There are some really weird happenings going on around the world. Random traffic signs that make you think, “who did that for them to make a law about it?” or even laws around names because why not control every possible move that your citizens can make, right? There are so many laws around the world that it made us wonder, what are we missing exactly? What kind of crazy laws are out there? laws still on the books that no one even knows about? Well, it turns out there are a ton of them. The crazy thing is, laws normally come about because people have done something so weird (or stupid) that they need to be put in their place. The only way to do that and make sure that this stupid act doesn’t happen again without consequences is to make a law.

But, we were thinking about some of these obscure laws and wondering why in the world someone would want to do that in the first place. Hiking while naked, hunting mythological creatures, coming back from the dead. Yes, these are all things that now have laws around them because some bored soul decided they wanted to experiment a bit. There are way more crazy laws, too many to fit on this small list but we will admit we did find some juicy ones that we know you will be interested in. So, needless to say, if you travel to any of the places on this list be aware that any stupid little thing could lead to you being behind bars, fined or even banned from that country. Good luck out there.

20 Wyoming - The Art Rule

There are places in the world well known for their beautiful art. Then their places (like Wyoming) known for their… well, ranches? Apparently, we have been wrong this entire time. There is this crazy law in Wyoming that states that every building worth over $100,000 must have a piece of art in it. Many family homes are worth over $100,000. So, is the state of Wyoming forcing people to put art in their homes? Thankfully, only 1% of their income has to be spent on artwork. There are a few other stipulations around this law but they all add up to basically having to have at least 1 piece of artwork in the home.

19 Thailand - The Drinking Rule

This could be a way for the government of Thailand to control alcohol consumption in their country but, it’s kind of restrictive. Citizens of this beautiful, hot country are limited to windows of time when it comes to alcohol. They are only allowed to purchase and drink alcohol between the hours of 11-2 (lunch) and after 5 for dinner and such. This rule, in addition to being for households, is also for bars and restaurants. Really, this can’t be good for business. Surely, people are sneaking alcohol at home which low-key should be their right. Especially if they own their home. But, we can assume that alcohol-related crimes are rare in this country.

18 Switzerland - The Bathroom Rule

In Switzerland, no one is allowed to flush the toilet after 10:00 p.m. Yes, we just said that. It is considered “noise pollution”. So, let’s just break this down here. If you have to desperately go to the washroom after 10 o’clock you are basically screwed. Stick to peeing hopefully (if you can) because well, we don’t have to spell it out for you. So tough luck for those of you who cannot hold their bladders or their bowels. This includes pregnant women, children, men with prostate problems and everyone in between. The upside is, at least you have a toilet to use, you just have to be okay with not flushing it.

17 Scotland - Another Bathroom Rule

There is this old law in Scotland that could potentially get people killed. “Knock, knock. Who's there?” It’s a stranger asking to use your bathroom. In any normal case, most people would say no. However, because of this old, still in effect law in Scotland, you apparently can’t say no. It sounds insane, right? How can you not say no to this strange person who is asking to use your washroom? Surely many people in Scotland are slamming their doors in people’s faces as we speak. However, we are also sure that there aren’t many people walking door to door asking to use private washrooms.

16 France - The Dying Rule

In the town of Sarpourenx in France, you can’t just pass away anywhere. This rule came about after people decided they would just up and die wherever they wanted then expect to be buried. The mayor of this quaint town wasn’t having any of this foolishness. He issued a ruling that plainly stated, you cannot die within city limits unless you have already purchased a burial plot. It makes a little bit of sense, people should really prepare for their deaths because it can be an extreme burden on the family. However, this just isn’t fair to people who die unexpectedly. The Mayor is so serious about this rule that he even went as far as to say that those who do die without a burial plot purchased will be “severely punished”. How?

15 Samoa - The Birthday Rule

Someone with a lot of intelligence and in a power of position in Samoa put this genius law into effect and it’s making us want to move there. It is against the law for a man to forget his wife’s birthday. For real, for real it’s an actual crime. How serious they take this crime is unknown to us but it’s in the books as a crime. It could be one of those laws that came about because of the one guy who married a crazy lady, forgot her birthday and probably met a miserable end. Either way, every man in Samoa has a good reason to never forget his wife’s birthday. Better yet, he probably also remembers every other important date as well.

14 Poland - The Winnie The Pooh Rule

Winnie The Pooh and all his paraphernalia are not welcomed in the schools of the city of Tuszyn. Kids are asked to leave their Winnie The Pooh related backpacks, lunch boxes, hats, pencils, etc at home. So why the beef with Mr. Pooh? Well, apparently he has been deemed an “inappropriate hermaphrodite”. He wears no pants, has no genitalia and it just simply freaks out the authority figures in this city. Pooh is also banned on the playgrounds. But we would be ridiculous if we didn’t point out that a number of other cartoon favorites have no pants (some have no clothes at all). Bug Bunny, Donald Duck… are they banned as well?

13 Oklahoma - The Animal Rule

The people of Oklahoma seem much shadier now that we know this law exists. They are banned from dressing up their animals in costumes. We can’t imagine many people are following this law. Have you seen a dog in a costume? so adorable. But more specifically, they are banned from putting the hind legs of farm animals in boots. Now, we have certainly heard of people doing some ridiculous things with their animals. But we have to ask, why boots on hind legs? It seems so weird not to mention unnecessary. That being said, there is a law for it which could only mean one thing, someone in that state did it once and something bad happened.

12 South Asia - The Durian Rule

There is a fruit popular in South Asia called Durian. It's basically the national fruit of Malaysia, Indonesia, and other South Asian countries. It is a favorite for many but it has to be regulated because it just smells so bad. The law states that this fruit cannot be eaten in enclosed public places like buses, trains, and schools because of its smell. It’s almost unpleasant hence the ban. This sounds crazy, right? It’s just a fruit after all and how bad can it smell? One writer described the smell as. “Turpentine and onion, garnished with an old gym sock”. Well, if that doesn’t speak volumes what does?

