KFC is born and bred in the USA, but it is just as popular across the world. Other countries offer the traditional KFC menu, as well as various dishes that cater to the local market. There are all sorts of culinary delights available across the world that would seem very odd to an American market.

The lighter Ricebox is available in the UK, the Chicken Poutine dish sells well in Canada and Zinger porridge is on the menu in Malaysia. There is even a deep-fried soup item on the menu in Japan. The Philippines sells a chicken and cheeseburger with cheese on top of the bun! France offers a more sophisticated option with a tiramisu dessert and sweet pies on its menu.

KFC is one of the most popular fast food restaurants across the world, and when an outlet opens in a new country, the reception is overwhelmingly positive. Along with the traditional breaded, spiced chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy that the company is famous for, the blend of spices and cooking methods have been turned towards local dishes and the result is outstanding. New twists are being added all the time to foreign menus, ensuring that the popularity of KFC will remain global, as well as in the USA.

20 20. Chicken Biryani (Sri Lanka)

A popular dish in the Indian subcontinent and a popular Muslim dish made with rice, meat, vegetables, Indian spices and sometimes yogurt and dried fruit. In Sri Lanka, KFC makes a biryani dish comes with the famous KFC crispy chicken and is served with basmati rice. It has hints of Sri Lankan spices along with all the wonderful Colonel’s famous spices to appeal to local palates.

This dish is also available in fiery chicken biryani. This has an extra kick of chili and is served with rice just as the original version. There is also a Chicken Spice Rice dish that comprises pieces of seasoned chicken on a bed of spicy rice.

19 19. Tender Beef Pentagon (China)

A twist on a Mexican burrito, the Tender Beef Pentagon is a mixture of spicy beef that is advertised as Sichuan style by KFC. The beef is wrapped in a soft flour tortilla shell and is drenched in a tabasco style sauce. This is topped with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream sauce. The name comes from the five-sided shape that the tortilla is wrapped in.

KFC is enormously popular in China and has been a hit since its arrival in Beijing in 1987. Customers came to see the restaurant and sample its delights from miles around. Other items include a Dragon Twister, which includes chicken seasoned with a Peking Duck sauce.

18 18. Shrimp and Chicken Sandwich (China)

Along with shrimp stars and fish donuts, China also sells a shrimp and chicken sandwich on its menu. An alternative to the pure chicken items on the menu, the chicken and shrimp sandwich resembles what we would consider a burger, and is a patty made with shrimp and chicken squished together and served on a bun. It is topped with the usual sauce and salad that KFC is famous for.

The shrimp inspired menu has also been launched in Dubai and Jeddah, where the launch was heralded by high-speed motor yachts bringing the products to the shores, in opulent style.

17 17. Shrimp Donut (Thailand)

This tasty treat is a piece of mozzarella stuffed with shrimp, then dipped in batter and deep fried, and is a popular menu item in Thailand. The donuts look a little like onion rings rather than doughnuts and is a less fishy version of the completely shrimp filled doughnut that is also on the menu in Singapore.

The doughnuts are served with various dipping sauces, just like the regular chicken nuggets we are familiar with. Thai customers can also enjoy shrimp stars, which are similar to a chicken nugget but made of shrimp and formed in an appealing star shape.

16 16. Gravy Mashies (Australia)

This unhealthy option certainly does not count as one of our five a day! The mashies are balls of mashed potato, dipped in batter and then deep fried. The balls have a central filing of gravy. Apparently, this is a popular snack for hungry Aussies.

The mashies were discontinued for a number of years, but after regular pleading from Australians, they were reintroduced to the KFC menu in 2017. Customers were so desperate for the mashies, which used to be sold without the gravy filling, that they launched a Facebook campaign to bring them back.

15 15. American Pancake (Hungary)

We may be familiar with the concept of pancakes for breakfast, but Hungarians find this a whole new novelty and flock to KFC to try it. The dish is a stack of small, thick pancakes served with jam.

Pancakes are very popular in Hungary and there are numerous cafes that serve them, and KFC has capitalized on this demand. Hungarians love to go out for breakfast or brunch, and while traditional Hungarian breakfast dishes are popular, the American classics have made a big impact on the market. The company also serves breakfast waffles and porridge in an attempt to net the early morning market.

