Not a fan of crowded spaces, long hours of waiting and expensive flights? Try traveling off-season instead.

Usually, traveling outside the main seasons has a certain charm to it. The lack of tourists somehow makes it much easier to feel like a local. Somehow, it is almost like seeing someone you have only meet at a fancy party, suddenly in their normal clothes. It feels strange, yet familiar, and much more authentic.

When tourists are far between, so tend to be the activities made for them. Therefore, when traveling in the fall to anywhere, don’t be afraid to miss the typical attractions, but instead, let the area breathe as it stands when no one is watching. In that sense, places are like people. Whenever observed they watch their behavior, trying to look their best, but when no one is watching, they tend to be much more like their true selves.

What most people consider a good destination for fall travel is usually somewhere around the Equator, where fall is pretty much non-existent but simply another day in the sun. However, traveling in the fall can be much more than a cheap trick to extend the summer, or an excellent excuse to visit the Caribbean Islands. For those who consider fall as a season to cherish for its breathtaking colors, moody weather and everyday atmosphere here is a list of 20 top destinations where a visit in the fall will give you just that, and much more.

20 Ilulissat, Greenland

Known for being an expensive destination, mostly due to its remote location and scarce airline connections, Greenland is the perfect destination for those adventurous by heart. The fall provides a perfect excuse to take that far-away trip you always dreamed off but didn’t think you could afford. Although never cheap, a trip in the fall will significantly reduce the price of flights, as well as providing visitors with all the activities normally reserved for the winter season, such as whale watching, glacier adventuring, and polar landscape exploring. And let’s be honest, you don’t go to Greenland for the summer anyway.

19 Split, Croatia

In the aftermath of Croatia’s raising popularity during recent years, perhaps mainly due to its reputation as a prominent Game of Thrones filming location, the fall season is when you can get to see it all, just less crowded and more affordable. The town of Split is located in the south of Croatia, just one hour’s commute from the breathtaking Krka National Park, home to nothing less than six waterfalls. The park also offers a wide variety of activities such as boat tours, walking trails, shops, and restaurants. If you have the time, travel further north to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, known as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe.

18 Aspen, United States

B-e-a-utiful! Any fans of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will recognize Aspen as “a place where beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano”. A prominent destination for skiing, however, Aspen is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts in particular. According to Travel US News, fall is the ideal season to travel to Aspen for hiking, and you might even encounter snow for skiing in the late fall. This way, you could enjoy all the spectacles of mountain life, but much less crowded. September-November is a slow season in Aspen, providing an authentic atmosphere to a normally touristic winter destination.

17 Barcelona, Spain

Cliché you might think? Well think again and try Barcelona in the fall instead! There is no doubt that the popularity of this Catalonian capital has exploded during recent years, and that is exactly why fall is the best season for visiting. Most attractions continue to operate well into winter while the streets are significantly less crowded than in the peak season between June-September. Enjoy all the wonders of this vibrant city between the mountains and the sea, just a little more authentic. Visit the wonderful park on top of mountain Tibidabo for spectacular views over the city. Free tip: Hostels in Barcelona are increasingly focusing on quality double accommodations with completely private facilities, so don’t rule them out when looking for a central spot in the city!

16 Madeira, Portugal

A little-known Portuguese pearl, the island of Madeira is almost like a European Hawaii. With pleasant temperatures all year long, there is really no wrong season to see a sunset on this Atlantic coast. However, fall is particularly exquisite as the island will prepare for the low season with cheaper hotel rooms and less crowded beaches. As fall arrives, the island will be more much green than in the heat of summer, providing a beautiful setting for mountain exploration. Instead of going to museums, visit the Monte Palace Tropical Garden for a magical exhibition of exotic plants from all over the world.