11 Virginia - The Abuse Rule

No one else move to Virginia, please. In fact, ban that state altogether they have a law that we are sure is just as old as that state. It allows men to be mean to their wives but there are conditions. It must be done on a Sunday and it must be done in public. After all, it doesn’t count if there is no one to witness it, right? We are sure there will be at least one person in the future who tries to use this law to their advantage. Thank god times have kind of changed and most people won’t stand by and watch abuse take place. Yet, we can't help but wonder how the state came to this particular compromise.

10 Germany - The Baby Naming Rule

Germany is a country that has a lot of strong-headed citizens. They fight for their rights and they usually get what they want. However, one thing they won’t be getting is the right to name their children whatever they like. There is a law that is dominating the country that states that any children born must have a name that follows their strict guidelines of Standesamt. Also called “the book of first names”. One of the many rules in this book is that the babies first name must make their gender clear. So none of this cute boy names for girls. One example given was “Matti” this name was too difficult to know if the child was male or female. Sorry, Blake Lively, your kids are not allowed to be citizens of Germany.

9 Florida - The Skydiving Rule

What is with this country and putting restrictions on women? First, they can only be beaten in public and now this. Apparently, in Florida, a married woman is not allowed to go skydiving on Sundays. This is an odd law no doubt. But why it’s a law is what we are wondering. There must have been women falling from the skies on a Sunday for a law like this to exist. It’s still in effect and it can lead up to penalties that include fines and jail sentences. We are sure plenty of women continue to skydive on a Sunday not even realizing that they are breaking the law.

8 Italy - The Sand Castle Rule

Building sand castles in Italy is illegal AF. Intent on crushing the imaginations of their children, Italy has incited a law that bans children (well, anyone) from building sand castles. This is basically the only activity kids can do on the beach seeing as at some point they are too small to brave the water. They even go as far as to claim that it is considered “public decorum” and they simply aren’t having that. It’s the civic duty of the citizens of this country to make sure that they don’t allow sand castles to stand tall on their beaches. Who would have thought anyone could make a beach a miserable place?

7 England - They Dying Rule

Yes, another United Kingdom country restricting people on where they can and cannot die. Remember we mentioned that town in France banning people from dying without paying for their funeral plot? Well, for people who work in Parliament in England, it’s kind of the same thing. There is a very strict ban on passing away while in Parliament. They have literally banned people from sitting in those seats and dying. This job is so severely boring that we have to assume they would put a restriction like this in place. They must have had a lot of people dying from boredom in the past.

6 Denmark - The Baby Name Rule

Well, just like Germany, Denmark wants to restrict parents when it comes to baby names. At least in Germany, they only ban you from naming your child a gender-inappropriate name. However, Denmark well they went a little crazy. They decided to come up with a list of 7,000 names and only these names are acceptable to give to your new baby. If the name is not on the list then you are out of luck and you will have to pick one of the boringly, overused names on the list provided. This seems pretty restrictive so we have to wonder how cute the names on this list are. We haven’t heard any complaints yet.

5 Cambodia - The Water Gun Rule

Cambodia is hot AF. Too hot to not be able to participate in any water sport that you want to. However, the country saw fit to ban any water gun play. In fact, they banned all types of “water weaponry”. It’s an odd law to have but it makes a lot of sense. The government fears that the sight of water weaponry would “cause unrest”. They aren’t wrong. Some of them look like real guns but a ban, that’s a bit intense. Why not let them at least have those obnoxiously colored ones that have cylinder-like water barrels attached to them?

4 Bolivia - The Boozy Rule

In La Paz, Bolivia, there is a ban on women drinking more than one glass of wine a night. If you are a single woman you are good to go. However, if you are married then you are put on an immediate restriction. You can only consume one glass of wine because the government fears that a married woman having more than one glass will cheat on her husband. It literally states in the law that this is put in place to prevent any “boozy extra-marital affairs”. By the way, this law is only for women meaning men get to drink as much as they like. You can see the problem here, right?

3 Australia - The Wedding Rule

You know that part of the wedding where the officiant asks if anyone has anything to say “speak now or forever hold your peace”. Well, in Australia this is just a common courtesy. If you dare open your mouth and yell anything out during a wedding or even a funeral you could go to jail. Not only is it illegal, but you can also actually spend up to 2 years in jail, and a $10,000 fine. So, is that worth ruining someone’s wedding? This isn’t only for citizens, if you decide to have a destination wedding in Australia, make sure you tell your guests to keep their traps shut.

2 Argentina - The Feather Rule

In Argentina, don’t expect to sleep on a luxurious mattress filled with comfortable feathers. According to the government, “such an indulgence induces and encourages lascivious feelings”. Okay, cool sounds like a bit of a reach to us. Some people just want a comfy bed after a long, hard day of work. This must be that brilliant form of birth control they want for their country. For them to assume that people are not going to have relations because their bed is uncomfortable is a little bit crazy. This is one of those laws that was made up on a whim by someone who just wasn't getting any.

1 Australia - The Breast Rule

A woman in Australia found out that she was able to crush beer cans with her chest. So of course, the waitress wanted to show off her new found talent at work. She was probably trying to get a few extra tips or maybe even turn it into a career. However, her dreams were crushed (no pun intended) when the government somehow found out and kindly let her know that there is a law against that act in their country. It’s so illegal that there is a fine that goes along with it. We have to assume that she has a few scars and cuts from her can crushing days. Was it worth it? We need to find this chick ASAP.