan immigrants) and see their damn good pizza pies dished up fresh and hot. You have got to get to Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana, founded in 1925 and still family-run today, they’ve got some very good pizza creations ready for you to order up and enjoy. They love to let you pick your own toppings, but you should try some of their specialties too, like their White Clam Pizza with fresh clams, cheese, olive oil, garlic and oregano. They do like to get back to the amazing Italian basics here though, so you can’t go wrong with their Original Tomato Pie with mozzarella or the Quattro Formaggi. Another spot with lots of history and tradition is Sally’s Apizza, going strong since 1938. This is where the now worshipped New Haven-style thin-crust pie was originally made – and they still use the same coal-fired oven that started it all 80 years back. They do things similarly to Pepe’s here, with toppings and a create-your-own vibe. Even though they only have a few specialties, they are all on point. Try their White Potato with potatoes, onion, mozzarella, imported parmesan and rosemary (hello comfort food!).

5 Rome, Italy - If Anywhere Knows Pizza, It's The Italian Capital.

Rome is a city that’s got a pizza style that’s all their own and is proudly recreated throughout the country. They do their dough up generally more like a focaccia and cut in squares, or “al taglia.” And they are very good at making this stuff available throughout the city as a street-wandering treat. To enjoy some of the best examples of this style, head to Pizzarium. All the toppings here are by season, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Try the ‘Nudja and gorgonzola, any of the versions with potato (double carbs, oh yeah), or just see where your eyes take you and try them all, with your friends there to help of course. Some other great spots where you can sit down and dine your pizza heart out include Emma, Da Remo and La Gatta Mangiona. Emma’s got amazing vegetarian options with veggies grilled in the wood-fired oven, or the delicious Fior di Zucca, with zucchini flowers. Da Remo has a great version featuring this flower too, but then with anchovies (yes, please!), and their pies are a little thicker/a little more Roman style. La Gatta Mangiona is a cozy, cat-themed spot with amazing pizza pies and great craft beers.

4 Chicago, Illinois - Home Of The Legendary Deep Dish Pizza!

Oh yes, the windy city is making a strong appearance on this list. Famous for their deep dish pies, I’m here to let you know there’s way more going on in this Midwest mecca’s pizza scene. But to start out, you can’t come here without digging into one of their famous deep dish pies. Make your way to Pizano’s where they’ve been making this style since 1943. Try Rudy’s Special, with sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper and cheese. These things are pretty large and filling, so plan to share with someone or the whole table. Get down on some stuffed pizza at The Art of Pizza, or some seriously golden, crispy-crusted goodness at old-school Pequod’s Pizza. As I said though, it’s not just deep dish here – for some clearly Italian-influenced pies, you’ve got to check out Spacca Napoli. This is the stuff Neapolitan pizza dreams are made of. All of their creations here are exceptional, but the “Pistacchio” with ­fior di latte, sausage, pistachio cream and basil stands out, along with the “Enzo,” featuring smoked mozzarella di bufala, corbarino tomatoes, ricotta di bufala, arugula and parmigiano reggiano. You can even get New-Haven style pies here at Piece with yummy craft beers on tap. Try “Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage” style with one of the rotating and refreshing American pale ales.

3 New York City, New York - The Choices Are Almost Endless In This Pizza Paradise

Clearly this list couldn’t exist without the big NYC near the top. With only the combination of all the spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we should basically refer to this place as pizza paradise. For a fine sit-down meal and yummy Neapolitan pies, head to Don Antonio or Forcella. Brooklyn is hot on the pizza scene here, so you should definitely head over to this borough and go pizza exploring. Sottocasa is a must where the Napoli pie especially hits the spot, or the “Laura,” with mascarpone, bacon and rosemary. For some old-school vibes, head to Di Fara for handmade deliciousness. The owner, Dom, opened this place up in 1964 after emigrating from Italy. They keep it simple here and you can taste his passion in each slice. For some authentic Brooklyn vibes, you’ve got to check out Paulie Gee’s. They have tons of super unique creations like the “Hellboy” with fresh mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire soppressata picante, Parmigiano Reggiano and Mike’s Hot Honey, or “Frankel’s Pastrami Ruben” with Swiss, sauerkraut, Frankel's pastrami, caraway seeds and Russian dressing. They even have lots of delicious vegan options, like the “Vegan Daniela Spinaci” with baby spinach, olive oil, NUMU vegan mozzarella, fresh sliced garlic, mild Aleppo chili oil and sea salt. You’ll find more great inventions like these at Roberta’s, with a clear blend of Italian and Brooklyn styles.

2 Naples, Italy - The Birthplace Of Pizza Continues To Impress.

The city that influenced the whole world with their pizza is still killin’ it when it comes to the stuff on their own turf. They take their creations very seriously, so get ready to have pizza for just about every meal. For super affordable and classic Neapolitan pies, start off at Gino Sorbillo’s. They’ve got a lot of pizzas to choose from here, and they’re all delicious – so good that I ate twice here while in Napoli. One of the best newcomers on the scene is 50 Kalò, and everything about their pizzas is traditional with little twists in their toppings. Pizzeria La Notizia is another spot doing everything right, with delicious toppings like salted codfish, smoked scamorza cheese and yellow piennolo tomatoes. A longtime favorite with the locals, Di Matteo will not disappoint. Indulge here with their “pizza fritta,” a fried pizza with ricotta and provolone. Pizzeria Fratelli Salvo is another great spot to enjoy a whole pizza, with options like “Margherita del Vesuvio” featuring tomatoes from the nearby volcano. Another one you can’t miss is L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. This cute and cozy local spot only offers two kinds of pizzas (margherita and marinara), but they’ve been perfected here since 1906.

1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Forget The Philly Cheese Steak, It's All About Pizza Here!

Philly, sweet Philly, I confess my love to your local bakers. There’s something very special about the pizzas here, and I think a shout-out needs to go out to the expert bakers who’ve dedicated their time to refining their doughs. Plus, this city isn’t just about one style – they’ve got everything here from Neapolitan to straight-up Philly and everything in between. Try an original favorite, Taconelli’s, serving up no-nonsense tomato pies since 1946. For some more cheesy local goodness, head to Lorenzo and Sons and get a “Pepe Chipotle,” with mozz, steak, roasted peppers and chipotle sauce. Santucci’s is another great go-to, cookin’ up square specialty pies like buffalo chicken and build-your-own signature pies. To get to know some newer players on the scene, hit up Nomad Pizza at one of their two locations in the city where you can enjoy wood-fired, Neapolitan and Roman-style pizzas with some Philly twists, local organic produce and delightful options like “Cherry Heat”, featuring cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini, mozzarella, cilantro pesto and chili oil. Pizzeria Vetri is another must, with undeniably beyond-good Neapolitan pizzas like their “Melanzana” with San Marzano tomatoes, eggplant, stracciatella cheese and oregano. You should definitely treat yourself and have their fried pizza dough for dessert, covered in citrus fennel sugar and served with Nutella!