15 Zhangjiajle, China

The Zhangjiajle national park is famous around the world for its similarities with the dreamy alien landscapes of James Cameron’s famous movie Avatar. According to China Highlights, the best time to go is between September-November where the weather is most desirable, and crowds are disappearing. Needless to say, that people usually don’t travel to Zhangjiajle for its urban architecture, and therefore a trip to this magnificent place will inevitably involve a lot of rural exploration. The fall is the ideal season to visit as the rainy season between June-August has dressed the park completely in green, making this season ideal for a tour through this captivating region, perfect for adventurous souls.

14 Stuttgart, Germany

Have you ever heard of the Black Forest? If you aren’t German, I doubt that you have. However, here is your chance to discover a mysterious hidden place right in the heart of Europe. Just outside of Stuttgart, an enchanted forest lies quietly within the misty mountains of the Baden-Württemberg region. Walk through the forest to a wooden spiral path for fantastic views of the landscape from the treetops. Although fall covers the forest in beautiful red and yellow colors, rain is likely to occur during this moody season. Luckily, the city of Stuttgart offers a good range of exciting museums to visit for a great day of indoor activities.

13 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although Amsterdam like the rest of Europe has a lot of rain during the fall, there is an unbelievable amount of indoor activities to keep you busy in Amsterdam, should it be a rainy affair. A trip to the city’s museum quarter will keep you busy indoors for days, and should you want to visit the red lights district, there is always covered bike taxis available for the commute. A canal cruise through the famous city is another good way to explore it under the protective roof of a canal boat while amusing yourself with the sight of Dutch people stubbornly biking through the pouring rain.

12 Dubai, Emirates

If you can wait for 2020, it really doesn’t matter what season you choose for your trip to Dubai. For your convenience, the world’s first complete indoor city is scheduled to open in one of the world hottest cities. If you can’t wait that long, a trip in the fall to Dubai could lessen the need to stay indoors at all cost to escape the overwhelming heat of summer. Taking a trip to the desert can be a sweaty affair, and therefore any help from the climate is desirable when venturing outside the cool airconditioned indoors of this desert city.

11 Easter Island, Chile

As with Greenland, fall is the perfect season for that remote travel trip you always dreamed of taking. Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as locals call it, is a true adventure destination for anyone who seeks the most exciting and remote parts of this planet. Generally, an expensive destination, mostly requiring a transit in Santiago de Chile, you are sure to experience something truly unique here. As heavy rainfall and suffocating heat is to be expected during summer, the fall is the perfect season to explore this pacific treasure and home to the great Moai statues. Be sure to remember that in the southern hemisphere fall is between March-June.

10 Cappadocia, Turkey

Famous for its air-balloon tours and moon-looking landscape, Cappadocia is a must on any adventure bucket list. Cave hotels, horseback riding, and underground cities are just some of the extraordinary things this city has to offer. Due to milder temperatures, fall is a good season for a trip to Cappadocia. In the surrounding cities and valleys there are even more majestic landscapers to be found, and therefore a round-trip is a good idea to explore the full diversity if the region. You will be sure to encounter breathtaking views wherever you open your eyes in Cappadocia!

9 Kauai, United States

Really there is no wrong time to go to the Hawaiian Islands is there? However, Kauai is probably on many peoples list of bucket list destinations, and if not, it’s probably because they haven’t seen the pictures. Off-season travel is a perfect way to get to visit paradise on earth, without having to fight a million other people for a spot on the beach. As it is with many tropical paradise islands, both summer, and winter (Christmas getaway season) is usually pretty crowded. Therefore, traveling in the fall would let you discover the island and all its wonders, conveniently while hotels are more likely to have empty beds.

8 Chefchaouen, Morocco

Ever wondered where you could shower yourself in the color blue while watching a desert sunset? You’ve guessed it, Chefchaouren, Morocco. Known for its blue-colored hillside neighborhoods it is a magical destination for that mesmerizing Moroccan blue. If you don’t think that choosing a destination based solely on a color is a perfectly reasonable excuse to go, Chefchaouren also offers authentic restaurants, dessert moons, and Turkish baths. Based on average temperature and humidity, the best season to visit would be spring or fall, as the prospect of rain in the region during fall is about 2-7 days pr. month, hotels fares drop significantly during this season. Although not entirely easy to get to, Chefchaouren is a truly unique destination for those in love with the Morocco blue.

