Cruises are an ideal vacation getaway for most people hoping to take a trip away from home. The best thing about cruises is that they offer something for everyone. It is easy to have fun on one if you are going there alone, with friends, with a significant other or with children. Everyone can find a different type of enjoyment from a cruise vacation. Many folks in their 20s look to find a great vacation before life gets busy (usually in their 30s). Cruises are a great option to select when picking the right kind of getaway.

There are certain cruises specifically that will entertain the average person under the age of 30. We will look at these cruises and what exactly makes them special. Some have fun activities that are the most enticing aspect of the trip. Others just give you a beautiful view in the locations it takes you to. Regardless of if you want fun, adventure or relaxation, there is a cruise out there for you. Each cruise will be judged by the mind of someone in their 20s hoping to find the ideal fun vacation to take. These are twenty bucket list cruises that travelers under the age of 30 need to take.

20 The Walker Stalker Cruise - For TWD Fans

Many popular brands or personalities in pop culture will create their own unique themed cruise experiences for passionate fans. The Walking Dead have become an annual cruise after dominating television ratings. Between the television show and the comic, the demographic of people in their 20s are the strongest for TWD.

The Walker Stalker Cruise takes place in February with television show stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and many more on board. Anyone with a strong fandom of the show or comic must attend the cruise if it fits into their budget. Live concerts, fun games and meet and greet sessions will be the main source of entertainment on this cruise.

19 Ruby Princess - For Those Going With A Significant Other

Princess Cruises is a major cruise line with quite a few cruise experiences offered. The Ruby Princess ship experience is among the best ones for folks still in their 20s. There are multiple itineraries offered with this cruise depending on the budget and location you prefer.

Some of the things people love about the Ruby Princess are the couple's massages offered for those going with a significant other or a friendly night of watching a movie screening under the stars. Dancing and golfing are some of the other activities one gets for a usually affordable price with the Ruby Princess cruise.

18 Celebrity Solstice - a combination of wellness, art, culinary and enrichment

Celebrity Cruises is another cruise line that tries their best to get a top spot in the cruise industry. The massive ship offers various itineraries at different parts of the year on their schedule. Many people love to relax on this trip with the pool and spa options always being fun.

However, there are more unique experiences on board as well, like bourbon tastings, cooking demos, live DJs and trivia contests with teams. Celebrity Solstice aims to provide a combination of wellness, art, culinary and enrichment as described on their website. It seems like the perfect cruise for young adults.

17 Cosplay Cruise - Why Not Try This Instead Of Comic-Con?

The success of cosplay has become a huge part of culture in recent years. Most avid cosplayers are currently in their 20s, which lines up perfectly for the age demographic the Cosplay Cruise is aimed towards. Instead of attending Comic-Con for a few days or a single smaller convention day, the Cosplay Cruise gives you a week of themed cruise fun.

Everyone dresses up in their favorite costumes like a convention except with more relaxation and beautiful locations. There are contests for the best costumes and various games to offer more fun. Basically, Cosplay Cruise is the dream cruise for any passionate cosplayer wanting a cruise vacation.

Royal Caribbean Cruises belong in the discussion for best overall cruise line with stellar reviews and various cruises offered to fit your interests. The Oasis of the Seas ship cruise is considered the most popular among young adults. Many cruises have most activities tailored towards older folks wanting quiet nights or children on a family vacation.

There are more unique experiences for the 20-30-year-old crowd on the Oasis of the Seas cruise. Zip-lines and rock climbing are two intense experiences that will allow you to live life to the fullest on the ship. Scuba diving, live plays and arcades are some of the less active fun things to do.

15 Disney Wonder - Appeal to the kid at heart while having fun at the spa or bar areas

The Disney Cruise Line has become a phenomenon due to the incredible experiences offered. Firstly, everyone under the age of 30 likely has a strong adoration for the Disney world. That alone makes it worth researching for a potential cruise vacation.

Reviews indicate that the Disney Wonder ship cruise is one of the top options available. There are adult-only spaces for those wanting to stay away from the families with young children likely making noise during their fun times. Games, activities and relaxation experiences are all offered with the Disney theme. You can appeal to the kid at heart while having fun at the spa or bar areas.