14 14. Custard Tarts (Taiwan)

Also available in Thailand, these Portuguese egg tarts are a popular snack and pudding item. It is based on a recipe by Margaret Wong, who is famous for making egg tarts in Macau. Margaret’s tarts were so popular that KFC adopted them, and they have proved very popular, especially when served hot. They are sold in batches of six to hungry Taiwanese.

The tarts are encased in a light and crumbly puff pastry while the creamy filling has a caramel flavor to it. Some countries serve these custard tarts topped with a chocolate sauce, which has proved very popular too.

13 13. Lavender and Green Tea Ice Cream (China)

In China, KFC sells soft serve ice cream as a dessert. There are various flavors to choose from, including lavender and green tea flavors.

While lavender might be an acquired taste, it is popular in China as a flavoring and scent. Green tea is a very popular flavoring at the moment and is known for its health-inducing benefits and richness in antioxidants. It certainly makes a refreshing change to the usual ice cream balls and ice cream sundaes that we are familiar with.

It certainly seems more familiar than KFC in Thailand, which is serving chocolate ice cream topped with chicken seasoning!

12 12. Chocolate Hazelnut Fries (Singapore)

One of the weirdest combinations is available in Singapore, a serving of fries drizzled with a chocolate hazelnut sauce.

The salty and sweet combination has become more popular in recent years, with salted caramel and sweet and salty popcorn making regular appearances on menus. Inhabitants of Singapore have taken a more adventurous step as they tuck into the fries smothered in sweet chocolatey sauce in their local KFC. Customers around the world are known to dip their fries in ice cream, so perhaps this is just a natural progression of that trend. If they are a hit in Singapore, perhaps we might see them on menus in other KFCs around the world.

11 11. Quirrito (Czech Republic)

This hugely popular item is available in KFC in several Eastern European countries. This version of a quesadilla is a soft tortilla filled with chicken, lettuce, cheese and barbecue sauce. The juicy chicken pieces blend well with the stringy cheese, and the only downside is that the meal is made to order, so there might be a little wait. For even more chickeny goodness, you can get the Quirrito Box that includes a drink, large fries, and chicken fingers.

For those who prefer a little more spice, there is the Zinger burrito, which is a more traditional burrito with salsa and chipotle mayonnaise.

10 10. Angry Burger (China)

This is certainly an angry looking burger. It is comprised of breaded chicken topped with lettuce inside of a black bun. It is not chargrilled to a burnt state, but simply colored black. This seems to be a theme in China, where they have previously sold burgers in pink colored buns!

The angry burger is finished with a Flossie topping, which is actually pork floss, which is shredded pork that is flavored with soy sauce. The burger was produced to celebrate 30 years of KFC in China, an event celebrated with a launch complete with popular Chinese boy band TFBoys.

9 9. Szechuan Chicken Salad (China)

More of a meal than a salad, this dish comes with portions of Szechuan seasoned chicken with bean sprouts, and a side serving of vegetables including broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts.

Szechuan seasoning is very popular in China and appears in many of their dishes. It is made from onion, peppers, ginger, sugar, and cashews with a combination of spices, and marries very well with chicken.

KFC also offer their traditional breaded chicken with a Szechuan sauce that has a real kick and has a sweet, yet peppery taste. The chicken is advertised as ‘red hot,’ although to the Chinese these might appear tame.

8 8. Salty Egg Chicken (Indonesia)

The salty egg is a regular part of Asian cuisine and has become increasingly popular in recent years. KFC have jumped on this bandwagon and serves a chicken fillet smothered in the salty egg yolk concoction.

The Gold Spice Chicken has a unique seasoning that is reminiscent of the salted egg that is so popular in this part of the world. Of course, the chicken is marinated in the famous blend of spices that KFC guards so fiercely. The breaded crumbs are flavored with salted egg seasoning including garlic, basil, and curry. It is a win-win situation for Singaporeans who love fried chicken and salted egg, so a dish that combines the two is a sure hit.