7 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is usually the perfect tropical getaway for anyone longing for colorful drinks on the beach. So why should you bother visiting in the fall? Well, although the famous and notorious rainy season reigns well into the fall, there is no reason to vote out Costa Rica because of a little tropical rain, right? If you want hot and dry Costa Rica full of tourists and expensive hotels, then go right ahead and book your trip between December-May. If you don’t mind pouring rain though, a trip during the months of May-November will definitely give you a unique lush green experience that most tourists never get to see.

6 Lofoten, Norway

For those who fancy winter activities, a trip in the fall to a typically expensive winter destination is a good way to save some money while still getting all the experiences of true winter travel. As the season is not yet at its peak, fares are usually cheaper while the cold has already provided the breathtaking scenery and snowy mountains that tourists are usually waiting for winter to provide. Traveling pre-season for skiing is a good idea if you want to avoid the crowd and still enjoy all the same experiences but at a much lower price. It is important to mention that Norway is in no shape or form cheap, but it is cheaper to visit in the fall.

5 Bratislava, Slovakia

As one of the least known eastern European countries to foreigners, Slovakia, holds a treasure covered in mysterious castles, ruins, and underground caves. For a true Slovakian experience, Visit Slovakia recommends visiting the town of Svaty Ju located in the Bratislava region. Rich in wine tasting experiences and cool underground caves, the Bratislava region is the perfect destination for a moody, historic trip to Eastern Europe. The fall will not only provide a historic moody feeling but also marks the celebration of Octoberfest. So instead of going to this gigantic alcoholic celebration in Germany, Bratislava provides the same but for a much cheaper price!

4 Ronda, Spain

For some weird reason, northern Europeans love Andalusia. Whether it is the sunny weather, the alluring whispers of the Mediterranean, or the relaxed attitude to time, it's hard to say. One thing is certain though, Andalusia in the summer is expressive! Perhaps not so much the accommodation, but boy are the flights high-priced! The differences in airline fares between summer and fall for a trip to Andalusia is probably one of the biggest in Europe. Therefore, why not go during the fall instead? That way, you get the same warm Arabian nights but for much fewer pesetas! Ronda is a particularly beautiful destination and much less known than similar cities such as Cordoba or Sevilla.

3 Cape Town, South-Africa

Many people consider fall the best season in Cape Town due to pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists and the opportunity to have the beach almost to yourself for a change. Fall is also the perfect time to go for a stroll in one of the country’s famous vineyards. In the surrounding areas, the end of summer and the start of fall marks the harvest of the grapes used for wine in the years to come and therefore provides the perfect mood for a delicious South-African wine-tasting experience. The city also hosts the fairly new annual Burger Festival at the end of March.

2 Skellig Islands, Ireland

According to Irish Central, fall is the absolute best season for visiting Ireland due to its fantastic moody landscapes, extensive number of food festivals, and of cause due to the excellent excuse go to the nearest pub whenever raindrops appear, as it certainly will during the fall. The festivals include the notorious Ballinasloe Horse Fair, a truffles festivals and a Halloween celebration like no other. Go to the magnificent Skellig Islands, selected as a UNESCO World Heritage. Although difficult to get to, these islands will definitely provide truly breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish coastline. Step onto the island of Skellig Michael for a look at the old monastery.

1 Austin, Texas

Everybody who has heard the tales of Texas’ summer heat will know not to visit during the summer unless you expect to stay inside a lot. Therefore, fall is a much more pleasant time for visiting this southern cultural capital. Apart from fall colors in the forests and cooler temperatures in the city, Austin is soaked, not in sweat, but in festivals during this time of year. Did you think the Day of the Dead was only celebrated in Mexico? Or that you would have to go to Germany to experience a real Octoberfest? Think again, because Austin has it all!

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