Amusement Parks can be a great place for fun with the whole family. They are built for a great way for families to get out of the house and have an eventful day. Often times amusement parks will have different attractions such as roller coasters and smaller mechanical rides. These are for the thrill seekers of the world. However, amusement parks are also fun for people who don't want to risk their lives on a roller coaster. They have more calm rides and generally have great food. With all of this said it seems like amusement parks are the best places on Earth.

That is until an amusement park becomes abandoned. When an amusement park becomes abandoned then you have a large empty park usually filled with vandalism and broken down decrepit rides. What used to be a fascinating and fun experience is now a creepy and torn down park. This can present a challenge for some thrill seekers but in different ways than getting on a roller coaster. An abandoned amusement park is usually left with only a few attractions up but none of them are running. It is an interesting and ominous experience to walk through somewhere that usually has thousands of people walking around for it to have no people at all.

20 Splendid China, Florida USA

This theme park was built because of the original theme park of the same name located in Shenzhen, China. The success of the original Splendid China gave hope to the developers that putting one in America would offer the same profits. The owners of the theme park spent around 100 million dollars to build the one in Florida. Obviously, they didn't get the expected return from the theme park and in 2013 the park officially closed and has since started to be torn down. There are a few remaining buildings at the theme park but most of it is now vandalized and is rusting away.

19 Camelot Theme Park, England

The Camelot Theme Park located in England suffered from financial problems for several years before ultimately deciding to close its doors in 2012. The park had some signature rides that were luckily remade at parks close by. Now the Camelot Theme Park is abandoned with a few rides still intact but not operable. The park was themed after King Arthur and had many themes that related to that time period. You can still find mannequins located at the park in certain areas that are sure to shock some people if they aren't aware of their presence.

18 Tianjin Amusement Park, China

The Tianjin Amusement Park ran from the late 90's to around 2009 where it was eventually closed down due to slow business. The park is now abandoned and has most of its rides still intact. Pictures reveal that the buildings on the property have been mostly vandalized with broken glass where windows used to be and graffiti everywhere. The ominous scene of the bumper cars without anyone inside them will send chills down anyone's spine. The park is fairly large and is creepy to explore day or night. Many say the park closed down due to the poor financial state China was in during 2008.

17 Aquaria Park, Italy

The Aquaria Park located in Italy was once a famous water park that many families would visit during the summer months. The park had many pools, water slides, and jacuzzis. However, the park didn't stay open long and by 2010 the park was officially abandoned. The park opened in 1996 and saw booming business for the early years it was open. However, due to most amusement parks closing the owners could no longer afford to operate the park and had to close it down. Now all that is left is murky water left behind with rotting slides.

16 Six Flags New Orleans, the USA

Six Flags Over New Orleans may be one of the most famous abandoned theme parks in the world. This is due in part to the reason behind its abandonment. The main reason the park was abandoned was due to the natural disaster that struck the area known as Hurricane Katrina. The Hurricane completely flooded the theme park and destroyed major parts of the park. There have been talks of trying to reopen the park but every time it is turned down due to cost issues. The area is now mainly a place for many film directors to film eerie scenes for their movies.

15 Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

The Pripyat Amusement Park located in Ukraine was a direct effect of the Chernobyl disaster. Due to the Chernobyl disaster, the park was forced to close its doors and leave most of its attractions inside. It was estimated that the park would reopen only four days after the explosion but the park never opened again. This is likely due to high levels of radiation left behind by the accident. Most of the rides are covered in rust and inoperable, and even the giant Ferris wheel still stands tall reminding everyone of the park's grim fate.

14 Yongma Land, South Korea

Yongma Land in South Korea may be the only park on this list that you are freely able to explore without penalty of the law. All you have to do is pay a fee as if you were to enter the park when it was open and you can explore the abandoned park to your heart's content. The park was opened in 1980 but shut down only a few years later in 2011. The park could not keep up with the costs and ultimately had to shut the place down. The park has seen more business now from photographers and people making short films.

13 Spreepark, Germany

This theme park in Germany was opened in 1969. For a few years, it boasted a number as high as 500,000 visitors per year. However, as the park got older and other new parks opened nearby the number of visitors fell dramatically. The park ended up owing millions and had to shut its doors because of its debts. Before it closed the park needed to renovate most of its rides as they were becoming unsafe to ride. This is another cause for the park to close down. The park is now used by locals for different community activities like festivals and film screenings.

12 Dadipark, Belgium

This amusement park originally started as a small playground in the 50's but quickly grew into a full-on amusement park in the 80's. The park was very popular with everyone in and near Belgium earning over a million tickets sold every year. That is until an accident forced the park to close its doors a couple years after. The park proclaims that they closed due to not being able to pay for renovations but most think it was because of the accident that happened at the park. The park is said to be completely destroyed in the coming years and replaced by a residential park.