7 7. Shaped Crisp Potatoes (Japan)

These potatoes look like a cross between potato chips and fortune cookies. They are a deep-fried, crisp potato side that is sold in various curved shapes to the Japanese market. KFC is a massively popular choice of meal in Japan, especially at Christmas, when 3.6 million Japanese eat KFC for their holiday lunch, according to the BBC.

The Japanese love a salted snack, such as nuts, rice crackers, and potato snacks. One of these snack makers, Calbee, has collaborated with KFC to introduce a potato chip, flavored with garlic and soy, to tap into this market. Calbee sells packets of the potato crisps in supermarkets for anyone to buy.

6 6. Sisig Rice Bowl (Philippines)

Sisig might not be familiar to us, but it is a very popular dish in the Philippines. it is a dish that is at once sticky and crunchy, but also sour and spicy. It is made from a combination of pig’s liver and parts of the pig’s head, but KFC has adapted the dish to incorporate chicken, including chicken skin, into the dish. The sisig is seasoned with chili and marinated in spices.

KFC sell their sisig with rice, egg and a sauce drizzled on top and the Filipinos love it. There is also a sisig burrito on offer in the Philippines, which comprises sisig wrapped in a tortilla.

5 5. Chicken Hot Dog (Philippines)

Another chicken dish that is sold in the Philippines is the chicken hot dog. The hot dog is the same as an American version, except that the sausage is made with chicken. This is then placed in a traditional hot dog bun and served with cheese and ketchup.

Another take on the chicken hot dog is the Double Down Dog that is also available in the Philippines. This is a chicken dog topped with cheesy sauce and honey and mustard relish. In place of the traditional bun, the chicken sausage is wrapped in breaded chicken, hence the ‘double’ in the title.

4 4. Pachito Pasta (Vietnam)

This dish is the Vietnamese take on an Italian pasta dish. The dish has spaghetti noodles and a tomato sauce, but the similarities with Italian cuisine end there, as the dish is topped with cheddar cheese and breaded chicken. It is actually advertised on the Vietnamese KFC website as ‘authentic’ Italian spaghetti.

The dish has a tomato sauce to bind together the cheese, pasta and popcorn chicken. It might have Italians crying with horror at the idea that this is an authentic dish, but to the Vietnamese, it gives them a taste of what they believe Italian food to be and appeals to their palate.

3 3. Chizza – Pizza with Chicken Crust (Singapore)

Sold in many Asian countries including Singapore, the Chizza is a pizza made with a chicken base. In fact, it has a breaded chicken base, smothered in mozzarella, chicken ham, pineapple, and cheese sauce.

There is also a tomato sauce on the Chizza, which is made from Californian tomatoes. In the advertisements, it looks like a pizza and is served in a traditional pizza shaped cardboard box.

In Ecuador, there is also a Chizza Carnivora, which has steak, pepperoni, and ham on top of the traditional Chizza. Ecuadorians love KFC and the country has the most KFC outlets in South America.

2 2. Scoff-ee cup (UK)

This ingenious device is a coffee cup that is edible. It is a biscuit formed cup covered in paper that is all edible. The white chocolate coated biscuit is heat resistant as well, so you can hold the cup with ease, drink the coffee, then scoff the casing!

Once the white chocolate starts to melt as the coffee does its work, the biscuit begins to soften and should be ready to eat just as the coffee is finished. Apparently, the cups are also infused with some mood-altering aromas, which include freshly cut grass, coconut sun cream, and wildflowers, according to The Telegraph.

1 1. Cheezilla (Malaysia)

The Cheezilla is a massive combination of chicken, cheese, and bun. It is made up of a breaded mozzarella patty, topped by a breaded chicken ‘zinger’ fillet, all encased in a sesame bun. The patties are topped with lettuce and cheese mayonnaise sauce, doubling the cheese impact.

This mammoth meal is a feast of spicy breaded chicken and cholesterol hardening amounts of cheese, which is at odds with a Malaysian diet of stir-fried vegetables and lean meat. However, it is incredibly popular and looks set to stay on the menu. Adverts show customers pulling the Cheezilla apart as the mozzarella forms strings of cheesiness as it is pulled apart.

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