Where would you live if you could buy any home in the world? Some people would opt for a mansion in Los Angeles, or a chic penthouse in NYC, or a European castle on some sunny private island. Pure bliss! One of the best parts about living in your dream house would be the neighbours. Even though you don’t live in these spaces yet, celebrities already do, literally. #LivingTheDream.

When celebs get their first few big pay checks, they often gravitate toward the same major purchases. A luxury car? Of course. An international vacation? Absolutely. With a certain amount of cash at their disposal, the biggest purchase is almost always a new home.

Celebrity homes can be so spectacular that there are entire magazines and TV shows devoted to showcasing them. They’re less like houses and more like hotels, stretching over hundreds of acres of space in some of the most beautiful properties in the world. Tropical paradises, historic manor homes, exotic dream houses and more – the sky’s the limit for a modern celebrity living the ultimate A-list lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up a list of celebrity homes that are so massive and luxurious, they could be resorts. We would absolutely pay to wake up in them, and spend our vacation dollars to gain access to their exclusive entertainment and lounge spaces. The interiors are just as stunning as the exteriors, which are world-class on their own. Get major house-envy from these 20 resort sized spaces, which lucky celebs use as private homes.

20 Jennifer Lawrence's Hidden Valley Mansion

Living in Jennifer Lawrence’s $11 million dollar home must feel like being on holiday, every day. It’s the ultimate Hollywood dream home. It’s 13,940 square feet and was previously owned by both Ellen DeGeneres and Ozzy Osborne. If it’s good enough for both the Prince of Darkness and the queen of light-hearted comedy TV, it must have enough character to impress a huge variety of famous dinner guests.

J-Law is known for having a laid-back and relatable personal style, despite being a multi-millionaire Oscar winner. The gorgeous house suits her just as well as its former owners, with the idyllic French stylings typical of Hidden Valley, California. Privacy, classic glam, and a stone’s throw from Hollywood? We’ll take it!

19 Jane Fonda's Beverly Hills Home

Not far from Jennifer Lawrence’s luxury pad is a massive mansion home belonging to Jane Fonda. You might know Fonda from her Barbarella era as a Hollywood starlet, or her modern role as a politically conscious actress and philanthropist. She hasn’t strayed far from her Hollywood roots with this home in Beverly Hills.

Her estate is about 7,100 square feet, with a value of about $12.99 million. Like any dream resort, it has canyon and ocean views, impressive glass wall architecture and a glass elevator, a solar-heated pool, and art gallery, and bamboo floors. It gives us major ‘minimalist spa resort’ vibes. If only we could check in and get our zen on.

18 Frances Bean Cobain's Hollywood Hideaway

Kurt Cobain’s early death left its mark on the world in a big way. Nineties kids will remember how his music shaped culture at the time. These days, his daughter Frances Bean has taken up her father’s mantle as a rock royalty with a mysterious side. She used some of her inheritance to buy a secluded manor house in LA.

The house itself is 3,250 square feet, and it has direct access to two massive and beautiful nature parks in the Hollywood Hills. The architecture and décor of the house is all designed in a Spanish style by an old Hollywood art director from the 1930s. We think it would make an ideal artsy retreat space for hip, nature-loving travelers.

17 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Country Estate

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a total power couple. What home caught the attention of both Deadpool and Serena van der Woodsen? They chose to raise their kids in this sweet and rustic country estate, which could totally double as a luxury BnB. It’s even got a barn!

They bought this love nest in upstate New York in 2012. It's styled like a shabby-chic farmhouse and measures an impressive 8,000 square feet in total. From their property you can admire a tree-lined reservoir and views of the neighbours – including Martha Stewart and Catherine Zeta-Jones. No wonder Ryan and Blake seem so in love! We’d be giddy if we got to escape to this estate, too.

16 Madonna's English Manor

Madonna has owned more than one estate. She’s Madonna! The one that looks most like a dream resort hotel is Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, England. Who wouldn’t pay to spend their holiday riding horseback around 1,134 acres of English countryside?

"We just fell in love with it," Madonna told Vogue Magazine in 2005. "In the summertime it's the most beautiful place in the world."

This house is historic, visited by everyone from Salvador Dali to Hugo Vickers since its construction in 1740. Madonna and her then-husband Guy Richie bought it in 2002 and built a 12-foot high security fence around the entire property. For now, there’s no getting in unless you’re pop culture royalty, but we can dream!