14 Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea - Wrestling and Music? Yup, It Has Both

A unique new cruise theme to make its way to the market in 2018 features professional wrestler and rock band lead singer Chris Jericho appealing to his audiences. Many young adults travel to WWE WrestleMania every year with attendances of 60,000 to 100,000.

Jericho created this cruise for that same crowd to have a fun time watching the sport of wrestling and attending live rock concerts at sea. The cruise sets sail in October with various wrestling matches featuring names like Rey Mysterio and the Young Bucks. Music acts include Corey Taylor, Cherry Bombs and Fozzy. This is likely the cruise for you if you love wrestling and rock music.

13 Carnival Breeze - For All You Foodies

The Carnival Breeze cruise ship experience is a part of the Carnival Cruise Line. This specific cruise is great for young adults due to the variety of experiences and dining options. There’s a giant LED screen showing movies and concerts for a surreal experience while in the pool area.

Dining is superb on Carnival Breeze with no shortage of food options like barbecue dishes, highly rated burgers and various buffets. This is one of the better cruises to do with your friends. Carnival Breeze allows you to appreciate the beauty of the world, eat great food, relax and enjoy the company of loved ones at an affordable price.

12 Norwegian Jewel - one of the more affordable cruise options

The Norwegian Jewel ship cruise is among the top experiences offered on Norwegian Cruise Line. It is one of the more affordable cruise options out there with a great value for the dollar. Norwegian Jewel ships have waterslides, arcades and plenty of great dining experiences.

Seattle, Hong Kong, Sydney and Honolulu are some of the places where the Norwegian Jewel sails from. Anyone in those areas looking for a fun cruise for a cheap price should consider it as the ideal option. It’s hard to find a cruise as highly acclaimed as Norwegian Jewel for prices as low as $500 per person.

11 Holistic Holiday at Sea - Not Your Typical Party Cruise

Many people in the 20 to 30 age range have seen holistic lifestyles become a part of society. It basically means adopting a life where natural foods, medicine and exercise all play a role in becoming a more complete and healthier person.

The Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise is a unique one meant to aim towards those living this lifestyle. Things like health classes, meditation and environmental advocacy are all important aspects of the cruise. While this isn’t the typical wild cruise many seek, it appeals immensely to many millennials that can relate to the things offered on the Holistic Holiday at Sea.

10 Harmony of the Seas - a top cruise at an affordable price (with lots of activities)

The Harmony of the Seas cruise is one of the top experiences offered by Royal Caribbean Cruises. It is an extremely popular one for a reason. The cruise experience will get you a lot of activities and fun events on the cruise for a decent price.

Some of the most beloved things offered on the Harmony of the Seas are rock climbing, zip-lines, surfing simulators and ice skating. More serene activities are offered as well like swimming, dancing and dining at great restaurants. Harmony of the Seas is a top cruise at an affordable price with more activities than most other options in its range.

9 America's Test Kitchen Cruise - The Name Says It All

Another cool themed cruise is for the folks out there passionate about great food. America's Test Kitchen Cruises have become a common thing over the past two years. There’s one cruise left this year in September; a seven-night Canada and New England cruise.

Holland America Line is hosting the America's Test Kitchen Cruise for fans of the television show. There are many cooking demos and workshops for anyone looking to improve their cooking skills. Many aspiring chefs attend this cruise both for the learning experience and to have a fun time relaxing while doing so. You must care a lot about cooking to make this worth it, but many people in their 20s are die-hard foodies.

8 Celebrity Reflection - Highly Rated dining and entertainment experiences

The Celebrity Reflection Cruise is arguably the top cruise ship experience offered with Celebrity Cruise Lines. This one has a lot of amenities offered with fun things to do like visit the cabana area, swim in one of the pools or enjoy a picnic in a relaxing location.

Most reviews rate the dining and entertainment experiences high due to great eating options and musical performances. One negative is that there are exclusive venues only allowed to suite guests. However, it is still a good deal without those perks and extra fun if you decide to pay extra for the suite experience.