11 Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

Judging by the pictures of Gulliver's Kingdom, the amusement park was not the most normal amusement park ever created. The park was inspired after the 18th-century story Gulliver's Travels. The large statue that was constructed in the middle of the park was in reference to the main character of the story but it ended up being very off-putting to visitors and ultimately leading to the park's closing. It also didn't help that the park was located near one of Japan's darkest areas known as the Aokigahara Forest. Now all that remains is the giant statue of Lemuel Gulliver.

10 Nara Dreamland, Japan

Japan has its fair share of abandoned amusement parks and Nara Dreamland just adds to that list. Nara Dreamland was supposed to be Japan's version of Disneyland after a businessman visited the United States and saw Disneyland in person. The park did fairly well until it closed down in 2006 due to the opening of Universal in Japan. The abandoned park is now a prime spot for many Japanese urban explorers. The park was renamed 'Nightmare Land' and in 2016 the park started to get demolished and the area is to be used for something else.

9 Joyland Amusement Park, Kansas, USA

The Joyland Amusement Park in Kansas was the largest amusement park in the state for some time. It opened in the 1940's and featured a full-on wooden roller coaster with two dozen other rides. Similarly to another entry the park closed due to an accident involving one of its guests and a faulty Ferris wheel. A few years after the accident the park closed for good and it has been gathering rust and dust for years now. Due to immense amounts of vandalism that was leaking into neighboring areas the park was destroyed fully in 2015.

8 Wonderland, China

Unlike most amusement parks on this list Wonderland located in China never actually opened. The amusement park promised to be the largest and greatest in the world and never even made it out of the developmental phase. Development stopped after disputes between owners arose over property prices and other political matters. Now the park stands as a shell of what it could have been. Inside the park, you will find empty buildings with half-finished designs. It is rumored that in coming years the rest of the park will be torn down and it will be rebuilt into a mall.

7 Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan

This park has sparked some strange rumors in the paranormal community. The exact placement of the park isn't known to be on a map and many people just have the coordinates of where they believe it is. This begs the question if the Takakanounuma Greenland Park ever even existed. We can assume it did since there are several pictures on the internet of it but it is strange how it is missing from most maps. The park was suspected to have closed down due to financial problems as it was built near Tokyo and most of its target audience flocked to Tokyo instead.

6 Okpo Land, South Korea

Okpo Land in South Korea was once one of the most famous amusement parks in South Korea. However, that quickly changed when the infamous duck ride had an accident. After no word from the owners of the park or no apology issued everyone just kept on going to the park. That is until a second accident happened on the same exact ride. The park owner ran and hid from the consequences and the park was left abandoned ever since that day in 1999. It began to get demolished in 2011 and most of the park is no longer there. The duck carts are still there sadly and still remind everyone of this theme park's tragic past.

5 Umoja Children’s Park, Zanzibar

This location is strange because of the little amount of information on the park when it was developed. No one knows when the park was opened or when or what made it close down. People only know that it is abandoned and that it must have been an amusement park in its past due to the attractions. Many people speculate that it used to be a circus of some sort as the park isn't very large. There are only a few attractions left and it lives on in mystery of what it once was. Due to the creepy past and no information on the name of the park, this place is even more chilling than others on this list.

4 Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio USA

The Chippewa Lake Park in Ohio used to be one of the greatest attractions in the state. It was located right off the river and offered great views and great fun. After its closing in the 70's most of the park has become rusted and overgrown with wildlife. A few years ago there were tours offered to explore the remains of this theme park, however, recently the vegetation has grown to a point where the tours were no longer able to be given. The park's best attraction was a wooden roller coaster known as 'The Big Dipper'. Many people reminisce about the coaster in the blog posts about the park.

3 Rocky Point Park, Rhode Island USA

This park started back in the 1800's when a man named Captain William Winslow purchased a piece of land to build a few restaurants and attractions on. It was fairly successful and he decided to build it bigger and better making it into an amusement park. The park was finally closed down in 1996 for good after being handed back and forth between different owners. The park was no longer making money and cost too much to keep open. The park is now a few desolate buildings and a few attractions. It looks more like what Captain William Winslow originally built rather than the amusement park it was during its prime.

2 Dunaujvarosi Vidám Park, Hungary

This amusement park in Hungary opened in the year 1953 and was closed in 1993. This amusement park was funded by the government until 1993 when the park wasn't performing as well as it had before forcing it to close its doors. The park doesn't have much left to it. There are a few remnants of it giving it the identity of an old amusement park, such as broken down go-carts and even an old train that used to travel around the park. The park is a hot spot for urban explorers even though there isn't much there as far as attractions.

1 Okutama Ropeway, Japan

This one isn't technically an amusement park but the history of it tells just as good a story. The Okutama Ropeway was once a lift that went over a man-made lake and presented visitors with awesome views of the area around it. However, the place was abandoned a few years after it opened and now all that is left of the area is a few rogue carts buried beneath the large brush. The building which received the carts is still intact. The place is popular in the paranormal community as it is located deep inside a forest and is said to be haunted.