15 Will and Jada Smith's Calabasas Mega-Mansion

You might know Calabasas as the backdrop of sisterly shenanigans in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It’s the playground of the elite and their uber wealthy kids. Remember when Kylie Jenner dated Jaden Smith? It was easy for them to spend time together because they lived in the same exclusive neighborhood.

The Smith home is a huge compound mansion that could easily double as a luxury hotel. It’s got not only a pool but a lake, tennis courts, and a recording studio (where Willow Smith recorded "Whip My Hair"). The whole place has open-concept Mediterranean-inspired rooms perfect for entertaining and hosting guests, as the generous Smith family is known to do. Host us, please!

14 Leonardo DiCaprio's Palm Springs Sanctuary

Even though Leo seems like he's on vacation more than he's at home, we feel like his house would make an incredible resort space. Maybe his interior design choices were inspired by the luxury resorts he frequents. This place looks so sleek, modern, and chic!

Like most A-list celebs, Leo owns more than one property, but his Palm Springs place gives us the strongest hospitality vibes.  It's rumored to have showers infused with vitamin C, air conditioning that circulates aromatherapy scents, heated flooring, and a light fixture alarm clock system that simulates the rising sun - proving that it does more than just look good.

13 Ralph Lauren's Norman-Style Stately Home

Ralph Lauren has been dressing celebrities for a long minute now. His fashion house is so successful that he's become a celebrity himself, making cameos on shows like FriendsHe's used his millions to invest in a beautiful home in upstate New York, where he lives with his wife, Ricky.

Being the creative mind and artistic professional that he is, you can bet that Ralph had a hand in the design of this glamorous space. It's 17,000 square feet (wow) and fully decorated in a lush, vintage hunting lodge way. We can totally picture guests cozying up in its massive bedrooms, but the pillows are all monogrammed for the Lauren family. Care to share, fam?

12 Arnold Schwarzenegger's California Mansion

The Arnold's home is just as huge and impressive as the man himself! It's located in the Pacific Pallisades, a region of the west that's absolutely full of ballers and movie stars. A gorgeous outdoor pool and patio, a championship-sized tennis court, expansive gardens, and interiors that are just as impressive.

Within its 10,000 square feet are nine bedrooms, so Schwarzenegger could already be hosting some travelers. Guests might even be able to enjoy the place for themselves while Arnold is on vacation or working abroad, but eventually, this guy is always going to return home and claim it for himself again. He'll be back!

11 Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's Massive Digs

This champion footballer and supermodel of the world are like a modern king and queen, so we know their home must be nothing less than a palace. If you guessed this pair would be living large, you're absolutely right. 18,208 square feet of space is certainly a lot.

"Gisele and I have eight sisters between us, and there are lots of kids," Brady explained to Architectural Digest." We built this house as a sanctuary for our family—a place where we can enjoy being together."

Since Tom and Gisele are also passionate philanthropists, their huge home also has an eco edge. They installed solar panels on their roofs, sustainable irrigation systems throughout their gardens, and composting facilities.

10 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Luxury Penthouse

Just last year, Justin Timberlake and his actress wife, Jessica Biel, shelled out over $20 million to purchase this mind-blowing penthouse in the heart of NYC. It's every east-coaster's dream Imagine overlooking Central Park and surrounding skyskrapers from your very own bedroom.

You have to hit it big to afford this level of luxury full-time, but we wish they would loan it out for part-time use for the travelers of the world! It would truly make an amazing hotel. The building has got concierge service, a porte cochere, and private terraces almost as big as the apartments themselves. Trust Justin's penthouse to also have an impressive 'entertainment room' on site.

9 Ellen DeGeneres' Hilltop Villa

Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi take some pretty impressive trips, but if we were them, we'd be tempted to stay home year-round. Ellen's place (which she's published a book about, called "Home") is 10,500 square feet of artsy charm. Since purchasing it in 2013, she and Portia have even expanded its property to include a sprawling 16.88 acres.

As Ellen shared in her book, this home has has six bedrooms, nine fireplaces, multiple libraries, a marble kitchen, a lap pool, a sunken tennis court, and a custom-designed entertainment pavilion. It's also in a prime location in California, with Oprah as a neighbor! (More on her place later.)

8 Taylor Swift's Old Hollywood Glamour Pad In R

Taylor Swift's waterfront mansion was originally built way back in 1934 by movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn. According to IMDB, his home was a neighborhood destination Hollywood stars of the era, including Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin. It was even put up as collateral for several of Goldwyn's, including Wuthering Heights.