7 The KISS Cruise - The Perfect Combo

The KISS Cruise will be back again in October of 2018 for the now annual trip starring the legendary rock band. Despite being at their peak many decades ago, KISS is still beloved by new generations to fall in love with their iconic music. This allows them to have a cruise with every age demographic wanting to board.

As expected, passengers get to meet KISS and witness their live music. Other bands and cover acts perform as well. However, there are the other fun things associated with a cruise like pools, hot tubs, casinos and spas. Die-hard KISS fans have the perfect option with the KISS Cruise if able to afford it.

6 Royal Princess - Perfect for a group of friends

Princess Cruises offer many great experiences, but the Royal Princess ship cruise may be the best of them all. Prices range depending on the itinerary location and time of year, but the value has a reputation for being among the best in the industry.

Food options are the high point here with appealing unique offerings like a seafood bar, gelato parlor and fondue dispensary. The Movies Under Stars showings on the big screen and a dazzling light show are among the top entertainment options here. The Royal Princess cruise is an ideal experience to share with a significant other or friends looking to go on a cruise without breaking the bank.

5 Carnival Vista - sushi bars, steakhouses and ice cream buffets

Carnival Vista is another Carnival Cruise Lines ship experience that is bucket list-worthy for anyone in their 20s. The cruise typically offers an affordable price with more unique experiences than the average ship. Carnival Vista will allow you to watch movies on IMAX screens, have fun in a water park or test your skills on a ropes course.

The dining experience is also impressive with sushi bars, steakhouses and ice cream buffets. Carnival Vista is essentially the dream cruise for young adults wanting to have fun with visual entertainment, great food and a peaceful atmosphere for a good price.

4 The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise - a bucket list experience for Doctor Who fans

Science-fiction movies and television shows are among the most popular genres for the demographic of people between the ages of 20 and 30. It only makes sense that a cruise would attempt to appeal to those of us with such interests. Doctor Who fans will especially  have a great time looking into the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise.

Various stars from Doctor Who will be aboard the ship mingling with the fans along with other activities. Creative workshops offer a unique experience on the cruise to learn from people you likely admire. Normal fun cruise things like a pool area and great dining options are offered as well. The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise is basically a bucket list experience for Doctor Who fans.

3 Jewel of the Sea - among the cheaper ones out there

The Jewel of the Sea is a great option for people looking to attend their first cruise. Royal Caribbean offers quite a few cruise experiences, but the Jewel of the Sea ship is among the cheaper ones out there. There are many fun activities to enjoy like witnessing live music, great restaurants and a nightclub for dancing.

However, the variety of unique experiences is not as strong as most other options on the list. Jewel of the Sea ranks high because it will likely be the cheapest option for a top tier cruise experience. You give up the gimmicks for a traditional cruise experience to save money with Jewel of the Sea.

2 Kesha's Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride

Music superstar Kesha shocked everyone when announcing she would be embarking on her first cruise adventure in early 2019. The pop star is among the biggest music sensations over the past few years with hit songs and a strong fan base all over the world.

Kesha's Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride will be on the Norwegian Pearl from Florida to the Bahamas. There will be Kesha concerts, other musical acts and performances by drag queen superstars. The unique cruise is aimed towards Kesha’s fans in hopes of giving them a dream week. Usual amenities like pools, hot tubs and spas are available as well for those wanting a relaxing time in between shows.

1 Disney Dream - mix the fun of your Disney childhood love and enjoy things that interest you today

A traditional cruise tops the list with the Disney Dream being the ideal experience for someone under the age of 30. Disney Cruise Line’s top cruise option was created to appeal to all ages. That means you get to mix the fun of your Disney childhood love and enjoy things that interest you today.

Disney Dream has every option tied into the Disney brand with basketball courts, mini-golf and other fun activities. There are adults-only areas to get away from the noise at a pool, sun deck, bars, restaurants or even shore excursions. If you love Disney and want a great cruise experience, Disney Dream is the top option.

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