When Taylor bought the place, it had lost a lot of its original Old Hollywood details, but she worked hard to restore it all to its original glory. It has seven bedrooms, 10 baths, a library, a screening room, a pool and pool house, tennis courts, and multiple guest suites perfect for hosting members of her girl gang.

7 Anderson Cooper's Tropical Paradise

How does a news anchor break free from the 24-hour news cycle to get a little peace and quiet? We can't imagine it's easy for Anderson Cooper to put his notes aside and relax these days. The way he's made relaxation possible is by investing in a stunning home in Brazil, far from the CNN headquarters in NYC.

He's bought a tropical house nestled in the Brazilian town of Trancoso. It's made up of four separate structures that come together with open air spaces designed to promote energy flow. If you think it looks like a resort already, you're right. Anderson hired world-class hotelier Wilbert Das to make this vacation home as luxe as it can be.

6 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Historic Hideaway

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen love a good homage to the past. They've decided to name their kids after music legends (Luna Simone, after Nina Simone, and Miles after Miles Davis), and live in a space that has been part of the Hollywood Hills landscape since the 1960s. After some reconstruction and restyling, John and Chrissy have made this retreat into a resort-worthy destination.

"It's a beautiful piece of sculpture," says John. "“The deck is the most alluring part of the house. We loved the idea that the outside becomes an organic extension of the living area. It’s what makes Los Angeles so seductive."

Consider us seduced.

5 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Sprawling Mansion

When not traveling the world, Kim and Kanye settle into their more than $20 million home in Beverly Hills. You know if it's these two, it's got to be a bit OTT. Imagine having two spas at your house! Two different spas! That's the reality for Kim, Kanye, and their growing fam.

The master suite has two attached bathrooms, one for Kim and one for Kanye. It's also got closets with major square footage for all of their famous fashion. Two pools, a vineyard, and an outdoor entertaining space complete with fountain make this house the perfect family gathering place. If only travelers were welcome, too.

4 Elton John's French Palace

Elton John is a living legend, so you wouldn't expect him to have anything less than a handful of fantastic dream houses. Our favorite of his collection is his home in Nice, France, which he shares with longtime husband David Furnish.

It's built on what was once a 1920s artists' colony, and Elton is sure to keep the place up to scratch with its historically artsy reputation. He's decorated it with Warhol originals, Versace details, and a sprinkling of statues of Greek gods and goddesses. We'd love to get inside this one-of-a-kind property! With so much space to share, it would be amazing to be one of Elton's exclusive house guests.

3 Celine Dion's Waterpark Estate

Celine bought this 20,000 square foot tropical mansion in Jupiter, Florida with her late husband, Rene Angelil. Since he has died, she's recently sold it to a non-celeb, but we still think this property is worth listing in our top three. It has 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a golf course, and a luxury pool system that features not just two swimming pools but also two water slides, a lazy river, water cannons, and an aquatic tree house.

These features were enjoyed by Celine's three boys, but could easily draw tourists and travelers if they were ever opened to the public. The five-acre property also has more than 400 feet of Atlantic Ocean beachfront that we would love to access.

2 Rihanna's Lavish Barbados Mansion

This Barbados babe has risen to the top of the charts and is currently rolling in the royalties from her latest film release. She's done the work (work, work, work, work, work) to earn herself a palace of a property, and that's just what she's done. She bought the huge mansion at One Sandy Lane in Paynes Bay, Barbados.

It's got as many luxurious amenities as you can imagine, from 24-hour concierge service to a fully equipped gym with personal trainers on-demand to a private tropical beach, as if the pool wasn't enough. Unfortunately this home is 100% private, not open to travelers like us. It's even got a gate with fingerprint scan security access!

1 Oprah's Orcas Island Property, 'Madroneagle'

Oprah is queen of so many things - television, charity, women's empowerment, journalism - so is it any surprise that she's also the reigning queen of real estate? Owning no less than five luxury properties the world over, our favorite new Oprah acquisition is 'Madreagle,' a one-of-a-kind retreat in the San Juan Islands.

The estate covers more than 40 acres of paradise (!), fit for Oprah's many famous visitors like Reese Witherspoon and the Obamas. It's got 3,000 feet of waterfront, and plenty of in-house amenities to match its luxurious grounds. From its well-stocked wine cellar to its vaulted ceilings, the home has a uniquely tropical lodge feel. Ocean wildlife is even known to flock and frolic among its gardens!

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